New World Order: The Final Solution

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The Witches



Being certain adventures of the young man
Garrett Valdison with some very wicked Witches.

From Valdisson's Personal Journal:


November. Full day with a very wicked woman named Beth McClelland. Witch name is Zabeth. (From Elizabeth, remove the masculine component, Eli, and what remains is the pure feminine essence, Zabeth, Queen of Witches). With good reason I name her the Fire Witch. One of the most desirable women I have ever seen - slim, ultra voluptuous and firm, with long legs, very white skin, auburn hair, bright green eyes. Also very unpredictable and cruel. After this first time I try to tell myself "never again" but remain her unquestioning slave until 1993. Only one of many, no doubt.

December. Stop seeing Debby Benoint because Beth demands celibacy (one sided). Relationship with Debby is rocky anyway, but why I agree to this I will never understand. Decide in future not to tell Beth about other women. Move into Ravenhurst. Lose twenty five pounds in three months, eating cream cheese and jelly sandwiches.


October 20. Beth visits from Salem with beautiful raven-haired Rachel O'Connor. This is preceded by one month mandatory chastity for me. This episode marks an important turning point. I admire these beauties who know themselves so well psychologically, and who enjoy sex just for its own sake. So superior to the women I've dated who use sex as a way to trap a husband while hiding behind moralizing, hypocrisy, and shame. Dames like this are as much above average women intellectually and spiritually as humans are above monkeys.


October 30. Beth visits with two other Witches. This also preceded by a month of chastity for me. Lunch served by me. Stark and solemn precession on the Elvin Road. I am naked. The 18 year old blonde Britt Linstum with her smooth ultra white skin is naked walking ahead of me swishing her exquisite shapely buttocks unmercifully to tease me. She looks back occasionally with a deliciously wicked smile. Beth and Rachel are robed in dark blue-green. Naked activity in the pine grove. Eve. Dinner. Fire ritual with many hours of naked activity. Hearty breakfast next morning. They leave c. Noon. I am exhausted and rest for two days. I later came to think of this episode affectionately as the HBTT Working - Hubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble - because of the Three Witches involved. When I contemplate the movie "Witches of Eastwick" I am reminded of this, especially by the hair colors involved, which I requested of Beth. Perhaps there is some ancient precedent here which I am merely fulfilling. (XXX Rated - I swallow so much pussy juice on this occasion that I can identify nuances of all Three Witches in my perspiration the next day. Episode keeps me singing to myself like a happy little boy for three weeks despite bad residual soreness). Atrium 2 CW.