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American Werewolves

In the Appalachian Mountains
In Winter 1988 Edward Zalesky of Dorchester Massachusetts told me that it is "generally conceded among students of the unusual" that at any given time in the Appalachian Mountain Range there are at least two people roaming abroad who at very least believe themselves to be werewolves and who feed upon human flesh as the moon approaches fullness. The flesh is not scavenged but ripped with long fingernails and bitten with sharp teeth in large chunks from the living bodies of the screaming victims.
One can only speculate about the appearance of these individuals. Are they obviously deranged looking or possibly deformed individuals who keep completely out of sight? Or are they the tall Long Island stockbroker types seen alone on the trails with good clothes and backpacks who have a handsome slightly wolf-like appearance because of gray hair and beard? In either case, how does the attack occur? How much of the corpse do they eat? What do they do with the bones?
In Las Vegas
There are two chaps known to the author who closely resemble the werewolf played by Lon Chaney. The only thing different is a bit less facial hair and their noses appear normal.
As the moon approaches fullness both of these individuals take on a wild desperate look. One has mostly pointed teeth and bears them with a growl if you surprise him. Heaven only knows the true nature and extent of these individuals' dining arrangements.
I think it's important here to note that real wolves do not attack people. In fact, there is no record of any wolf ever attacking any person anywhere on the continent of North America.
February 18 2006
11:29 AM