New World Order: The Final Solution

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State of the World 2034

United Nations General Assembly Chamber, New York, USA. In a special gallery for the presidential entourage, Garrett Valdison is sitting with Gretchen Van Roon and Brit Linstrum. The three of them are beaming with delight.

Address to the United Nations General Assembly by
President of the United States Roswell R. Benedict
October 8, 2034
State of the World
in the wake of
Libertarian Nationalist Revolution
"The state of the world has never been better, never in all of human history! Everywhere on Earth there is now absolute individual liberty, free enterprise, full employment, active trade, and growing prosperity.
"Achieving this has been a big job. What helped us most has been the faith that people everywhere have shown in the possibility of making a better world through persistent rational effort. The particular best approach had to be varied from one region to another because of what had occurred in the past. The variations, however, involved only short term emphasis and sequence, not basic policy or principle. The time frame for phasing in any particular policy was always of sufficient duration to insure smooth transition without any disruptive effect on economies or individuals.
"People everywhere now understand and accept the premise that government is at best a necessary evil, and that the less of it we have, the better. There is a new level of personal independence. Individuals are even beginning to deal with gross encroachments upon their personal liberty, justly, on an individual basis.
"Permanent worldwide economic stability has been achieved. In all countries, privately owned central banks, like the US Federal Reserve, have been nationalized, the national debt repudiated, and demand for reparations for the amount already swindled made to the creditors as a civil alternative to being put on trial for engineering every war and ruined economy over the past two hundred years, or being the beneficiary heirs thereto, all of which is easily provable from existing historical records. There has been a return to currencies backed by durable commodity of intrinsic value, either gold or a mixed store of precious metals, the value of which is determined in the world marketplace.
"Consumers worldwide now have total product choice. Goods offered in the free world market are produced solely within each country by the citizens of that country, with no foreign ownership of business anywhere. Banks can lend only within their own countries. Now that all nations are prospering, few think it good practice to invest away from home, and the imbalances have begun to subside. All subsidies and unnecessary regulation of banks, business, trade, and financial transfers have been eliminated. Balance-of-trade deficits are now a thing of the past.
"For any bank, including a nation's central bank, to maintain less than a one hundred percent reserve at all times is dishonest and has been made illegal everywhere. There is mandatory disclosure to depositors about amounts in reserve, with information about how it all works.
"Taxes everywhere have been replaced with user fees and lotteries of designated purpose. This insures that unnecessary foreign adventures by governments will have to be paid for only by those who support them.
"In this new climate, war is fast becoming just an unhappy memory. The energies previously squandered in these conflicts is now being channeled into undersea farming, renewable energy technology, space exploration, and interplanetary mining operations. The career opportunities in all of this are practically unlimited.
"Defense spending everywhere is being cut to a safe minimum, substituting standing military with a skeleton crew of officers for the coordination of voluntary citizen militias as needed. Frivolous athletics in the schools have been replaced with basic martial and survival training. The students enjoy this every bit as much, and it has far greater utility for them long term.
"Unnecessary social programs have been phased out as the improving economy and rising employment has made this possible in each locality. How quickly this was able to happen has been a happy surprise to a great many people. For people with a prior history of productivity, there are ample funds available to eliminate hardship caused by unpredictable local catastrophe or incurred disability. These are maintained with designated lotteries at the federal and regional level.
"Prisons have been replaced by large self-sustaining isolation communities with agriculture, livestock, and small manufacturing. The really bad guys: rapists, human traffickers, kidnappers, child molesters, child and snuff porn filmmakers, arbitrary murderers, and serial killers are now recognized as irredeemable constitutional psychopaths who have made an unforgivable breech with humanity. For the safety and simple moral integrity of societies. they are now being put painlessly to death. We point out to opponents of this method, that one needn't be a rocket scientist to figure out that all it takes to avoid being executed for these terrible things, is simply not to do them.
"Victimless crimes are those involving consensual areas of human contract, and now are off the books. Those previously confined for these things have been released with public apology, modest funds to tide them over, and a list of realistic job offers. The inevitable one percent of humanity who simply cannot support themselves by normal means are offered permanent sustenance by private charity as per specified terms, usually reproductive sterilization. Those refusing this option must provide for themselves. If this causes them to make unjust encroachment against anyone, they are sent to isolation communities.
"As the distortions produced by hundreds of years of unnatural coercive government are gradually subsiding, all unjust protectionist measures, such as unnecessary safety regulations, are being cautiously phased out.
"Along with traditional subject matter, programs have been instituted in schools to teach children about what was wrong with human societies in the past and how Libertarian policies are improving everything. This includes explanation about the manipulative relationship that existed previously between international finance and politicians. This is supplemented with rigorous teaching about control of excess birth rates, disease, and all classes of drugs. Understanding these things is requisite for promotion. We are in hopes that teaching the whole truth for forty years will make it possible to eliminate public education altogether.
"All unnecessary environmental pollution has been ended. Requirements have been enacted in livestock production, zoo administration, and pet ownership based upon humane, free-range, and hormone/drug free models. The cruel, decadent down breeding of pets into evolutionary non-viability has been stopped. The existing animals have been sterilized.
"There has been a complete overhaul of medicine, stressing nutritional solutions, both preventative and therapeutic, as opposed to the former mostly pharmacological and surgical options. The duplicitous role of physicians as both personal doctor and commission salesman for drug companies has been eliminated, Doctors are now allowed to prescribe only within generic categories. The specific choice of drugs is left to the patients who select for themselves on the basis of price and manufacturer reputation.
"Respect is finally given to the right of individuals to decide when their life is no longer viable. Regional centers have been established where people can be put into cryonic suspension, or receive a lethal injection and be cremated.
"National park and forest lands have been given back to the native populations from whom they were originally stolen. This has been done with the provision that the recipients continue to run the lands at a high standard for the enjoyment of all within their country. Previous non-native employees are offered life tenure or new jobs.
"History has shown that the smallest number of people in any given place always works best, just as long as there are enough to defend the borders. The ideal population of 320 million for the land mass of Earth was passed c 900 A.D. By the word ideal we mean a level consistent with vital self-actualization and opulent joy in living, rather than mere subsistence in anguished mediocrity. Maximum varied manifestation for small numbers is superior to minimum meager manifestation for vast suffering multitudes. We are not imbued with life merely to endure it. To this end, we rigidly enforce a limit of two children per couple. More than two is an unjust encroachment against others, like house burglary. World population is slowly beginning to decline back to workable levels everywhere. The projected ideal numbers are as follows: 
Not our map, but useful anyway

Canada, United States, Mexico
Central, South America
Greenland, Europe, Northern Africa
Southern Africa


Near, Middle East, Asia
Australia, New Zealand
"Workable societies must be based on natural principals. It is normal for people to feel most comfortable among those of their own race and ethnicity. Globalist bankers, who worked for totalitarian Socialism and world monoculture, wanted everyone to mix together, so they could lend money to national governments who must deal with all the resulting social problems. In all of human history there has never been a multiracial or multicultural society which did not self-destruct because of the unnatural mixing.

"All people have the natural right to grow up among their own racial kinsmen. Resident racial outlanders are simply an unjust encroachment upon personal liberty. The conniving internationalists wanted to destroy national cultures because they knew that one world government, giving global finance monopoly, would have been more acceptable to people with no racial or ethnic identity. To survive, we now emphasize race preservation and the prevention of global monoculture. Interracial marriage advocates were attempting to murder all existing races. They tried to sound interested in human variety, but their breed-up quick programs, long term, would have completely obliterated human variety by making what are now separate races into one race. Variety is the spice of life. Imagine a world where everybody is the same. "We are Borg. We are one. You must join us!"

"One falsehood perpetrated by politicians serving big business who want cheap immigrant labor is that ongoing immigration is necessary to keep industry alive. In actuality, business simply expands to accommodate any available work force. With worldwide liberty and prosperity, people will not want to flee their ancestral homelands.

"Third-world people have always favored globalization because it would have allowed them to prosper via social programs paid for by more productive host populations. The predatory bankers knew that countries with hordes of immigrant third-worlders, if globalization came to a ballot referendum, would have been far more likely to relinquish sovereignty. That's why we've had to endure so many indigents invading productive countries in recent decades.
"Borders everywhere are being closed to immigrants of non-indigenous race. Anybody can leave, and a great many are returning home. Voluntary sterilization is being requested of all who choose to remain in host countries, with special retirement programs for those who cooperate. There are also adoption priorities for qualified couples within this category. There are no restrictions on tourism. Those who travel from now on will be able to enjoy the full undiluted potency of indigenous cultures everywhere.
"The new technology for determining constitutional psychopathy, even in the prenatal state, along with intrauterine diagnosis of fetal deformity, mental retardation, and genetic predisposition to sexual perversion are leading to the elimination of human non-viability everywhere on earth.
"And... last but not least, we have finally hit upon an equitable solution for the problems caused by a century of Socialism in unnaturally increasing the quantity, while undermining the quality, of people everywhere. The new foolproof brain-scan method for determining intelligence is being used to assess IQ in populations worldwide, with voluntary sterilization requested of all those having an IQ of 94 or less. Special retirement programs and adoption priorities are also being granted here. Because higher moral conceptualization is a function of the cerebral cortex, these IQ adjustments, along with the elimination of constitutional psychopathy, will effectively spell an end to commonplace moral stupidity on this planet.
"All of these splendid changes have been accomplished far more easily than anyone could have imagined, because they were not prolonged for the benefit of lenders, but done efficiently to insure prosperity, peace, and joy of living on this planet. Evil will no doubt continue to flourish at interpersonal levels, but it will no longer rule the day, nor will it ever again be institutionalized by governments anywhere on Earth. The legions of darkness at last have been vanquished!
"I see nothing but smiling faces in this room, and it's getting on that time, so I'm going to lunch! It should be sufficient to say that what we have left to do is mere fine tuning compared to what has been accomplished already. Natural order is now prevailing on our planet. Thank you all for your help and support."
* * *
The response to this address is overwhelmingly positive. Within weeks there are special guidance programs being set up worldwide to help young people make early career choices from the bewildering selection of new possibilities.
The Beginning