Strange Phenomena

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Close UFO Sightings

Flying Saucer in Israel
In my freshman year at Suffolk University I had a very brilliant history professor, Dr. Vahe Sarafian. To me this man's credibility is beyond reproach and would parallel that of Professor Kingsfield on the old TV show "Paperchase". One day in his office he told me a strange tale that happened in Israel.
 He was driving on a mountain road when a flying saucer about one hundred feet in diameter with lighted windows slowly landed, coming straight down in the road about two hundred feet ahead. The car headlights went out, the engine stopped, and the electric system was totally disabled. After about ten minutes the saucer rose straight up again and left as it had come. The headlights came back on and he was able to restart the car normally.
The next day he talked to a student who had seen the landing from the valley floor fifteen miles away.
UFO Sightings in New England
About sixteen years after my talk with Dr. Sarafian, at my house in West Royalston Massachusetts, there was a field hidden from the road by woods. There was a period when I didn't visit the field for some time.
One day in early summer I went down into the field and discovered a strange pattern of dead matted-down grass and weeds. It comprised three circles, each eight feet in diameter, spaced eight feet apart from each other, forming an equilateral triangle. New vegetation had grown up through the old, but was very sparse.
For some reason I never recorded this in my personal journal. I never told anyone about it until after I sold the property and moved away, because I didn't want to deal with pickup trucks, beer cans, cigarette butts, and disrespectful questions.
At some point shortly after the discovery in the field I was looking out an upstairs window one night and saw what looked to be an airplane about four miles to the south. There were red, white, and bluish green flashing lights on the fuselage.
The plane was flying west at a normal speed and then suddenly stopped dead. This is what first got my attention. Next it shot straight up two miles instantly without even turning. Then instantly straight to the east about three miles. It did a few more such acrobatics and then returned to normalcy. After awhile I got tired of waiting for more and retired.
About seven years later a friend of mine, Beverley Harrington, described to me something identical to what I had seen in Massachusetts. The aerial activity had been to the south of her home in Cabot Vermont. When she mentioned green lights I tested her by asking "Sort of a yellowish green?" She said "No, bluish green".
February 18, 2006
2:02 PM