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New World Order: The Final Solution

Epic Science Fiction Thriller
The struggle against globalist tyranny early in the 21st Century. The world economy has collapsed. People are starving. Urban warfare is breaking out everywhere. Saving humanity from calculated oblivion involves the heroic efforts of a young journalist, threading his way through strange episodes of social decay, in an ongoing race with a man whose organization has already executed over five hundred thousand people... and is only getting started.
Infependebt Review

"The story draws us into the plans of vigilante mastermind Clifton Farris as it reveals his grandiose scheme to rid the world of evildoers, a task that the government can no longer adequately handle...  a pleasure to read: the writing is extremely intelligent, and the events are unpredictable, to say the least. Chock-full of surreal imagery, it is an oddly compelling page-turner... It ranks with Jonathan Swift's classic essay A Modest Proposal as a work of satire."

~ Michael Ray Brown, Story Sense ~


Death Comes Howling on the Ocean


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