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Globalists are bloodsuckers.


Stop the Parasites

It is important to view Libertarian books and videos, because globalists control the mass media. They selectively spotlight events to destroy ethnic and cultural identity, so that host populations will accept one world government, giving their banker associates absolute finance monopoly. They do not use logical persuasion, but in a matter-of-fact way, suggest that the majority already believes in their goals. This is to make us feel that we will be out of step with current trends, and disliked for not embracing the same viewpoints.
The subconscious mind is pre-lingual and cannot be influenced by words. Whenever possible, Globalist media programs us with pictures to elicit primal emotions. Even if we find out the truth from statistics later, the subconscious will still believe in the pictures.
We must rid ourselves of this Hellish influence once and for all. We cannot find out about superior alternatives to globalization until there are laws to protect societies against media monopoly. The fairest way is to require that the percentage of media ownership by any special interest group not exceed the percentage of that group in the national population. Who, but monopolists, would object to this? Read how things stand now, then ask yourself why any of this is tolerated. 

Who Controls Mainstream Media?

Dana Loesch to the New York Times


New World Order: Seek and Destroy  A World Libertarian Order Publication
This compilation from many sources explains all you will ever need to know to maximize your resistance to predatory globalization.
Riveting inside history of globalist bankers right from the beginning. More compelling than the best of novels. Only chumps, jokers, and sleepwalkers have not read this one yet.
Explanation of how the Shadow Government rules, written as though by one of the globalist bankers to be read posthumously by his son as instruction on how to weald his newly inherited power.
Our Nordic Race by Richard Kelly Hoskins
Explains who the Nordic peoples are, how their civilizations have been destroyed in the past, and urges future preservation of the Nordic race and culture. The principles are universal and apply to all indigenous people who aren't willing to simply lay down for the Children of Avarice.
Scholarly history of the way in which earlier societies fell into decay as the entire world is doing now.
The Fulfillment of Evolutionary Destiny by Eric F. Magnuson. Fimbul Winter Books
Explains how we can defeat globalist Totalitarian Socialism with a more workable worldwide Libertarian Nationalist free enterprise system.
The value of this volume lies in the fact that the general principles of revolution intended here for Socialism can also be applied to Libertarian Nationalist societies with free enterprise economic systems.
A splendid source for contra-orthodox books, including those that refute standard wartime disinformation.

Hunter by Andrew MacDonald
Link is no longer active because of globalist Internet censorship. This engrossing novel explains the truth about many world problems, including how to kill the everyday public enemies of your country covertly as a heroic citizen patriot.
Exciting novels explain how to exterminate the growing legions of subhumanity in massive numbers privately, but also how to legally establish world liberty, prosperity, and peace without killing anybody.


Email and Social Media Services

Most of these are owned by Globalists and are currently practicing massive censorship.  They first say that you can present information and contact people, but later decide that it must only be information and people of which they approve. They never behave honorably, but always try to make it seem like an ongoing technical problem. Because they are monopolies, what they are doing is legally considered to be discrimination. Lawsuits are being initiated at this writing  Let us hope that extra-legal action will not become necessary. (9:28 AM  8/16/17).


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