Evolutionary Psychology

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Chapter 11


[Many propositions here will be found in "New World Order: Just Say No!" and VMF "Libertarian Basics" linked below.]

1. Liberty is the inalienable birthright of every living organism in the universe to manifest justly as an unimpeded participant in evolutionary destiny. This manifestation, to be both Libertarian and just, must not unnecessarily interfere with the evolutionary expression of any other living organism.

2. Perhaps the most noble and heroic trait of mankind is the innate impulse towards individual liberty. It works well because it is both self-serving and generous. In the past this impulse has often been obscured by events. The hindsight we now enjoy because of the massive historical changes of the past two centuries, especially of the last four decades, enable us to see that most social philosophers of the past have been wrong about the so called "cycles" of history. The very long term trend is, and always has been, towards increased individual liberty in the creation of human societies. The history of man as exemplified by the great nations of the Earth has proceeded in the following way:

Hunter Gatherer Bands - The dawn of civilization. To secure advantages man organizes.

Agricultural Feudalism - Strong centralized control. Exploitation leads to revolution.

Industrial Socialism - Capital is generated. Exploitation leads to further revolution.

Democracy w Capitalism - People become more developed. Libertarian refinements persist.

Libertarian Capitalist Republic - Highest potential for human societies (30).

The premise here is that the highest evolutionary destiny for all living things can best be manifested by continuing peace and prosperity in the human sector, and that all moral people want this. Most believe that such a condition, sustained on a worldwide basis, is an impossible utopian ideal. It is, however, only the current activities of governments which keep us from this very natural and easily attainable condition.

3. The innate love of liberty and the concession of this to others is the Basic Libertarian Impulse. Depending upon the degree of spiritual development, the individual either manifests this or does not. We know that it is unjust to unnecessarily kill, assault, coerce, rob, defraud, slander, or otherwise encroach upon any living creature. Calling these acts by other names and programming an ignorant majority to agree that they are necessary or permissible, does not change their true nature. To do evil is to trespass unnecessarily upon the liberty of any living organism. Historically this principle has been called the Golden Rule.

4. In human affairs we accept the premise that it is desirable for people to reach their natural level of prosperity and development through their own volition while living in peace and harmony with each other. A human being is an creature who comes into this world with no rights owed him and no obligation incumbent upon him, except the natural right to absolute individual liberty, and since he is not alone on the planet, the logical obligation of reciprocity in this towards others. He need only concede to others the same liberty he demands for himself, because this is absolutely all that is necessary for continuing harmony on Earth. The one human responsibility then, is simply to never make unjust encroachment of any kind. The only legitimate function of government is to enforce this natural obligation of mankind. Any person or government attempting to impose any burden other than this upon the individual is guilty of criminal coercion and should be dealt with as a mortal enemy even if the oppression is sanctioned democratically.

5. The natural inspiration towards liberty for all, when acted upon, essentially renders the individual metaphorically a "Warrior of Light". Along with the idea of voluntary self-sacrifice, this principle is the only thing of universal value to be found in any moral system or religion. All other elements simply reflect peripheral things, sometimes of great archetypal value, but only to the particular cultural groups among whom they occur. The obverse side of this is of course, that any individual who works against individual liberty is to that extent a "Slave of Darkness".

6. Individual liberty involves the innate right to be free of unjust encroachment from others. It doesn't matter if the others outnumber us, are organized, and use euphemistic terminology. There are two types of unjust encroachment against individual liberty, illegal and legal. From a Libertarian standpoint both are equally as criminal. Un-Libertarian elements will allege that legal crimes are not unjust because they are determined to be necessary by a majority of society and that this should supersede any objective measure of workability and rightness. People who don't want to be free are cowards. People who don't want others to be free are criminals. The majority of people on Earth always have been, and still are, both. There is no reason for decent people to compromise about this. All of the crimes legally committed by collectivist governments are destructive to society. When they are continually perpetrated in defiance of known superior alternatives, they must also be effectively regarded as treason.

7. Every problem in every society on Earth can be traced back to a point where someone in government decides to sacrifice individual liberty for some other goal. Like any breech of natural law, this produces a distortion. One compromise seems to justify another, and soon the cause and effect relationships become obscured by time and complexity. The achievement of harmony on Earth simply involves eliminating the complex of false dependencies that have arisen because of these past mistakes.

8. Collectivist propaganda notwithstanding, interdisciplinary studies have objectively established that the Libertarian Capitalist Republic is the only political-economic system which has complete internal coherence and long term workability. This is because it is the only system which works in harmony with natural principles, rather than against them. It is the one and only form of institutionalized human action which favors the ongoing evolutionary expression of all living things.

9. The highest aspiration of humanity is that the evolutionary destiny of life throughout the universe be unimpeded. The Quest here on Earth is the elimination of all deterrents to evolutionary expression through the actualization of a true World Libertarian Order, right now. This does not mean one nation or one world government, but a worldwide aggregation of separate Libertarian Republics, not completely attaining to this exalted manifestation simultaneously, but eventually. Take heart, and reject all the post-Apocalyptic scenarios. Utopia is possible. World Libertarian Revolution is well underway and will ultimately produce this ideal condition everywhere in the world through the inspired participation of intelligent people everywhere.

How this will occur is far beyond the scope of this volume, but is clearly summarized at some length in the World Libertarian Order website. Please visit the link below.



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