With Two Girlfriends

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The Lovers

Grass Valley

Jeff and Sharron
October 11, 2017. Grass Valley California
Jeff Rollings is blond, handsome, and only twelve years old but he already has fun with women. He hasn't reached puberty yet in terms of first orgasm, but this is a mere technicality. He and Sharron have been getting naked together for two months.
Sharron Brinker is fourteen years old, 5' 11" tall with sleek brown hair, and very beautiful. She is, however, a little boyish in demeanor, a strange girl who likes to be the one on top with Jeff.
She also likes to play games where she is the prison guard and he is the prisoner. She ties his hands behind his back and trains him to do things for her. Jeff doesn't mind a bit. In fact he loves every minute of it. Everything he does with her is exciting. It's all just fun and games anyway.
One day Jeff tells her "Last night I was reading that sex book my father gave me - the part about ejaculation. It's time for me, and I need to. Let's do the deed."
"No!" says Sharron. "I don't want to... ever."
"Why?" he asks, and adds with a winning smile, "I got a rubber from Joe. Genuine lamb intestine. A fine and supple sheath for me' mutton dagger."
"Ick!" she laughs. "No lamb guts in me, my prisoner."
Jeff is disappointed and later that night he masturbates for the first time.
Two weeks later Sharron's parents send her off to a private school in Massachusetts. Jeff writes to her. She writes back telling him she has an new eighteen year old boyfriend in Boston, so he forgets about her and keeps at his studies.
Jeff is a lucky young man to have his journalism career plans in place at such a young age. By December he has taken care of the virginity problem with a twenty year old hooker and feels much better about everything. He rarely thinks of Sharron now except sometimes at night in bed when he feels extra horny.
All through high-school Jeff dates different girls, but not very much happens. Once in awhile he visits a whore in Grass valley, and then later, a married lady in Lake Wildwood who hit on him one day at the supermarket when her husband was on a business trip.
July 11, 2022. Almost five years later
This September Jeff will be starting the senior year of high-school. One day at Crystal Pond suddenly there she is! Her name is Cathy Darlington and the minute he sees her he wants to nuzzle every nook and cranny. "My God, how can a girl be so nice? She's only an Earthling" he thinks to himself.
Cathy is from Massachusetts. She is 5'8", long legged, and voluptuous with smooth hair that looks almost black except in the sunlight where it reflects red.
"Line a Maserati with black cherry metallic paint job. Wish I had the car too." he thinks. "She will just have to put up with the VW for now."
Cathy is sitting with some girls that Jeff knows from school, and as the girls talk, she keeps looking over at him on his big green grassy looking beach towel. Jeff is talking with his friend Buzz, the lifeguard, sitting up on the little tower. "Her name's Cathy" says Buzz.
Soon Cathy gets up and walks over to get a hot dog. Jeff jumps up quickly to join her.
"Hey Cathy. Need a ride home later? We could stop for a little ice cream on the way." he offers.
Cathy is delighted, but tries not to show it too much. "Okay. Yeah, I could use a ride. What's your name?" she asks as if she didn't already know.
Jeff and Cathy begin seeing each other a lot, and by the end of August, it is generally conceded among their friends that they are "going steadily." Jeff loves Cathy and is starting to realize it, especially when he finds himself daydreaming about cheesy stuff like marriage and a cozy little house.
September and back to school, but low and behold! Look who's back with the commoners since her father died. Yes, Sharron, and more beautiful than ever. No more boyish demeanor either, but surprisingly cold eyes when she runs into Jeff again. She does afford him a pale sexy smile though and he can tell she still digs him sexually in her strange fashion.
Jeff introduces the girls "Cathy Darlington, meet Sharron Brinker. We were in junior high together." Cathy and Sharron say hello then stand looking at each other like long lost friends.
Jeff is still free enough of marriage yearnings to think rationally at this point. "Maybe I could do the two of them together. A hot tub in a nice hotel suite in Reno. I would be like a thorn between two roses on satin sheets in a king size bed." he dreams to himself.
October 2, 2022. Silver Legacy Hotel, Reno. Jeff and the girls are naked. He is very aroused lying on the bed watching Sharron. Cathy comes out of the bathroom. Sharron grabs her and kisses her the way a man would. Cathy is startled, but likes it and makes herself small in Sharron's arms.
The two girls walk to the bed and start to lie down. Sharron looks at Jeff and says to Cathy "I think he should be our embonered slave and wait on us all night." Jeff feels even hornier now and plays along. The three have a wonderful time trying many variations till morning and check out at 10:00 AM.
The die is cast. The three are lovers, but Jeff is the slave. He doesn't mind. He loves every minute of it. It's all just fun and games after all.
November 3, 2022. The three young lovers have decided to live together in Reno and want to do rental hunting before the holidays. They find a nice little brick house in a quiet neighborhood on the west side of town off California Avenue and are planning studies at UNR.
January 8, 2022. 5:11 PM. "Pass the barbecue sauce immediately" says Jeff as he tackles the thick steak before him. It's like a fondue with hot mustard, orange sauce, and other condiments whenever they have steak.
"Keep your place, Slave!" says beautiful Sharron with a cool sexy smile directed more at Cathy than Jeff. As a matter of fact, Sharron rarely looks at Jeff anymore and never initiates conversation with him unless she wants something. Jeff is so happy with his situation that he hasn't begun to notice this yet.
The two girls keep Jeff in a ongoing state which he describes as one of "Bonum Perpituitum." They recently voted at the dinner table that Jeff must maintain chastity, because Sharron read that captive men become more obedient to women the longer they go without orgasm. The information must have been correct because Jeff is becoming very creative in finding ways to please his two beauties. He describes himself to male friends as "the greatest of the cunning linguists."
Cathy hands Jeff the barbecue sauce and gazes at Sharron who looks very fetching in her new blouse of "sailing orange." Cathy barely looks at Jeff, but asks "How's the the writing course going?"
"Very well" replies Jeff hoping to catch Cathy's eye. She has begun to look at him less often than she used to. He's beginning to notice this because he loves her. With Sharron it doesn't matter too much, because it's only ambivalent friendship fueled by intense desire.
Sometimes Jeff does things to get Cathy to look at him like waving his hand in front of her face saying "Hello... Cathy?" When he does this Cathy looks mildly annoyed, but Sharron looks very annoyed. Jeff never sees Sharron's reaction because the way they sit at the table allows him to see only one girl at a time.
Often the girls get talking. They sound very sexy and 90210 with their feminine nasal way of speech. They go on and on. Jeff's head goes back and forth from one girl to the other like a hound on the carpet with talking people. It's like this night after night. Jeff is beginning to feel like an unhappy outsider at his own god damned table... What to do?
The Questioning
February 11, 2023
On the way home Jeff is perusing titles at a used bookstore and finds an unusual one called "Earlier Times, Other Places." It's a collection of eight short stories about sexual captivity in the nineteenth century.
The book looks interesting and is written from a psychological standpoint so he buys it. "Maybe I'll get some insight from this into why I put up with my own captivity at home" he thinks to himself.
When Jeff gets home he puts the book away in the drawer with his socks and doesn't mention it to the girls at dinner.
Lately Sharron has begun to give Jeff light whippings after dinner before the love play, and tonight is no exception. When this happens, Cathy just lies on her tummy, teasing with protruding buttocks. Watching Sharron whip Jeff makes Cathy very horny and Sharron always gets on top when the girls are together. Jeff is beginning to feel "out-manned" by Sharron.
For all of Jeff's doubts and hurt feelings, each night the joyful intensity of the sex-play with these beautiful ladies allows him to rationalize what has been slowly happening to his life and emotions.
February 12, 2023
Jeff often feels somewhat depressed when he's not with the girls. Things are changing though, and today when the girls leave for their early art class he gets out his new book and begins to read the first story:
"The Stepchild"