New World Order: The Final Solution

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The Libertarians

Near DC

"There can be no peace without prosperity and no prosperity without Liberty. We must first establish free enterprise everywhere on Earth. Prosperity and peace will then follow as naturally as day follows night." - Garrett Phelan Valdison
March 21, 2027. Garrett leaves Albany and gets a small apartment in Georgetown near Washington DC. He begins to meet political and media people,
He and soon becomes friends with energetic young Republican senator Roswell Benedict.
One day at lunch with Benedict Garrett says "The method used to pay for entitlement programs actually causes the economic downturn, the effects of which the programs are supposed to relieve. Deficit spending of newly printed currency not backed by anything of intrinsic value like gold, causes the rise in living costs followed by recessions which produce unemployment and poverty. Hell, Milton Friedman won the Nobel Prize for explaining all this way back in 1976."
Benedict comments, "I know - it's ironical, but if we change the system as you suggest, how can we win over the powerful people who profit from the status quo?"
Garrett replies, "Stress the long term. If the bankers are making money, they will just as happily finance undersea farming, space stations, and interplanetary mining, as endless war and economic upheaval. With Libertarian policies there will be no end to new opportunities for wealth and glory."
Garrett's new book "The World Saved by Liberty and Free Enterprise" is endorsed in several speeches by the senator. Garrett offers it free on the Internet. Huge numbers of people read it and write to their representatives demanding the kind of workable Libertarian solutions outlined in the book.
Benedict is elected President November 8, 2028. He is skillful in diplomacy and by February 12, 2029 negotiates the institutionalization of free enterprise and Democracy in China.
March 12, 2029. Garrett is enjoying a nice dinner of catfish with cayenne pepper, Spanish rice, and lima beans. He hears thunder in the distance as the phone rings. It's Clifton Farrel contacting Garrett about his latest plans.
"This is the biggest yet. I'm only calling you before the fact, because if I don't, you may not survive to write the story."
"Don't tell me! You've produced a mutated clone of the shark that can walk on land with the agility of a horse and are going to send an army of 50,000 of them, with behavior modification brain implants, against every government on Earth... How's the shark doing anyway?"
"Cool! I never thought of any of that. Perhaps for our next project, but I don't think we'll need anything after the current wave. By the way, the shark is a male, and we named him Don." Garrett hears the thunder louder over Clifton's phone.
"So, what's the new project?"

"We're going to deflect an asteroid onto a course with Earth, then split it to target just certain areas. One consequence of this will be to send a mega tsunami against the east coast of the United States. The shark will ride the wave into New York City. We hope to film the whole thing of course, but especially that, part from a hundred different angles."

"Holy Kazoozis! Now you’re killing everybody indiscriminately. What happened to the premise about justified retaliation?"
"There’ll be plenty of time before it hits. Worthy people are always prepared for anything, and will get to safety in time."
"Engineered cataclysmic selection? Bullhit! What if it goes wrong and blows up everybody, or knocks the Earth off axis?"
"It can't. It's flawless. We've done fifty computer mock-ups and they've all worked perfectly."
"Or maybe you just repeated the same mistake fifty times without knowing it. I can't go along with it. Too risky."
"Well then I guess I better not tell you any more or when..." Suddenly a huge clap of thunder and the phone goes dead.
Garrett aloud "Dammit Clifton, call back! I have to tell you about the coming economic changes."
Garrett sits down and in an hour compiles some Tsunami data. He has no way to reach Farris, so he sleeps overnight on what to do, and calls Roswell Benedict at 9:00 the next morning."
"Mr. President. Garrett Valdison here. Please listen carefully. The Belated Justice Organization has told me that they are going to deflect an asteroid towards Earth, then split it to target selected areas. One piece will send a mega tsunami against the east coast of the United States. I did some research and found the following:
"If a small piece of an asteroid, let's say five hundred billion tons of rock, were to plunge into the Atlantic Ocean, the resulting wave will be nine hundred meters high. As it crosses the Atlantic at five hundred miles per hour it will flatten down to fifty meters high, but will then be many kilometers long. Some places it will come twenty-six miles inland. Boston, NY, Miami will simply be gone."
"Garrett, you've done the right thing. I'll get people on all of it, but I'll need you to come in to give us more detail. We'll stop these fools. Did you tell them about the current economic trends?"
"No, there was lightening and the phone went dead."
The president puts a task force to work. They watch every optimal launch point the science boys suggest. Garrett is worried because by March 18, 2029 the USA has in the process of their search had to shoot three of Farris' people who will not be taken alive, but have still found nothing really helpful. Farris persists unhampered.
On March 20, 2029 the USA stops Farris' initial rocket using the old Strategic Defense Initiative. They manage to intercept it just outside the Earth's atmosphere. No fallout.
"I knew SDI would come in handy for something like this eventually" thinks Garrett.
March 24, 2029 Garrett is eating a fine breakfast of beef sausage, eggs sunny-side up, creamed rice with butter, and mandarin orange slices. The phone rings and it's Clifton Farris. There's a short silence, and then Farris asks "Well, Garrett, what do you have to say for yourself?"
"Clifton, you should have called back. Benedict is doing things now that will change everything. Long term it will accomplish peacefully and legally all the things you are trying to do destructively."
"How long is long term?"
"Five years, maybe less. You should have more patience and faith. Haven't you been watching the news?"
"No, I gave that up long ago."
"Well, start doing it again. I'm telling you. It's all going to work. Libertarian economics is not theoretical. It simply has to be implemented. Benedict is doing it and Congress is backing him. The whole world will soon follow anything we do that works really well."
"That last part is true. We'll see about the rest. Garrett, we almost got caught because you squealed."
"I didn't squeal. I didn't tell them who you are. Clifton, when the phone went dead I was trying to tell you that I wouldn't go along with it. Did you think I would imperil the evolutionary destiny of every living thing on Earth just to preserve my journalistic integrity? Especially when I know that everything is going to be running smoothly on Earth within just a few years using normal means?"
Garrett continues "I'm talking about worldwide Capitalism, free world trade, and declining population. And you want to risk it all for a quick and merely temporary solution? It's too bad we didn't stay in touch, but I figured you knew what was happening. Please Clifton, just have faith and give it a little time. Maybe you can help us to speed it along in some way."
"Valdison, you should have been a lawyer. I need some time off anyway, and I am going to read up on stuff and start watching the news. Plus, I need to lay low. Them government boys are starting to turn a more critical eye on our activities lately."
"That's because even they know that things will be getting better and they don't want you to screw it up."
"Okay, have you told anybody about the shark?"
"No, I figured stopping the wave would be enough. I kind of like the old bastard and I don't want him hurt. His longevity is too admirable to allow a bunch of shit-heel curiosity seekers to do whatever they would do with him."
"Garrett, I agree. I'll be talkin at ya."
Roswell Benedict continues his efforts without interference. With capitulation of the last unlibertarian regime on June 21, 2029 we see the triumph of Liberty, Capitalism, and free trade everywhere on Earth.
On August 1, 2029 comes the founding of the World Federation for Exploration and Colonization of Space. On September 21, 2029 private sector funding is appropriated for a huge international colony on Mars.
On October 18, 2029 "The Truth About Worldwide Population Displacement" is completed. Garrett's latest free book shows what the future could be like if displaced peoples everywhere returned to their rightful ancestral homelands now that free enterprise exists worldwide, the entire world is beginning to prosper, and the countries of origin will accept their return.
Responsible thoughtful people demand a better future. Relocation movements have begun all over the planet. Everywhere courageous enterprising young people are returning home after arranging for the sale of their property at a time advantageous from a standpoint of market by older relatives or friends who prefer to remain in their host countries.
With Garrett's permission, Roswell Benedict has hard copy and Internet links to the new book sent to political leaders, journalists, and colleges all over the world. It quickly becomes influential in augmenting the events of this very splendid period.

By February 12, 2030 we see the triumph of viable evolutionary policies worldwide and by June 21, 2032 the world economy has stabilized and all countries are beginning to prosper and compete in global trade.

Now that everything on Earth is finally back to normal Garrett decides to take some time off. He has an impending rendezvous.
Finally Garrett and Gretchen Van Roon are eating fried oysters gazing at snow-capped volcanoes across the Straights of Juan de Fuca. Garrett looks into her eyes and speaks humbly... “Gretchen, I have loved you since the day we met. What would you think about us getting a little house up here with a view like this, and living happily ever after?" He adds with a sheepish smirk “...and maybe sometimes we could invite Britt to visit for a week or two.”
Gretchen’s  face lights up with a happy smile and she throws her arms around Garrett smothering his neck with kisses.