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Diabolical Vigilante Justice


One Strike and He's Out

In summer of 1975 I talked with a chap at a party in Boston who told me a tale about how he was badly beaten and made to watch while his girlfriend was raped by four thugs.

He didn't involve the police in any way. When he finally caught up to the leader, he killed him with a baseball bat. An approximate quote: "I split his head open just like an egg. He fell forward and his brain came out on the ground. It was unexpectedly large. I said aloud to myself - How could such a smart man have thought that he could get away with raping my girlfriend?"


March 4, 2006

10:47 AM



Justice Martin County Style

In May of 1976 my mother told me two stories from the local news in Martin County Florida.

The first was a revenge story about a rancher who repaid a disobedient bull by dragging him to death behind his pickup truck. For this the court made him pay a fifty dollar fine.

The other story was about two ranchers who punished a guy who sodomized a young boy. They tied him in kneeling position and force-fed three gallons of fresh bull semen over a two day period.


March 4, 2006

11:24 AM



Country Hospitality

In January 1991 I was in Jupiter Florida and related the stories my mother told me to a local antique dealer who came originally from Alabama. He told me three tales of his own in return.

One was told him by a friend from Wyoming about a nasty young man who had a long history of being very cavalier about the feelings of women.

One night he badly insulted somebody's girlfriend at a local roadhouse. The man and friends left him in a backroom with two women who put little burns all over his wiener and scrotum. At some point later while taking a college exam he went insane. Campus security wrestled him to the floor and cops came and took him to jail.

Eventually he ended up in a mental hospital where he is beaten and humiliated every day by a resident orderly who brings in girlfriends at night and on weekends for torture sessions and sex.

Another story was about how locals repaid a man who beat up and raped a twelve year old girl. They de-balled him, sealed the wound with tar, and kept him collared on a chain in the pit under an outhouse for three months.

He laughed gleefully "Every morning one of them would look down through the hole and say something like "Good Morning!" or "That's right! It's that time again!" or "Bombs away!" or  "Bon appetit!"

The last story was about a guy who raped a seven year old boy and in the process crippled him for life by breaking his back. Local men put him into a blue chiffon ballerina dress with blue silk toe slippers. Then they took a cattle prod and trained him to curtsy, serve beers, and shine shoes for five or six hours.

After dinner they tied his hands behind his back, put him up on a chair, put a noose padded with velvet around his neck, then gently pulled the chair out from under him. This master of rape danced and flailed his legs, seeking footing, for about fifteen minutes.


"Stripped of every human dignity.
Robbed of every hope.
Prancing like a dainty ballerina
At the end of a rope."


11:57 AM

March 4. 2006