Evolutionary Psychology

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Modern Psychology: Therapeutic and Transpersonal

Therapeutic psychology deals with helping the individual pull himself up out of pathological manifestation. Visualized on a numbered continuum, a person would at this juncture, be only at the zero point. On the upside from zero is self actualization, or higher manifestation. This is the rewarding area of transpersonal psychology and is concerned with the honing of intellect to utmost clarity and the volitional further development of the spiritual nature.

The Purpose of This Volume

The guiding premise here is that the highest aspiration of humanity must be worldwide Liberty. It is the inalienable birthright of every living organism in the universe to manifest as an unimpeded participant in evolutionary destiny. In today's world actualization of this potential depends mainly upon what humans do and can only occur when there is continuing peace, prosperity, and full employment everywhere. Educated people know that this can come about easily if societies are structured in accordance with natural economic laws. This however, can happen only when individual liberty is achieved on a worldwide basis. The desire for this must first arise in the hearts of people.

This book is self-help from a natural evolutionary viewpoint for the liberation of the individual and society. The reader systematically sheds off all unnecessary obstacles to self-liberation which arise from inexact definitions and false values. The idea of balance is stressed throughout. The principles utilized are all natural ones and individually their correct application in daily living will result in the highest possible mastery of whatever circumstances in which the individual may find himself.

Someone imprisoned within himself has little impetus to seek information about larger matters. The personal liberation of large numbers of people on an individual basis is a necessary prerequisite to World Libertarianism, because only free thinking individuals will rise to effect the emancipation of entire countries. It is hoped that this volume will in it's humble way, help contribute to these lofty goals in the longer term.

Before getting started, here is a small exercise which may help to clarify the writer's intent. The reader should answer for himself the following questions:

1. What would I like life on earth to be one hundred years from today?
2. What needs to be done to bring this about?
3. What have I done in the past towards this end?
4. What will I do in the future towards this end?