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Strange Phenomena

All True Stories
Legend, Murder, Gothic Horror
Life and Death Adventure
Unexplained Physics and Technology
The only law here is Halloween

Strange Phenomena


Thor's Jack o' Lantern

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Roy C. Peterson
All Rights Reserved

Marsupial Wolf. Now Extinct


Paperback Edition


Ghosts Across America

Domestic Elves and Faeries

Ogres, Trolls, Vampires

American Werewolves

Sasquatch East and West

Strange Animal Stories

Strange Human Stories

Odd Chemical Reactions

Drug Crazed Chimp

Salem Witch Trials

Halloween 1952-2002

Reaper Close at Hand

Life and Death on Skis

Unredressed Murder

Diabolical Vigilante Justice

How to Shrink Human Heads

Unexplained Physics

Close UFO Sightings

Strangest Situation of All

Living Organism Pictures

Arcane Studies Pictures


Dear Fimmaker


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The Future: Liberty or Death?

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