The Adventures of Eric F. Magnuson

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Chapter 3


Chapter 3

Oct 11 1982 - Feb 13 1985

Oct 11, 1982 Explore Athol.

Oct 15 Climb Hill at Northfield Mountain.

Oct 23 Finish outdoor work at Ravenhurst.

Oct 24 Model Train Show in Shrewsbury. Sturbridge too crowded. Return to Robinhurst Manor and find rubble plus four hen houses (?). Roof only slightly scorched is sitting on top of big pile of charcoal. Probable rock wool insulation prevented spread of fire to roof. House then burnt out from under it and the roof came down like a candle snuffer to rest on the pile. [Find out later house was struck by lightening. I'm glad I didn't buy it]. Explore Audubon Area in Barre.

Oct 29 Begin Great Talisman [The Ten Rayed Star].  

Oct 30 Salem Willows. Morn. All are present. Unanimous decisions surrounding creation of the Order of the Ten Rayed Star mark the most significant milestone to date. The things that will come from this cannot even now be measured. Even though certain activities will begin soon, the official foundings will not occur for many years. This will happen somewhere in the West, and will require a good deal of map study by me. Visit Essex Institute. Gardner-Pingree House. John Ward House. Sexy tour girl at Crowninshield-Bentley House. Lunch East at India Mall. Run into Laurie Cabot and friend. Horribles' Parade at Old Town Hall. See Laurie again. Salem Ghosts.  

Witch Dungeon Museum. Talk with one of the actresses - very nice girl. Pierce-Nichols House. Assembly House. Rope's Mansion. Witch House too crowded. Beer at Salem Marketplace. House of Seven Gables too crowded. Beer at Victoria Station. Herb shop. Crowhaven Corner. No naked Sabbat for me tonight. Visit Rachel briefly. Dinner at Marketplace. Drink Witch's Brew. Make it to Bewitching Ball at Hampton Hall, but leave after five minutes. Very little memory from here on. Lying on lawn. Nearly Full Moon rising through mist, assuring some gent that I'm all right - awaken with him bending over me in vampire costume. Walking in a bad part of town on cobblestone streets. Careening against fence post in front of Essex Institute. Passing out behind wheel of car 5 or 6 times from exhaust fumes, and Witch's Brew, on very long way home. Stop to have reason for exhaust checked. Mechanic can't find problem although he can smell the exhaust. Problem never recurs.

Oct 31 Compassion Ritual for me.

Nov 5 Three Tarot divinations.

c Nov 8 Write Liber Convocati.

Nov 9 11:09 AM. Day of Mars, Hour of Saturn. Finish Consecration of the Great Talisman of the Elements [Ten Rayed Star]"... as the One Great Key for my earthly success, happiness, and spiritual well being" as new oil man arrives. Sun in Libra. Moon 1st Quarter + one in Leo. 6:03 PM Hour of Jupiter. Read Words of Power.

Ne~ 7 OYN

Nov 16 Finish last of work on Ravenhurst at 4:20 PM.

Nov 17 Pick up Lynn thumbing in Winchester and take her to Orange. Return to Warwicke. Climb Mt. Grace and consecrate stone on top of tower.  

Nov 25 Thanksgiving in Plymouth. Mayflower II, Pilgrims Progress. Howland House. In family tree Priscilla Spooner marrying Abraham Howland. Fort House too similar. Door locked at Sparrow House. Jenny Grist Mill. Lettice Jenny by marriage. Later becomes Jenny Oil. Back up through cemetery.  Mayflower Society House. Given private tour. Wax Museum too crowded. See Plymouth Rock. Pilgrim Hall Museum vestibule only. Dinner with nice old lady at Memorial Hall. We are seated with a psychiatrust and six retarded boys - a story in itself. Plymouth Plantation too crowded.

Nov 26 Depot. See Patty who gives me a very sexy look. Talk to young future stockbroker down back and three kids in hot-dog wagon.

Dec 7 At 2:15 PM consecrate stone at base of Raven Hill.  

Dec 8 At 11:00 AM consecrate stone at top of Little Monadnock. 1:30 PM at top of Big Monadnock. This probably represents a record climbing time. On way up I meet a guy in an elf green coat carrying a strange walking stick. He looks much like my father. When he first sees me he falls flat on his face. For some reason I feel a little guilty about this. Shortcut straight up to summit sees me clinging with my back against a sheer rock face in a strong wind. At another point I am faced with going across a crevasse by stepping on a rock which separates two huge slabs of stone. If I dislodge the one I step on, the other two will slap together squashing me like a bug. I study this a while and then do it very quickly. See a western red squirrel at the top.

Dec 29 Outline Vis in Terra in chart form.

Dec 31 About 11:15 AM consecrate stone at the foot of Tully Mountain. About 12:30 at top of Roundtop Hill. About 1:45 at foot of Prospect Hill. Tour South Athol and Silver Lake Park.


Jan 9 Do World History Chart since Atlantis.

Jan 15 Go to Depot in snowstorm. Talk with Maureen. Outcasts of Poker Flat. Talk with Colo.

Somewhere hereabouts finish reading The Occult and the Third Reich.

Jan 23 Choose heraldic colors. Write "Liber Heraldicae" Part I. Aft. Ritual of Knighthood. "...through the Great Talisman of the Elements...Sir Eric of Ravenhurst..."

Ne~ 8 OYN

2:10 PM Concrete expression of disdain for popular symbols of slavery.

Jan 24 Tell Lars about the World Libertarian Order. He knows many radical Libertarians who will join, even a few in other countries, and will get information to them. To this end I send him photocopies of "A Brief Introduction to the WLO" and the "Vis in Terra" Chart for distribution to all prospective members.

Jan 27 Finish important work on Natural Law (35 laws to date).

Groundhog Day (no shadow). Finish writing "Proclamation Founding the Order of Yggdrasil in the North" at 7:28 PM. Finish writing "World Declaration of Independence" at 7:59 PM.

Feb 3 At 4:25 PM Finish writing "Ritual AYW".

Feb 4 At 7:50 PM Finish Writing Liber Salutionis.

Feb 12 c 6:30 AM Leave for Plymouth MA. Scrambled and bacon at Olsen's in Templeton. Drive fast. Reach top of Burial Hill before others arrive. Location chosen because of the superior weather on the coast at this time of year and because of the connection with Liberty and beginnings. The view is beautiful. I feel at home because there are a great number of my ancestors buried here. Britt shows up a few minutes later. 12:30 PM Amongst a splendid company of 88 revolutionary Libertarians, finish "Ritual AYW" founding the Order of Yggdrasil in the North, and the World Libertarian Order. I encourage the others to remain in Plymouth and see the sights. We then pay respects briefly at Plymouth Rock and Mayflower II. Lars and Greta are beaming with delight. Dirk and Heidi introduce me to many of the people. Talk especially with Bert Valdison about Norse stuff. Britt follows me back to Boston. We arrive c 2:00 PM. Durgin-Park which hasn't changed since the last century. My mother used to lunch here in the 1920s with her mother. Lobster in butter, Indian Pudding. Britt has to get back to Salem. I'm tired and head home.

Ne~ 10 OYN

Feb 13 In appreciation of certain observations considered [at this time] prudent within the Art: Day of the Sun. Hour of Jupiter + Mars (12:30 PM). Sun + New moon + 1 day in Aquarius. Saturn stationary.

Feb 17 At 12:42 PM write "Ode to Venus".

Feb 25 At 12:00 PM finish


~ Ordo Templi Orientis. Involves self-initiation using book "The Secret Rituals of the OTO". I have no official standing with any existing group of this name. See OTO Notes at bottom of page. Eve. Meet Tammy at Omer's, a bar in Athol with live music, usually country.

Mar 3 Write "Grand Ritual of Initiation".

Mar 5 At 8:50 AM. Decide that divinations and astral projection should be spontaneous without ritual. c 6:30 PM Finish Ritual Chart. 9:10 PM Earlier find deer leg, probably thrown from passing car by hunter or dropped by dog.

Mar 6 At 2:20 PM See groundhog (snow almost gone).

Mar 8 At 12:20 PM Attain to the Lordship of Wolfhaven. Atrium 1 OWW. 4:34 PM finish Liber 83 (consecrated items).

Mar 9, 1983. At 9:15 AM finish writing "Liber Anu". Aft. Write "On Consecration".

Mar 12 Eve. At Cinnamon's suffer usual abuse from Karen Murphy.

Mar 16 Decide to do Saxon Rituals outdoors in small stone circle behind the house whenever convenient and to name this Upper Ravenshenge.        

Mar 17 Visit Wachusett Ski Area on way back from Nelson Street. Check out lodge. Dirk and Heidi Lokison arrive just before dusk. Based on a careful review of my attainment by Lars and others, they initiate me into 9th Degree of the Ordo Sangrealis Baphometis.


Mar 18 Vicious but cute Karen exhibits deep hatred from passing white Camaro around 12:45 PM.

Mar 26 At 11:07 AM finish


Mar 29 Mid afternoon. Find beaver dam broken a few days after scaring forestry worker (no connection).

Apr 2, 1983. At 7:40 confront Ballduck about unnecessary damage to the Elfin road pertaining to his right of way.

Apr 4 Talk to lawyer Jerry Paquette concerning Ballduck.

Apr 5 Haul stone. 8:30 PM Finish Liber Judici. Early see blackbirds.

Apr 6 c 6:30 PM Finish construction of Upper Ravenshenge.

Apr 7 Read article on Darwinist Libertarianism. 8:07 PM Finally realize the value of secrecy in all things from all people [not compltely true since this seems to be an ongoing process 8/16/12].

Apr 9 Promise a gloating Ballduck death for non-compliance in simple human decency relative to the Elfin Road.

Apr 11 Britt visits for three days.

Apr 19 Large wet snowflakes. 10:27 AM Rain.

Apr 20 At 9:47 AM Finish devise of circlet for Wiccan rituals.

Apr 26 At 11:20 AM complete

2 OTO.

April 27 Hereabouts Pa and I go to dinner in 81 Oldsmobile.

Walpurgisnacht. Master of Magical Arts Degree

May 2 Unshaven to Cinnamon's. Joyce scolds me severely. At Omer's discuss sundry matters with various people. Go to party. Meet Debbie.

May 4 Talk to Monique.

May 6 Boston. First visit since March 20, 1981 because of poverty. After physical checkup, quick but complete tour of Boston Museum of Fine Arts, where I commune with Sekmet. Debby seems favorably impressed with and glad to see me. Breeze tells me that Venus is still around, but Liza left 6 months earlier. Rib at Jake's. Meet girl at Jake's who makes me Amaretto and Creme plus huge frozen Piņa Colada. Meet Kitten. Say Hi to Melanie who looks older and pudgy. See a rather plump Dorrie dance outback, who I later ignore (but desire nonetheless). See Kitten dance outback. See Imp. Watch The Shining. See Tozo and Michele dance up front. Follow brunette with wicked ass into Charley's and get shot down. Meet Maralyn in La Grange Street. Zone is horrible mess of paper, urine, loud dirty-mouth blacks, winos, and young white beeries. Liberty Tree area still boarded up since last time. New strip joint, Boston Bunnies, and the fag disco is now a peep show.

May 8 Find baby boa constrictor in cellar. Let him go outside.

May 15 At 12:23 AM Finish chart of upcoming changes in the economy. [Depression in New England starts in 1989, a few months later than I calculate. See next page].

May 17 Trip to Pack Monadnock and Crotched Mountains. Eat lunch by lake.

May 23 Boston. Hit Zone by 12:15 PM. See Tozo dance, Michelle and later, Kitten. Rib at Jake's. Meet Modesty and learn that Liza went to Europe. Say Hi to Dorrie who requests rescue. See Melanie looking longingly at the ramp. After talking with May and old gentleman, finally see my Venus looking very Witch-like in slinky black dress and dripping with Rhinestones. As I study her movements and face I realize that what I am seeing is one of the most stylish and truly wicked people I have ever known. After seeing her I decide to go home.

May 26 Realize that it is not others that I want, but Venus, as much for herself as for sex, also that she is really quite shy.

May 30 Receive confirmation of Master of Magickal Arts Degree.

June 11 At 4:32 Realize that as Crowley's successor in "777" I have direct authority from him to do anything not in conflict with the law of the Aeon and can initiate who I please into what I please. This is understating things a bit. Actually on two separate occasions I have sensed the spiritual presence of Aleister Crowley in the library at Ravenhurst during periods of inspired writing. I now wish that I had logged in the date and time. On the first occasion I experienced his sanctioning of the "Three Scrolls". On the second he sanctioned World Libertarian Revolution as a fine expression in furtherance of the "Law of the New Aeon". [All this seems very bizarre and mystical to me now. I have never been one for psychic impressions or visions, but I remember the rality of all this all very clearly. There are more things in heaven and earth... 8/17/12]. c 8:15 PM Finish the


begun in Upper Ravenshenge at 12:48 PM.

June 19 At 3:24 PM It is a good period for dualist magicians to sit drinking Champagne with wicked ladies of beauty and glamour in the years immediately preceding the greatest of all wars. Aye, the winds of war have begun to blow again. The romance of war! The epic grandeur of war! Men and women living and loving the best way they can, caught up in a turbulence, in a whirlwind that will sweep seven continents. And when the smoke has cleared Sir Fenris will stand triumphant in the Sun, the pommel of his sword glistening. And from his lips will softly emerge the exulting adoration "This too is God".

June 20 At 4:43 PM. Receive the Sigil of Irols. [Only case where grade is out of sequence].


9:50 PM Finish several days of work on Natural Law - 100 laws to date from about 37. c10:45 PM Make adaptations permitting reenactment of Ritual AYW constituting a new ritual "Liberty Day".

Midsummer. At 3:45 PM. As an extension of Sabbat ritual consecrate Upper and Lower Ravenshenge. Evening. Go bar hopping in Athol. Talk to Maureen and her friend [sister].

June 25 At 3:53 PM finish


Ritual. During ritual immediately after (P.115) I say "I am that I am," a young man and red-haired woman approach kitchen door. All indications point to their being religious fanatics. I knock hard on window. As man looks up I yell "Beat it!" He quails as if struck by Thor's Hammer and immediately reverses his direction as I follow through with "Get out of here!"

June 27 At 5:32 PM Finish writing "Liberty Day".

June 30 At 2:10 PM standing at northern entrance of Elfin Road into the Valley of Singing Gold I hear a crashing and see a doe crossing just north of beaver pond and then heading north on other side of Cranemere, another bigger doe. Very quickly first one is right behind her. I love them.

July 1 Morning: Visit Athol Historical Society signing register for first time as Sir Fenris Magnuson, Ravenhurst, Wolfhaven.

July 3 Write outline in letter explaining to Dirk about introductory material for my books. 8:00 AM Finish letter asking Lars about his contribution to the writings in the form of a description of me "A word about the Author". 8:30 AM Go to barbecue at Nelson Street to see Pa. See Cousin Johnie who I hadn't seen since 1960, Freddie since 1967 who is running a 32 Ford street rod, Linda since 1960, Billie since 1962 who declares "the top of Mt. Washington in Winter is practically my home away from home," Mabel since 1964, and many babies plus a skinny witch engaged to Cathy's brother. c 10:30 PM See Athol fireworks lighting up sky from window.

July 11 c 11:45 AM Standing at beaver dam facing north hear crashing and see a doe heading west.

July 12 Finish writing "Options for the Future".

July 13 At 4:50 PM fat silver plane whizzes low over Ravenhurst recalling the bygone age of WW II.

July 16 Lars calls me from Great Slave Lake and reads rough description of me as author. Aft. Write this up. [Later decide not to use this material because it speaks over much about my personal life with women in Boston].

July 18 Visit Franklin Park Zoo. See Antelopes, zebras, and birds. Boston. Go to Arnold Arboretum. Dinner of shrimp with sesame seed in beautiful and ornate surroundings at the Ramparts Hotel. Walk around Boston and Filene's. Hear zither player of appreciable skill doing medieval songs. Meet Sheila at Jake's. Have Hungarian goulash for the first and hopefully the last time. Talk with nice girl at the Naked Club who gives me neck rub for a charley-horse obtained upon arising. Her 22 year old brother in dying of cancer. I try to help, but cannot. See Ginger dance and renew our acquaintance after about four years. Her tummy is as hard as a rock. See Modesty dance and am impressed with her face and smile. Meet Heidi who I later see dancing. Drink with my lady Venus-Hecate who wishes to create an aura. She is a hard little witch with a hard little witch's mind and a hard little witch's heart in a hard little witch's body. She is the only woman I know wicked enough to stand at my side through the Great Work to come. I love her and want her to share my destiny. While waiting for her to dance I see Anita dance and Leigh who acts silly and ashamed. I want Venus's hair all over me in bed. Her hair now is as long as Lady Godiva's ~ knee length.

July 26 c 12:40 PM While picking blueberries below grove hear but do not see a deer or unicorn at end of grove near fork in Elfin Road.

Lughnasadh 12:43 PM Finish

41/2 OTO

immediately after Sabbat Ritual.

Aug 1 At 10:06 AM Realize that the steel within me has at long last been truly forged.

Aug 12 Finish organization of personal bibliography.

Aug 20 Attend Royalston Day celebration. Talk to local aristocrats and see a big stupid boy eyeballing me furtively from a distance, a Socialist drunkard I talked with once at Omer's.

Aug 21 Have, during the past weeks, come to realize that all I have ever suffered was a direct result of my own bad moral character and the resulting ignorance therefrom. The world is truly what it is and my past present and future are perfect.

Aug 23 Full Moon. Entering Nashua see view of mountains that makes me want to keep driving (with Venus at my side). Visit Benson's Animal Farm. and see many animals including camels, lions, and tigers lying in shade. Visit Stone Zoo and see lions, huge gorilla, birds, deer, bighorn sheep. Reach Boston around 4:00 PM. See Gwyneth who I have seen before and who resembles Heather Locklear. See Julie who reminds me of, but does not really resemble Linda. Rib a bit tough and rare at Jake's. Observe the young witch Venus in her natural habitat, La Petite Coquette with the giant pigtail. We talk and she tells me of being raped. [This is the occasion of my first resolution not to be led on further by this dainty beauty]. See Marcy, with ultra-nice breasts. See blonde Michelle outback. Learn "almost everything" and that all I want will happen with hard work from palmist in Stuart Street. Observe that rotund gentleman with Venus seems to be outdoing himself, and unfortunately me, ~ "the second magnum and the fourth cigar". A pleasant new acquaintance in the form of a sexy barmaid Jane informs me that Michele who is crawling around the stage like a goofy (but very sensuous) kid is the "star". Marcy puts a good tease on me outback as I sit near the door. As I leave, Venus gives me an empty look. By morning I have tested and found true the temper of the steel within me. I think I must forget Venus.

Aug 27 Since 1973 something has been in my mind. 12:09 PM Write "On Victory".

Aug 29 At 2:50 PM finish writing "Liber Regni," a useful guide to desirable short term change "within the system", a list of good changes that could be voted on as refereda even if the present fascist-socialist system in the USA were to remain intact.

Sep 6 Decide finally to divide the Order of Yggdrasil material into two volumes, one of arcane spirituality, the other political [Later the division becomes four-fold representing the books as they are constituted today].

Sep 7 Am joyously left with my feeling that the growth of Mankind is "perfect" because the best mankind is capable of is always happening at any given moment. This idea is really from Madame Blavatsky.

Sep 11 At 3:18 PM complete 5 OTO. Earlier in this day in the heat of late morning before the hour of lunch I do a little reconnaissance of the estate of Ballduck nearly losing a binocular lens cap.

Sep 19 Return in time to the Eastern States Exposition but find it a little less crowded. See many cows and panting woolies - temperature 92. Have several cold ones and plenty of food-Belgian waffles. Escape as before among Yule Trees. Enjoy Jungle Walk, Witch's Castle, Haunted House, and the Funhaus a second time.

Autumn Sabbat. 6:28 PM Complete


after Full Moon and Sabbat Rituals. c 8:00 PM Sit for clairvoyance using green light stick in Globe of Irols. See face of great age in mirror. Fly to Sabbat on broom, lay on ground, three old women nearby to North, Satan passing to Southeast. No visions in Globe.

Sep 24 Journey southeast to King Richard's Faire. Find so much of love and beauty that tears come to my eyes as I now recall it - the song played on harp by Arianwen, "In Defense of Gwenevere". Buy a vial of bayberry oil from a young maiden. Secure a Half-Moonface pendant from goldsmith. Talk with a foreign fishwife at the Tournaments after ale at the Royale Kitchens. Journey to Boston. Rib at Jake's. Computer couple at next table impress me with the "aristocratic" nastiness of the so-called "educated" elements in New England. Talk with Malika about Venus and find that the dainty in question works "seven nights a week" as opposed to the three she claimed recently. I am pleased by this. It shows that my little one has ambition.

Oct 3 After lunch see deer who spooks and hides first in brush, then behind tree before crossing the Halloween Country.

Oct 4 Britt visits for three days.

Oct 6 Late Aft. Finish important work on natural law.

Oct 7 Check out Irving State Park. Take boat ride on Connecticut River from Northfield Mountain Station. Ma, up from Florida, meets Pa in Upton.

Oct 8 Ma visits Ravenhurst. After showing her the house and land we drive up to Keene. Lunch at Colony Mill. Spend rest of day showing her around to the west and north of Keene. She enjoys seeing Autumn foliage again and likes Stoddard, but says that mountains beyond look too frightening.

Oct 9 Ma visits Boston area on way back to Florida.

Oct 11 Explore the Cornwalls. Ascertain fictionality of movie "Pretty Poison" relative to hamburger stand in Great Barrington where I have a strange lunch at 22 Railroad Street. Chesterwood is "in the offing". Climb grim tower on Mt. Greylock.

Oct 14 Visit the Minnie French area. Return to Bear's Den and journey through Deep Cut to climb and consecrate stone at top of Sheep Rock. Visit Birch Hill Dam and then Newton Reservoir.

Oct 15 Journey northwest to Old Fort No. 4, then south to Steamtown. Ride the Vermont Valley Railroad. Climb up into huge Canadian Pacific locomotive. Meet band of young girls on shore of Surry Lake.

Oct 17 After second visit to Fantasy World discover Jeanie's Lunch. Chartier directs me to a tower on Prospect Hill. Journey through Everglades-like Birch Hill Wildlife Area. View the Boonerlands from Jacob Hill. Hike from Newton Cemetery to Royalston Falls. In seeking Spirit Falls come to Long Pond at dusk.

Oct 18 Explore Tully Brook area and Cass Meadow. Discover the Summit Restaurant. Visit Harvard Forest Museum. In search of Elliot Laurel find Poppel Camp and explore high area. Drive near Brooks Woodland Area. Explore Quaker Road near lake in Petersham. Explore lake shore on Route 122 and drive through the Federated State Forest. Seek Spirit Falls from west side by Tully River and find only Boonerlands and abandoned houses and see Long Pond through trees. Seek these allusive Falls again after talking to sexy little one at Post Office.

Oct 20 Obtain black hooded cloak in Gardner. Drive up Wachusett. Lunch at Friendly's in Gardner. Meet Corser girl at real estate office in Pequod Hotel.

Quabbin f New Salem

Explore Bear's Den in New Salem. Climb to summit in Erving State Forest and consecrate stone. Sea food at Pearl Island in Orange.

Oct 22 After third visit to El Mundo de Fantasia I have my tux for the Bewitching Ball. c 2:13 PM Become embroiled in my plans for Salem. 4:13 PM Finish


Oct 27 At 9:25 AM Finish first educational mailing relative to "Liber Instructis". Atrium 1 WLO  

Oct 29 After first appointment with Dr. Dobrin arrive c 11:30 AM in Salem. Tour Witch House. Lunch at Lobster Shanty. Because I am not assertive enough about ordering a cheeseburger quickly, I miss the parade by five minutes. Haunted House is too busy. See two beautiful Witches at Crowhaven Corner. Visit Britt for only a brief interlude. Tour Peabody Museum. Seek Haunted Schooner. Have a beer at Victoria Station.  

Visit the House of Seven Gables. [See genealogy in future for involvement of my uncle Nicholas Noyes in the Salem Witch Trials and the influence of this on Nathaniel Hawthorne's story]. Tour Salem Maritime. Change into tuxedo and cape at Peabody. Hear group called Witch play on steps of Old Towne Hall. Am approached and insulted very hatefully by Christian bigot who resembles, and no doubt is, a Skid Row bum. Enjoy lobster at Shanty and talk with intelligent well-traveled chap from Boston. As I return to car to get ticket one member of a gang of thugs just misses me with a huge bat. As I walk up Chestnut Street am accosted four times by insulting Christian bigots dressed and groomed very shabbily. One asks me about Jesus. I reply "The demon slave? The Bolshevik degenerate? The impotent weakling?" He screams "Jesus Christ! It's Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ!" After following me for about two blocks and repeating this eighty to a hundred times, I inform him that he is violating my right to privacy, but he goes right on "Jesus, Man! It's Jesus Christ, Man! Jesus Christ died for you, Man! Jesus loves you, Man!" This about twenty more times. I then give him one last warning and launch a half-hearted side kick to his stomach. Being very athletic and about nineteen years old he sidesteps quickly and the follow through causes me to nearly lose my footing. He disappears and I continue my quest for Hamilton Hall, owned by Harvard University, the ballroom floor is suspended by giant springs. Use of this place is booked ahead five years. When I arrive there is a crowd of fanatical Christian bigots accosting guests as they enter. I inform them "Oh, do we have plans for you!" and make the gesture of throat cutting. One of them comes into the lobby and tries to convert the policeman on duty who acquiesces because she uses sexual tactics. Once upstairs many humorous costumes are seen: big guy in drag, two bees, an alien, a carrot, a large rabbit with a large Playboy Bunny, a nun doing the dirty boogie. Many impressive costumes: Tar-Tar, Eva Gabor, gangster and his lady, 1930s children, male + female Death, Countess, girl resembling Venus as Mick Jagger type Fu Manschu, Witch resembling Linda somewhat, Christopher Columbus, Wizard, army officer. Also seen are a rather vulnerable girl reminding me of Jean Fuller and a disarming beauty who is vaguely reminiscent of Shirley MacClain at her sexiest and who I find intimidating. Talk briefly with girl dressed as Zorro and with flapper who is very glamorous and effervescently happy. An unlikely Dracula wins the prize and is announced by media people. He wins an all expense paid trip to Transylvania. I feel saturated and yet sober and leave c 11:15. Leave gas cap on bumper at self-service station and stop well down the road to find it amazingly still on the bumper.

Nov 1 At 2:15 PM finish writing "The Christian Zealot". Text here follows:

TheChristian Zealot

The fanatical Christian Zealot, in the past as now, represents the lowest elements in society - wild eyed, frequently unwashed, recently "re-born" or "saved" from a life of masochistic, self-indulgent dissipation, mindlessly screaming out the name of their vagabond prophet in place of a God which is beyond their youthful comprehension, bitterly jealous of the freedom of choice given by a wealth they are too lazy and "spiritual" to earn for themselves, thrilled with the danger of insulting producing members of society in the streets, and always with a sickeningly sweet, mocking "gentleness" in their tone veneering their bigotry and the envious resentment they feel at the strength, moderation, and stability of all those "sinners" who are so reluctant to feed and clothe them in their adventurous and devolutionary "work".

Also, of course, in the past as now, there is often the problem of drug induced visions of "God". (31) Such "visionary" rabble, lacking any capacity for reason, are desirous of someone to blame for the wasted years they have caused themselves through their own bad moral character. They are reflexively antagonistic even to people whose values they know absolutely nothing about, simply because their masters have designated everyone else as needing "enlightenment".

In the end we will "enlighten" you, Oh Shamefast Servants of Vileness!

c 4:00 PM Since Chestnut Street I have come to think of Salem as a place wherein the struggle of light against darkness is more clearly polarized than elsewhere - the brave young Witches conducting business openly, going about as they will receiving insult from the violent street trash about their appearance and from Christian bigots about their religion. I conclude that the best way of dealing with the sick chanting bigots is to take their pamphlets and then undermine their movement by sending educational material to the address of their leaders listed thereon. We can always resort to more exciting methods as their numbers increase.

Nov 6 Neglect to mention in my comments on Salem that the number of insults received excepting those from the fanatical street trash are perfectly balanced by the comments received from nice people - the insults always from young sexually uncertain males at a distance when one's back is turned and well past them, and the compliments always from post-adolescent, confident, healthy individuals, mainly women in pairs to one's face, near at hand as one approaches. I will also mention my assumption that the large number of auto horn blowings probably divides along these same lines. It seems that most of life's unpleasantness is caused by boys - both young and old.

Fences Ram Doors and shutters are the greenest things in sight this early in the Spring Stonewalls and early Spring

Rooster and sheep Barn window Getting the garden ready Gate Peaceful afternoon

Nov 10 After dentist, return to Old Sturbridge Village after 18 years. See a chap who I later realize may have been Lyman Avery. In the Fenno House see a very feminine brunette girl operating spinning wheel.

Nov 23 Fly in chartered Cesna from Keene south where I photograph Ravenhurst from a new perspective.

Nov 26 Spend a belated Thanksgiving in Plymouth. After stopping at the waterfront, journey back to the year 1620 at Plymouth Plantation. Return to the Mayflower House. Climb the Hill again. See tremendous crowds of birds near Jenny Gristmill. Stop and talk with nice girl at Sparrow House. Return to Howland House. Visit Old Courthouse where I talk about music with three young girls. Lunch at fish market on Town Wharf - lobster roll in the wind. Visit Ocean Spray Center, Pilgrim Hall, and the Wax Museum. Ride train at Edaville. Boston. Supper at Mac Donald's on Tremont, where I see striking blonde wearing black shoes with high red heels. Spend a disenchanting evening at Jerome's, the Naked Eye, and head home early.

Dec 3 Seek Mt. Pleasant and find Benjamin Hill plus Old Centre of Winchendon. After lunch at the Traveler's finally locate the allusive Spirit Falls when I hear a roaring north of Long Pond.

Dec 14 c 9:30 AM Visit Worcester Armory Museum (postpone). Drop off applesauce and more berries at Nelson Street. c 11:00 AM Visit Pa in Framingham. Boston. c 3:00 PM See Merideth McRae type girl at Naked Club before visiting Jordan's (where I see "The Mannequin") and Filene's. c 4:30 Return and see Gwyneth and for the first time my next love, Jill [?]. I seem to keep missing Coleen Schumann type girl in final stages of undress. c 5:30 PM Make Grand Promenade of the Common. All the trees are filled with small white lights. Return c 6:00 PM where Roxanne gives me sexy wink. c7:20 Head to Jake's for a dinner engagement with Ed Zalesky. We go to China Pearl for "mundane" shrimp and spend evening between Naked Club and Jake's where we speak of many things. I don't believe in taking anyone with me when I go wenching, so tonight I decide just to observe. Really see Rachel Lee as a wicked beauty for the first time. Throughout this day since 3:00 PM have practiced and found "root of attention" focusing very affective.

Dec 22 At 11:47 finish instruction to

8 OTO.

Dec 23 At 11:20 AM finish instruction to


Dec 26 Finish reading The Second Coming.

New Year's Eve. Go bar hopping among the Athol rabble for the last time. See a Marsha Murray type girl with her face burnt off making quite a show of herself at darts.


"1984" has always been here of course, although superficially different from Orwell's version, the point being that wars and economic cycles are planned and that history is re-written or has the important facts left out in the first place. A good example of "doublethink" is calling institutional robbery "taxes". Other examples are the "Bank Secrecy Act" and the "Monetary Control Act". The one thing Orwell mentioned that we didn't have when he wrote the book or don't have even now is mandatory closed circuit TV monitors in houses. We do have spy satellites, of course. These are not needed however, by the international bankers who manipulate economic information and politicians. They accomplish their goals simply by misdirecting the populace. Two important instruments of this are the National Education Association and the National Council of Churches. The wrong choices made in voting take care of policy implementation. World Libertarian Revolution is the only alternative to slavery.

Jan 5 Finish reading La Bas.

Jan 13 Go cross country skiing at Northfield Mountain. Splendid atmosphere created by light snowfall.

Jan 16 Armory Museum is closed. Visit Pa in Framingham. Boston. Visit Christian Science Church and Maparium in Boston. Find out from blonde that Venus has retired to designing costumes. This will make life easier. Get ears cleaned after torturous icey decent of Beacon Hill. Shrimp at China Pearl. Notice new barmaid who is sort of Rubinesque cool version of Judy Fryer. Talk to Malika in next booth. She is a goofy kid. (32)

Jan 23 Realize that preparation for Fimbulvetr must be my main task. Nothing can stop nuclear war now. [This shows the futility of prediction. At this juncture there were very few who suspect that Russia will go capitalist or that the US will slow down the impact of the otherwise inevitable depression by adopting the Japanese method of incrementally increasing the money supply. I am proud to say at least that I adapted to this war scenario, while at the same time persisting with my Libertarian work to try to end all war, and never became discouraged by any of it].

Jan 24 At 4:45 PM Should mention that Dick Peterson told me recently that Billy climbs Mt. Washington in blizzards, in the middle of the night, or sometimes both.

Jan 27 Eve. Go to Omer's where I hear good rock group do "Gloria" and nice girl gets me glasses of water.  

Feb 10 Leave at 5:30 AM for Laconia. After securing room with majestic view of Lake Winnipasaukee, am riding to top of Mt. Gunstock by 10:30 AM. Skis are only 3/5 the length of skis I used at Black Mountain and give me less stability - last skied in 1964. Ski patrolman gives me free lesson. After he leaves, I of necessity learn how to do wedge turns because there is no other way down. At end of Trigger hit very icy Tiger expert slope and take quite a beating. After beef stew, "Toasted Almonds," and medical exam spend the rest of day perfecting my new skills on Smith, then Phelps, then Sidearm. I am now a skier and will master every mountain I can. Chicken Teriyaki at B. May Denny's - superb. Eve. Enjoy MTV for the first time [back when they still had music].  

Feb 11 After restless night have exquisite breakfast at The Soda Shoppe - poached eggs, ham, fries. Before wolf races many trappers from Quebec, Alaska and elsewhere, often wearing fox fur caps, are milling around. After small teams get off, lunch at Gunstock, and have begun patch collection. Return to see big teams leave. There is one trapper who has a team of fourteen huskies, all perfect wolf color in red harness. He is dressed completely in fox fur - most impressive. Trip home is two hours and fifteen minutes in rain. I love those puppies.

Feb 16 Letter leaves San Jose confirming my attainment of

9 = 2 R+C

After detouring from Westboro to Worcester Memorial in search of Pa, keep a rescheduled dentist appointment where Barbara cleans my teeth. Much to my disappointment she is married. I fight a losing battle to suppess my emotional involvement as she works on me. Boston. Finally score rubber eye cup for camera in the rain on Newbury Street. See blonde with peeling tan dance. After deep fried pork at China Pearl with Dirk and Heidi, see Liz dance and then, with silky brown hair, Stephanie. Skinny girl from France asks if I am sad. Check out Club New Orleans, cancel date with Monique, return home early.

Feb 21 Visit Pa twice in Worcester. Have supper at a very pathetic club called the Blue Max after checking out Worcester Center.

Feb 25 Run into Sharron at Omer's.

Mar 1 At 2:18 PM. Finish massive reorganization of slides.

Mar 3 Aft. Finish reading the Conspiracy Peddlers.

Mar 4 At 3:08 PM. Finish reading The Occult Technology of Power. Begin reading The World Power Foundation.

Mar 6 Barhopping in Athol at Rotunda I talk to laid off women who are on strike. At Silver Front meet old Air Force salt plus wicked old pirate type Army veteran who carries mystical tokens of Nazism, Judaism, and Christianity. He tells me about killing by loading mercury into shotgun shells via thermometers.

Mar 8 Eve. Finish reading The World Power Foundation.

Mar 11 Begin reading Master Strategies of World Conquest.

Mar 12 After visiting Pa in Worcester, I meet Nancy finally in Westboro. Cross into Massachusetts Berkshires, follow Connecticut Berkshires to their demise and cut west through Shauangunk Mountains, then through some very wild country before heading south through the Blue Mountains where I see many flat topped mountains of coal. Without once seeing bare ground I reach Harrisburg at dusk.

Mar 13 After hot bath and hearty breakfast during snowstorm I proceed through dangerous conditions south to Baltimore where it is raining. After shaving I head downtown to the "Block" where I meet many strippers who here are also the whores, all in small privately owned clubs heralded by hucksters - "Young sexy ladies here!" Talk with one who sounds like he's from the deep south but is actually from Fitchburg MA. I then walk uptown where I am fairly impressed by architecture and a large department store where I talk at length with a nice lady in silver department who recommends inner harbor.

I go to see Constellation and visit pavilion where I have lousy almond chicken and good super cookie. Back to the "Block" where I see girl I've seen in Boston and another girl dances on bar at Oasis. Hit all clubs. Get stuck in mud. AAA pushes me out.

Mar 14 After Skyline Drive from Front Royale to Sperryville visit snowless little Washington, Wolftown, and Hood before arriving in Charlottesville.

Mar 15 Visit Mitchie Tavern, tour Monticello, and am very pleased by hostess who notices this, visit Ash Lawn and tour the now nearly snowless Skyline Drive from Charlottesville to Lydia. Visit Hood again and Madison. After hot bath and toasted almond from "Poo Poo Kitty" visit District of Columbia quite late. With help from "the Grand Ambassador" I find a very disgusting, dangerous 14th Street. Nothing but red traffic lights heading back after seeing creeps in front of the White House.

Mar 16 Awaken 9:30 and leave c 12:30 for snow country arriving in Scranton to poison water. Drink club soda without sleeping all night for noise and excitement of St. Patrick's Eve.


Mar 17 Have late morning Danish at restaurant filled with Jews, who apparently think that I'm German because they keep making wisecracks about "Krauts" and looking at me when they do this. Then I head north wrong way for twenty minutes, get bagged for speeding by treasonous trooper, talk with three nice blondes and a fine Ukrainian chap is Ellenville, see Catskills, fantasy towers of Albany, and finally make it through Berkshires at dusk to Greenfield. End up in Brattleboro and after removing Tuesday's 22 inch blizzard from driveway enter a house which seems different after my travels. Sleep 13+1/2 hours straight after only 5 hours sleep on entire six day trip.

Mar 25 At 10:43 AM. Finish reading Master Strategies of World Conquest. Talk about cats and then war with old lady at Lithuanian Club in Athol.

Mar 26 Aft. Begin reading Secession 1985.

Mar 28 Eve. begin reading I Claudius.

Mar 30 Finish important work on natural law.

Apr 3 After accounting and a visit to Clau-Clau-Claudia visit Pa in Westboro and visit Upton where I see again the now blonder Melanie. Visit Haverhill MA and Salem NH for two eggnogs only. Boston. Learn from Debbie that Malika is available days only. Prime rib at Jake's. Visit all clubs, stores, and peeps. Stay over at Bradford.

Apr 4 Awake all night. Huge breakfast at Constantino's. Find new location of Greek souvenir shop. Return to Naked Club where Liz teases very sensuously. See Chris dance crazily outback. Good music - Stones, Seiger. Return after flat tire out of Underground Garage.

Apr 7 At 7:23 PM. Finish reading Secession 1985.

Apr 22 c 5:00 PM. Write "Liber Instructis".

May 1 After visiting Pa, arrive at Wareham for lunch. During first part of historical research see exquisite blonde. After second and third parts, arrive at Bradford well after dark. Shrimp at China Pearl. Ugly strippers everywhere so I retire early.

May 2 After lying awake from Coffee Colada and tea all night, Constantino's is not open. After discussions with many Greeks, breakfast at corner in Theater District.  

Visit Boston Tea Party Ship without going aboard and Financial District. Wind is fierce and cool, sun bright. Lunch at Mac's. Meet Liz finally. Very intelligent nice girl. c 2:00 PM. Tour Arnold Arboretum. Tour Gardner Museum where I see shapely girl. Return to Naked Club. Talk with Malika minus goofy ponytail. Become involved watching Gisele. Continue my appreciation of Jennifer. See Malika dance outback. She has very sexy shoulders and pretty eyebrows. Develop a deeper appreciation of Gwyneth. Rib at Jake's - overbearing waitress. Observe Patty type whore at Charley's. Leave c 8:00.

May 5 c 3:20 PM. After visiting with Jean, consecrate stone at top of Gap Mountain. Shop booze and groceries in Keene. Meet brunette at Hungry Lion. I would do anything for this one.

May 10 After visiting Upton, Pa in Westboro, and the dentist, I shop cars, have lunch, and visit the Gardner Museum in search of girl I saw on May 2. I then visit Gibson House but avoid tour. While touring Statehouse I have interesting experience with girl in office. Check in at Bradford c 5:30 PM and meet Ed Zalesky, plus Dirk and Heidi at Jake's. We dine and drink at China Pearl - shrimp and Golden Dreams.

May 11 After early breakfast at Constantino's ascend Custom's Tower and revisit Statehouse. At Naked Club begin to feel that Malika is too much of a kid for me. See Rachel Lee who I first saw in December. Various strippers find me over-tired so I head home c 3:00 PM.

May 16 Aft. Earlier I receive several angry phone calls from a very profane, reactionary, and immature young Jew who will not identify himself. This is because I will not place an expensive ad with a Jewish publication which he represents. Earlier that day I make similar refusal to German and Arab publications, but they do not harass me. I even tell him this, but nothing will mitigate his vileness. You get these calls whenever you place an ad in the WSJ.

June 1 c 6:40 AM. Leave for Wareham. More rain. Eve. Boston. Arrive at Bradford. Eat shrimp at crowded China Pearl where I finally exchange bread for rice. See Gisele dance. Renew my friendship with Dorrie. Retire early.

June 2 Discover Empire Room prior to poached eggs, bacon, and toast at Constantino's. Still raining. Parade of sail canceled. See Treva dance. Liz is disc Jockyess only. Catch late afternoon nap. Rib at Jake's. Retire early. Find out Empire Room is rented to EST.

June 3 Sun returns. Three minute eggs, bacon, and English muffins at Constantino's. Rush in cab to see diminished review of sail in Boston Harbor aboard the Provincetown II. Have nice chat with married English lady and later with old guy who knows all the politicians at the state level. See Treva. See Liz who seems somewhat inscrutable. Return home early.

June 4 Explore flooding at Tully River, Jacob's Hill, Doane's Falls, Birch Hill Dam. At Bruce's Pharmacy meet brunette who has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen and is perfect in every other way except that she is fifteen years too young for me.

June 8 Car won't start due to exhaust damage while flood touring. Get towed to town, spend day in Library, and thumb home.

June 11 Thumb to town, get car with new exhaust and starter, see plump but sexy shy girl at repair shop.

June 12 Take car to town for tune-up. Plant garden and clean out garage while Gene fixes garage roof.

June 13 Leave early for Wareham. Deep in thought miss Route 2 coming back and end up in Lowell. Upon return Dr. M calls telling me that Pa is in ICU. I unplug phone and sleep.

June 14 Up 4:00 AM. Dr. M calls saying Pa may not live out day. Visit Westboro and Pa who gives finger indication of yes about investment. Visit Upton where I acquire strange TV receiver. Boston. Get to Bradford, go out for lunch at Wendy's, get peach brandy, return for an hour. Take subway to visit Monique for exquisite sex in which we are joined by her nineteen year old daughter. They each do stuff with me but not with each other. Later I meet Ed at Jake's where we see bouncer [Tom] from Naked Club with Gisele and another stripper [Jamie, Tom's fiancee]. We have the usual at China Pearl and end our evening without girlsome adventure.

June 15 Late breakfast of poached eggs, toast, and bacon at Constantino's. Return for hairbrush to Bradford loosing another Nikon eye cup in process. Walk Freedom Trail feeling adventuresome, and become very excited talking with responsive intelligent woman at Paul Revere House.
Remain this way quite a while. Tour WW II destroyer. Feel
pathos when I see medical office, sick-bay, kitchen, and mess hall. Tour USS Constitution where I see three sexy girls.
Climb exhausting Bunker Hill Monument. Return for rib at Jake's, visit Naked Club and return early.

June 18 Attorney Shea decides that he does not want to visit Pa (it's raining).

June 19 At 9:59 PM. Conclude phone conversation wherein Dr. M informs me that Pa has gone through transition.

June 20 Up early. Visit Worcester, arrange service, visit Westboro. Arrive late, but conclude research early at Wareham. Inform Cathy about Pa, then Dick. Contact John, Ethel, Billy Condino's wife, and Paul Johnson's wife. Cannot reach my mother.

June 21 Eve. Have delightful conversation with Priscilla. Ralphy is gambler. Linda is helping whores, young runaway types at rehab center, and Erk is in real estate. Talk to forgetful Bob Curtis who tells me Joanie has two kids, Carol teaches school, and Allen is in real estate investment.

June 22 Talk with Bill the cop now driving a fancy white car and who tells me had forty three sled dogs when he was racing.

June 25 Move Pa's things with Gene.

June 30 Find many things precious to me are missing.

July 1 Discuss further with Monique idea of date with her and four other women. Unfortunately I'm not in the mood during this otherwise opportune time. c 4:30 PM Write "Liber Transiti".

July 2 After drinks and lobster at Firehouse, attend service for Pa at Nordgren. Enjoy seeing Billy Condino and the Tarpys especially. c 5:00 in cornfield at Northbridge conclude Ritual of Transition in behalf of "...Hector, son of wolves, and of my father Roy, forceful son of Norse warriors..."

July. Hereabouts take leather cushions for stitching to Everhard Hayes.

July 13 Visit Woodstock Vermont Dog Show in a rather sluggish diesel. Am tormented by awesome smell of delicious barbecuing beef for well over an hour before lunch. Am particularly impressed with the Borzois.

July 16 Shopping in Framingham for shirts, socks, Halston 1-12, shoes, etc. Boston. Check in at Bradford, Golden Dreams and shrimp at China Pearl. Drink with skinny redhead Gisele who is well traveled and interesting. Jane joins us until I object. Have Golden Dreams made with Triple Sec.

July 17 After hearty breakfast of poached eggs, bacon, fries, grapefruit juice, milk, and coffee at University Restaurant visit very crowded New England Aquarium. Drink with a rather stuffy Liz, then after picking up Elephant Malt Liquor on Charles Street, visit Monique for an exhausting interlude after which we enjoy shish kabob and Scallops Florentine at Alston Depot. She claims scallops are not fresh.

July 26 At 9:26 AM. From library window enjoy bewildered reaction of Christian bigots peddling Awake and Watchtower Magazine.

Aug 9 Meet Debbie in Framingham during exhausting day of shopping.

Aug 12 Have interesting talk with Priscilla.

Aug 13 Bank in Milford. Dentist. Pants at Sears. Boston. Bradford by 5:15 PM via Mass Pike. Shrimp at China Pearl. Golden Dreams again. Become very disillusioned by Dorrie with her drinking and cocaine use.

Aug 14 Poached and ham at Constantino's served by plump pretty platinum blonde. Filene's Basement early. Learn a great deal. See Leigh dance and drink with her. Very desirable woman. Home early.

Aug 31 Journey southwest to Three County Faire where I talk with many nice people about many interesting things - encapsulation, old tools, pigs.

Sep 10 See Linda type blonde in Wareham where I finally conclude my research. Boston. Arrive at Bradford c 6:15 PM. Enjoy apricot brandy before visiting China Pearl for shrimp and Golden Dreams. Gisele cuts me dead. Meet Brenda. Talk with Dorrie. Have several drinks with Modesty who I like.

Sep 11 Breakfast of poached eggs, bacon, and fries. Visit with Leigh whose eyes delight me. See Cardin robot at Jordan's and meet blonde who I want to see again. Tour Otis House where I again sign as Fenris and learn about onomatopoeia. Visit new Suffolk University building where Joseph Strain tells me of the retirement of Senora Alonso, Dr. Petherick to NH, and Phylis Mack last year. Hit Sears in Natick for tan slacks impatiently and arrogantly thrown on floor by a nearly hysterical Jewish salesman. As an easily identifiable Nordic I am just beginning to realize how much many of the Jews hate not just Germans, but Swedes too. Of course, the Swedes manufactured planes for Germany in both World Wars. Looking back I can think of many people who were initially very nasty to me, who I only later found out were Jewish. Return early and enjoy lobster and horseradish.

Sep 17 Perform Ritual of Transition for all departed friends. Finish at 4:20 PM.

Autumn Sabbat. Britt visits for two days. Normal Ritual.

Oct 1 c12:30 PM Find out that Ballduck shot his Labrador Retriever a couple of months ago.

Oct 3 Reach Keene PO by about 8:30 AM. Enjoy "very tasty" sausage with eggs, bacon, and hash browns in Plymouth NH. Snow on Mt. Lafayette. Stop at Franconia Notch and Echo Lake. Rain begins. Visit two banks in Newport VT and learn currency exchange rates. Visit three banks in Canada. Stop in Sherbrook for Player's Cigarettes. Pass through farm country and Thetford Mines. After checking in at Le Sablier see cute girl at MacDonald's and enjoy beauties at La Cabaret Carole, Quebec.

Oct 4 After feverish sleep have poached eggs, bacon, fries at Marie Astoinette before heading downtown. Talk with guard at Parliament. Walk up around Ramparts surrounding Citadel.

Descend to Dufferin Terrace. Visit Place d' Armes and a street with artists on the way to Artillery Park. Have chicken sandwich and mocha cake across from Place d' Armes. Visit Montmorency Park and Place Royale. Walk Promenade des Gouveneurs back to Ramparts. Drive to Montmorency Falls and then to Montreal. Stop at car dealership to ask about motel. Gentlemen speak only French and are joking "Oh ho. Le Pinon Rouge!" After wasting two hours with lighting at Pinnon Rouge have nice steak nearby and hit St. Catherine Street where I visit Supersex and leave disgruntled. Whores all seem to be Americans.


Oct 5 Breakfast at little truck stop - fried eggs and bacon. Stop at Maison de Radio Canada, drive past Chateau Ramazay, and Le Vieux Port. Climb trail to top of Mt. Royale. Park in neighborhood and walk down to Westmount Park. On way see pretty little girl with thick hair walking two big Collie Dogs. Visit Railway Museum which is closed. Try to find St. Lawrence Seaway Lookout but am forced across Pont Victoria into rush hour on Rue Sherbrooke. Cross Pont Jacques Cartier to Ile St. Helene where all World's Fair buildings are closed. Have fillet mignon shish kabob at Le Chateau near Westmount, get some apricot brandy, and arrive at Aubin Motel in time to go out. Have grilled cheese and frappe at American Restaurant where I talk with sassy blonde. See interesting punkers. Coladas again at Howard Johnson's where I talk about war and economics with two prosperous appearing businessmen. Talk with whore who advises that there are no bars for this.


Oct 6 Poached and bacon at restaurant next to Aubin. Head down to Ottawa stopping for pastry and then at Dunkin Doughnuts where pretty brunette delays my coffee. Visit dazzling Parliament buildings and then the War Museum where I see Adolph Hitler's Mercedes and verify Brenda Dooley's story to my satisfaction with the guard who remenbers it all. Brenda, one of Pa's girlfriends after my parents' divorce, knew the owner of this famous automobile captured by Canadians from Herman Goehring at the end of WW II. When the owner gave it to the Museum, he and Brenda dressed up as SS Officers and drove the car down from Quebec City. On the steps of Parliament, they "surrendered" the car with appropriate formalities to the Canadian Government for the Museum. See no Royal Swans gracing City Hall.

Enter Rockcliffe Park then visit Aviation Museum and see Sopwith Triplane and more. Stop at Colonel Sander's and eat chicken in car at Journey's End where I meet Lorna who "would love to" but is working tomorrow.

Oct 7 Canadian Thanksgiving. Meet Sharron. Go to Chimo Inn for poached and bacon. Soak in tub, get Player's on Rideau Street and visit Currency Museum. Enjoy "Steak Substancial" for lunch and tour Parliament's central building. After a hurried tour of the Museum of Science I find I. P. Looney's, but have buffet a Chimo - black olives, macaroni salad, loaf, chicken, turkey, prime rib, hazelnut cake, and almond pie. Get lost in Hull never finding La Mite.

Oct 8 Columbus Day - raining. Pancakes and bacon at Chimo. Get to know Sharron a bit who is a frizzy haired prairie kid from Saskatchewan. Try for a date with Cathy the laundress. Have turkey at Chimo.

Oct 9 Scrambled eggs and sausage at Chimo. Sexy petite Englishwoman on desk. Stop at IGA. Exchange at Bank of Montreal. Customs man searches trunk.

After skirting the Inland Sea" Lake Champlain stop in "poverty country" NY for cheeseburger. Talk with sexy brunette while having pot-roast in Rutland. Run out of gas leaving Rutland. Borrow Dodge Daytona Turbo to go for can of gas. Very surprising - fast and smooth. Get lost and am referred to Hilltop manor where I sleep well in shabby surroundings.

Oct 10 Poached and bacon at Hiilltop. Drive up Mt. Tabor. Buy Miniature Luger at a gift shop. Visit marble quarry.

Strange cashew and candy lunch at Rockingham Country Store topped by excellent black currant and pear nectars. Visit Amtrak Station in Bellow's Falls. Hit liquor store and superb new market called Edward's in Keene where I obtain Halvah, exotic fruit juices, many fragrant cheeses, caviar, escargot, smoked muscles, and meet a cute little blonde.

Oct 16 Journey southwest to Mt. Sugarloaf and Skinner State Park where I see meandering rivers and farmland. See two wolfshonden and other animals at Laughing Brook. Lunch. Tour Science Museum in Springfield. Tour Wisteriahurst. More views from Mt. Tom. Supper at MacDonald's. Visit Historic Deerfield.

Oct 19 Receive card from Karen DuBoyce.

Oct 30 Eve. Perform usual Seax Wiccan Samhain ritual only.

Samhain. Leave c7:35 AM. Boston. Visit Peretti, MacDonald's, and Gelotte for cable release. Get tux from Tracy and arrive at Pioneer Village c12:00 noon. Cheeseburger at Lobster Shanty. Meet voluptuous brunette at Olde Towne Hall who must "work tonight". Catch Salem Trolley, see Chestnut Street by day. Disembark with ultra-voluptuous blonde who at Salem Maritime Museum also shoots me down for the Ball at Hawthorne House tonight. Enjoy potpourris then a drink at Pickering Wharf. Catch Trolley back to Market, see big Witch torture pins at Courthouse. Visit Rachel and Gretchen for a quick episode. I can't get either of them to go to the Ball. Come back and change into tux. Drinks at Lobster Shanty where Carol too shoots me down. Run into the Olde Town Hall again brunette after seeing the Haunted House.

Return to Shanty where I savor lobster pie, baked potato, and peas. Talk of many things with two young laborers who inform me about Miami, New York, Ogunquit Maine, and massage parlors on Route 1. We are joined by a chap with a very sexy, friendly girl who has laughing mischievous eyes like Joyce. Time passes and about ninety minutes into the Ball I sell my tickets at cost to the laborers. As we walk out they decide to dress as trees and begin defoliating the Market area. They are very drunk. As I walk ahead to check out the Ball I see the police apprehending one of them so I head down to Boston arriving at Bradford c11:00 PM. As I enter the Naked Eye a wino bows extravagantly to me bellowing "Good Evening, Sir". Am back on speaking terms with Gisele after a good tease. Enjoy Dorrie dancing to "Season of the Witch" after she insults black/white faced avant guard type hippie.

Nov 1 Breakfast at Cafe Matinee, formerly Constantino's, of poached, bacon, potatoes. Visit Filene's and Jordan's Basements then Naked where I see Autumn, Jamie, new girl with Jamie. c 12:05 Learn that the President is at City Hall, but deciding it's too late, have shrimp at China Pearl. Return to see buxom Chinese girl at Naked. Return tux to Tracy. Visit Newbury Street for eyecup. After big delay on Route 2 have grilled cheese and frappe at Cinnamon's.

What follows next is something I was requested to write about myself for my twentieth high school class reunion. It fits in nicely here:

Summary 1964-84

Following my Graduation Night hangover, in Fall of 1964, I did one tri-mester at Northeastern University and then dropped out. In Fall of 1965 I returned to Northeastern in the evening division, working by day throughout this period in my father's antique shop. In Fall of 1966 I transferred into the pre-law division at Suffolk University as a psych major working summers with my father on colonial restorations. In the sophomore year I decided against law in favor of clinical psych. After finding out in the senior year that clinical psychologists make little money for the first twenty years, I completed my major with an A- average, and in Summer of 1970, went into the motel business with my father. After two years of this I spent a year researching and indexing Neolithic artifacts, and in Fall of 1973, began the restoration of as old inn where I now live. In Fall of 1976 I was on the road peddling Tiffany lampshades around New England and in Spring of 1977 became a real estate broker selling colonial properties and farms locally. In Fall of 1978 I developed a line of cast metal paperweights and by Summer of 1980 was dealing internationally in financial brokerage, major commercial properties, gold, and crude oil contracts. Since Fall of 1981 I have been completing a two volume compendium of arcane knowledge which I began in 1978.

Since Graduation I have traveled very little outside of New England, but since 1978 have climbed every mountain locally. Two weeks ago I returned from a dazzling tour of Quebec, Montreal, and Ottawa during which I gained ten pounds.

My future plans include writing epic novels and short stories, oil painting, plus world travel with climbing or skiing of most major mountains in non-hostile countries. That's it for now.

May the Great Solar Orb smile upon you all.

Roy C. Peterson

12:50 PM, Oct 24, 1984

Among the laurels on the East Slope of Raven Hill.

November 24 Following cinnamon Danish and coffee in Attleboro c 10:00 AM tour Capron Park Zoo. Spend most of afternoon aboard USS Massachusetts at Battleship Cove. Arrive at Bellingham after super at Burger King where I find out Primrose is a "dive" and has been closed. We sold this motel to a Steve Montana who sold it to a doctor from India who ran it into the ground. River Ganges type sanitation with accompanying smells. Drink some apricot brandy and arrive 1+1/2 hours late at 20th Class Reunion. Pam signs me in. Jacey greets me. (Sequence following here from class photo). Debbie has a son. Jackie and Jinnie look good. Jacey stands out like the Sun. Paul is doing pools even in Montreal. Kim is unrecognizable. Sue Pratt is clipping dogs. David delivers speech with great style. Frank is prosperous banker. Joy is foxy and witch-like. Dana is a very stalwart policeman. Jill is not related to Venus. Patty is unchanged. David tells me Gene is asocial since Viet Nam. Karen is quizzical looking. Russ Sheryl also a prosperous banker. Veronica is a news correspondent in D.C. Dougy is sewing wild oats with sexy young blonde Denise. Kandy was killed in a car. Bob Kispert is in computer research. Jean is extremely attractive and sophisticated and teaches math at MIT. Judy and Bob seem happy. Ralph shot himself through the head. Louie is jolly and very likable. Cheryl looks very unchanged, but very mature. Carol looks younger and pretty. Sam was killed by Amin in Uganda. Andy is on an island in Maine. Martha seems worried. Phil is the same. Claire is blonde. Darlene looks good. Georgiana delivers speech. Mr. Allen is there. Mr. Turley leaves before I show up. Mr. Young died of a heart attack.

This is one of the nicest things I have ever experienced. I never realized how much I love all these people.

Nov 25 Awaken and become sick. Breakfast of poached, fries, and very good bacon. Have to burglarize diesel. Boston. Visit Naked and meet Justine, wearing spikes. We drink and talk of Magick and many things after I see her dance. Lunch of shrimp at China Pearl. See Terry for first time and see Kim again. Make tentative date with Justine for dinner and sex on Dec 6. She is to call me collect to confirm.

Nov 26 Awake from dream where Justine is a spider and I am in her web. Cannot free myself of thoughts of her without difficulty, a hauntingly beautiful girl, well educated, 24 years old, singer in a "Gothic Punk" band.

Dec 7 c 11:00 AM. Cambridge. Visit University Museum at Harvard - few changes. Check in at Bradford. Bacon cheeseburger at Wendy's. As I enter Naked, Justine runs away. Talk to Liz who is DJ only now. Speak to Justine who runs away again. Watching her in Pussy Galore Stag Bar, begin to realize how interested in her I really am. Retire to Bradford. Drink some apricot brandy. Meet Ed at Jake's. Shrimp at China Pearl. We visit Naked where Terry and Linda Lamia flirt with me.

Dec 8 Awaken after about three hours sleep. Visit Filene's and Jordan's looking for electric heater. Visit Naked wearing tan slacks, blue stripped shirt, silk scarf, leather coat - hair combed surfer style. Justine acts hateful, but stares at me outback. Wendy's crowded - bacon cheeseburger at Burger King where super nice young girl really looks me over with breathless interest. I must learn to smile on these occasions. Back to Naked. Check out Mardigras. Visit new Burger King in Athol for another bacon cheeseburger. Once home find myself thinking harder than ever in my life about Justine.

Dec 9 Awaken desiring Justine more than I have ever desired any before.

Dec 15 Having decided not to approach Justine again for any reason, journey to Eastern Dog Show wearing tan slacks, pink stripped shirt, red sweater. Enjoy polar bears - Great Pyranese, have hot pastrami talking at table with a pleasant woman. Head for Bradford c 2:30 PM. Apricot brandy. Arrive Naked c 4:00 wearing heather stripped slacks, blue shirt, suede coat, Bill Blass 90 proof. Ask Cathy to dinner. Prime rib alone at Jake's. Return. Get to know Gwyneth somewhat. Drink with Rose who tells me that Venus has moved back to New York. Say Hi to Tara. See Linda Lamia under strobe light, ask to buy her a drink, but she is tied up. Am dazzled by Gisele, but she is tied up too. Visit Mardigras where I see nice brunette in red and meet Collete who makes date to meet me at the Bradford, but doesn't show up. I head back seeing "Love for Lydia" type girl out front of Bradford. See strange Venus type girl at Mardigras.

Dec 16 Scrambled and very good sausage. More apricot brandy. After usual promenade down Washington where I see a glimpse of blonde I met at Suffolk, arrive at Naked c 11:50 AM. Opens noon Sundays. First spy Justine up front with Liz. Ask Liz about Kim and Terry who are not there. Meet Dirk at Jake's. Shrimp at China Pearl. He agrees that I can use my paraphrasals of his words as quotations. Seeing Justine dance to the song "Shiny Boots" is a spiritual rush of pure Evil. At one point she comes around bar seeking matches and I ignore her. Then on other side she is talking very intimately with Malika and scowls at me. Head home early. "Some o' these women gonna let my ham bone spoil (but not all of them)".

Dec 23 Perfect my Rock n' Roll dancing style to the Nth degree. I will never use it - too exhibitionistic, but it's nice to know it's there.

Dec 24 c 10:30 PM Receive very romantic phone call from Mrs. Randall.


Jan 7 Up early. Transact Postal business in Gardner. Lost in thought miss 495 exit and press on to Bradford by noon. This is good since Postal business here takes 2+1/2 hours. At this time I am gearing up for possible invasion of the US by Russia with advantage to me in diversification of whereabouts via multiple PO boxes. [After events in 1988 I allow all these to expire]. Apricot Brandy on empty stomach. Talk to welfare cretins at Wendy's as I wait for double bacon cheeseburger. Hit Naked wearing red cords, pink stripped shirt, red sweater, Tabac. Meet Cashmere and a Justine-looking girl who seems to like me as much as I liked the real Justine. Prime rib at Jake's. Meet Katy [destined to become the most loved of my life]. We talk of many things all evening. I love her, but the age difference (18/38) worries me. Drink with Gisele who tells me she is going into real estate law at Harvard [I now think this was a cowshit story]. As Katy leaves I go out into snowstorm for weeds. Gisele drinks with club owner while I wait. She then sits on my legs like a bird.

Jan 8 Up early. Sausage and poached eggs. Visit Dr. Weis at 9:30 AM. Visit Post Office Square. As before, except blue stripped shirt, visit Naked where Liz makes golden Dreams. Talk to bosses about Maureen. Shrimp at China Pearl. Terry teases ot back. Visit Back Bay Annex on Postal business. See Katy who says Hi. Terry asks me for a drink, but I say no and leave after seeing Katy dance.

Jan 11 Have decided to make Katy my girlfriend if possible". It is better to love..."

Jan 21 Begin boozing c 10:30 AM [This sounds bad, but I had discovered that if one starts and finishes early enough to go to bed completely sober, that there is no hangover the next day ~ 8/22/12]. Listen to music and by 1:30 PM know that I must see Katy. Plug in diesel and leave by c 3:00 PM. Have liver and onions at Cinnamon's. Check in and arrive at Naked by 6:00 PM. No Katy. Sheena sits down. She smells sexy and we talk. Later I buy her a drink outback. Enjoy Vienna Schnitzel at Jake's c 8:00 PM, but can't finish so bring back with noodles and Brussels sprouts for Gisele who is delighted but must dance first. When she is through I spy her outback about to partake of Chinese food with probably same Chinese man who she was with last Halloween Night. Malika has left for the night. Modesty can't eat meat. Dorrie has eaten and doesn't know what Vienna Schnitzel is. Finally I feed Treva who cleans the plate and is appreciative. I'm wearing blue stripped pants, brown turtleneck, leather coat, Bill Blass 90. Retire early.

Jan 22 Up early. Poached and bacon. Wearing tan slacks, blue sweater w blue shirt, leather coat, Bill Blass 90, visit Sandy at Paul Revere House. After very ironically being mistaken for a priest in search of certificates, I lunch at MacDonald's on Washington before hitting Naked c 1:30 PM. I ask Liz if she received lost shopping list and she denies it. Sheena comes around smelling even sexier, but I shoot her down. Loud barmaid from outback comes up front and tells Liz that I use drinks as an excuse to talk to her. I go outback and sit next to Justine who has for some time been drinking with a fat guy. Loud barmaid informs me that Liz told her I am writing her love letters. I "explain" and speak to Liz. When Justine dances, my counting money seems to annoy her. At some point I speak to her ascertaining her lack of family relation to Doug Tishler because of slight family-type resemblance, plus they are both from D. C. and both attended American University. Also a good excuse to speak to Justine. Outback later she dances while Faith gives a message to a Chinese man resembling Charles Bronson. He orders Champagne and gives Justine a glass. How I miss Katy. Visit Ho Jo in Concord on way home. While eating turkey, exchange smart mouth with some big stupid boys.

Feb 5 Get out a bit late and tour Worcester Museum of Art where I am very impressed with the European collections and have a nice chat with an older woman. Enjoy Big Beef cheeseburger and butterscotch frappe at Friendly's on way to dentist. Visit Lou Horton's. Get Levis. Boston. Snowing when I arrive c 4:30 at Bradford. Wearing tan slacks, blue ski sweater, blue shirt, and Pierre Cardin, see Justine outback with obese gentleman drinking Champagne. Faith is drunk falling down on stage. Justine stands up on seat. See Justine dance smiling like a happy child at hippie girl in audience. I believe that no man, even I, could make her smile that way. Buy drinks for Modesty outback where we are puzzled about Liza. We discuss dogs and horses then Malika "who once had the little pony tail so sleeka" joins us briefly. Justine leaves c 7:00 PM with a big sack slung over her shoulder. c 8 PM Enjoy rib at Jake's. Gisele shows up briefly at the Naked but leaves. Retire 10 PM.

Feb 6 Arise early. Still snowing. Bacon and poached served by Rodey MacDowell type chap who now has severely stylized ultra-blonde hair and Rhinestones in his ears. After many phone calls and much letter writing, check out at 11:30 AM. Visit bank on Tremont. Am disappointed at MacCormick. Lunch at MacDonald's on Washington. Buy certificates from Sisters. Visit Naked. Liz tells me she has worked there seven years - would be since c Feb 1978. Buy a drink for Cashmere who is my new pony tail girl. Gisele comes in c 4:00 PM, sits down, waives to me, and leaves almost immediately. c 5:30 Shrimp and Golden Dreams at China Pearl. Upon returning, drink with Katy covering much familiar ground. When she goes to dance we make tentative date. As Katy comes on outback Linda joins me. She is very stimulating, but I excuse myself for Katy's last song. Wearing tan slacks, black turtleneck, leather coat, Pierre Cardin. Leave 10 PM arriving home c 12:30 AM.

Feb 7 Call Katy at 11 AM. Guy answers and she is just awaking. She is one of the most feminine girls I have ever known.

Feb 11 Call Katy at 11 AM to confirm our date. She seems unenthusiastic. By afternoon I am renewed in my initial impression of her frivolity and have decided to forget the date. She is a pouty baby and needs spanking.

Feb 13 Diane who again is unbearably sexy tells me she is a "born again Christian". Despite spiritual monism the world has continued to function according to natural dualistic principles, spiritual monism simply providing a convenient ego defense mechanism to hide often basically evil behavior from oneself and others. So many others are in it mainly for the social life. Hypocrisy though is such a bore, so timid and time consuming. Pagans, however, like Caligula, spoil it for everybody by the counter-reactions they elicit with their own excesses.

Feb 1985 Jehovah's Witnesses come by and "presume".


OTO Notes:
The premise of OTO activity is the utilization of "sex magick."
The first nine digress involve only heterosexual methodology.
Crowley later created two more degrees for those so inclined.
I approached OTO from the standpoint of Libertarian Quest rather than the attainment of personal power, wore a hooded black robe, and achieved the neuronal imprinting for each degree via deep concentration rather than orgasm.


31. In olden times organic LSD came from ergot fungus occurring on rye bread and meat.

32. "Malika, me Malika. Teasing all the men at the Naked Bah-ha.
Malika, me Malika. Teasing all the men at the Naked Bah.
I said me Malikaah. Who could be sweet-ah?
Prancing up and down, teasing with her little tail.
Bringing excitement to all the young males.
I said me Malika, me Malika. Teasing all the men at the Naked Bah."