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September 11 / World War III


This material also is old hat, because it now seems that 911 was a Globalist operation. It is included here as another example of fake news misdirection of that period.


January 14, 2020
1:02 P.M.




Our sympathies to the families of those lost on September 11.

Be assured, Liberty Will Triumph ! 


September 11, 2001 Late Morning

WWIII is well underway. The brainwashed slave majority will never question why this has happened. Nothing new will be learned. Instead we will be treated to weeks of dreary candlelight "vigils" and syrupy talk about victims. This and any military effort we make, however, will not get rid of our Middle Eastern problems in the long term. Only workable foreign policies will do this. Without the right policies, there can be little doubt that at least one major US city will eventually be destroyed by a nuclear attack.

What liberty loving person would want their own government to extort money from them at gunpoint and give it to another government, especially if doing so would lead to war? Since 1983, the WLO has been warning about the inevitable Middle Eastern retaliation that would accompany ongoing US financial aid to Israel. This has created an enemy that we would not have had otherwise. Now, just to survive, those of us in the West will have to join together to defeat this enemy. If, however, this war is handled the right way, with the right policy changes occurring soon enough, the good that will result from these tragic events could be almost beyond imagining.


To: President George W. Bush
Subject: "A Good Argument for Solidarity"
From: The World Libertarian Order
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001 12:45:22 (PDT)

Dear Mr. President,

We are very proud of the way you have handled everything since September 11. Below is a small piece of common sense reproduced from our website. I send this along only because I haven't heard anybody else say it yet.

"Impatience for justice could hurt our cause. The events of September 11, 2001 will be dealt with in due course. Those in America who think it's patriotic to persecute innocent citizens simply because they come from Islamic countries may wish to consider the following. Doing this could:

1. Impede US intelligence efforts within Islamic communities in America.

2. Impede US ability to form good coalitions with Islamic nations against terrorism.

Remember, freedom of religion is one of the most important things that made America as great as it is. Let's hang on to it."

Liberty Triumphant and Eternal!

Eric F. Magnuson
Director WLO


Ignore the Truth?

October 3, 2001 12:36 PM
Many we have heard lately, don't think people should talk about the policies which led to September 11. They say that this is not the proper time because people are grieving. Later they will say we shouldn't talk about it because we must all be of one mind to fight the war properly. When the war is over they beg off because we are healing. Then because we are rebuilding. Then because the ball game is more important. Then because we are starting the next war. Our question is simply this: When will it be all right to talk about it?

This war is an encroachment on all liberty loving people everywhere. It should not be happening, and we will have very little to say about it in future, because there is little of positive value that can be said. Any situational heroism of those involved is usually eclipsed by the part they played in causing these events in the first place, through their naive acceptance of evil government policy.

Libertarians might console themselves, with the following thought: Since Middle Eastern terrorist groups in general are very cruel and unjust in their treatment of women, it could be argued that any chivalrous man from the West might want to go to the Middle East just to "whip them boys" for that reason alone. So long as there is no conscription, and if the funding could come from the private sector and government lotteries, what moral person could possibly object?


Non-Libertarian Motives

January 27, 2002 12:52 PM

We have taken a lot of heat, as we always do, because of our position in advocating preventative solutions. We recognize three types of people who object to our words in this regard.

1. Brainwashed collectivist slave mentalities who never question government policy of any kind.

2. People who make lots of money from war. The banking-military-industrial complex.

3. Frisky young professional killers, little more than mercenaries, who actually enjoy all this immensely, even though they try to hide their exhilaration by trying to sound very solemn, pious, and dutiful.


Council of the Gods

May 3, 2002 11:02 AM

On C-Span 1 this morning there was a new statistic:

Forty-eight percent of Americans polled believe that America is under the special protection of Jehovah in this war.

Awhile back, on one of the cable news channels there was similar data about people throughout the Middle East believing that Allah is backing them militarily.

Since we have such perfect separation of church and state in America, it would be too much compromise to ask one of the Congressional prayer groups to intervene. We do, however, suggest that if the U.N. could somehow get Jehovah and Allah together for negotiations, the rest of us could simply stand aloof from the entire business. With the 2004 Olympic Games to be held in Athens, perhaps a summit could be arranged on Mount Olympus.


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