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WLO Membership


1. A firm conviction that all living creatures have the right to unimpeded evolutionary expression and a tendency towards correct action in this regard.

2. The entire contents of this website is required reading and contains the principals of Evolutionary Libertarianism upon which the WLO is based.

3. Life membership is free. Financial support is invited, but not required. Funds are used to further disseminate the principles of Evolutionary Libertarianism.

It should be stressed that there is never physical contact between headquarters and members in the field. Neither are we seeking any dialogue or pen-pal relationship with members. We are lone-wolf Libertarians, not fraternizers. People can be united in action without personal knowledge of each other as long as they are united in spirit. Members desiring social fellowship are authorized to create their own chapters locally and to recruit others. Subgroups are empowered to act autonomously. All activities must be in keeping with the principals of the WLO as outlined in our books.

Benefits include:

1. Membership in a growing international organization of men and women helping to educate the upcoming generation about alternatives to the institutionalized destructiveness perpetuated by ignorant manipulated populations who naively imagine that welfare-warfare slave states have any kind of long term viability.

2. Upon receipt of membership request, an in absentia initiation ceremony is performed at headquarters for the new member who will receive a letter of confirmation.

3. Members should occasionally visit this site to keep informed about new developments or publications. This will happen infrequently.

Donations can be made using PayPal.


WLO Donation Page


WLO Grant Money is Badly Needed

Our activities could be greatly extended with
 additional funding. In July 2002 we were invited
by the World Civil Society Forum to Geneva, but
travel cost was too great. See first section above.
Send our URL to other friends of liberty right now.
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