Evolutionary Psychology

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Chapter 1



1. Many who do not accept the fantasy world of popular religion will nonetheless conceptualize a bit beyond the easily provable to ideas about cosmic mind, universal intelligence, or the infinite. Preconceptions about the meaning of these terms should be put aside in this context.

2. Universal intelligence is not a religious construct involving belief. It is simply the potential for manifest existence residing in unmanifest existence. For example, an invention "exists" before the inventor brings it to manifestation. This principle underlies all existence and is infinite. The potential for expression of universal intelligence is also infinite. Technology is one form of this expression, unlocked but not created by man, and is itself infinite.

3. Universal memory, or true history, is the immutable fact of prior manifest existence. For example, an invention once did exist, and still "exists" even after it falls into non manifestation and is completely forgotten by all people (1).

4. Universal destiny, or futurity, is the immutable fact of as yet unmanifested existence. The only thing which can make the future better is constructive activity now.

5. Past, present, and future are in constant parallel occurrence. Our passage through time is merely experienced by us as sequential duration (2). This time continuum principle and the possibility of time travel are, of course, General Relativity as outlined by Albert Einstein. In this context, time can be thought of simply as resembling an additional physical dimension.

6. Cosmic purpose manifests as universal intelligence seeks ever more varied and complex expression through energy, in matter.

7. Nature is the actualization of universal purpose through the unimpeded functioning of universal laws. The laws of nature are universal laws.

8. Universal laws are the fixed relationships of action, reaction, and interaction which exist among spirit, energy, and matter in the universe as a whole.

9. Spirit is the expression of universal intelligence through good and evil. For example, while intellect will allow the individual to devise brilliant methods of hurting others, it is spirit which makes the individual question the rightness of doing so.

10. Soul is that eternal archetypal essence of universal intelligence of which the individual spirit is the evolving and manifest representative in matter.

11. Energy is the means by which universal intelligence expresses itself through matter. This is accomplished via motion.

12. Matter is that which gives form to the expression of universal intelligence by energy. Matter is neutral from a moral standpoint and not evil as many have asserted.

13. There is the dichotomy of spirit and matter. Characteristic of spirit itself there is the dichotomy of good and evil, from a moral standpoint conceptually above and below matter respectively. Characteristic of matter itself are only varying degrees of utility as a vehicle for spirit.

15. In what is called an oscillating universe, matter spiraling out from Big Bang would eventually return to one point, recompacting to cause a new explosion. This can be explained as a simple process of temperature. All matter is attracted to all other matter by gravity and moves together accordingly. When molecules get too close the vibratory energy results in collision. The friction produces heat. When the heat excitation increases to a certain point, gravity is suddenly overcome and explosion outward occurs. Then begins the process of cooling. This allows the molecules to start moving back together forming stars and planets. Gravity determines orbits. Further cooling allows gravity to make orbits continually smaller. Eventually everything spirals back in together and a new explosion occurs (3).

16. Evolution begins when universal intelligence, through energy, moves matter towards the establishment of conditions which result in the existence of independently surviving, self-conscious, self-sustaining, self perpetuating-organisms - life (4).

17. Even life, in all it's complexity of manifestation, is at one level only a higher elaboration of the impetus of matter towards motion.

18. Evolution continues as independently surviving organisms, through natural selection, give ever more varied and complex expression to universal intelligence.

19. Cosmogenesis, the realm of matter, is responsible for quantification and provides a vehicle for moral potential. Evolution or biogenesis, the realm of spirit, is responsible for qualitation and the actualization of moral potential.

20. The growth process of living things is dependent upon the ability to produce healthy new cells. The aging process leading to death occurs because the growth process is stopped by enzymes. One function of this is to limit the size of animals to accommodate increasing numbers and dwindling food supplies. Many species have gotten generally smaller since prehistoric times. This is an evolutionary adaptation. Death itself also has a useful function. Among species on land, if the growth process were to continue indefinitely, creatures would become so large that their weight would break their own skeletons. Some life forms in the sea lack this adaptation. They can slowly grow larger because water buoys them up and permits tremendous increase in weight. Barring fatal predation or environmental cataclysm, such creatures can live an extremely long time. When animals came out of the sea onto the land, the physical death of individuals served as a mechanism insuring survival of the species. Death is thus ironically an adaptation having "survival value" (5).

21. The closest man can ever come to actually creating anything is, through inspiration and effort, to discover pre-existing principles or energies and to arrange or apply these in previously unmanifested ways. The inventor essentially attunes himself with, and becomes a vessel for, the expression of universal intelligence.

22. Man is not the end product of evolution, but an evolving expressor of universal intelligence. The potential for evolutionary expression is infinite because universal intelligence is infinite.

23. Evolutionary destiny is the imperative for the unimpeded, ever more varied and complex expression of universal intelligence through evolving organisms.

24. Since stars expend themselves and solar systems die, an uninterrupted progress for higher evolutionary expression depends upon the ability of life forms to either relocate, or at the very least, to communicate throughout the universe.

25. In an oscillating universe the progress of evolutionary expression would be destroyed cyclically. This, however, should not be taken as an excuse for thinking in the short term but would render any human interference with evolutionary destiny an even greater encroachment than otherwise.

26. Even if Big Bang explosions followed by recompacting take place at different times and different places throughout the universe, then an infinitely uninterrupted future for evolutionary expression would still also depend, at very least, upon communication throughout the universe.


1. In the East this principle is referred to as the Akashic Record.

2. Just as the Earth is subjectively experienced by us as being flat and stationary with the Sun moving around it.

3. This eternal process of the oscillating universe reminds us of what the ancient Hindus described as "the exhaling and inhaling of the cosmic breath," what the Old Norse called "Ragnarok," or more recently, what the Pagan scientist Hans Horbiger designated as "the eternal cosmic battle between fire and ice."

4. It has been proposed that the old question of which came first, the chicken or the egg, is somehow a great dilemma. Obviously the egg came first, because that mutant or husbanded life form which man would designate a chicken, resided within an egg laid by a mother who was sufficiently unlike her offspring so that man would not have designated her a chicken.

5. The idea of death having "survival value" is from Guy Murchie p. 186, Old Farmer's Almanac 1977. This one phrase triggered the rest here. Self preservation, of course, is a stronger instinct than preservation of the species. As we proceed up the phylogenetic ladder creatures increasingly determine the direction of their own evolution. All of his this strongly suggests the utility of reincarnation. Alternative explanations of apparent reincarnation phenomena observed under hypnotic regression are invariably more far-fetched that the notion of reincarnation itself. Consider the case of the man in India who claimed he had reached the point of awareness from one incarnation to the next. As he lay dying he told his wife that he would soon be reborn, where, when, and to whom. The specified mother became pregnant and gave birth. The minute the new infant learned to speak he identified himself as the man who had died, where, when, and with whom. The ultimate implication here is that to execute evil people is only to give them a new body. They will have to go through potty training and elementary school all over again, but soon we will have them back again with no increase in their soul wisdom. It has been said that the best remedy for evil people is to simply let them go on living, doing useful work in a environment favoring contemplation, where they can't hurt anybody else.

The Enemies of Evolution