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A Call to Worldwide Indigenous Nationalism



March 23, 2023


Ladies and Gentlemen,


The only viable future for mankind is worldwide liberty, prosperity, and peace with preservation of indigenous race and culture. It can happen with education, but it will be necessary to wield both pen and sword. We call upon serious adults everywhere to end Globalist tyranny covertly under the principle of leaderless resistance. Nationalists are united in spirit, but must do individually what is necessary to eliminate the subverted minions of international finance and invading hordes of sub-humanity. It is best to tell no one about activism, to let higher purpose be our closest companion. Evolutionary destiny is more important than unwarranted disclosure within transitory interpersonal relationships. The children of the future are also family members in a greater sense. After reading the links, the only worthwhile reply will be seen on the evening news.


Alternative to IMF Banks


Libertarian Nationalist Revolution


World Libertarian Order Official Site



Liberty > Prosperity > Peace


Eric F. Magnuson

WLO Director


Note: Content posted to European Nationalist Forums