New World Order: Seek and Destroy


The future legions of globalist monoculture are at present....


Countdown to Globalization

When the main threats to individual liberty center around the impending loss of national sovereignty and the destruction of indigenous races and culture, them nationalism, by any means necessary, including war, becomes the first principle.


Sleepwalkers of the World, wake up! Forget your limp-wristed religious fantasies, alcohol intoxication, drug dreams, idiot ballgames, and virtual-reality heroism. Stand up on your feet like real men and women, think about the future, and show some proper adult seriousness for once in your pathetic lives. The eleventh hour is past. worldwide Libertarian Nationalism is now the only alternative to Globalist Banker / Shadow Government oppression. All the nonsense you think matters is of no importance, and never has been. If you feel insulted by all this, then you are one who needs to read further. If not, you are probably smiling at this moment, as we are.
Fully educated people know that a multiplicity of free sovereign nations competing in the world market has a natural workability superior to any form of world government, and can be less easily subverted to collectivism. World problems will not be solved through unawareness. Join us grownups in the Twenty First Century. Read further, so that when the smoke clears you will be worthy to smile along with us, as one who has participated in the throwing down of globalist tyranny. Embark upon the Greatest of All Quests: Liberty Triumphant and Eternal!

 sheep being led to slaughter, unless...

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When the Globalists are Dead

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