With Two Girlfriends

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Vermont Mistress

When I work-shopped these stories at CSN, I got many strong emotional reactions. The positive ones came from seasoned writers. Three of these even said that they would like the story "Ling Fong" done separately as a movie. The negative reactions came always from puritanical sissies, in two cases, raging homosexuals. I have always felt that one symptom of a degenerate and worthless society is when homosexuals are regarded as practically normal, but men and women who experiment with kinky foreplay are condemned as engaging in the "last taboo".
Because of remarks made by wisenheimer friends, I must offer that I have not necessarily indulged in any or all of the variations showcased herein. As a student of psychology, I have however, read the works of Dr. Iwan Bloch and Dr. Theodor Reik, who are to general sexual aberration and sado-masochism what Sigmund Freud is to neurosis. 
Kinky sex is clinically described as "aberration without pathology." Dr. Reik concluded that it is just a difference in values, leading to different choices. The reader will encounter the two main patterns described by Reik: the time conservation principle, making the quest itself into the goal, and the adventure principle, the thrill of living dangerously. Implied also is the most important reason, which precedes the other reasons. This is rapid, high, long lasting endorphin production, plus the addiction to this and other brain chemicals always present in sustained sexual arousal. Neither were known to science during the time of Reik or during the story period, and are not, therefore, part of the narration.
We live that we might know an opulent joy in doing so. Life is short and every moment should be savored. Connoisseurship is the complex elaboration of life's simple pleasures. The seeker should contemplate, however, that with sex, complex elaboration seriously curbs the number of possible partners. In erotic life, it is best to keep the activity simple and universal, and let the connoisseurship principle determine who to do it with.
My belief is that many of the adventurous sailors who got "Shanghaied" in the 19th Century may have relinquished too much control to prostitutes. Today there is the additional risk of getting the leading role in a snuff-porn video.
A friend in California told me there is a house he frequents in China where three beautiful women bind him expertly with silk. This friend is also a Kung Foo Master and in many situations could fight his way out, but nobody can do it from the grave.
Grim, dark, unnecessarily dangerous experiences are best enjoyed within the context of literature, movies, and music. Even when eliminating a mortal enemy, one should proceed quickly, and leave the area immediately. The key here is to always be quick and deadly, but chivalrous, never gloating or torturous.
The content here, like life itself, reflects a curious mixture of light and darkness, pleasure and pain, joy and sorrow. It is appropriate only for mature and worldly people and is not intended for the faint of heart.
Roy C. Peterson
 October 11, 2014
8:36 AM
Yes, chastity until I say otherwise!