The Adventures of Eric F. Magnuson

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Chapter 7


Chapter 7

Dec 16 1988 - Mar 25 1990

Dec 16, 1988 Two colognes this season. Tricorn and Monogram. c 10 AM Arrive at Bretton Woods. Temperature is 0 degrees. My skiing skills seem increased, not diminished as I expected. I do Bretton Wood easily, then Big Ben Summit Chair, which I take not realizing that Outer Bounds is closed. The scenery here is one of the prettiest things I've ever seen. After walking down Upper Express, I take Fabian's Express to Big Ben. Intermediate trails here are easy. The slow snow doesn't hurt either. Noon. Hamburger, cookie, and Payday for lunch. A few more runs, then chowder, Butterscotch pudding, and another Payday for snack because strength very low. One more run and then quit because of upper leg cramping. Talk with Maria in Littleton on way home.

Dec 19 Should mention news a bit. During the past two weeks we've seen Gorbachev visit New York and then leave because earthquake in Armenia kills 53,000 people. Yassir Arafat has to meet with American Jews in Sweden, but now is talking with Reagan because Arafat acknowledges Israel. Also, biggest train wreck in Britain's history.

Dec 20 Aft. Finally finish paint on Ritual Chambre and Library ceilings.

Yule Sabbat. Clean house.

Dec 22 Hang fannen in sitting room. Aft. Fix Windsor chair.

Dec 24 Paint flagpoles gold.

Dec 26 Hang flags. With repro wood stove of 1940 Norwegian Jotel and some Deco furniture, I have a Sitting Room motif which comes very close to resembling that of a Bavarian Castle in 1939. The Dinning Room is Medieval, the Museum Room will be Victorian, and the Ballroom, Federal on the eve of the Civil War. Office upstairs will be mirror eve of the American Revolution.

Dec 26 Hang bayonet. Fix De Havilland model.


Jan 4 Letter from Clan Johnstone seeking funds for victims of largest plane crash in Britain's history over Lockerbie Scotland. Rubble for 200 miles. Palestinian terrorists suspected. Twenty degrees below zero today.

Jan 5 More problems about Libya making poison gas. We shoot down two Libyan Migs. Aft. Contemplate renting office space.

Jan 7 See show about Chuck Berry. Move guitar to room. Play in E tuning.

Jan 8 Hear that Emperor Herohito has passed on. Begin NS Chronicle and The Broken Sword.

Jan 10 During a day of partial sun, ski Jay Peak. Start with Harmony Lane. Very icy. Then Interstate. Many snow-boarders. Then Perry Merrill to Queensway. Begin mastery of parallel turns near ledges on narrow icy part. My legs are much stronger this year and my speed is increasing a good deal.

Have sinewy hamburger at lunch. More Queensway, but as wind exposes ice, stay only on lower part of Harmony. This is essentially skate-able ice with small pockets of snow where I can reverse direction just before going into the woods. I must ski this perpendicular to the fall line. Kid ahead of me gets busted up, hits stone wall just six feet short of the end. Kid not moving and medical people are not moving him as they await ambulance. Leave about 3:15 PM. Amazing sunset views on way back.

Jan 12 Finish reconciling savings, not done since April 1985.

Jan 13 Visit Lyndon State Library in a light snow. Begin reading Stormtrooper.

Jan 14 Talk with Ethel and Ken.

Jan 15 Forty eight degrees outside. A mild winter.

Jan 17 In California, a young guy plays Rambo in a school yard killing a few and wounding many. Iraq is working on germ warfare - cholera, typhoid, and anthrax. Iran says they will bomb it. Finish absolute sequencing of record albums.

Jan 20 Blacks have been rioting in Miami every night since Commissar King's birthday. George Bush gives a fine speech and then my buddy heads for California. George will run the deficit up as much as he can without betraying his true allegiance.

Jan 21 Figure my losses in metals at about $12,000.

Jan 24 Ted Bundy dies in the gas chamber this morning after confessing to more murders. Estimates run as high as 100. A very angry man. c 11:30 AM Arrive at Black Mountain. Things have changed. It's sunny and about 40 degrees. I decide on 180 mm skis. The minute I try my first turn I wish I had 170s and fall for the first time since Cannon in March 1988. I keep them however for self-discipline. Start on east side with Lower Black Beauty. Keep taking more westerly trails. Enjoy view and a memory of S turns on Runaway in 1963. Ski Lower Maple Slalom before lunch, but with some difficulty. The soft snow is all that permits this on an expert trail. Have a nice BLT and cheese Danish for lunch. After lunch, ski Bob-o-Link to Davis. Then again to Jubilee. Up to top on double chair. Down Upper Black Beauty. Finally tackle the expert Jackson Standard after losing a ski in a snow bank. This trail has changed and is the sight of my great 80-90 mph run in 1964. This time I traverse it, resting at intervals. Do one more run. Leave Black Mountain in triumph. Sky has been filled with wood smoke and spectacular feather clouds all day. See husky with no tail and see kitty at Whitney's Inn. Have squid Calimari for supper.

Jan 30 Russians are having to fight their way out of Afghanistan. Americans fleeing the embassies. Cubans are claiming they were told that the US was going to invade. Castro had urged Russia to attack the US with nuclear weapons.

Feb 2 Khadafi implicated in Lockerbee disaster. Eighty degrees below zero in Alaska with minus 120 wind chill and spreading South. Aft. Begin reading Why Civilizations Self Destruct.

Feb 7 Spend morning elaborating on recent idea about buying a mansion in Dover and having a big party at each season.

Feb 8 Arrive at Spruce Peak c 10:30. It's cold but sunny. Easy Street is too easy. Little Spruce Double. West Run to East Run to Big Spruce Double. Trees all snow at top. Sterling to Crossover to Main Street. West Run to Slalom Hill to West Slope. Do Smuggler's from Little Spruce Double. Some ice under the new powder. Expensive cheeseburger for lunch. Side Street via icy area to Main Street. West Run to West Slope. Ridge Run to Main Street. Sterling again. Am skiing much faster and more aggressively today. Going into crouches everywhere. Width of Easy Street and Meadows is wonderful. Snow-making geysers give an otherworldly quality when alone in their midst. Stop at Grand Union for first time. Apricot bread.

Feb 9 Bush gives a fairly good budget speech. Although I fall asleep, I like what he says about jobs for people on welfare and about acid rain cleanup.

Feb 10 As I sort matchbooks and cut tea boxes, think of the many old friends besides the high-school crowd who could swell the ranks of the "estate" parties. Only the private school people can I not see at occasional class reunions.

Feb 12 Indexing this journal involves extracting out from it specific lists of things which I find it useful to list separately. [Would have been much easier with a computer]. While organizing materials for indexing dreams and Journal, decide on estate flags for Ravenhurst and Castle on the Green, the Wolfhaven flag being territorial. Ravenhurst is a view West with tall pines to left, crow in air to right flying to NE. Castle is a view south with tower on left, crescent Moon rising on right.

Feb 13 Strange adventure. Head to Loon Mountain. Too crowded. Head to Waterville Valley over forbidden logging road. Encounter snow barrier, turn back, take side road, get stuck on bridge. Walk about four miles through silent wilderness to Route 93, thumb to Lincoln with aggressive serial-killer type who claims to be "cagey with chains". After a Hellish day without food, finally procure a chap with a front end loader to make a road down so he can pull me out.

Feb 16 See a Sally Raphael show where vicious Christians label a woman a "pervert" because she believes in free sex so as to get past mere sex and on to higher things. It seems the subhuman elements never reach fifth circuit imprinting. Not realizing they are only half-developed they seek nothing higher, but only strive to denigrate those who do. I'm reaching a level where I don't have to worry about sub-humanity any more than about even less highly evolved non-human forms. I can move mechanically, but cheerfully, among them while cleverly parrying and shunning them.

Feb 17 Britain warns Iran about harm coming to anyone over-reacting to Salmon Rushdi's novel The Satanic Verses.

Feb 19 While indexing Journal conceive idea for train layout of diorama with huge mansion and all my friends at a party, plus the edge of a Libertarian isolation community for the enemies. Aft. Begin reading Testament of Adolph Hitler.

Feb 21 Today twelve European embassies are pulling out of Iran. Grand Wizard of the KKK David Duke elected to Congress. Reactionary black Congressman says he will quit. Finish reading NS Chronicle.

Feb 23 Review Storm Trooper.

Feb 24 Begin reading Holocaust: Questions and Answers. A very enlightening book.

Mar 1 Lunch. Egg Foo Yong at Golden City.

Mar 2 David Drew offers me $250,000 for Castle on the Green.

Mar 9 Car batteries dead. Spend day exploring St Johnsbury. Pork sandwich at Golden City.

Mar 10 c 10 AM at Bolton Valley begin by skiing trail down from #3 lift. Then Deer Run and Bear Run really fast, as I visualize a grizzly Bear chasing me. Then I take #4 Lift to summit and ski Sherman's Pass to Swing to Work Road to Long Lift Line. Sun is strong. Smoke restricts long view. Up lift #1 mid-unload. Same way to Abenaki. Bacon cheeseburger prepared by deaf chap at lunch. Lesson with a good guy named Jim who I think has helped me with parallel turns a good bit. At one point ahead of him going down to the lift, I catch an edge and do a ballet 360 turn to keep from falling. He exclaims "Where in the world did you learn to do that? I had no choice. Probably how ski ballet was originated. Near end I go up #4 again but finding Swing closed am forced to take harder part of Sherman's down to Bear Run. Stop for groceries in Waterbury. A very productive day.

Mar 14 Arrive at Anderson & Ward in Keene at 11 AM. Nice new offices. Visit Foodstuffs, where I get many new teas. Enjoy a strange duck salad with rice noodles and pressed hazelnut coffee. Get some new teas and coffee at Imports Plus. Buy Jocomo at Face Place and some postcards and incense. Visit box and O. K. Fairbanks, then Sun Foods and Edward's. Arrive at Park Plaza by 8 PM. Have delightful scallops at Legal Seafoods while talking with manager. He buys me a drink of lime liquor. He has 300 cases of it in a warehouse in Watertown. Visit Naked. Have one drink with Linda, who is a redhead now, and says after retiring as a dancer she might be a hostess "scaring people". She's going to Hungary soon.

Mar 15 Enjoy especially the sausage-buffet at Cafe Rouge. Spend yet another day at the Genealogical Society and BPL tracing family. Visit Carl's Pagoda in Chinatown for shrimp. Visit Naked. Drink with Linda. Tell her about what I've been reading on WWII concentration camps. This is a very open minded girl and I admire her for it. Get banana and fudge milks at Christie's.

Mar 16 Cologne this season is Jocomo. Poached and ham at Cafe Rouge. Visit briefly will my old mentor Dr. Robert Webb at Suffolk University. This is the man who explained natural selection to me and taught me empiricism. He looks good and informs me that since Nixon cut funding, experimental psych has almost ceased to exist. Explore buildings. Look at yearbooks. See pictures of Rita Battles, Cathy Zoza, Joanna Scalzi, Dr. Petherick, Madeline Eliot, Frank Adrisi, John Reilly, Dr. Sahakian, Dr. Webb, Dr. Weatherbee, Vahe Sarafian, Pat Boynton, Donna Bonomo, Mary Pietro, Mary Hefron, Phylis Mack and Senora Alonso. At this point tears in my eyes. I realize that many who attended did not finish at least in 1969 or 70. Lunch of Bratwurst at Jake's. Visit Archives in Concord then Vital Statistics, but too late.

Mar 19 Date colognes and assign seasons to the earlier ones. Talk with Jane Annis, a distant relative in New Hampshire.

Mar 20 Decide to keep deferring tax by buying expensive homes. I will not pay $60,000 to subsidize dirty mouth vagabonds.

Mar 22 Finally ski Mad River Glen. Take Sunnyside Chair to Fox down to Porcupine, to Snail, Periwinkle, Snail, Porcupine to Easyway Down. Then Robin to Chipmunk Bowl. Cheeseburger with peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch. Then Periwinkle to Lark. Cannot face up to a third run so I decide to lounge in sun on the deck. Talk with fanatical little blonde woman who just broke her collarbone on Paradise, unofficial glade, with her arm already broken in a sling. All she can think of is how all this will wreck her tennis game. It's great to be rich. Leave early. Six inches of new powder over solid ice. This is the hardest, most taxing, moguls abounding, skiing I have done. Very humbling. Will never forget experts flying through the air off Paradise Trail. Stop at Golden City for Pork Mu Shi.

Mar 23 Bring in pine firewood from garage. Read car literature.

Mar 27 Back to Spruce. Sunny with wet snow. After chickening out on the NASTAR Slalom, ski The Meadows then Easy Street. Then West Run to West Slope. Have a Payday Bar while waiting for the shuttle. Go over to Mt Mansfield. Up Mountain Triple to Toll Road to Easy Mile which is too easy and slow. The snow today will suddenly slow you down without warning. Up Tollhouse Double. Down Standard to Crossover down to Gondola base restaurant. Sit across from Cathy Dowling lookalike girl with orange mirror shades who is sunning herself. Teriyaki chicken in pita. Up Gondola with kid from Laurentians. Moguls on Perry Merrill give me trouble. Back over to Toll Road for two more runs each ending with Lower Lord, perfect for my level. The shuttle to Spruce. Easy Street, Meadows, Side Street to Main Street. Stop for pork sandwich at Miss Lyndonville Diner. See Lynn Brown and his wife Lynn.

Mar 28, 1989. Begin to realize the full impact that the rewriting of 20th Century history has had on peoples' emotions, values, and expectations. Because people are unaware of the superior Libertarian alternative, they have a vested interest psychologically in not questioning historical lies.

[Around this time a deflationary depression begins in Northern New England. Deepens by the end of the year. In 1990 I see: Homes and Land magazines fold. Real estate firms who have competed for thirty years fire most of their staff and merge. Successful salesgirl from St. Johnsbury, Terry Hazleton, ends up working as a waitress in Massachusetts. Every Sunday, fifteen pages of foreclosure notices for New Hampshire in the Concord paper. How long this continues I don't know. By 1992 I lose $213,000: $98,000 true net loss on my residence. $115,000 paper loss on Ma's house in Florida. Depression lasts a decade. Government throws this data in with the boom areas out west so the average looks like a sluggish prosperity].

Mar 31 Huge oil slick engulfing Alaska killing everything. Elections in Russia are getting rid of old Communist leaders.

April Fool today is George Bush for his un-Libertarian stand on assault rifles and for saying we can get rid of the drug epidemic by teaching "family values".

Apr 3 Visit Loon Mountain again, but threat of rain. Pepper steak at Golden City.

Apr 4 Figure future based on 100% deferral of capital gains.

Apr 5 News says Russia may leave Castro "out on a limb". Visit river, talk with Charley Lang. Fix back porch roof.

Apr 10 c 19:30 AM Show house to Dorothy Keilt.

Apr 11 A "Satanic" cult in Mexico has been sacrificing people to protect their drug operation. It seems that such "Satanists" are almost always fundamentalist Christians first. Looks like it's beginning to backfire, don't it boys? Other news today is about the rise of Nazism in Germany. A new party under a former SS man now has 10% of the vote. And this coupled with the decline of Marxism in Russia. We are heading into a very interesting age. Oh to be 19 again, but knowing what I know now. I hope I live to see the glory of all this.

Visit Loon again. Take Gondola to Exodus to Upper Bear Claw to Lower Bear Claw. Beautiful conditions, packed powder. Am surprised by excellence of views. Up again. Visit terrace at top. Cut finger. Get first aid. Down to Link, then Brookway. Seven Brothers up and down. Little Sister also. Seven Brothers to Link to East Basin Double to Lower Flying Fox. Cheeseburger for lunch as snow threatens. Up Seven Brothers to North Peak Triple. Down very steep Sunset to Bearclaw. Gondola to Haulback to awesome Lower Walking Boss to Brookway Gondola to Upper Flying Fox. Coming fast around a blind corner I suddenly find myself confronting icy four foot moguls. Too late to avoid. I actually ski them. Even as I do it, I don't believe it. This moment of triumph elicits a loud Apache war cry. Down Lower Fox and it's a day. This is a nice place. Speak with Cherrylee at Butson's. What a strange little woman Tiny gold pearls pierced into her ears. Like a little tribal sorceress.

Apr 13 Get excellent Salisbury Steak at White Market. 6 PM Show house to young couple with Shelley and Mary.

Apr 15 Leader of that murder cult in Mexico is Adolfo De Jesus Constanza. De Jesus is right. The world is ready for many things. Repressive laws have created these unnecessary and extreme aberrations. Within two hundred years the Christian, will be on the defensive. "Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law."

Apr 17 Return to Sunday River. Rough going on Broadway. Sunny and c 40 degrees. Tourist Trap. Up Detachable to Lazy River. Ecstasy to wide, but steep, moguly Sunday Punch. Very challenging. Take exhausting Road Runner to Little White Cap Quad. Down Cascades to lunch, Sunday River Burger and excellent chili. The rest of day on South Ridge trails.

Apr 18 Rake yard.


Apr 19 Toaster oven catches afire. Cleanup. Boldly move "No Parking" sign from West Common to across the street. Recondition toaster oven. Students in China are in second day of mass demonstrations demanding civil rights and democratic changes. This is an exciting time. The New Aeon is well under way. Abby Hoffman took 125 pheno-barbital. False values reap their own reward.

Apr 20 Snow and sun on and off all day.


Apr 21 Do prints of outdoors.


Apr 22 Rake away tire tracks across the street. 12:50 PM Show house to family of nine [Smelly blacks. Air out house afterwards. Use disinfectant spay].


Apr 25 Eve. Finish reading Cosmic Trigger.


Apr 26 In Russia today 110 hard-line Communist Party members resign. Chinese government says students are attempting overthrow.


Apr 27 Workers join students in China today. If we are really witnessing the decline of communism in the East, will the US have to become Communist so the bankers can still finance wars, or will cut-threat competition in a free world market be enough to trigger it? European monarchies always managed to find an excuse. Visit bank in Concord. Do family research on State Street. See nice guitar used by metal players. Lunch of Egg Foo Yong at Hawaiian Isle. Deal with cranky old pig at Vital Statistics. See my buddy at Public Archives.


Beltane. Britt visits for twe days. Normal Ritual.


May 1 Georgia has been trying to secede from the Soviet Union and does not participate in mayday Parade featuring Americans and Chinese and an anti-Communist leader theme. Meanwhile, Helmut Chole and Margaret Thatcher are trying to hold NATO alliance together because of differences over nuclear missals. After interview with Mr. Thomson at the bank, see man about 55 years old at the market who is walking around whispering very loudly, "They is sickos. They are filthy. They stink. I want to stab them. I want to stab them to death." This homicidal schizo is the most frightening person I may ever have seen. He comes up behind me in the checkout line. Fearing for my kidneys being skewered, I move down two registers and he follows me. Discover superior power of overhand method in throwing death stars.


May 3 They are tearing down Iron Curtain between Hungary and Austria today. Talk recently of destroying wall between East and West Berlin. Justine was right about "where things are happening".


May 4 Demonstrations are peaceful in China again today, unlike Korea. More slides from on the Common.


May 5 Oliver North guilty on three counts today. Visit Lyndon State - have nice pepper steak. Visit Lyndon Center Cemetery. See Petigrew-Watson-Morrel-Quimby monument. This means that I am distantly related by marriage to John Petigrew who built Castle on the Green because of all the Spooner-Quimby marriages.


May 6 Decide to plant a garden this year despite circumstances.


May 7 Find my knife throwing ability has not deteriorated.

May 8 Plant spinach and peas. Bank approves $18,000 loan. Wash car with great feeling of well-being.

May 9 Spend time chatting with a guy at Lyndon State about coming technology relative to laser recorders and obsolescence of magnetic tape. Find that I can get Jack Bruce on CD. Also Yardbirds, but no Groundhogs yet. Whispering psycho says hello to me at supermarket.


May 11 Mr. Thomson drops by with a prospect for the house. I scurry to put away Third Reich stuff, just in case the buyer is Jewish, and we show the house.


May 12 Marines, including a light armor division, arrive in Panama to enforce elections. The Panama Kid, Jimmy Carter, is on hand, perhaps to give something away? Eve. Throw death stars with Charley Lang. Late news explains that Naked Club will close because bouncers have been hassling customers, throwing them against the wall, etc. This is now the end of the Combat Zone, which the reporter says started fourteen years ago.


May 14 See program about new rotorcraft which will be available soon and which will do 400 mph.


May 15 It seems that my friend Wendy would assert belief over science.


May 17 Get my $18,000 finally. Make reservations for Florida. Visit Glover on genealogy business. Decide to visit Debra Cortese. She seems a little annoyed with me and is working with a real dink. This is a very desirable and intelligent woman - the closest to perfect I have thusfar met, but I don't see myself being happy with her.


May 18 Leaders in China are responding to students on hunger strike.


May 19 In Littleton, Paul tells me Maria is pregnant. Hope to marry her in my next incarnation.


May 20 Visiting Lyndon State, I hear more about China and feel delighted to be living in exciting times like these. The 80s are better even than the 60s.


May 21 Realize that the only kind of woman I want is a loving Witch who I can see for two or three hours once a week without further involvement. A good local whore, perhaps.


May 22 A million people demonstrating in Hong Kong.


May 23 Startling show this morning about large groups of police randomly attacking and terrorizing people. A new trend. Prep seed beds.


May 24 Soldiers clashing with crowds in Beijing. Leaders vying for power. Organize Scullery.


May 25 In Russia, Congress of the Peoples' Deputies debating policy. Newswoman, in reference to China, speaks of "the decline of Communism". Cold fusion energy apparently a reality, but infinitesimal. Plant corn and gourds.


May 26 Castles made of sand. Communist leaders in China are initiating a "purge" of all democratic elements.


May 27 Talk to Pill who tells me that Arlene went through transition in March.


May 29 Enjoy first Memorial Day Parade since probably the 1950s or early 60s. Talk with American Legion guy at cemetery. Legion has still not passed resolution about the CFR and Trilateralists.


May 31 Students in China have erected their Goddess of Democracy statue in Tianen Square facing portrait of Mao Tse Tung.


Jun 2 At 1 PM visit dentist. Lunch at MacDonald's. Visit Lechemere. See plastic 28-210 Vivitar. Statler. Tomato soup and very bony duck served by Carl himself at Carl's Pagoda. Visit with Linda who tells me that Dorrie is back, visiting from Pensicola, having moved home at some point.

Jun 3 After poached and sausage at Cafe Rouge spend about four hours at NEHGS researching family. As soldiers in China begin shooting the students, I enjoy Norwegian Salmon at Legal Seafoods while discussing world events with some poor shitheel who can't even trust himself with a gun. Meet Ed at the Naked. We visit two Kappy's stores where I buy all kinds of good booze - vanilla liquor. Then we go to Wey Lu's which looks like Chinese Imperial Palace and is sitting on a small mountain of broken rock with spiral road to top. Huge dragons entwine a pillar as we ride up escalator. Bridge crosses stream. Dragon heads spit water. Never have I seen so many people eating at one time. Truly a restaurant of colossal size and grandeur. Two hour wait, so we go to Cow Loon. Enjoy a Zombie while we wait. Then pork strips, teriyaki of unusual succulence, ginger chicken, and lechee fruit. Chef keeps throwing oil in fire and I remark that "It's just how it will be, but when the bomb goes off. it will be100,000 more intense"., We then visit The Cabaret, a boisterous place, where we see our friend Roxanne dancing as a nurse. A very enjoyable evening.


Jun 4 After scrambled and ham at Cafe Rouge, go looking for camera eyepiece at Lafayette Place, then visit Naked. Nancy tells me Gezelle is a policewoman. Oh, to be under close arrest at her place! Stop for BLT on way home in Concord.


Jun 5 All kinds of rumors in China today about dead or dying leaders, rival factions, etc. President Bush is saying they must review student demands or we will cut off trade, talk, medical, and other aid. Soldiers are killing thousands they are saying. Fu Fang Shia had advised me personally that we should send troops. I'll stick with Wey Lu's. In Poland, as Democracy is being established, there is worry that voting out moderate Communists may give power to fanatical Communists. In Russia, 800 die in train crash on Trans-Siberian RR, mostly kids on way to camp. In Iran, Iatola Khomeni has died. His son Ali will succeed him. Doom Changes. Spend morning rearranging bar. Eve. Program on terrorism directed at USA. Nearly get duped into placing a telephone vote approving military action to get hostages out of Lebanon, but this would be like condoning US aid to Israel.


Jun 6 Americans leaving China. Crowds of mourners in Iran rush the Iatola's funeral procession tearing his shroud to pieces and knocking his corpse to the ground. Iatola you not to do that. Eve. Speaker of the House resigns in scandal declaring "we must end this mindless cannibalism". News is saying rival factions of army are fighting now in China.


Jun 7 Civil war in China today.


Jun 8 Chinese government is emphasizing student violence and denying army violence.


Jun 10 Anti-abortion elements are engaging in violence all over the country and are being taken to jail. Have nice talk with Ma relative to both family and World history.


Jun 11 Six hundred arrests so far in China. Physicist Fang Li Jer is being protected in US Embassy which is surrounded by army. Government angry with Voice of America.


Jun 13 Government saying it could be dangerous for US Embassy people.


Jun 14 Three hundred more arrests in China in past three days. Government kicking out US Embassy people. Line of students applying for visas to the US. Reminds me of what kid in Chinatown, Boston told me on June 2 - that US is discussing limitations on immigration. Morn. Begin copies of new brochure on house.


Jun 16 Cologne this season is Jockey Club. A brazen Chinese government is openly denying that soldiers killed anyone as they scrub away the blood stains, repair the bullet holes, and erase the tank tracks. Actual death toll is over 1000. In Hungary pro-freedom fighters who were executed by Communists in 1956 are being re-buried in state as heroes. Aft. Get blues records at LSC.


Jun 17 Helmut Kohl is finding that Mr. Gorbachev is more popular than himself in Germany. More talk about tearing down the Berlin Wall.


Jun 18 Chinese government saying that American Embassy people sheltering Fang Li Jer "will be cornered". Fly down for a quick visit with Ma. She looks good and has made big piles of pine needles in the woods. Am surprised when I notice that house masonry is just like brand new. This is because there is almost no frost. One winter in New England would weather the masonry more than this climate has in almost three decades since the house was built.


Jun 19 Ma and I visit Palm Beach. Too many people. Lunch at Testa's. Endless traffic on Ocean Blvd. West Palm looks awful. No more Riviera Beach High School.


Jun 20 Ma shows me some very nice new buildings in Jupiter. Big nice restaurants too. Much too built-up though. Hobe Sound is still nice. Orange juice at Whathisname's. Eve. Fly back.


Jun 21 Apparently there have been no executions in China relative to the pro-Democracy movement until today - three men who blew up a train. They are shot in the back of the head and the family is billed for the bullet - a user fee, ironically the only Capitalist method of payment for government services.


Jun 22 Executions number 7 and arrests are 1600 in China. 11:30 AM Ride Stage up Mt. Washington. Hot and hazy. 25 mile view. 51 degrees at the top. After egg salad sandwich and macaroni salad c 1:30 PM hike down to Lake of the Clouds, favoring my left knee all the way. Leave there c 3:30 not realizing that I am heading into one of the most frightening and desperate adventures of my life. As I leave, I can see my destination at a bewilderingly great distance. The trail proceeds for quite a while in a normal fashion. At a certain point the trail begins to narrow, but seeing recent footprints, I keep on over a ridge and down a very steep area. Trail keeps getting less like a trail. At one point my foot pokes through moss into a cave and I fall, up to my thigh. The pitch of the land takes me back toward the river. I come down a place that it is impossible to get back up and am then confronted with having to pass between two parallel ledges each an a 45 degree angle with rushing water below. I am very angry at the AMC at this point and very frightened. Inch my way along slippery surface. If I fall the short distance, I will break both legs on the jagged boulders and starve to death, unless animals get me first. Slip at one point. Coughing and exhausted, I don't even bother to photograph beautiful cascades behind me - I don't want to remember this. Come to an even worse situation. Climb up steep banking back into forest. No trail now. Back towards water. Down to a place where I can't go either down or up. Can't go up because in descending I have slid down a steep stone face catching my heels at intervals to stop me. Impossible to go back up. Can't go down because I will have to jump down fifteen feet into a pool where I will probably pitch forward and hit my head on boulders, get knocked out, and drown in two feet of water. Go up a way. Come down again. Still hopeless. Yell for help. With all my strength eventually pull myself up to safety. As I do this, it seems like everything is reaching out to snag me. Like in a German fairy tail when the trees conspire against lost children. I put away knife and camera in pack, and then walk to place where I can cross river. Rest and head down trying to avoid water. Land almost forces one towards the water. Krummholtz is now about six feet high and ultra-dense. Slope is very steep. I can't see my feet. Each step has a new surprise - a three foot drop, a jagged rock, a spiked tree, a crevasse covered with primeval moss so it looks solid. This is worse than any Viet Nam movie, literally Hell on Earth and ties with seven or eight other things as one of the worst experiences of my life. At one point, I fall down over a banking right in front of a dark cave. I fear bears at this point. An encounter with bees would mean certain death. I am falling more than walking now because my strength is gone. Finally I see a flat river bank. As I head down, I see the trail to my right and know I will live. After resting, move on, my knee troubling me a bit. Large lynx comes running across path about 60 feet ahead. I can hear the thunder of his paws even before I see him. My imaginings turn to lions at this point and where I would hunt if I were a lion - near a river bank, of course. I decide that I must put knife back on my hip. Finally make base lodge at 7 PM. Home via Whitefield and Gilman.


Jun 23 Am lame all over from yesterday's adventure - especially in arms. Can hardly walk down stairs.


Jun 24 Executions in China up to 24 now and arrests number 2000. They say our President isn't doing anything because he and Dung Cow Ping are friends. After all, they serve the same masters. Last week’s threats to Hong Kong are causing many to leave. There is some talk of invasion. Would Britain take on China?


Jun 27 Bush milking the flag burning debate for all it's worth by sponsoring a Constitutional Amendment to counteract the recent Supreme Court decision. Will this become a trend? Will reactionary yahoos seek an amendment every time they dislike a court decision? Morn. Touch up porch chairs with green paint. Aft. Gather many pine cones. Amount is now six times average of last three years.


Jun 29 Spend delightful day touring Peacham-Ryegate area with George Mathias, broker, and Don Morris who knew Elvis Presley and used to play in Hoot 'n Nanny.


Jul 1 Three oil spills in past week. I will now take action. Statue of Lenin is toppled in Hungary. Morn. Talk mountain climbing with former AMC guy resembling Whatshisname at crafts fair on common.


Jul 2 Over 2000 drug arrests in Florida and over 400 in LA as part of big plan to drive up the price and further increase the profit incentive / enforcement expenditure curve. Mr. Bennett deserves Stooge of the Year Award presented with a posthumous award for Eliot Ness. So much goodness. So pure. Rosy cheeked boys in a man's world. Aft. Meet little girl named Meagan visiting next-door while gathering still more pine cones.


Jul 3 Finish poisoning weeds. Supreme Court gives right to legislate on abortion back to states, along with the right to execute children and retards last week. It seems that often the avoidance of "excess federalism" is merely the appeasing of pressure groups.


Jul 4 Much flag burning today especially by pro-choice abortion groups. Riots especially violent in Boston. News saying abortion will be the Viet Nam of the 1990s. There is no issue here: Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny not only in the womb, but experientially at the level of neuronal imprinting after birth. If one commits murder by terminating any life-form capable of human consciousness at some point in the future then every man using a condom should receive approximately 10,000 concurrent life sentences. Shall we make the sentences retroactive?


Jul 5 Oliver North gets off with a fine and some community service today, but will appeal. Should mention that my mentor Hugh Hefner has finally married again.


Jul 7 In addition to more talk recently about tearing down the Berlin Wall, European nations have decided to almost dissolve their borders and have a single economic system. I'll bet the Trilateralists are delighted. It's ironical how the roads to both Liberty and slavery can, for a time, be one road. Let's hope we can educate the masses in time.


Jul 8 Reincorporate pre-mix cocktails into my bar. 93 selections.


Jul 9 Fires out West have burned a million acres already It was 750,000 at this point last year. I had thought to postpone seeing Yellowstone until it grows back. Now I will plan to go soon so I can see it before it all burns completely. I'll postpone Europe until 1993 [arf! arf], because of their economic plans. Alaska can clean up the oil and pave the road from Seattle in the meanwhile. Eve. Finish reading The Broken Sword.


Jul 11 Begin reading Our Nordic Race.


Jul 12 c 5:30 PM Show house. Nice talk with Shelley afterwards.


Jul 14 Gala festivities in Paris in celebration of bicentennial of French Revolution. Have three experiences connected with Jewish relations today. Herr Zubermeister requests information about the "Holocaust". Have a discussion with a chap from Chicago about racial submergence. Thirdly a Jew calls soliciting advertising. After listening politely, I politely try to explain that I am not interested, but eventually have to hang up. He is so paranoid, reactionary, and pushy that he calls me back a dozen or more times hysterically insulting me, threatening me, "psycho" analyzing me, and proclaiming his genitals to be the larger when I question his maturity. So miserable are The Chosen.


Jul 16 At 9 AM show house to Harringtons. Talk with MacSquish about Mohawk Vodka and other matters. Stay up to see "The Cotton Club" again.


Jul 17 c 2:30 PM Show house to Hopkins. Wife resembles Liz.


Jul 20 Finish reading Our Nordic Race. Perhaps the large standing armies made possible by fiat currency have not been in vain when we look to the East.


Jul 21 Visit Connecticut Valley Faire in Bradford. Scarcely worth seeing. Visit Haverhill. See house I like on Common for sale. Talk about history with girl at "The Victorian".


Jul 22 Stars and Strips Parade, pepper vodka from Russia, burger, more Tai Quon Do, music. c 6:15 Go back for chicken. Talk to Wendy.


Jul 23 Usual breakfast on Common - potatoes, pancake, sausage omelet, ham, pecan-roll, coffee. Back at 12:45 for lasagna, chicken-chow-mien and rice, potatoes, omelet, ham, and tea. Have had my fill of Lyndonville.


Jul 24 Meet attractive librarian at Lyndon State. Check out three volume set of Duke Ellington, plus a two volume set of delta-style country blues. Eve. Big fire over in business block.


Jul 27 Sun in the High Ammonusuc turns my hair a reddish blonde.


Jul 28 Integrate new booze into my bar - fortified wines. 102 choices.


Jul 29 Am astounded by the early roots of Rock n' Roll that I hear in music of Duke Ellington.


Jul 30 Show house to Mark Morse and pouty-face blonde girl - real cute girl.


Aug 5 A day in Hell. 6:30 AM Porch flooded with water. 7:15 AM Discover refrigerator has died. Spend all day with this. Manage to call Aunt Shirley 10:15 AM.


Aug 7 First of the Earthquakes to come are felt in San Francisco.


Aug 11 Clean house all day.


Aug 12 At 9:15 AM Second visit by Harringtons.


Aug 14 Finish indexing" Liber Somniorum".


Aug 16 Sort business cards. Am returning to real estate business. Will do only large properties. Blood on the Moon - Lunar Eclipse in crimson.


Aug 17 c 11:30 AM Arrive at Orleans County Faire. Talk with guy selling incense. Buy a marble from encapsulation guy. Learn that wolves who lose their mate become solitary hunters. Have good barbecued sweet sausage - talk with owner. See sheep and goats "and surely do admire the size of those testicles", but am perplexed by their vulnerable pendulosity. Visit Lake Willoughby on way home. Hazy with many on beach.


Aug 19 Read about my Swedish farm ancestry. Gray kitten visits.


Aug 21 Harvest rear corn patch to save from animals.


Aug 22 Remove corn from cobs.


Aug 25 Clean sidewalk.


Aug 29 Remove jars and bottles to teahouse. A fine job.


Aug 30 Set up business file in kitchen.


Sep 1 Blacks clashing with police on Brooklyn Bridge. There's a new drug called croak emerging. Bush is sending aid and 100 troops to stop drugs in Columbia, or is it Panama? Who cares? It won't work. Rolling Stones begin tour.


Sep 2 Ku Klux Klan and Nazis protesting racial infiltration in Georgia. National Party (apartheid) re-elected. Them boys are on the run now. Sort real estate mail. Swap phones. Investigate Mr. Allsberry. The police tell me he is a local flako..


Sep 3 Seed north side of Common, since the town is too busy.


Sep 4 Continuing problems between Christian and Jewish devolutionary elements over Carmelite Nuns at Auschwitz. Make more tomato juice with peppers. Fine Bloody Marys this weekend.


Sep 5 In Florida 100,000 blacks having Greek Day, loot stores, attack police, and slash horses tendons. Riots in South Africa. Racial tension on the rise everywhere. Brownstein cowers out of appointment to see Burklyn Hall, doesn't show up and then doesn't return call.


Sep 6 Spend day at Vermont State Faire. Buy black Cross Patee ring. Buy grouse foot in Quechee on way back. Make wrong turn and return by way of Stowe.


Sep 7 Excellent roast lamb in Woodsville on way back to Lisbon where I do family research. Mild Winter this year.


Sep 8 Prepare for continuing work on house. Scan English manor house books.


Sep 9 Have long visit with Charley. Clear brush for pointing up masonry.


Sep 12 Finally stain front door and frame.


Sep 13 Thousands of refugees leaving East Germany for West. Talk of stopping it. Columbian drug lords killing judges and blowing up buildings. Clean behind garage and seed with Shade Mix.


Sep 16 Attend Highland Games. No Johnstone tent this year. Inquire about Art, Harvey, and wives at Moffat tent. Lunch of char-broiled chicken and potato salad. Scones with jam. Free pass up Gondola. Climb tower. Hike cave area. Run into Kate Deegan. Coffee. Stay for finale. Walk back to Lincoln. Record attendance of 16,000. Too many non-Scottish elements.


Sep 17 Bring in pine cones. Make tomato soup and juice. Alternative version of song "One Night (of Sin)" has begun to make me think that the Elvi made himself a casualty of Christianity. Enjoy Cornish hen - fist since Eliot Street.


Sep 18 Get signatures for zoning petition.


Sep 19 Hurricane Hugo slaps my buddies in Puerto Rico last night and has left 99% homeless on Monserrat.


Sep 19 Discuss Watson history with Charley while sitting on front steps.


Sep 21 Visit North Conway. Purchase Enrico Coveri and Futuros. This season Coveri. Black and white cat runs under my car and is killed in Randolf. Too bad it wasn't some Socialist outlander's kid. Have prime rib at Susannah's served by one of the most desirable women I have seen in years.


Sep 22 Charleston SC devastated by Hugo. Charles Brosseau visits. We figure out parking for zoning board. Plan colognes. Sabbat ritual at dark.


Sep 23 High winds have power off. I prepare morning sausage and burnt toast by candlelight.


Sep 24 Harvest entire garden. Gourds crossed with pumpkin last year. Some are very large. Apricot and prune pork roast - another first since Eliot Street. Make more tomato juice.


Sep 25 Make pork soup with Ramen as boiler sends up heat.


Sep 26 Place gourds in dining room.


Sep 28 Finish further refinement of record sequence as for seasonal parties. 2 PM See "The Cotton Club" again, 8th time?


Sep 30 Finally point up masonry.


Oct 1 Photo manor houses in books. Paint white in west porch.


Oct 2 Plant winter rye again on north edge of Common. Aft. Politely ask state workers in large orange truck to vacate, which they do.


Oct 3 Begin listing records I take out of LSC Library. Talk about Burklyn with Mr. Thompson. $500,000 with 33% down.


Oct 4 Learn how to use computer to access records and books at LSC Library.

Oct 5 See Evening Magazine girl, Robin, doing four takes of a simple chat about foliage at the base of Bald Mountain - very disillusioning.

Visit Basin for first time - nice area. See first Nissan 240 SX at MacD at lunch.

Lenny Licor gives me tour at Loon Village and a terrible browbeating sales-pitch for a time-share investment.

Oct 6 Government is saying that only bureaucratic bungling kept us from aiding the attempted overthrow in Panama last week.


Oct 7 Contemplate formation of an Evolutionary Libertarian Party with headquarters here. Realize that OY would for now be an inner order held back even from party members. Read blues lyrics. Aft. Finish preliminary indexing of Journal.


Oct 8 Mass exodus from East Germany to West. 9:30 AM Show house to Arron Bigelow. Aft. Do Journal indexing from slide trays.


Oct 9 "The One Quest - The Evolutionary Destiny of the Human Species". Contemplate future relationships to publishers. Morn. Work out Latin titles for indexed Journal material. Aft. Begin refinements. Re-organize the Libertarian writings, which I call "The Trilogy".


Oct 10 On way to Keene, have nice talk about racial problems with store owner in Rockingham. c 11:30 AM Arrive at Winding Brook Lodge. Ruth looks good. Visit O.K. Fairbanks, then have Orange Flavor Shrimp at Jade Dragon. Get raspberry coffee at Imports Plus. Pay tax, copy license at Library, register car. Seek shop where I saw the Three Bears from my youth,- moved. Visit Susan and Jay, who are selling the business. Visit Edward's, Sun Foods, and Colony Mill, where I test Van Cleef and Gucci, also talk with nice lady in Yule shop. Fuel and additive, then back to Winding Brook for prime rib.


Oct 11 At 7 AM bacon and poached. Arrive c 9:50 AM at dentist. Pay fee at Concord NH Registry. Search for Noyes in Vital Records. Find the true Spooner-Mayflower link at State Library. Return.


Oct 12 Re-arrange coffee and herbs. Head to Island Pond. Have Rueben in strange Common Sense Restaurant. Ancient wood, fire on hearth, a Dutch couple, and frisky babies make this a delight.  

Talk with wet-suited wind surfer on shore of Lake Seymour in a high wind. Very awesome place. Visit Lakes, Salem and Willoughby, plus Sutton and Darling Hill. 7 PM Zoning Board rejects Bed & Breakfast application. No variance possible. Would require re-writing town laws. With this zoning I could have sold the Castle easily for $500,000 in Summer 1988. It's funny how things work to "preserve". Left side of main street heading North is residential only and is falling apart with neglect. Right side is commercial and beautifully maintained.

Friday Oct 13 Stain brick finally. Eve. Hear that second biggest drop in history of Wall Street occurs today.


Oct 14 Talk of W and East Germany re-uniting with possible neutrality. Stain deck and steps finally.


Oct 15 East German police clashing with people trying to leave. Finish staining brick. Aft. Do slides of house from across the street.


Oct 16 While getting four new tires talk, with uninsured guy who lost everything in a fire, $100,000+.


Oct 17 Enjoy Bessie Smith recordings.


Oct 18 Bad earthquake damage in San Francisco to Santa Cruz area. Hope Rosicrucians and Katy are safe. Enjoy Samhain stuff in Littleton. Get cucumber, onion, and vegetable spreads from Paul.


Oct 19 Visit Catherine Darling and her sister. Photo village and Common.


Oct 21 As sun comes up, wade down to river. Photo horses. Pork and mushrooms at Golden City.


Oct 22 Visit from Vincent Lengerich. We have dinner in the Grand dining Room.


Oct 23 Sitting, admiring fine view from porch of Cady House, Tom Perino and I await Vincent from 11:30 to 12:30 PM, but he doesn't show.


Oct 24 Show house to famous stripper Busty Heart and her manager Frank Stanton. Then we go to lunch.


Oct 26 Have long talk with Tom Thompson.


Oct 27 While working on indexing in kitchen, a real pretty girl like Katy comes to door. Not wanting to have her pass from my life too soon, give her a tour of the downstairs of house. Just a cheeky kid pretending to wealth, but soo pritee! As dark approaches, noisy rally with band occurs near bandstand.


Oct 30 Perform usual Wiccan Samhain Ritual, but in early morning fog amidst a small grove of twisted little black trees in the Witchinglands. Fix fuel tank under car. Weather cancels Salem trip.


Samhain. Rain. Get sticker. Enjoy huge burger at Anthony's.


Nov 1 Have begun to get more into work lately than in years past.


Nov 2 Clean valleys and gutters.


Nov 5 Complete one of the most rewarding things I have ever done by compiling list of my attainment in general. As I finish I thank my Ma and Pa for procreating me. What a fine life I've had since moving to Ravenhurst in 1974.

Nov 6 Update Trilogy.

Nov 7 East German Government resigns. There are calls for total resignation of Communist Party in both Germany and Russia. Morn. After renewing license at Twin Mountain, explore Whitefield. Western sandwich at Country Vittles. Meet John Foley and his Snauser, Charles. Tour his house. Push on to Lancaster, stopping to see stuffed lawn animals. Explore Lancaster. Find nothing better than what I already have.

Nov 8 50,000 have left East Germany since weekend. Politburo resigns.

Nov 9 Reviewing real estate magazines shows me that a place like Ravenhurst, but in NH, is my next stop.

Nov 10 East Germany opens borders to West. Champagne atop the Berlin Wall. Russia warns against re-unification too rapidly. Talk in Russia is that Gorbachev will not last till March.

Nov 13 Study blues lyrics. Borrow $2,000 more. Get more records at LSC: Bix Beiderbecke, Wagner, Gershwin, Bach, and more Ellington.

Nov 14 Visit house in Bethlehem I have judged to be best in the North. Former Woolworth summer estate. Spartan as Hell, poor privacy, appraised for $600,000. I wouldn't pay more than $250,000. Burger at Summit Restaurant? Explore Bethlehem thoroughly. Visit magnificent compound of houses guarded by three very fine large German Shepherd dogs. Awesome view. Visit Grange and Lost Nation.

Nov 16 Gather cones. Study pictures in Story of the Blues. Verify sequence of slides 1951-58.

Nov 17 Decide on Mountain Estates Unlimited as my real estate name.

Nov 19 Visit Stouffenberg's in East Ryegate with Allen Beret and Jim Bareshanks. Light snow on ground. With Mary Scott and two Siamese cats, we tour Inwood Manor. Boneless sparerib at Golden City. Visit Lake Seymour in gray half-light.

Nov 20 Do ultimate refining of record sequence.

Nov 21 Weather cancels Plymouth trip.

Thanksgiving. Talk with Ma about our travels in the 1950s and about genealogy.

Nov 24 A dark day with little traffic. I explore Connecticut River Valley south to Orford. One estate in long driveway is of interest. Haverhill is beautiful on a day like this. Houses have no privacy. Explore Moosilauke area after a delicious Western at the Fairlee Diner. Lots of nice houses in poor locations. Snow on the ground since November 19 is probably permanent ground cover and I haven't even mowed the grass.

Nov 27 Workers in Czechoslovakia striking against Communism, which they have decided to abandon completely.

Nov 28 In Germany, Helmut Kohl has proposed a confederation plus a ten point plan for reunification. I'll bet the Nazis in the beer halls are happy these days. Read glowing tributes to Jim St. John and the late Whitney Haley in my Cambridge Alumni letter. This brings back many memories. Life is a subtle and complex tapestry with many shades of color, both pale and vibrant. Bring in garden stakes after pulling out of snow. Aft. Begin reading Germany Declares for Peace.

Nov 29 The Pope has granted an audience to Mr. Gorbachev. I would grant audience to the Pope only if he first would:

A. Kneel publicly and beg forgiveness of all people of dualistic spirituality for the murder of so many during the Middle Ages and the insult and slander of so many since.

B. Publicly renounce the devolutionary and immoral nature of much of Christian thought and pledge the Church to purging itself from within.

C. As his first words to me privately acknowledge Jesus as being nothing more than a troubled reactionary Jewish boy with good intentions.

Find two houses I like on road from Lyman into Lisbon. Roast lamb in Woodsville where I learn about Newbury Castle. Talk to nice girl in Newbury. See Castle. Nice house, nice location. Explore Woodsville. Visit Benton and find place I like in Center Haverhill at dusk. Visit Haverhill in dark.

Nov 30 At 11 AM show house to ?

Dec 1 Gorby to Pope: "OK, so you can do fish and bread - how about soap" This sums things up quite eloquently. Place rat poison. Plan ski.

Dec 2 Gorbachev and Mr. Bush having a summit at sea - a stormy sea, but a smooth summit. Some have said last weeks announcement about cutting defense by over $300 billion was a mistake.

Dec 5 In East Germany, Eric Honniker and many of the government are under arrest as the people learn about their corrupt activities.

c 10:40 AM Arrive at Killington. c 11 AM Up Snowshed Double, down Snowshed. Down Highlander to Snowdon Double. Down Killink to Glades Triple. High Traverse down, around, into cold wind on Goat Path to West Glade to Rim Run back to Glades Triple. High Traverse to Great Eastern to Four Mile to Frostline to Shagback to Snowshed. Down Yodler to lunch of cheeseburger and carrot cake. Highlander to Killington Peak Double. At top, blonde girl guides me down awesome ridge to Gondola Terminal. I then follow Four Mile to Frostline to Wanderer to Fallsbrook, where I experience "Austrian Rapture" to Skye Peak Quad. Four Way to Four Mile to Frostline to Shagback to Snowshed. Highlander to Killington Peak Double to Four Mile to Frostline to Wanderer to Fallsbrook To Skye Peak Quad. Four Way to Four Mile to Frostline to Wanderer to Shagback to Snowshed to Yodler. Cold quite intolerable throughout all of this. Very clear view of rather unspoiled-looking area.

Dec 6 Crowds in East Germany demanding reuification. Russia says no. Aft. Contemplations beginning with North Shore Mansion reveal to me that real estate-wise, all I would ever enjoy would be ten rooms with land, privacy, and a view - over to Cow Hampshire there.

Dec 7 Revise long plan eliminating trips to Keene.

Dec 8 Explore Woodsville. Discover lovely estate on Landaff Road. Pepper cheeseburger amongst very lower-class looking locals. Visit Landaff. Am delighted with Sugar Hill and astounded by views on Sunset Hill, where I talk with a pretty woman and a Mr. Dube. Visit Easton and Franconia, then back to Sugar Hill. One can see more mountains from here than from anywhere except other mountain tops. Mountains are covered with snow and illuminated by the setting sun so they look the color of peach ice cream. Looking East at great distance to the North is the Star King Range, then to the South the Presidential Range, then the Franconia Range. One of the finest sights I have ever seen.

Dec 9 Minus 18 degrees this morning.

Dec 10 Finish at last the ten month task of indexing this Journal.

Dec 11 Bulgaria going Capitalist today. Aft. Paul Quinn tells me that Yankee Homes is defunct. This is sad - a New England classic. Decide to make historical outline into a series of six novels.

Dec 12 Bring in firewood in 12 degree temperature.

Dec 13 Call for end of Communist Party in Russia. Begin revision of 1985 mansion and house plans in ways which reflect many changes in my values and goals since then.

Dec 14 While exploring the fabulous Sugar Hill, discover strange house on Birches Road. Western at Dutch Treat. See two pretty stone capes, one in a hamlet. Discover perfect house on Mountain View Drive in Franconia. Looks like there is development behind it, I notice later. Get stuck far out on new road. Four guys push me out. Whole town is being developed, but lady in cheese store says only four sales in past two years - all this Fall. Explore Mann's Hill and Dalton at dusk.

Dec 15 Noriega says a state of war exists with USA. Study map of Sugar Hill and Laconia - large power line. Aft. Fix toilet in family bath. Lavatory is frozen.

Dec 18 Cologne this season is Futuros. Big funeral for Sakharov, important opponent of Communism in Russia. First snow removal takes two hours.

Dec 20 Mr. Bush has sent 24,000 troops to liberate Panama. New government is established. Panama City is under siege now. Noriega has probably joined Elvis and Adolf in Chile. Panama Canal is closed for first time since it opened. Brandenburg Gate is being opened for the first time since it closed in 1945.

Yule Sabbat. Romanians rising up against Communism. Thousands have been killed already. Begin family history outlines.

Dec 22 See a girl about five who resembles Katy admiring "deep fried chicken". A perfect little Katy-daughter for me. I should have asked her mother if I could adopt her. Maybe I should have adopted the real Katy to begin with.

Dec 23 Talk family history with Ma.

Dec 24 Call Pill.

Dec 25 Seventy thousand have died to liberate Romania. Ceauscescu has been executed. I would replace him with Nosferatu.

Dec 26 New government in Romania. Cold has destroyed billions-worth of citrus and vegetables down South. Aft. Mail out letters on previous house inquiries.

Dec 27 US troops clearing area around Papal nuncio in Panama City.

Dec 28 Contemplate moving Castle on the Green to Sugar Hill.

Dec 30 Should mention something that my mother told me about a year or so back. Russia supposedly has giant electro-magnet which can disrupt communication, effect weather, and was instrumental in Challenger Disaster.


Jan 1 Write Pa's history.

Jan 3 Explore along river in Franconia and then most of Littleton. Get stuck in lot at Catholic nut-house for insane nuns.

Jan 4 Noriega is taken into custody. George Bush is confident.

Jan 5 Lithuania wants to break away from the USSR. Gorbachev is going to visit. Estonia wants to split also. Doug Casey was right in 1977 when he said the USSR would break up. Get more money at Lyndon Savings. Tour David Drew's house, the little brick one in Lyndon Center. Nice paneled dining room. Awesome fireplace in library.

Jan 8 Arrive c 11:30 AM at Okemo. Up South Ridge Quad. Down Open Slope to NE Summit Triple. Upper Tomahawk to Lower Mountain Road. Misdirecting sign sends me down Village Run to Solitude Peak Quad. Coleman Brook has better cover over the ice and is just my level. Lower Mountain Road to Sugarhouse, where I have truly excellent cheeseburger. Do two runs on Sachem where I really perform, showing off for the women in the condos. Again to Upper Tomahawk. Avoiding Screamin Demon, go usual way to Solitude Quad. Coleman to a very steep Sidewinder, where I "take it slow". Up again. Coleman to Lower Mountain Road. A short but good day. Leave 3:45 PM.

Jan 9 Revise long travel plan to take into account the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe.

Jan 10 Read Evolutionary Psychology and then World Libertarian Revolution for the first time since 1983, all still on index cards. Complex but well worded, sometimes verbose through reiteration. The world and myself with it has changed much since writing this. Much must be removed to Journal under appropriate dates. It seems that Good is winning in the world for awhile at least [For awhile]. I no longer want a Place d' Arms with ally flags - the whole world is becoming allies. I will still maintain a Third Reich Sitting Room for historical atmosphere.

Jan 12 Gorbachev in Lithuania warns them that independence will be stopped forcibly. Lithuania says they will split anyway. Estonia, Moldavia, and Azerbaijan want to split. Revise "Liber Historia Mundi". Finally write "Liber Vis in Terra" and then mainly update "Liber Optinum". What a feeling to be bringing this work to fruition after so many interruptions. It is well that the work was interrupted, because I know better what to emphasize now. The goal for WLO members is clearer now and seems infinitely more attainable.

Jan 13 Call Pill and Ma.

Jan 14 Romania is considering banning their Communist Party altogether. Civil war beginning against Armenians in Azerbaijan. Revolution in Albania. Even in China they have done away with martial law after 800 arrests. Eve. In TV series, "After the War" a Jewish man says a very profound thing. I paraphrase "Do you not think that even you or I in some corner of our hearts do not want to be what they were? To be the Masters of Life and Death? To walk through the camps dressed up as the Kings of Darkness?"

Jan 15 Relegate the now obsolete "Liber Futuri" to it's original sequential place in the Journal as "Liber Belli" - what it was called at that time. Luckily the Federal Reserve adopted Japanese methods within a few months and collapse was averted. With Europe in revolt, we must now free the United States to compete with them economically.

Jan 17 Russia sends 1500 tanks to Azerbaijan. Germany is saying they will postpone reunification until the May elections. Major drug kingpins in Panama propose to surrender weapons and desist business in exchange for immunity.

Jan 21 Proposals for a thirty-six nation summit in Europe. These are the days.

Jan 22 Protests in Moscow about those killed in Azerbaijan. Funerals galore. Decide to write a Constitution based upon that of the United States [End up making a small number of suggested revisions to the original without writing a new document].

Jan 27 Shelley shows house to Marlers from Montreal.

Feb 3 Finish basic clarifications of index cards started January 10.

Feb 4 Have nice talk with Sharon Louallen, a Paramount film producer interested in my house.

Feb 5 Finish main body of additions to material on index cards. Write poems to preface all sections of the Trilogy.

Feb 6 Complete charts for OY uniforms and special order decorations. In considering the real differences between educated German Nazis who were practitioners of Magick in the Nordic tradition, and ignorant American Nazis who are often practitioners of fundamentalist Christianity in the redneck tradition, I realize that to even refer to Christian elements as Nazis is like putting a tuxedo on a pig.

Feb 7 c 11 AM Arrive at Ascutney. Up Village Triple, down Fifth Avenue. Down Main Slope, where I have to avoid racers. Fifth Avenue again. Up Summit Triple. Down Sabine's Chute, where I encounter unexpected icy moguls. Take Last Chance to Broadway to Maple Boulevard. Up again, down a very steep Broadway. Only width and conditions save me. Up again, down Bailout across Fifth Avenue to Maple Boulevard. Two hamburgers for lunch. Up again. Notice I have a broken binding on way down Bailout to Maple Boulevard. New boots. Up again. Steep part of Broadway has become icy. No more heroics. With knee trouble spend rest of time doing easy stuff like Sunset Strip, Maple Boulevard, and Steinway reached by Sunrise Double.

Feb 11 Finish adaptations of "Liber Fides",

Feb 13 Soviets give their approval for reunification of Germany at summit in Ottawa. Hebert and I go down to Harris Plumbing for an oil filter.

Feb 14 Jesse Jackson is Nelson Mandela's Valentine today as he milks the situation in South Africa. Make the direct blood connection to first voyage of Mayflower at town hall in Lisbon. It is Resolved White who was born in Leyden. My little buddy.

Feb 16 Fool with "frozen" steam pipes as I write "Ten Steps to World Libertarian Revolution". Aft. Finish copying the full page parts, not on index cards, of the Trilogy.

Feb 18 Shut down boiler. Flame too small. Clean firebox in boiler. Shut down most of radiators and build wood fire to make it through the night.

Feb 19 c 9:30 AM Hebert and I bleed oil line of one gallon of crap. Flames now higher than ever before. Aft. With loudly sputtering radiators I copy category sequences for "The Three Scrolls".

Feb 21 Trace Noyes branch of family back to 1658 while in Lisbon.

Feb 22 Visit Jefferson, Lancaster, and Barnet with Bill and Jane Eustis.

Feb 23 We meet again with Mary Scott in St. Johnsbury.

Feb 25 Write to Donald Trump. Despite dead market send him spec sheets on Burklyn Hall and Castle in the Clouds for future reference. Aft. Write song lyric "Bogey Man Blues".

Feb 26 Nicaragua goes democratic with a free election. Write out Down-East style tale "The Story of Roger" which I improvised for Gezelle in 1986.

Feb 27 Find original worksheet used in my Alchemical attainment back in 1978. A strange discovery.

Mar 2 Buy cologne MacGregor. Pork at Golden City.

Mar 5 Cardinal of New York makes big fuss about heavy metal being the Devil's music. Ozzie Osborne challenges him to a private debate.

Mar 6 Arrange free subscriptions to real estate publications. Write letter to Robert Anton Wilson to be sent only upon my transition. Write history of Ma. Results of last nights poll show that 83,000 feel that "heavy metal is killing our kids" and that 28,000 have a much clearer view.  

Mar 8 c 10:45 AM At Mt. Cranmore, having found that famous Ski-Mobile is already defunct, up Mid Chair, down South Slope. Up South Chair, down Snow Train to Gibson to South Slope under Ski-Mobile to Lookout Chair. Easy Street to Gibson. Do this again picking up speed. Enjoy Kielbasa at stand on summit. Easy Street to East Chair. Down fast wide East Slope all the way to Gibson to restaurant at Lookout Chair for pudding, milk, and tea missed at the summit. Investigate Sneider, but chicken out. Down East Slope to East Chair. Ask about Lower Sneider. East Slope to Sneider, which I do fast because snow is soft. East Chair. East Slope to Artists' Falls - very scenic and steep. Back to Mid Chair. North Slope. Lookout Chair, then a very difficult Skimaster. Lower half is steep, but conditions save me. Lookout Chair. East Slope and Sneider again. Gibson to South Chair. Beginner's Luck to Gibson to South Slope to Main Lodge. Home via Pinkham. Get usual hearty Chinese pork chow mien at White Market.

Mar 12 Contemplate future in real estate. Platinum while I finish the Trilogy perhaps?

Mar 14 Russia has voted the Communist Party out of office. It is expected that Gorbachev will be elected President.

Mar 15 Cologne this season is MacGregor. Dr. Fried by 10:05 AM. Liver at Friendly's. Park Plaza. Call Suffolk - Dr. Weatherbee has retired. At Naked Eye, old barmaid from 66 tells me that Maria used to get abusive when drinking and that both Jeff and Mel were in the habit of firing girls who wouldn't "go into the office". Bad-smelling person interrupts us. Visit Jordan Marsh. Blacks keep coming in to dowse themselves wit free cologne from testers. Upstairs find almost an art museum with antiques mixed in - perhaps this is where real estate money is going. Visit Naked. See PJ, "Indian", and pretty blonde again. As I go to Jake's, black panhandler becomes very persistent saying "Hey, my man. What? Are you anti-social?" While enjoying roast lamb at Jake's, am joined at next table by Bill and Jane Eustis. As I head to the garage to get Linda's package, three young blacks try to intimidate by feigning attack in front of City Place. One breaks and runs toward me looking menacingly right at me and at last minute turns and pretends he's catching a football. This happens again later with three different youths. Apparently a well-known technique. Style resembles black kid in Lyndonville in Summer of 1988 who deliberately blocked my path twice with bicycle. Return to Naked. Visit with Linda who tells me about Hungary last summer and protests against Ceausescu in Romania. On way to hotel, stop at Christie's. Black who has worked there for at least a year and a half still speaks no English. Neither does his dark helper, so I have to search the whole store not to find any snacks.

Mar 16 Poached and ham at Cafe Rouge. Buy season Mass Millions ticket to parallel Tri State sent for on the 13th. Do much genealogy at BPL. Visit Copley Place to try out laser pointer. Back to Plaza. Change. Roast beef sandwich at Jake's. At corner of Essex and Washington, two blacks hassle me, one hitting me with an empty package thrown at my back. I say "Y'all jus chill out now Super Fly". They laugh. As I approach Lafayette Place, blacks are swarming around entrance. Stop for a bag of peanuts. In Filene's, blacks are getting more free cologne. Visit Naked. Heading to China Trade Center, blacks deliberately block my path. Go back to hotel. Back to Jake's. Ed and I drink beer and are finally driven out by loud singing of fat woman trying to call attention to herself. We visit China Pearl, which has been strikingly renovated a month earlier. See cute baby Chinese girl, two years old. Jimmy Chin has sold to new owner who has created big altar at one end with Golden Phoenix - very elegant and spectacular. Who knows what goes on here after hours? We take walk around block then head down to Ed's car across from Jake's and observe two blacks hassling white girl by following her and shouting catcalls from a slight distance - very high energy types. We then go to Dorchester, drink, play guitar, snack, and he drops me off at Plaza.

Mar 17 Scrambled eggs and sausage at Cafe Rouge. Visit BPL which I find closed - Evacuation Day - St. Patrick's. This turns out well because at NEHGS I am able to complete everything. On way to garage, two blacks in car hassle me. Bad rain into Concord and fog thereafter. Combined with a couple of lesser approaches from black panhandlers, and no white ones, I am reluctantly forced to observe that Boston has developed a bad race problem. Marcus Garvey, where are you? I have resolved my biggest conflict of late - the fact that I despise the black race in general while very much loving certain black individuals - every rule has some exceptions. I don't even like most whites. Why should I like most blacks? At least whites don't insult me in the streets. The black in most cases is simply incapable of Libertarian thought, and should be allowed the option of returning to Africa. Let the whites in Africa fill the voids left in host countries like England and the U.S. Australia can simply give their Bushmen a portion of the outback as a sovereign nation.

Mar 21 Do genealogical charts.

Mar 22 Hit slopes at Sugarbush c 11:30 AM. Gate House Double. Pushover to Easy Rider to Village Double. Down to Gate House. Upper Hot Shot to Pushover to Sleeper Road to Lower Hot Shot to Village Double. Down to Gate House to Upper Hot Shot to Pushover to Slowpoke to Gate House. Pushover fast to Sleeper Road to Lower Sleeper where I encounter two young girls skiing amidst birch trees. See these two young troll girls at lunch, as I eat hot dog and peanut butter and jelly. Walk up to Valley House Double. Sunlessness prevents me from seeing small moguls on Upper Snowball.

After a fall take it real easy going down. Follow troll girl with "uneven eyelashes" down Spring Fling. Back over to Gate House. Pushover fast to Easy Rider, where wind almost halts me. Village Double. Down to Gate House. Upper Sleeper this time. At bottom of this my legs are rubber and it's only 3:30 PM.

Mar 23 Gorbachev has sent tanks to stop Lithuania from leaving Soviet Empire. Mr. Bush has warned of trade sanctions. This week, even an African country Namibia, is going democratic. If everyone everywhere will do it at once, Capitalism will work so much the better because there will be smaller trade deficits with everyone producing near peak capacity. With universal return to gold standards...the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand, if the reader will pardon the expression.

Mar 24 Talk of free elections in Cuba. Unbelievable. Such days are these. We are winning. Remove gourds and pumpkins to Ballroom.

Mar 25, 1990 Bring in outside firewood. Finish history of parents.