Strange Phenomena

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Dear Filmmaker

Of all the projects, Strange Phenomena is least suited to be a movie. Unless specifically requested, I have no plans to convert these stories into a screenplay. I only mention them in this context because of the number of actors who have expressed interest.

The stories are well written, but involve fairly run-of-the-mill paranormal material. The tales themselves are the only available synopses for future screenplay content.

All episodes are short. If there were production interest I would suggest that all stories in the sections listed below be done as one movie. I will add detail for extended run time if required. Documentary format with dramatization is one possibility. In this event, I will happily write the screenplay, so look if you want. There is a sample scene from one of the other projects linked below.

Suggested Sections:
Ghosts Across America
Domestic Elves and Faeries
Ogres, Trolls, Vampires
American Werewolves
Sasquatch East and West
Unexplained Physics
Close UFO Sightings
Roy C. Peterson
Heroic Destiny Productions
January 3, 2014
9:16 AM