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With Two Girlfriends

Gothic Adult Novel
A young man is living with two beautiful women. The sex is very good, but they treat him quite badly otherwise. One day he finds a book of bizarre stories about sexual captivity in the Nineteenth Century. Each morning, as he reads another of the tales, the solution to his problem begins to slowly take shape.
Independent Review:

“A bizarre but perversely captivating anthology of sexual captivity, this is

'The One Thousand and One Nights' of sadomasochistic eroticism. Shocking and at times grotesque, this is an eyebrow-raiser and a page-turner. While the subject crosses the boundaries of what may be acceptable as mass entertainment, the writer’s voice is refreshingly literate, his themes complex and disturbing, but nonetheless universal.”


~  Michael Ray Brown, Story Sense ~




! ! !  Warning  ! ! !
       Following here are truly 'Tales for the Hard Traveler.'
    Bizarre adult situations involving sexual captivity.
Literary, but lascivious, demure, but depraved.
     Little Goodie Two Shoes, you had better avoid these!


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Roy C Peterson
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