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WLO Goals

Every problem in every society on Earth can be traced back to a point where someone in government decides to sacrifice individual liberty for some other goal. Like any breech of natural law this produces a distortion. One compromise seems to justify another and soon the cause and effect relationships become obscured by time and complexity. The achievement of harmony on Earth simply involves eliminating the complex of false dependencies that have arisen because of these past mistakes.


The World Libertarian Order was founded February 12, 1983 on a hilltop in Plymouth Massachusetts by Eric F. Magnuson in a company of eighty seven revolutionary Libertarians. We are a worldwide non-profit fraternal order welcoming people everywhere and now have 418 members in 50 countries.

Our guiding premise is that the highest evolutionary destiny for all living things can only be served by permanent prosperity, full employment, and peace in the human sector, and that all moral people want this. Libertarianism is the only system which can bring this about without injustice for anyone. Our job is worldwide education about the superior workability of Libertarian principles (4) in order to save this planet from the destructive effects of Totalitarian Socialism aka "Globalization".

The entrenched economic interests which now oppose worldwide liberty are dealt with explicitly herein. We work for a "World Libertarian Order" of separate nations interacting in a free world market. A multitude of sovereign free nations can less easily be subverted back to collectivism than a one-world government. This is the cutting edge of political thought in the world today and is not for dilettantes or milquetoast pseudo-Libertarians.


Our goal is that, through education, government involvement in the lives of citizens everywhere on Earth be reduced to it's absolute minimum. It is only when people have legal, but unjust, coercive power over others that evil becomes institutionalized. Unjust power becomes legal in society when the majority of people simply don't realize that there is a better, more effective, way of running things.
The one thing that threatens this planet more than ignorance is the illusion of knowledge. Those uninformed about economics often label people who work for absolute liberty as hating the weak. If you refuse to be arbitrarily sacrificed for others, you must hate them. There are, however, proven better ways to help those less fortunate than by government theft and destructive economic policy. We must, however, occasionally read something besides the daily newspaper to learn about such things.
Much of our task simply involves sweeping away popular misconceptions. For instance, the withdrawal of social programs in a Libertarian society would not lead to starving children as Socialists believe. Once the destructive effects of fiat monetary policy are behind us, entitlement programs can be phased out over a suitable period without hurting anyone. There will be ongoing prosperity with one percent unemployment. There can be an emergency fund to help those in desperation because of local catastrophe or disability.

Any true goal must be based on an overriding first premise embodying an important ideal which will not be compromised at any cost. Mere technical problems will then be seen simply as points to be resolved rather than as stumbling blocks which can be used as an excuse to alter the basic nature of the goal itself. When a system is internally coherent and has long term workability, then all opposing elements will, by persistence, be eliminated.

We aspire to teach everyone everywhere the value of structuring societies and economies on the "uncompromisable premise" of absolute individual liberty as opposed to any form of collectivism in any degree whatever. Having this steadfast principle underlie all Libertarian action doesn't mean that there is one identical method for fixing everything, but it does mean that we care enough about long term workability so that we will not breech natural law. There are as many different Libertarian solutions as there are collectivist problems.
Specifically, we feel that only education can deal effectively with all of the following otherwise insurmountable problems facing evolving life on this planet:

1. The destructive rapid increase of human population everywhere, especially the practice of governments in subsidizing non-self-sustaining people in reproducing themselves unnaturally.

2. Unnecessary ongoing economic instability and the manipulative control of this by international finance. All the big problems on Earth are caused by International Monetary Fund (IMF) bankers who, via privately owned member central banks, like the US Federal Reserve, manipulate currencies, and with the help of subverted politicians, engineer wars and economic upheaval so they can lend money to governments for military mobilization and otherwise unnecessary social programs. (5).

3. The impending creation of one world government involving surrender of sovereignty for all nations to a collectivist "New World Order" with the ever increasing unnecessary government programs, absolute monopolies, and loss of individual liberty that will accrue to this.

4. The reactionary support of unworkable protectionist counter measures by brainwashed majorities.

5. The effect of well-meaning, but misguided, popular religion in promoting ideas which aid and abet collectivist government.

Widespread consent for all this institutionalized rottenness occurs only because of public ignorance about the superior viability of unimpeded interaction among completely free sovereign nations. Anywhere Libertarian candidates are on the ballot at this time, the machinery for right action is potentially already in place. Having true Libertarians in all major government positions on an ongoing basis will solve all of the above problems each within it's own particular time frame.
To be adequately understood, this material should be read very carefully in the sequence presented. This includes footnotes. Many common terms are meticulously clarified, and a lot of unfamiliar new information is presented. The reader should not be distracted here by what is a somewhat lofty style of writing. The writer makes only small apology for this, having been influenced by the inspired high moral tone of many of those whose works he has been privileged to read.
Before getting started, here is a small exercise which may help to clarify the writer's intent. The reader should answer for himself the following questions:
1. What do I want life on earth to be one hundred years from today?
2. What needs to be done to bring this about?
3. What have I done in the past towards this end?
4. What will I do in the future towards this end?
Fourteen Signposts to Slavery

4. We have decreased our use of the term "Anarcho-Capitalism" because the average person thinks this refers to pandemonium in the streets. "Anarcho" is actually a parasitic intensifier that we have had to add to the word "Capitalism" simply because so many Socialists call themselves Capitalists. In the past it was implicit that Capitalism works best when unimpeded by government.
5. "You fasten the triggers
For the others to fire
Then you set back and watch
When the death count gets higher
You hide in your mansion
As young people's blood
Flows out of their bodies
And is buried in the mud."
Bob Dylan - "Masters of War"
August 5, 2003. Have always felt "Maters of War" to be one of the greatest protest songs ever written, but since the early 1980s have also felt that one of the best examples of the terrible irony in all the phony left vs. right nonsense is the fact that the people Dylan describes in this song are precisely the same people regularly criticized by the John Birch Society. So much for left and right. This entry was prompted by just now reading the lyrics to "Talkin' John Birch Paranoid Blues."  Long ago I stood in line at the Club 47 for two hours to see Bob Dylan. He's one of the great original hepcats and nobody likes him better than I do, but he owes the Birchers an apology for the Nazi stereotype. When a person has influence over young people he also has a responsibility to speak the truth. Being against Socialism doesn't make one a fascist any more than parroting lies about Fascism makes one a Capitalist. Only in a free market can a person become rich peddling reactionary slander to uneducated young people. Years ago I knew a pharmacist living in Athol Massachusetts. His name was George Lindsay. He was a good friend of mine and I called him "Horheevus the Linz". He was very active in the the John Birch Society and was a hard working Capitalist businessman, and a patriotic, well- educated American Jew, not a Nazi or one who shouts "Yee-hoo" or anything else remotely resembling either of these monstrous caricatures. ~ EFM ~