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The Unied Nations

We want to see peace on Earth. There is, however, a necessary natural sequence. Worldwide peace will not happen until there is worldwide prosperity, which in turn will not happen until there is worldwide liberty and free enterprise.
There is no need for any country to surrender national sovereignty to any international body. We don't need the banker-manipulated collectivist monopoly that would be inevitable with one world government. What we need is a world of separate free nations competing like individuals in a free world market.
We can make peace happen if we all insist that international organizations who aid nations in feeding their people also insist that these nations free their people so they can feed themselves. This means that they have to take a hard line against collectivist government - Fascist and Socialist. These systems are sometimes remedial in the short term because of what has happened in the recent past, but they do not work long term, and there is no reason to pretend otherwise. It is a feeble diplomacy which will not stand fast in these matters.
In July 2002 the World Civil Society Forum invited WLO participation at the International Conference Center in Geneva. We feel very honored by this, but could not attend because travel expense was prohibitive.
Consider the purpose of the WCSF quoted below. Then consider what could come from bringing a strong Libertarian influence upon United Nations policy: permanent liberty, prosperity, and peace worldwide.

"If the UN's global agenda is to be properly addressed, a partnership
with civil society at large is not an option; it is a necessity."

Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations
1999, Montreal (WOCSOC)

"Aims and Objectives
Strengthen international cooperation by :
  • Promoting cooperation among civil society organizations across the world and working in different fields of activity, especially with developing countries and indigenous peoples;
  • Facilitating cooperation between organizations of civil society and the United Nations system, including it's specialized agencies and other international organizations;
  • Creating space for dialogue on the relation between the different stakeholders of the international scene, such as civil society organizations, international organizations, governments, and the private sector."

The United Nations has the potential to be a tremendous force for future good, but only if there is a strong ongoing effort towards the establishment of worldwide free enterprise and trade among autonomous sovereign nations. When there is liberty and Capitalism everywhere, there will be prosperity everywhere. There will be no economic upheavals, trade deficits, or war. Then we can put all that energy into exploring space and colonizing distant planets.

At this time the United Nations fully supports the plans of the New World Order for global oppression. If the UN is ever again to be taken seriously as a force for goodness on this planet, they must break with this criminal element once and for all.

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