New World Order: The Final Solution

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"The Future: Liberty or Death?" Sample Scene


SUPER: “December 5, 2026


        Somewhere in Europe


        Absolute power allows unmitigated evil”




Average looking young American couple being escorted into a waiting room. Wife is shapely and cute.




American tourists JUDY Tillman and her husband Boyce didn't listen when friends told them not to travel in countries with non-Libertarian regimes.


The secret police have just brought them in for phony interrogation about "historic artifact removal". When the commandant sees Judy he immediately decides to keep her. He will break her heart first, of course, then her spirit.




The COMMONDABT, slim, thirty five, short hair, wearing an impressive uniform, is sitting at his desk and, via phone, orders the couple separated. Judy is shown to a small waiting room and Boyce is taken to another part of the building where his head is immediately cut off.



Using the latest technology, Boyce’s skull is quickly purged of all ancillary tissue including the brain. Unavoidably the skull retains a slight pinkish color like any good supermarket butcher bone, but is otherwise display-case-ready.


The slightly pinkish skull is quickly carried to the commandant, who with boyish delight, places it on a nice walnut base. He carefully positions the skull facing front on his desk, then presses a buzzer and Judy is shown into the office. As she sits down, she glances at the skull, especially noticing the teeth. Her looking, then her eyes, then the teeth.



The commandant makes the usual phony accusations about artifact removal and asks all the usual phony questions.


Again Judy looks at the skull.



God, the teeth!


More questions. More glances at the skull. Then...



Mrs. Tillman, you seem quite taken with my desk ornament. Any particular reason?


Judy begins nervously and stops.



No, I...



Mrs. Tillman, did you happen to see that television movie recently about the army of ants in Alaska, how they stripped a fallen elk to the bone in a matter of minutes?


Judy now looks harder at the skull.



Now there you go again trying to stare down my desk ornament!


The commandant tries hard to look somber and officious, but now unable to contain his mirth any longer, guffaws spasmodically. He leans forward, chuckling a bit, lifting one eyebrow sardonically, and asks Judy with a very sly smirk...



Look like anyone yooou know?


Judy screams and tugs at her hair in desperation.



Oh God, no! Where's Boyce? Where's my husband?


The commandant now presses a different buzzer. Two big uniformed thugs enter.



Good morning, gentlemen. This is Mrs. Tillman. Please take her to the training room, prepare her in the usual way, and place my riding crop, baton, petroleum jelly, and a roll of paper towels on the side table.