The Adventures of Eric F. Magnuson

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Chapter 12


Chapter 12

Jun 1 1999 - Dec 9 2000

Jun 1 Cologne for tis season is Tiffany. CR. Nice co-worker Karen Basquin makes me feel welcome. Miss the Rocklin exit and end up seeing much of that area. Somebody is making a lot of money down here, in the heat and fog. Arrive at the Placer Board. Get money at BA local branch. Talk with nice blonde Christy. Back at the board, see my favorite redhead, Hillary. She is a major cutie and belongs on 90210. Pay my dues, $602. Take Route 65 back and stop at PV Mini.

Jun 3 CR. Clean and organize my new desk. Elmer takes my picture. Charman Studebaker suggests we tour listings together, maybe with Gail. Visit Auburn C of C, 1st American Title, and Auburn Printers.

Jun 7 Meet with "Wheels and Deals" photographer, Steve. Look at Subaru wagons. Stop by office. Visit 1st American Title. Arby's in Rocklin. Get key programmed at P C Board.

Jun 10 Order new farm package at Placer Title from Sandy Frawley. At work, Fred Fleishmann has left. Mike clears document menu for me. Charman and I plan property tours.

Jun 11 Auburn Printers. Mrs. Studebaker and I buy hot-dogs, then tour three nice houses in Chicago Park and the Secret Town area, plus one big Victorian in Colfax.

Jun 13 Floor Time. Labels on farm envelopes. Copy farm letter.

Jun 14 Pow-Wow with donuts. Elmer starts off saying gravely, "Well, Fred Fleishmann has left us, and we never will know for exactly why". He looks right at me when he says the last part. I get the impression that he somehow blames me. Fred just got his brokers licence and told me that he wants to be on his own. Should have told Elmer this. Sign and stuff farm letters.

Jun 15 Talk with pretty young blonde girl at Spring Hills Pharmacy. Also belongs on 90210.

Jun 16 Mrs. Studebaker and I tour land in Shady Glen area, then Weimar. Lunch in Nyack. Then Emigrant Gap, Blue Canyon, Alta.

Jun 18 Mrs. Studebaker and I tour houses in Secret Town and land in Chicago Park. End up at Rollins Lake. Lunch at Denny's in GV. Then we visit Mr. Basquin's project. On way home, talk cars at Spring Hills with quintessential American blonde pretty-daughter.

Jun 22 Car Wash in Auburn.

Jun 21 On my floor time, Mike and Elmer begin fooling with the front office computer. Mike is saying "Somebody has been fooling with this and has screwed everything up". I notice that Mike is trying to get rid of a big black margin on right side of screen. When they go to lunch, I consult on-line help and am just trying to configure away this problem when Mike and Elmer come in. I tell Mike what I am doing and he saves the changes. The entire screen image shrinks down. He, and then Elmer, are fooling with this the rest of the afternoon and seem to blame me for all kinds of bizarre things that are happening to the system. The lesson for me is not to make helpful configurations to someone else's computer.

Jun 22 Elmer sends me a Fax at the office telling me that I am fired, knowing full well that I don't work on Tuesdays and that I will be mailing 194 farm letters on the way to work on Wednesday. I don't find out until Thursday.

Jun 23 Mail farm letters. Arrive 8:50 at Mother Lode Realty. Amy Sibley is a very warm girl. Meet many new people. Linda Beem is wearing a sexy yellow dress. Pastry and fruit. Go on house tour. Navigate for Doug Wright. See many nice houses. Pat dog who is part Akida. One house has huge octagonal living room. JR Herzog shows us one which is very roomy. Speak to beautiful blonde girl. Return. Beef and cheese sub at Deli. Visit house on Bear Road.

Jun 24 Elmer says "Have a chair". Maybe someday I can offer him a seat in the Electric Chair. Because on Monday I didn't know where Drum Forebay Road is located, Elmer drums me out of the office, fires me he says for my lack of California experience which he claims he overestimated. When I ask about who gets the customers on the farm package he says "We will get those". Within the hour I am re-employed by a more established firm, Mason-McDuffie Presson Realty. Luther Presson is patient and will teach me the small amount I lack. Lori Dow raises her voice to Luther about business cards and he backs off as though she were the boss. I later realize that this alone should have kept me from signing up with this firm. Lori turns out to be my telephone friend from Autumn 1997. Beautiful girl I saw on tour turns out too be Cindy Burke, her sister. Lori tells me Cindy is divorced. Eve. Pledge chivalrous oath of total celibacy for two months to be relieved sooner only by Cindy.

Jun 25 Kid in pickup truck smashes into the back of my car on Highway 49. Talk with Hillary at Placer Board. Fascinated by petite girl with pierced ears at Auburn Post Office. Miner's Clinic Exam by the real Ann Rice from Ireland. Whiplash prescription. Pretty brunette at Spring Hill. Many X-Rays at Hospital.

Jun 28 Business meeting with Luther, Cindy, Tom Utzig. Later Katy Murison, wearing that smart little outfit she got at Macy's, gives me a strange bemused look back through the window as she leaves.

Jun 29 Call all my former customers.

Jun 30 Hang blue file folders. Cindy has curled her hair, put on black eye liner, and is wearing a pretty dress. She looks extremely sexy. Eve. Re-pledge my knight's oath of total celibacy for as long as I am in daily contact with Cindy, even if it is for the rest of my life. I am completely captivated by her and have never made a total unilateral commitment like this before. It weighs heavily upon me.

Jul 1 Open new PO Box in Colfax. Help Luther throw away unwanted stuff. Cindy shows up looking and acting like a tom-boy and ignoring me completely.

Jul 2 Get my first customer. Linda Beem visits looking very sexy. I walk her out and kiss her hand. Cindy leaves and returns with pouty little daughter Jessica. Outside I tell Jessie that her mother is the most beautiful woman in California. I also mention how I was decorated for distinguished service in the Menassa County Wars, where I fought side by side with Elvis Presley. Me and the Elvi with a few other stalwarts saved the day.

Jul 4 Eve c 6 PM vertigo sends me to hospital for five hours. They do blood chemistry, Cat-Scan, and EKG. I am OK. As I walk out c 11 PM delightful smell of gunpowder on the cool night air.

Jul 5 Morn. Radiologist calls me at work. I have a skull fracture from the accident in Alta Sierra. Show land on Robbers Ravine.

Jul 6 Lowar lumbar problem with paralysis in the right leg. Have physical therapy with major little cutie, Denise Hartshorn.

Jul 7 Finish organizing shelves at work.

Jul 9 Update Key. Cindy comes in with friend and acts like I don't even exist. Somehow today I am finally beginning to see her as I should see her. Will transfer my celibacy pledge to someone more worthy.

Jul 12 Body shop in Yuba City. Rob, trying very hard to discourage me, mentions how the girls have a referral network from having lived in Colfax for some time. Cindy on the phone with a friend says "Men are pigs. All men are pigs". Decide that maybe I could work for a title company and be done with all this redneck vileness.

Jul 13 Call Linda Beem from home. Drop old office paintings at PV Mini. Katy Murison drops by office.

Jul 14 Run into Linda Beem as I enter Placer Title.

Jul 15 Talk with Linda Beem on phone. Sandy Frawley drops by.

Jul 16 Re-format résume. Visit four title companies. Ham and eggs at Country Waffles. Stop by Linwood Log Home office in Applegate.

Jul 20 Nevada City. Drive up to 3500 feet on Route 20. Legal Clinic. Call Craig Diamond. He recommends I ask $20,000 for personal injury.

Jul 21 Go on house tour with Dick White who tells me how things were back in 1952. Bring tour lists to Lori and Cindy. They return my kindness by trying to steer me to a bad restaurant for lunch. This doesn't work. Chicken with Monterey Jack at the Deli. For the first time today I actually feel more like what I should feel when I see Cindy. Awhile back, Luther told me that Cindy's daughter Jessie has a learning disability. She acts like a simple schizophrenic, and at times, hebephrenic. Cindy's husband was killed in a hunting accident. Luther says that Cindy's being single causes bad trouble at home with the kids. Visit Doug Wright about employment. He suggests going to a personal injury specialist on my car accident before doing anything else.

Jul 22 Send customers out to see Dimple's house. She calls later, very excited.

Jul 23 Do big computer search early. Lori Dow comes in angry with me because an impatient woman hung up on me yesterday without giving her name. I told her that the woman had Lori's cell phone number, but this doesn't seem to matter. She starts slandering me on the phone to some girl she is talking to, trying to suggest that I have been hanging up on her customers. I react, declaring "Bullshit!" She blows up and tries further slander by yelling "Stay away from me!" so the girl on the other end will hear, as if trying to suggest that, in the past, I have done otherwise. This makes me question all the business about that Sealy chap who is supposed to have harassed Lori before Luther fired him. I am all through taking abuse from these loudmouth rednecks. They are evil and inferior. Such people have no higher inspiration, no moral basis for their actions, no viable spirituality. They return love with hate. The exact opposite of what their cowardly religion preaches. There is no integrity for me in coping with this element on a daily basis. I diminish myself by even trying to get along with this subhuman filth. Go next door and talk to Jan Sibley. She just filled her last desk with a newly licensed woman. Visit Deli for chili burritos. Talk to Arthur White at American River Realty who has the best location, but no readable sign. Robbie Robinson will take me on, but doesn't use air conditioning, so I can't work for him, plus his office is depressing.

Jul 24 Bank. Refine real estate affiliation list. I'm going down the hill. Except for Mother Lode and two or three others, most of the Colfax real estate crowd are a bunch of Bozos.

Jul 26 Visit Randall Graves, a personal injury specialist.

Jul 27 c 7:20 AM clean out my desk at Mason-McDuffie. This is a great relief. 4:45 Visit Lifestyle and talk with Ralph Hammer.

Jul 29 c 7:40 AM Miner's Clinic.

Jul 30 Visit Education Road. Finally bag the Elephant, Century 21 Auburn Realty. Pick up license at Mason-McDuffie. I will miss Luther. He is one of the consistently nicest people I have yet known, but is sadly compromised by his relationship with the redneck salesgirls.

Aug 1 Stop at gorge on way up to North San Juan. Talk with old Hippie who wants to borrow the Bullet Car for a heavy date. Cheeseburger and chocolate milk at SS Store. Walk up onto a hill at Malakoff Diggins. Take Birchville Road back.

Aug 3 Eve. Elephant escapes. Get message from Joan at Century 21 that she has changed her mind about hiring me. She doesn't even have simple decency to offer an explanation. Apparently gentility exists only in the Realtor Code of Ethics, but not in the field.

Aug 5 Update address information for the WLO with Gale Research and similar media.

Aug 6 Fix tail light. Visit Sierra Foothills Real Estate. At Scott Investments, Scott Stober suggests opening a branch office near Colfax with me in charge. I never cease to be amazed at the diversity of reaction that I get from potential employers. Visit Twin Realty. Pick up paperwork at C21. Have interesting talk with Arthur White at American River Realty. This inspires me to write a little capsule history here of real estate allegiances and their sunderings in Colfax:

Roy Harrison. Old Billy Goat with office in Pismo Beach. I like him, but quit because he owes money to everyone. Two days later he decides to sell to Doug Wright, his broker associate. This doesn't work out and Doug opens his own office on Route 174.

Elmer Kauk. Originally Meadow Vista Realty with Jan Webster. They break angrily and Elmer comes to Colfax as the broker at Mother Lode. In his office are Kim and Fred Fleishmann, Rita Kaufmann, and Jan Sibley. Elmer buys Colfax Realty from Arthur White, taking Kim and Fred with him. Later he fires Arthur. He slowly cheats Kim and Fred out of his promise to "give" them the business eventually. He does this by first saying that they must buy the business and then slowly raising the price on the pretext that it now worth more. The irony here is that the increase in value is due to the activities of Kim and Fred. Fred gets his brokers license. He and Kim quit Elmer and go to Lyon Associates taking their listings with them. From the moment of Fred's departure Elmer becomes very critical of me and fires me two weeks later. He tells me "You made changes in our office. I ask "What changes?" and he replies "More than I could ever tell you".

Luther Presson. Formerly employs Gail Partel, who leaves and goes to Century 21 Auburn Realty. She later returns to Colfax to work for Elmer. Donna Sealy and her son are fired by Luther for being "dishonest" and because the son is allegedly harassing Lori Dow, Top Sow. I quit Luther because this little barnyard lacks the fundamentals of a good sign and any ad at all in the Auburn phone directory. The result is one walk-in about every four days. I am also tired of The Sow of Slanders, Lori Dow, who acts likr I'm her personal secretary.

Aug 7 Call Joan at C21. Leave voice mail suggesting that the Golden Rule might suggest a brief explanation for not hiring me. Turns out that Katy Murison slandered me to Joan saying that I had worked for six agencies in three months.

Aug 9 Reno Hilton c 11:30 AM. Try my hand at gambling for the first time. Talk to chap who claims he has won $4000 in slots so far this morning. Produces big wad of bills to prove this. Ask him if he works for the Casino. He says no. I lose $50. Turkey Club at The Nugget. Lose another $60. Leave c 4:45. Drop in to see Doug Wright. PO.

Aug 10 Christian Identity guy named Buford guns down children and adults at Jewish community center. Identity people believe that they are the "true Israelites". Buford says that this is just the beginning, and invites all Americans to kill Jews. Huge spider tripping-the-light-fantastic on Chris Hill last night. Must vacate room for four hours while pest control guy sprays. Talk with Art at American River. He says he will hire me, because he knows the personalities of the people I have been dealing with. Nobody in Colfax likes Elmer. Beef and American at the Deli. Visit Gold Country. Christman is glad to see me, and I him. I do like him despite his profound religious delusions. Roy Harrison is still downloading useless stuff from the Web and is hopelessly mesmerized by his computer. It seems like an addiction that has ruined him. Says he's in bad trouble financially. At NC Library read letter from C21. Joan persists in being cryptic, saying that in checking up on me she was not satisfied with what she heard. The real problem here is the government enforced monopoly that makes me have to deal with worthless autocratic creeps like this in the first place.

Aug 11 Media people are still trying to figure out whether what Buford did is a "hate crime". Decide to seek Libertarian employment. Visit GV Library.

Aug 12 Write Libertarian employment letters.

Aug 13 Get Libertarian list off the Web. Update Libertarian job file. Print.

Aug 14 Mail 36 Libertarian job letters.

Aug 17 Bad earthquake in Turkey near Istanbul. Tturns out later to be 14,000 dead. Mail 60 job letters to local publishers.

Aug 19 Leave 7:50 AM for San Anselmo. Arrive at 10:40 AM. Visit Creekside to pick up unsold items. Leave at 11:50 AM. Arrive back 2:50 PM.

Aug 20 Reconcile antique lists.

Aug 23 PV Mini at 7:30 AM. Butterfield at 10:15. Mike De Angelis has a co-worker write up a contract while I unpack the unsold Creekside items. Roast beef dinner and egg custard at Lefty O'Doole's. Visit Taylor and Chase in Yuba City. PV Mini.

Aug 26 Meet with Randall Graves. Enlist him as my attorney. Chicken Tacos and milk at the Burrito Store. Nutty Coconut at Baskin-Robbins.

Aug 27 Upgrade publisher résume at State Employment Agency.

Aug 31 Read data on literary prizes.

Sep Decide I will hire an agent to get my three main books published.

Sep 4 Mail 6 letters to literary agents.

Sep 6 Remove real estate material from current files. This means I'm officially out of the business. In real estate for me, it's no good to be just a salesman. If I spend a lot of money on farm packages, the minute I begin to get somewhere the broker will pull the rug out from under me, the way Elmer did. If I was a broker I wouldn't get many ERTS contracts without a big office and staff. Even guys like Doug Wright and Arthur White, brokers for some decades, can't find any salespeople.

Sep 7 Auburn. Visit Lincoln Logs, Foothill Motel. Beef taco at the Taco Tree.

Sep 8 Do councilor résume. Visit Millhous School. See unusual Australian dog, part Dingo. Get application. Cheeseburger in N San Juan. Sign authorization at hospital for Dr. Jensen to receive information.

Sep 9 Very smoky as I drive up to Milhous with forms. As i drive in see tiny burro. Get out of car. As i turn back towards my destination after looking back at car, suddenly come face to face with a small herd of llamas. As I walk up the hill I see a huge black, long coated, wild boar eyeballing me. This ole boy looks very dangerous and I worry that he'll get after me. I find some consolation in a big tree that I can put between us if necessary. I talk to him, praising him for being handsome. Apparently this wins him over, because he doesn't charge. Stop at Gorge on the way back.

Sep 10 Colfax, visit Mink Creek and Real Log Home Model. Nobody there. Girl at library tells me that cars have gone down in price.

Sep 11 Big earthquake in Greece this past week. Today Luther is running an ad in Colfax Record saying "Salespeople Urgently Needed. Will Consider Part Time. Commission Splits to 80%".

Sep 13 Drop résume at Charis Youth Center and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter (MSDW). Greasy chicken legs at Sierra Market.

Sep 15 Edit out more of the Lokison material.

Sep 16 Hurricane Floyd hits Cape Fear NC early this morning. Shootin it up down to Texas. Last evening chap of 47 years goes into a Baptist church, guns down 7, and wounds 4 with 14 rounds, not bad. At 10 AM take math test at MSDW. Carolyn Lamb gives me extra half hour to finish, but vice president says my score doesn't matter because I had more time. Score was almost perfect. Even the amount I had done at the normal finish point was a passing grade. I should have boned up on percentage problems before taking this. Drop by Merrill Lynch. Visit Post Offices in Applegate and Weimar.

Sep 17 Letter to Burnside Agency in Reno. Appointment with Dr. Jensen. Stock up on much needed food at Albertson's.

Sep 20 Seek employment with all four title companies in GV. Larry Ingersol at Placer says that business is slowing. Pretty hostess, but no luck at Paine Webber.

Sep 21 Try Inter County at Lake of the Pines. Follow up with Old Republic in Auburn. Nutty coconut at Baskin Robbins. Interview with Debra at Charis Youth Center. Biggest desk I have ever seen. I tell her about the people I helped in the motel business. She accepts me, but can offers only night shift. Big quake it Taiwan, final count 1200.

Sep 22 MRI Scan at 2:45 PM. Visit One Stop seeking jobs.

Sep 24 Deliver MRI to Dr. Jensen. Get Email address at One Stop. Visit Adecco. Tammy suggests temporaries. Idea dawns on me that a series of temporaries, if the pay is the same, would be a lot more interesting than working at one place. Back to One Stop until 5 PM.

Sep 25 Check Email at Library. PO. Stop and talk briefly with Charman. She is doing well. Karen has gone to work for the county. Dick White has returned to Elmer. Stop by American River. Nobody there. Huge meatball and potato slivers at Sierra Market.

Sep 28 Finish two days on-line pasting résume in and searching various job banks. The world is filled with people doing unbearably tedious things.

Sep 29 See the new Mitsubishi Eclipse at Mountain Peoples Warehouse.

Sep 30 Big nuclear accident in Japan. Ron Hill and family leave for Visallia.

Oct 4 Enter résume in Casino Careers Website. 2:40 PM Sexy girl at Auburn Staffing interview.

Oct 7 Have EMG with Dr. Jensen at 10:30 AM. Trade the legendary Bullet Car for a pretty blue 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse plus $500. This represents a loss of about $3000 just to gain less than two weeks living expenses. Despite similar appearance, two very different automobiles.

Oct 13 Mail 14 Casino Resumes to Reno. Get emergency food from Veterans and Interfaith.

Oct 14 Continue my on-line job quest at One Stop. At 2 PM start physical therapy program at Abbey. Denise stretches me.

Oct 15 Flooding in Florida from another hurricane.

Oct 17 In upgrading my Will and Testament, I stumble across this phrase that now makes me feel a little sad "My automobile, The legendary "Bullet Car" is, without dispute, the fastest and most handsome car in all of the Californias. Eagle Talon to be sold and money to be deposited ..."

Oct 19 Class with Denise at Abbey on how to keep back straight.

Oct 20 Long legal session with Larry Graves. 8 PM Roy Harrison drops by with possible job opportunity for me as manager of 400 unit mini storage.

Oct 21 Traction at Abbey 8 AM.

Oct 22 Gateman lets me drive through Beale Air Force Base. Interview with Debra Jordan at the Lincoln News Messenger. Beef Gordita S at Taco Bell. Interview at Springview Mini. Check out new Celica on way home.

Oct 26 Meet Linda Christman at Gold Country and have nice talk.

Oct 28 Meet real boner-getter school teacher at One Stop. Forget to ask her name.

Oct 29 At 2 PM interesting job interview with Carol at Charris. She has me sit in on classes with six of the SED boys. They seem polite and decent. Jason and a friend appear to be leaders. These two also seem to be drugged. Juan is very quiet. Chris is hyperactive and disinterested. Peter is detached and reserved, his first day. Most act very immature. The program seems most appropriate for 7 year old kids. These kids are about 14-17. Not what I thought. I guess I was expecting Blackboard Jungle with myself in the role of Mr. Dadiae.

Nov 5 Have nice talk with Gloria Beverage at the Colfax Record. Brief interview with Derek Rothe at the Auburn Journal. Burger at Carl's Junior in Auburn. At One Stop walk out with a lady who is a non-dating boner-getter.

Nov 12 At 10 PM start work in toy department at K-Mart for $6.50 per hour. Graveyard shift for Christmas season.

Nov 16 Get a voucher from my friends at the Salvation Army to pay my rent for two weeks.

Nov 25 Thanksgiving. Chicken soup and boiled vegetables.

Nov 30 At 6:10 AM, on the way home, car breaks axle. AAA man takes me to Weaver. Mass graves found in Mexico. Riots in Seattle over World Trade Organization policies. President coming to speak tomorrow.

Dec 1 Riots continue in Seattle. Vandalism. Looting. Stealing televisions. 68 arrests. Peaceful demonstrations in Chicago and London. First paycheck at K Mart is first positive cash flow since December 1991.

Dec 2 Take Gold Country Stage, GCS, to work. Split cab fare home with Big Joe.

Dec 4 Morn. Walk to bank, library, and Weaver. Eve. Walk to K Mart. This hurts my paralyzes leg badly. Ride home with Nick. He was in special forces in Korea and then worked at embassies all over the world. He has benefits and lives like a king while I have no money and contemplate taking my own life. Maybe I should have joined the Navy during Viet Nam. You starve while attempting to educate American Communists, so why not get paid for killing Chinese Communists?

Dec 6 GCS to One Stop and Social Services. Little Joe tells me about drugs and cluster bombing in Viet Nam.

Dec 8 GCS to Weaver, Station House, and Interfaith.

Dec 9 GCS to Colfax for PO Box.

Dec 13 Refine one future incarnation scenario based upon working for a big department store after being a ski instructor. No concession to the military. Too much of what they do is arbitrary and evil.

Dec 16 Talk with unfortunate woman at bus stop about local witches.

Dec 22 Sell Pa's Nikormat FTN, Nikon 50mm f 2.0 lens w hood, Vivitar 28mm f 2.8 lens with tungsten filter. Both with haze filters. Nikon F Cable release. All this for only $120. Get car from Mel's Transmission. He says Pace may have told the truth about clutch. Axle was too short, however. Wash car.

Dec 23 PO. Roast beef and American at Sierra Market. Apply for job at Gottschalk's Department Store. Butter pecan at Baskin Robbins, BR.

Dec 25 Get amp at PV Mini.

Dec 31 Yeltsen resigns in favor of Putin who he has groomed for the job.


Jan 3 Y2K bullshit and Millenium nonsense seem to be over. Buy new desk calendar at Staples.

Jan 5 Get ears cleaned out at Hospital.

Jan 7 On-line application at J C Penny.

Jan 8 Interesting day job at Lake Wildwood. Dick Moss used to work for my cousin Rudolf at Bank of America.

Jan 9 Talk with three pretty young teenage girls while I do laundry. Alas, they would be a perfect foursome with me if only I were 18 again. Aft. Compile brief history of the WLO from journal entries.

Jan 20 Move in with Jennifer Neighbors who I met yesterday. It's good to leave the Low Hell Motel, where few check in, but even fewer check out.

Jan 21 Rake driveway. Great feeling of contentment as I smell the wood smoke billowing from the chimney. She is working at her computer inside designing programs for $25 per hour.

Jan 23 Jennifer and I go shopping.

Jan 25 Spend much time on the Internet during this period.

Jan 26 Rain finally stops. Organize tool shed.

Jan 27 Stack cord of firewood while Jennifer walks with friend along the canal..

Feb 2 At 10:20 AM visit Richard Manifor about arrows.

Feb 5 Burger King in Nyack. Interview at Rainbow Inn.

Feb 7 Move into the Applegate Motel.

Feb 15 Having grown tired of the endless rain in California, I manage to stay ahead of the incoming blizzard as I hurry through the Sierra to Reno. As I sit looking to the North out the window at Fitzgerald's, past the El Dorado, down the strip to the mountains, I feel a strong sense of higher destiny in the making.

Feb 16 Visit Nevada Job Bank. Lunch at Burger King in beautiful May Ann shopping area. Make application at Reno Gazette.

Feb 17 Am impressed with the Reno Public Library.

Feb 18 Early breakfast at Cal-Neva. Move into Hotel Ponderosa. Nice view of the mountains on fifth floor. Visit El Dorado and Silver Legacy. Prime rib at Cal-Neva. Wash car.

Feb 19 At 10:20 meet interesting people at Equinox Corporation.

Feb 20 Seek kitchen necessities at thrift shops. Shop at Winco.

Feb 21 Visit Delamare Library at UNR and that strange desert institution, Truckee Meadows Community College. Seek employment at casinos on the strip.

Feb 22 UNR. Organize cologne.

Feb 23 Visit large Bank of America. PO.

Feb 26 Work on resumes at Reno Public Library. At Kinko's transfer resumes from MS word to Yahoo.

Mar 1 Cologne for this season is Halston 101. Have excellent three cheese sandwich on pumpernickel at Schlotskzey's. Visit Payless Shoes.

Mar 3 Get Parking permit at UNR.

Mar 4 Am impressed by North Reno Library.

Mar 5 Egg salad sandwich at UNR student commons. Am impressed also by Getchel Library of one million volumes. Create humble website for WLO.

Ne~ 2 WLO

Mar 7 Make application with Reno News and Review. Apply at Atlantis. Lunch at Arby's, then casinos on the strip.

Mar 8 In Getchel, submit WLO site to many search engines. I feel like I am in China there are so many Chinese and so few Caucasian students.

Mar 9 Apply at KRNV on Energy Way near airport. Send Email to Libertarian organizations.

Mar 10 Apply at the Sands Regency, because the manager liked the letter I sent him and instructed the employment department to contact me. Apply also at the Nugget.

Mar 11 After visiting Kinko's, drop full introductory text into WLO site.

Mar 13 Apply at the Reno Hilton and Peppermill where the employment girl looks just like Shannon Doherty. Discover big lake just west of Peppermill..

Mar 14 At 2:30 special interview at Macy's.

Mar 16 Enjoy everything at Silver Legacy Job Faire.

Mar 18 Work on resume.

Mar 22 Big job faire at Reno-Sparks Convention Center.

Mar 27 Traffic court at 8:30. This is my first time. Have no money to pay fine for making wrong left turn where sign was blocked. Judge sentences me to two days community service.

Mar 29 Report to Sheriff's Work Program. Am assigned to Reno Livestock center. Paint wall with thoughtful young black guy and cute blonde lady about 35.

Mar 30 Blonde and I water down livestock rings. We start touching each other. She asks if I want to do a quicky. I look up and see the supervisor eyeballing us. Mop bleachers in arena.

Mar 31 Meet Dean Miller at Clubhouse about hooking up with ACN.

Apr 3 Apply at KTNV on Vassar Street. See sexy redhead.

Apr 8 Using Metacrawler, find WLO Site listed with Infoseek.

Apr 14 Offer myself to the ladies as a Libertarian Warrior, certainly a good way to weed out the worthless elements.

Apr 20 Interview with Ed Pierce at KOLO. Says writing well isn't enough. The job requires TV station experience. See nice red 3000 GT at Reno Mitsubishi.

Apr 21 Explore on-line writer jobs.

Apr 23 Work at Life and Health Sciences Library for a change.

Apr 24 Enjoy nice chicken breast sandwich at KFC on May Ann Blvd.

Apr 26 Visit Law and Physical Sciences Libraries. Enjoy Mackay Mineral Museum.

Apr 27 Am awed by the National Bowling Stadium. Lanes as far as the eye can see.

Apr 30 Explore online photos at the L+H Library.

May 4 Configure Yahoo news clipper at the Delamare Library.

May 5 Add extra lotteries to my system. Big Game Lotto $220,000,000. Configure My Yahoo. Explore car sites.

May 7 At L+H Library, add locations to Yahoo weather.

May 12 On the TV news: Los Alamos robbed of classified information under cover of fire.

May 19 Add bookmarks in Yahoo for seven day weather. More Internet résumés.

May 24 Re-vamp Golden Sierra résumés.

Jun 1 Cologne for this season is Oleg Casini.

Jun 9 Further configurations in Yahoo.

Jun 13 Separate my lottos into three categories.

Jun 14 Have an MRI scan. Add bookmarks in Yahoo.

Jun 25 Change WLO Email to WLO 418.

Jul 11 At 9:00 AM begin sales training at Quintus Resorts. We sell mini-vacations to kindle interest in timeshare condominiums. I actually have to be licenced for this by the Nevada Department of Real Estate. No exam.

Jul 17 Get my first deal at Quintus.

Jul 21 Get 3 deals today.

Jul 26 Visit attorney Shea.

Aug 1 There are three fires burning in Reno today because of heat lightening. The entire town smells like a smokehouse. Eve: Finish reading The Stand.

Aug 2 Eve: Begin reading The Winds of War.

Aug 5 There are thousands of hotrods in Reno right now. At a traffic light one may be the only car among five that is not from in the 1950's. Good atmosphere.

Aug 8 Jim Kidney tells me about good concert in town tonight: Cinderella, Dokken, Poison, Slaughter.

Aug 14 Have a deal going with Computer Bob to get Quintus hooked up with ACN. This could make me a great deal of money. Set appointment with Dean.

Aug 18 Three deals today.

Aug 19 Five deals today.

Aug 22 At noon Dean Miller arrives at Quintus. We meet with Kim and Bob in her office. All goes well. Tim Roth looks curious about what's going on.

Aug 25 Four deals today.

Sep 1 Cologne for this season is Jovan Musk.

Sep 14 Delicious chicken fried chicken at the Top Deck.

Sep 15 Enjoy pizza at Quintus talking with Penny Vasquez.

Oct 2 Because Jessica Langoria booked a call-in for me on Sunday, I have 10 deals for last week.

Oct 4 Get Nevada legal at DMV. Carl's Jr.

Oct 6 Pizza at work again today.

Nov 8 Visit the Hoffbrau Buffet for dried out food and over-cooked prime rib.

Nov 9 Natasha Moran starts today. Really nice girl. She looks like Sarah Ferguson, but blonde. Give her a ride home after work.

Nov 11 Sat. Sit with three serious new cuties today.

Nov 20 Should mention Jennifer Green. Recently I tell her that I love her because she's the baby sister of my heart.

Nov 25 New blonde girl who looks like Tory Spelling sits next to me.

Dec 1 New cologne this season is Caron.

Dec 2 Tory Spelling girl sits with me again. This time I'm glad, because Ray LaBianca, former Mayor of Reno, was about to take the seat. Her name is Cindy.

Dec 6 Pastrami Sandwich at the Top Deck.

Dec 9, 2000 As I talk with Daverle, Cindy comes over. She has a loving look in her eyes that I haven't seen since 1964 with Cathy Dowling. Give her a kiss on the cheek.