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To EU, UN, NATO, World Governments


World Libertarian Order




June 15, 2023


Ladies and Gentlemen,


The World Libertarian Order is only a small international organization, but we know how to bring about worldwide liberty, prosperity, and peace without the destruction of indigenous race and culture. Those who rule the world think that they will profit long term from oppression, poverty, war, and genetic uniformity. This is delusional. Indigenous Nationalism is natural and workable, global monoculture is not.


We write to those in positions of influence in hopes of inspiring clear thinking individuals to worry more about evolutionary destiny than being fashionable at social gatherings. It’s only moral morons who work for a future where everyone will look alike and have an average I.Q. of 70. Imagine aiding and abetting these money-mad jackasses, and then later having to live with the gnawing daily realization that the main core of human intelligence has been lost.


The links below clarify what needs to be done, and which of course, ultimately will be done. Stimulating higher motivation everywhere now will help to speed these constructive changes along so they can be implemented with far less conflict and suffering than if we wait.


Alternative to IMF Banks


Libertarian Nationalist Revolution


World Libertarian Order Official Site



Liberty > Prosperity > Peace


Eric F. Magnuson

WLO Director



Note: Letter emailed to EU, UN, NATO. Parliaments of France, Germany, Russia, Sweden, UK.

On July 10 to Canada. On July 12 to South Korea, Ukraine, Italy, Australia, Spain, Switzerland.