With Two Girlfriends

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The Three Cuties

Jeff's Career
When Jeff gets home he enjoys a nice dinner alone without all the usual hen talk. As he eats he resolves to channel all the energy he has been wasting on sex into his career preparations. After dinner he draws up a plan for his journalistic future including world travel, mountains to be skied, and legendary brothels. From there to bedtime he searches and bookmarks journalism and other websites.
The next day Jeff enrolls in summer courses to keep his mind off the girls who he finds at times trouble his sleep. The summer session goes well without much romantic adventure.
September 8, 2023

As Cathy and Sharron enter the campus at the south end of the UNR Quadrangle, the Canadian Geese on the roof make a big fuss. The girls wave to them and say hello.

Jeff is walking along the north end of the Quadrangle, when out front of the Mackay Mining Building, he runs into a good friend Dougy Salemont, a geology student from New York State. Asks Dougy asks "Hey, Shit-for-Brains, how goes it with the harem?"
"I moved out and got my own place" says Jeff with an exaggerated grimace.
"Why?" asks Dougy with surprise.
"Too much cunt-talk at dinner" fibs Jeff so as to keep a little normal privacy for himself, even though he likes and trusts Salemont better than most guys he knows.
"But all that awesome nookie? Not worth it, eh?" probes Dougy.
"There's plenty of nookie to be had here in the Golden West" says Jeff. "Any parties scheduled in the foreseeable future?"
"Oh, so now you're interested in parties finally. Good timing. We're having a big one Friday night. Some of the Truckee Meadows chicks are gonna be there. New ones this year. Might very well prove to be worth the time."
Jeff goes to the party. He walks in and looks around, but finds the girls in attendance mostly a bit on the dumpy side except one cute lttle blonde.
He walks up to her "Hi, I'm Jeff. I haven't seen you before. What's your name?"
"Jean Croft. I'm at Truckee Meadows from Illinois, studying anthropology. What's your major?"
"Journalism, with a minor in Lit" says Jeff
They talk awhile and go back to her apartment where they wallow in a delirium of passion all night. Jean unfortunately starts acting possessive after the third date so Jeff stops seeing her.
Now he starts seeing a whore he meets on Virginia Street. Her name is Lisa. She is a six feet tall redhead with green eyes. They like each other and get a little kinky, but Jeff minimizes this and his visits to her in favor of his studies, which are progressing very well. "Balance comes from self-mastery and is the key to all success" says Jeff.
Better Women
October 11, 2023
Jeff is at the Public Library just off Virginia Street. In line at the desk he sees a petite shapely girl with raven black hair, lily white skin, and bright blue eyes.
He says, "Hello. Where have I seen you before. Maybe on TV?"
"Nah, only feature length movies. I guess you don't get out much, huh?" she says in her tough New York accent with a wise-ass smirk.
Jeff is captivated. "How long you gonna be here? I insist you let me take you to dinner at the Cal-Neva."
"Oh, the last of the big spenders, huh?"
Jeff looks hurt.
She saves the mood "Just kidding... I'll do it."
As they eat, Jeff is so delighted to be with this girl that he feels for the first time since the break with Cathy that life ahead may actually be good.
Oct 14, 2023
Jeff meets a skinny blonde named Denise. They also get along very well in and out of bed.
The next day Lisa the redhead calls Jeff to say that she's getting out of prostitution, but wants to keep seeing him, now for free, of course.
After Jeff gets off the phone he looks into the big hall mirror, raises his arms, and says aloud "Praise unto Odin! I have arrived. The situation of legend. I'm doing a blond, a brunette, and aredhead all at the same time - just like the fucking Witches of Eastwick!"
Then to himself, "Don't think I'll introduce them. They're all so beautiful they would probably like each other better than they like me."
Jeff is well out of his old situation now with his splendid new harem, and is keeping the sex much simpler without the theatricality and risks of BDSM.
"A beautiful voluptuous naked woman is a veritable smorgasbord of earthly delights!"
The End