The Adventures of Eric F. Magnuson

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Chapter 8


Chapter 8

Mar 27 1990 - Feb 13 1992

Mar 27 Attitash. Start up what I think is one of the Borvig Chairs at 11 AM. It's cold going up. I see astoundingly steep trails which, by sound of skiers, seem very hard. Don't remember these. View at top is also astounding. Ask two chaps where I am. They tell me. I start down sunny frozen granular Saco. Guy dressed in bright red from head to toe goes Telemarking past me. I see him fall way down below. When I catch up, I ask him which is the easiest trail. He is a Russian Olympic contender and tells me to follow him. We go down upper part of Ptarmigan together. He continues on it. I go onto Saco. Very steep and very frozen. A lot of work. I follow Ammonusuc down. Look for my Russian friend wishing I had asked him a bit more about things overseas. Find East Borvig Chair. Take Far Out to icy Father Out. Reach incredible speed coming in to lift. 70 mph max, but the snow is hard and the shock-to-knees very great. Inside Out. Up again, then Councilor's Run. Then Thad's Choice from the top across to Learning Center. Get off at mid unload and do Lower Thad's Choice. This actually has some powder on it and is superb. Do this twice more with great speed, carving huge arks and spraying snow. Tremendous strain on legs. Do Learning Center. Up, thinking of a way down, which turns out to be un-do-able. Down Thad's, taking a little spill because left ski goes where it wants as I turn right. NASTAR Slope is in use by racers. Messy meatball sub for lunch. Up Top Notch Chair, seeking Northwest Passage, but end up same way as before except little elbow to right along final stretch. Up Borvig, down Far Out to Father Out. Thad's Choice from top down to NASTAR Slope, now open. I reach breakneck speed on this, because skis won't cut. At Top Notch Chair realize that I should be at Summit Chair, because I want easy access to Northwest Passage. Go to Summit Lift. Am so tired, decide to skip upper mountain. Do Lower Thad's and Learning Center. Down Inside Out. In turning left at one point, skis want to go straight. I try to turn but legs do not obey. Same again. On third try I turn and just miss ramming into two people. This sprays them with snow. One looks disgruntled. I reckon this to be Late-in-the-Day Syndrome, where an entire day of compacting the lower lumbar cartilage cuts off nutrition to sciatic nerves rendering legs partially dysfunctional. I believe that this is why sometimes even the best of skiers get killed going into the woods at high speed. A good preventative would be 100 mg Vitamin B Complex at lunch. Also to quit at first sign of this or at least take it very easy. Cross to Thad's down to Lodge. As I'm leaving, run into two guys I met before my first run. Turns out they are from Greece. Naturally I ask about Mt. Olympus but they tell me it's too steep to ski.

Mar 28 In opening my mail am delighted to find earnestly awaited reply from Trump Organization. Exactly what I hoped for. Donald not interested at his time, but I'm in the file for future reference.

Apr 6 Girl in Lisbon tells me about apparition in basement of Library. Roast beef at Barge House Inn. Explore Connecticut River area, eliminating house in North Haverhill and any consideration of Gilman Corner.

Stop for talk with Jerry Scholder on beautiful Lake Tarleton. Groceries in Woodsville.

Apr 7 Take out albums "Jazz 1+2" plus "Blues Guitar Killers of the 50s" from the Library.

Apr 12 Continuing Soviet Military presence in Lithuania as Soviet Jews exodus into Palestine. If only it could be Madagascar. Chap who murdered 87 people in the Bronx last month claims the Devil made him do it.

Apr 13 c 11 AM as I head up Gondola at Loon. Ski Upper Bearclaw to Grand Junction to Lower Bearclaw. Fairly soft granular over frozen. Up again, Haulback to the steep, and for me still difficult, Lower Walking Boss. Even complete traverse gets me going faster than I like. Take Brookway like driving a Porsche on a country road. Do Little Sister very fast the second time. Up Gondola, down Exodus to Upper Bearclaw to Seven Brothers, which is a bit icy but right for my ability. Do Little Sister twice more - too fast, then more practicing. Have nice char broiled cheeseburger and tapioca. Up Gondola with some folks from Maryland, one lady a real cutie. Take Exodus to Upper Picked Rock but somehow get onto Upper Flying Fox - not as moguly this year, but steeper than I like under these conditions. Lower Flying Fox easier. Gondola to Upper Bearclaw to Link to Brookway. Little Sister. Gondola to Exodus, Upper Bearclaw to rather deserted Ramspasture. Little Sister again. Upper Bearclaw to Link to North Peak Chair. Sunset seems a better bet now that Sun is back out. Upper Bearclaw, Link and Brookway.

Apr 15 More "revelations" about Soviet massacre of over 4,000 Polish officers previously blamed on the Germans [A few days after this, I talk with a German woman who lived through all this. She says "At the time we all knew it was the Russians. After the war it was only the government and the media who said otherwise"]. They are saying it all occurred at Katyn, not just the initial 4,000 [I once read that the Russians took the rest to sea and sank the ship]. Maybe someday the news will tell the truth about the actual numbers involved in the "Holocaust", but I won't hold my breath.

Apr 16 Greta Garbo goes through transition. Somewhere in the distance a new star rises. The infamous Christina Lodar remembers and now denies our agreement of last August.

Apr 17 Bring in last of firewood. Am delighted by the excellence of thought as I finish reading Libertarian Party material I began on April 9.

Apr 19 Locate nice houses in Franconia and Bethlehem. Visit Sugar Hill. Steak sub at Twin Mountain Store. Visit Carroll. Find nice house in Whitefield.

Apr 21 Deluge from waterfall in Grand Dining Room. Hebert to the rescue.

Apr 22 Spend nice afternoon talking with a neighbor lady, Evelyn, who has lived all over and was a photo model for cosmetics in the 1940s.

Apr 24 c 11 AM at Sunday River up Little White Cap Quad. Down Tempest which turns out to be expert. Up again, down Cascades to Express Detachable Quad. Down Lazy River fast to Risky Business to Tourist Trap. Up Detachable, across Jungle Road to Upper Sunday Punch to Cascades. Up Detachable. Lazy River as before. Back at Detachable, clumsy black kid has somehow ended up in the mud. He falls off chair at the top. I take expert Right Stuff. When I get to steep part, decide not to do it, but the hike back up looks even worse so I do it anyway. Up again. Ecstasy to Cascades along flat Road Runner to lunch. Big fatty hot dog and excellent chili. Up little White Cap Quad. Down Cascades. Detachable. Do Lazy River as before. This time my legs fail me the same way as at Attitash recently and I nearly go over a steep edge into trees and boulders. Up again. Jungle to Upper Sunday Punch to Cascades to Road Runner.

Apr 27 Explore Mann's Hill, Parker Road area in Whitefield, Lancaster, and Jefferson where I buy some terrible cherry Cool Aid from four kids. At White Market see insane veteran Mr. White harassing a black woman. He say - "I ain't no nigger lover, but I don't deny anyone to live where they want, I just don't like no Black Sambos around". On Crossfire it seems that Canada is breaking up. Some Provinces may annex to US. I hope not. Canada is fine the way it is.

Apr 28 Finally show Burklyn to Craig and Ann Zamzow. As much as I like it, I think I would rather have my own Castle on 100 acres in Sugar Hill or Jefferson.

Apr 29 Visit Charley and learn some useful things about Burklyn. Pick up nine bags of cones, five from spruce.

Apr 30 Call riding academies.

May 1 Meet with David Lussier.

May 2 Photograph house and village. Talk of black alderman trying to lead blacks in revolution. I sure hope it happens. I'm ready.

May 3 Second week of car repairs at Thompson. Visit clerks in Lyman, Sugar Hill, Franconia, and Bethlehem. Explore Lancaster, Dalton, and Cushman.

May 4 Meet with Matt Young, UFA broker.

May 7 Begin reading Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin by Deitrich Ekhart.

May 8 Torturous looking brunette is now hostess at Golden City.

May 9 Visit Shelley at new office. Sexy young saleswoman looking very shapely in tight jeans. Linger too long to explore East White Mountains. Instead inspect hippodrome and barns at Burklyn. As I walk in the giant chorale, I envision jousting and chariot races. Explore East Burke, then area west of Lake Willoughby including llama farm. Meat loaf in Barton.

May 10 Visit Lyndon Corner for first time. Begin reading For Those Who Cannot Speak.

May 14 Start morning with AAA call. Explore Forest Lake, then Cottage Road in Jefferson.

May 16 Estonia and Latvia also seeking independence with Lithuania. Organize Scullery to resume business reading.

May 17 D~ visits after twelve years. Doesn't want desk and warns that we are slipping into a deep deflationary depression that will "result in massive transfers of wealth". He says that it will be like the Nineteenth Century again. He claims that the chap he brought to Ravenhurst years ago to see my block-front desk is, "now that Malcolm Forbes is dead, the second wealthiest man in the World" but will not refresh me as to the fellow's name. He will also not tell me what newsletters he reads. I quiz him and hit two out of three - "Personal Finance" and "IMAC". Aft. Begin reading Success With Your Money.

May 18 Resume reading Last Train Out. Eve. Continuing coverage of Bensonhurst with talk about rising tides of racism in America and anti-Semites in Europe. If only ...

May 19 D~ who doesn't "do business for money, but only for honor" is trying to claim I owe him $750 for an appraisal fee. I try, but truth and reason fail. Why do I sense such overwhelming evil in this man even more strongly than I did twelve years ago, even apart from this attempt to cheat me. I imagine that he probably has murdered many people. I felt it twelve years ago. Talk to Mike who tells me Chet Hood died about two weeks ago. Eve. Watch ten years of heavy metal on MTV. I didn't miss much of it.

May 23 People who desecrated Jewish graves and actual remains in France have been caught and described as a Satanic group. Flip through The Art of Rock.

May 24 c 1 PM Mike Smith arrives. After viewing house, we visit Burklyn, Crystal Lake, plus Lakes Memphremagog, Salem, and Willoughby.

May 25 Mike visits. We sit on porch and talk about markets.

May 27 Listen to David Bowie album from Library. Has song "Golden Years" I have heard at the Naked Eye Caberet.

May 29 Mulch vegetable garden.

May 31 Egg Fu Yong at Golden City. Show house to Mr. Frank.

Jun 1 Explore Bartlett then Jackson, where I find several good houses, high prices, and potato bread. Visit Conway. Buy Van Cleef and Arpels. Take Kancamagus back. Very hot day.

June 4 After talking with Shelley, study finances and decide to rent next house. Thinking I'll go underground, I call Monex and ask for my friend Clyde Oates. Office manager tells me he was murdered by a hit man at coin shop across the street. He managed to warn his wife. She escaped and called police. Murderer awaits trial. All this happened just a little while after we last talked in March 1989. This is the first friend I have lost this way. It's a new emotion - the World seems much crueler than in did before. A friend and a valuable ally. A very empty feeling. Eve. Zbigneu Bresinski refers to Gorbachev's statements regarding the cold war at summit today as "genteel capitulation". Gorby is loved here but let's hope he retains power in Russia for awhile [This idea based on not necessarily correct premise that his not doing so would mean a slipping back to Socialism].

Jun 5 Decide not to underground, but to simply buy next house in two years or when interest rates reach next low.

Jun 8 Finish exploring Cushman and Dalton. Explore Groveton, Stratford, North Stratford, and Pittsburg.

See moose before entering Connecticut Lakes State Park, which road I follow to Canadian border and turn back. Return via 102 in Vermont from North Stratford.

Jun 11 Bags of cones: spruce 9, pine 5.

Jun 12 Explore Campton, Stinson Lake, Rumney, West Rumney, Wentworth. Ham and cheese in Warren. Talk with biker. Explore Cheever, Groton, Hebron.

Jun 14 Explore Stewartstown and Colebrook area. Lunch at canteen in Balsam's Hotel. Seeing Rotarian convention dispels any notions about being a hotel social director. Explore Errol, Milan, Percy, Stark, and Lost Nation.

Jun 15 Spend day going through Yellow Pages. There is much in the world that I do not want to do.

Jun 20 Cologne this season is Van Cleef. Begin reading Adolph Hitler: A Short Sketch.

Midsummer Begin reading Privacy. While drinking Baboosic in the Ammonusuc I fall asleep. When I awaken my hair is very light. I run into Ann Jilian, Billy Idol, Dolly Parton, and Dolph Lungren up there too. They have the same problem. We sit on boulders and have lunch together. We speak of many things and then go our separate ways. Strong Sun in the High Ammonusuc.

Jun 22 Swing by Cottage Road. Have western in Gorham. Explore Randolph Hill Road. This is the best I've seen. Explore Shelburne ending up in Bethel Maine. Rain as I pass through Hasting's Notch. See nice farms in North Chatham. Visit with Samoyed named Axel. See beautiful estate in Holderness. Clams in Littleton.

Jun 25 Donald Trump gets another reprieve, this time for $43 million, last week $30 million, from nervous bankers. He is having to relinquish control of some holdings and is on an allowance of $450,000 per month. Read "H&R Genealogy of Men's Colognes".

June 26 Am down to my last $50 as of today.

Jun 30 Read SS publication The Subhuman which is not about Jews as one would be popularly led to believe.

Jul 2 Egg roll at Golden City.

Jul 3 Matt Young brings photographer.

Jul 6 Re-plan use of rooms if I end up staying here.

Jul 7 Communist Party will dissolve in two years if they can't get Russia going, claims Gorbachev. Take mulch pile down to almost nothing.

July 10 Sell four items for $100 - yarn winder, tamper, stool, boot scrape.

Jul 13 John Quinn visits informing me that last month the sixteen brokerage firms in the area had a total of four closings.

Jul 17 Tom Thompson says no more credit. Go for job interview. Very cute receptionist.

Jul 18 At 4 PM visit David Drew at Henry Darling's former house. Nice place.

Jul 19 Sell thumb-back baby chair and plow for $150. Seek jobs.

Jul 21 Usual Stars and Stripes festivities all day.

Jul 22 Usual superb brunch on Common at 10 AM. David Drew and Claire visit at 12:30 PM.

Jul 23 Return to the world of typing abandoned in March 1962. It's easier now [Luckily I end up abandoning this, because later I discover the Dvorak Keyboard].

Jul 24 Read about George Washington. Resume reading Secret Societies.

Jul 24 Begin re reading The Conspiracy Peddlers. Finish "Battle of the Wizards".

Jul 27 Clean various antiques to be sold.

Jul 30 Six thousand Rhodesians murdered in church. Talk with Anthony Donn who just bought Burklyn Hall for $ one million.

Aug 1 Tile job in Danville. Horse girl tells me Puddingstone just sold for $250,000 to Jan Howard.

Aug 3 Visit several antique shops in Bethlehem. See many Hassidim.

Aug 4 Brooks Barron tells me he already has two new agreements on Puddingstone in the $600,000 area.

Aug 7 Large group of Witches being persecuted in Florida. There is however, some question that they do wrongfully encroach on neighbors with noise.

Aug 8 We have been preparing for war with Iraq for several days. We will actually be allies with Russia in this.

Aug 9 Visit Shelley's house.

Aug 10 Mail 126 business letters. Robin Clough tows me in. Clogged fuel injectors.

Aug 13 There are now supposed to be fifty warships which have sailed to the Persian Gulf.

Aug 14 Show house to Joe Lannan who buys ship model.

Aug 15 Claire Drew shows Joe and I the house in Lyndon Center.

Aug 16 Drive to Bellanger in Lancaster. Carlo confirms injector problem. Return. Car dies.

Aug 17 Clean out Pa's diesel.

Aug 18 Goldberg buys diesel for $75. Eve. Tens of thousands of "foreign guests" in Iraq are going to be placed at key defense spots to deter any attempt to liberate Kuwait. "An endless stream" of soldiers is entering Saudi Arabia. Commercial airliners are being used for transport.

Aug 21 Visit Roger Lussier over on Center Street. Test drive Eagle.

Aug 22 Eve. Reserve units are all being sent to the East.

Aug 23 Go car hunting with Charley Lang. Sell myself on Taurus wagon for business reasons.

Aug 24 Boulay delivers Ford Escort. Notice fan doesn't work. Sweep out interior.

Aug 28 Iraqis have had all foreign embassies in Kuwait surrounded and are cutting off utilities. Bush is kicking more than fifty Iraqi diplomats out of the US. Everyone is saying a "mistake" could trigger a war. I wonder what the banking masters are waiting for.

Aug 29 Canadian Army is suppressing Mohawk uprising just north of here. I hope they don't attack here and scalp Lois or Bernie. While awaiting my car, do errands on foot. Wash car windows and add my stuff.

Aug 30 Drive to Littleton and become excited about woman [Donna] at Chamber of Commerce.

Aug 31 Paint garage door in Danville. Experiment with neuronal therapeutic effect of current from electric fence.

Sep 1 Meet Kathy Sargent who also enflames me.

Sep 4 Beth visits with Gretchen for two days. Well-needed quenching episode.

Sep 6 Clean out Teahouse.

Sep 7 Debra Cortese visits and takes sculptures of mine on commission.

Sep 8 Matt Young drops by. See sexy girl at recycle center. Visit Debbie who tours me through her place. Buy brownie from Erin.

Sep 11 Put cleat on "Mother Wolf" sculpture.

Sep 12 Visit shops in Bethlehem. Boris Yeltsen succeeds in having Russia adopt free market.

Sep 13 Seven hundred blacks murdered in Zulu uprising in South Africa. Eve. Chief of Police tells me that Dean Parker denies that his gorilla ran over my lamp post.

Sep 15 Show house to Ed McCabe with Bruce Stoddard.

Sep 17 Mike Smith visits. We lunch at Town and Country. My first decent meal in a week.

Sep 18 Start reluctant boiler with paper.

Sep 19 Visit a very angry Debbie to retrieve my consignments. Put oil finish on four nude sculptures after calling Woodstock Gallery. The artist name will be Dirk Lokison. 2:30 PM Claire Drew visits for chairs.

Sep 21 Ron Minor picks up Hoosier. Mount Hollywood-style keg light on Pa's tripod.

Sep 26 Photo sculptures, ivory fish, Don and Sancho.

Sep 27 A few small sales in Bethlehem.

Sep 29 Finish reading Adolph Hitler: A Short Sketch and second reading of The Conspiracy Peddlers.

Sep 30 Begin reading The Illuminoids.

Oct 2 Begin reading Communism with the Mask Off. Eve. On news, see West German flag being raised over the Reichstag in Berlin. Germany is reunited. Groups of Nazis in the streets.

Oct 3 Remove my flattened lamp post. Move cones, one bag pine, two of spruce, to dry in garage entrance.

Oct 4 Unpack things to sell in back room. Photo decoys.

Oct 5 Unpack paintings. Visit Gesele.

Oct 6 With jungle music from rally on Common as an exotic backdrop I saw up and break firewood given me by Charley. Throw knives and stars.

Oct 9 Guy from Great American salvage visits and then Mrs. Harrington and a very pregnant, but pretty, Beth.

Oct 10 Run into Bill Winsor in St. Jay. His hair is all white and he has the look of a demented medieval peasant. I yell across the street to him "Hey Methuselah, what's with the hair?" It seems that negative thinking reaps it's appropriate reward.

Oct 12 Bruce Stoddard looks at four oil paintings. Chief tells me kids I ran off thought I had a gun in hand. It was actually a two inch diameter closet dowel, but their expectation determined their perception.

Oct 15 More to do about Israel gunning down Palestinians who were stoning Jews at the Wailing Wall last Monday. Gorbachev receives Nobel Peace Prize. Clickenger at 11 AM buys a flower box and two racks.

Oct 16 Throw stars. While sitting on step, black and white cat visits again at edge of Roger's lawn.

Oct 18 See ball-buster brunette at Court House. Realize as I file, that I am 44 years old today. At 3 PM Tom Hershack and Terry Owen visit. She looks like Marcy Walker. Interesting coincidence, because the real Marcy Walker and Steven Collins, write to me from Santa Barbara about the house.

Oct 19 Talk at great length with Sharron Louallen, the Paramount Producer, and then David Garris, a Warner Brothers "think tank" guy. Get with all these movie people from just one $1200 ad in Unique Homes. A really good color photo reaches people with imagination.

Oct 20 Talk more with Sharon about script writing. She says about $200,000 per.

Oct 21 Get firewood at Charley's.

Oct 22 Sadam is visited by the Prophet Mohammed in a dream and is advised to leave Kuwait. Oil prices drop. Hereabouts finish reading "Goodman Browne".

Oct 23 Matt and Fay Young conduct a blind guy and two fat ladies through the house at 11 AM, Diane Sterns and Lillian Tolve.

Oct 27 Address Jehovah's Slaves from the Tower window thusly "You insult people by going door to door trying to put yourselves over others. If you had any real spiritual development you wouldn't have to do that." Mow, rake, and mulch all in one day.

Oct 28 See the two gray cats that have been visiting lately. Weather has made them frisky and hungry, so they have been hunting. Rear lawn strewn with feathers. Clean garage roof.

Oct 29 Finish reading For Those Who Cannot Speak.

Oct 30 Begin reading Auschwitz.

Samhain. Perform naked ritual in Witchinglands at Sunrise. Lengerich calling from Chicago says that Hussain will make Israel into something flat and black which glows in the dark. Sell brush holder to Clickenger. Return to find power off. Hustle painting to art dealer, who later cheats me. Gain reconnect just in time.

Nov 2 At noon Bruce Stoddard buys two black and white paintings.

Nov 3 Decide that outdoor stone circle should have an altar at each quarter. In-betweens on circumference should be four single stones. Away from complex, to simple Druidic like Upper Ravenshenge.

Nov 4 Kick a Bernie Sanders Commie creep off my front porch.

Nov 5 The Jewish founder of the JDL is murdered by an Arab patriot. Big rise in anti-Jewish sentiment lately. Let's hope that public awareness increases. Sell Mike Trudeau garage stuff 11:30 AM. See Rastafarian in White Market.

Nov 7 Third morning of tending cactus. 10:30 AM Carol Eaton and friend visit. Frank Sheehan, bassist for the group Boston, tours house with Matt Young. He has pretty woman and manager, Eric, with him. I show them the horses. We talk briefly afterwards. Frank tells me that Peter Greene is touring with an all-star band and that Jack Bruce is touring in Europe.

Nov 8 Second day of rising oil prices since Margaret Thatcher's warning that war is eminent. We now have 500,000 troops in Iraq. I never thought I would see the fall of Communism in Europe in my lifetime, nor did I expect it to happen before WWIII. Aft. Finish reading Communism with the Mask Off.

Nov 9 Realize that waitress at Golden City is my perfect mistress. Big fat state trooper eyeballs my ST collar pin thoughtfully. Aft. Conceive of Grand Plan relating to sequence of my future writings. Ma calls.

Nov 10 Begin reading The Hitler We Loved and Why.

Nov 11 First snow. Cut firewood.

Nov 12 Finish reading Auschwitz. At 8:30 PM Deputy Sheriff from Florida calls informing me that Ma has just been found on the floor in her house with a broken hip after lying there for three days. Deputy only heard her call for help because he was chasing a suspected black house-burglar through her yard. I can't go to Florida because I have no money. Later Doctor Malley calls telling me that she will be all right.

Nov 13 9:53 AM Have nice talk with Ma, who sounds good. We plan a visit so I can help when she decides to move. Begin reading The Six Million Swindle.

Nov 15 Meet a true Libertarian, Fred Bayer c 12:30 PM, peddling frozen shrimp.

Nov 16 Deal with carpenter Richard Wray. Unpack Teahouse.

Nov 17 Mike Harris visits. Then Matt Young. Bob Cassidy brings some rude customers.

Nov 18 10:36 AM Talk with Ma again.

Nov 20 Brian Woods visits. Brooks Barron decides against 23 room mansion deal.

Nov 21 Big build up for WW III. Aft. Read about Cousin Rudolph Peterson in Who's Who at Town Library.

Thanksgiving. Mrs. Thatcher resigns. My dinner consists of rancid oatmeal after I pick out dry worms. In the evening we are treated to George Bush being very patriotic by eating with the soldiers in Iraq.

Nov 23 Get some nice leftovers from Matt Young. This is the first nutritious food I've had in two weeks [During this period my skin becomes blotchy and I lie down a lot to conserve strength].

Nov 24 David Williams tells me how the barn painters work only to stay drunk in hunting camps all weekend. It seems that Bob Beer "likes his beer".

Nov 26 Sell four brass finials to Clickenger. Groceries at Butson's.

Nov 28 Sweep roof valleys.

Nov 29 Put bolt on door to Apartment porch. Visit Superintendent of Schools Office. Apply as substitute teacher. Meet Lynn Leach. Aft. Am paid a visit by Authur Arnold who wants to make my beautiful mansion into six apartments for grease-balls and welfare mothers.

Nov 30 8 AM Shelley drops by with a car deal for me. I test drive the Vista. Aft. Visit Patty Emery at Coldwell Banker, who I met previously.

Dec 1 Get last of firewood at Charley's behind Lussier's. John Quinn visits.

Dec 2 Gather tree bags of cones - two from Lussier's lawn.

Dec 3 Visit Elsie for an extension on water shut-off. Then David Drew who seems very nervous. No loan from Alfred Smith. c 1:30 PM Apply and qualify for welfare rather than stave. Get emergency oil. This is a very new way of things for me. House goes into foreclosure now because I can't meet mortgage payments. There is a six month redemption period, however, so they haven't got me yet.

Dec 4 Drop college transcript at School Department.

Dec 5 Sell roof metal to Dick Wheeler. Get groceries at Food Shelf. Have job interview with Joe Welch. Meet nice girl as I buy groceries a second time with food stamps, Tammy.

Dec 6 Shelley types letter for me. Do mailing to 38 prospects. Do laundry - no more mildew.

Dec 7 Cut fallen tree at Shelley's house. Talk with Megan.

Dec 8 Cut up last of firewood in garage. As I finish, Matt brings guy with Mohawk haircut, Al Theodore, to see the house. Next stop, the Persian Gulf perhaps? Young brokers don't screen custorers enough.

Dec 10 See bums at Employment Office. Four lines with at least ten people in each. Also notice blonde. See five large potatoes fall off truck onto road when taking emergency oil voucher to Hopkins. Screech to a stop and grab 'em quick. Thank you, Frigga. Go hame and boil 'em up. Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Jack Simons drops by at 4 PM. He is also a salesman for Pattie Emery.

Dec 11 Visit Jack at Pattie's Office. He convinces me that public education is wrong. Aft. Seek jobs at 18 stores.

Dec 13 Seek jobs at factories and as a short-order cook. Aft. Talk with Glenn Williams at Burke Mountain. Visit Eliot's Greenhouses. Jobs are simply not available here in this economy. News says people are moving west.

Dec 14 Research keyboards and film scripts at LSC.

Dec 15 Visit Cobleigh to research Hollywood area. Deep snow.

Dec 16 c 3:30 PM Trooper comes to tell me that Ma has gone through transition and to call Dr. Malley in Florida.

Dec 17 Just like day after Pa, this day I also have much work I must do, including snow removal. It helps.

Dec 18 More certification.

Dec 20 Schevardnaze resigns.

Dec 22 Shelley brings me a box of food. My friends have been a help through this sad period. I miss Ma. Fix mud room light switch. Plan my trip down to Florida.

Dec 24 Hussain promises to bomb Tel Aviv. Hurrah! Bravis! Now we can watch it on the Telaviv. Jordan and Libya threaten involvement. Seek Dick Wheeler with Bob Anair.

Dec 26 Visit Patty. English couple arrive. See Cassie to renew car insurance. Eve. News is that "anti-Semitism and racism" are on the rise also in Europe. French are tired of mid-eastern encroachment. The old Prussian militarism is reasserting itself. There are 20,000 in the German-speaking dueling fraternities alone. "They are as proud of their scars as they are of their racism" and have books "proving that world affairs are directed by a Jewish conspiracy". There are reports of pogroms in Russia and Nazi Skinheads are marching in East Germany.

Dec 27 Disappointing conversation with Jack who strongly prefers the Jewish version of history, because of his own cowardly religious training.

Dec 28 Leave 5:45 AM for Framingham. Hit storm in Franconia Notch. Bad conditions all the way. Arrive at 11:05 AM. Dry liver at now Hispanic Friendly's. Back to dentist. Arrive at Park Plaza c 5:30 PM. Broiled scallops at Legal Seafoods. 7:15 PM Arrive at Jake's. c 8 PM Ed arrives.

Boston Customs House

We are driven out by usual drunken sing-along and drive around. Stop at Rathskeller. End up having beer at Legal Seafoods and talking in Plaza Lobby.

Dec 29 Delicious sausage at Cafe Rouge. See big blonde and "White Market" girl at Naked. Brittany says Gizzelle failed with police in Fort Lauderdale, went into business in Texas, failed there, and went to California. Leave 12 Noon. Bad traffic home. Need faster car.


Jan 2 At 8:25 AM take bus to Manchester. Visit AAA. c 3 PM Arrive at airport. c 5:10 PM Take off for first time in jet. Very beautiful as we circle at Philadelphia. Change planes. c 9:45 PM Arrive in West Palm. Suitcase arrives much later from Pittsburgh. Stretch limo to Juno via PGA Resort. Desk girl sees car and looks impressed, so I continue "Hello. I'm Carl, lead guitarist for the Mirkwood Trolls. Have the other lads arrived yet?"

Jan 3 Wellesley Inn. Rain. Calls. Crock's has huge alligator head on wall.

Jan 4 Calls. Shopping on foot. Take cab to Ma's house. Meet Dr. Malley.

Jan 5 Paper work. Get boxes. Shopping. Post Office. Sweep garage. Dr. Malley visits. Bulbs and fuses. Eve. "Seminole" chap directs me to Pep's Sea Grill, where I enjoy grilled shrimp, root beer float, and see more pretty girls working than in entire area where I have lived over past five years.

Jan 6 Paperwork. Florida Room for bacon and eggs. Study hypothetical plan for completion of work at Ma's house. Fix windows. Clear driveway. Work on air conditioner. Throw out stuff. Gather documents.

Jan 7 Calls. Chamber of Commerce, Post Office, Aycock. BLT at Lighthouse Restaurant. Think I was here with Pa long ago. Visit Marryann at Savings of America, Nina at Community Federal Savings. Drive up to Stuart in Ma's buggy. Dr. Pepper on way. Courthouse. Excited by long legs of legal secretary, talk with Mark Morse. Hit Pep's on way back for dolphin and stone crab. Visual splendor of decor is almost as great as food and girls.

Jan 8 Calls. Chamber of Commerce. Biscuits and sausage gravy for first time at Lighthouse. Work on air conditioner. Al Levi, a nice person, visits, a broker also neighbor.

Jan 9 Paperwork. Visit Attorney Vicki Junod. Back to Morse's office. Grits at Lighthouse. Long visit at All Foreign Auto. As I sit in a black Lamborghini Countach, see my first Diablo enter the driveway. Calls.

Jan 10 Calls. Superb ham at Lighthouse. Visit locksmith, Vicki, Algozini. Calls.

Jan 11 Bacon and eggs at Lighthouse. Calls. Car insurance, PO, Royale Cafe. Fix window screens. Eve. Red Snapper at Pep's.

Jan 12 Bacon and eggs at Lighthouse. Rake lawn. Pack stuff in main house. Have come to realize what a splendid life my mother had in this beautiful windy place. The strange quacking birds, the blue heron nesting in the pines, the manatee. Also the beautiful shopping centers, everywhere resembling ziggurats, pink with avenues of palm trees. Total access, except to skiing. Great if you don't mind the climate. Eve. Congress votes to support Bush in war.

Jan 13 French toast at Lighthouse. Cut back turf on terrace. Pack main house. Test various appliances. Marge and Joan visit. Photo house. Pam Coffey visits. Dr. Malley. Eve. Char broiled dolphin and maple walnut sundae at Pep's.

Jan 14 Bacon and egg at Lighthouse. Pack main house. Clean antiques. Eve. War protesters dressed as skeletons.

Jan 15 Ham and egg at Lighthouse. Get bond. Visit Vicki. Ryder. Install new switches in thermostat during rain storm. Calls. Pack main house, tools. Provolone sandwich at Skipper's. War talk a'plenty. Violent protest in San Frisco as deadline approaches.

Jan 16 Bush chickens out. Bacon and egg at Lighthouse. Pack main house, utility room, and kitchen. Pam visits at 5 PM to tour inside. c 6 PM Allies shower missals on Baghdad.

Jan 17 Missals hitting oil refineries and bases. Much talk lately about environmental effect of huge oil fires. 8:30 AM Sign agreement with Pam. Bacon and egg at Lighthouse. Walgreen's. Buy Florida Water, the cologne for this season. Photo house, clean bathrooms, pack kitchen. Eve. Melt-in-mouth broiled dolphin and sundae at Pep's. Ask Polly for a date. c 7 PM My buddy Sadam hits Tel Aviv with missals at last. Fear of terrorism has them checking suitcases at West Palm International.

Jan 18 Calls. Bacon and egg at Lighthouse. Meet with Vicki and Maryann at 10:30 AM. Visit Algozini again for diorama. Acock, AAA, The Lockers.  

Visit our house in Palm Beach Shores. Strange cacti.
Find remnants of Dobson House. Pick up Polly. Palm Beach. Worth Avenue.

Meet Jan and her pirate boyfriend for lunch at Testa's on Royal Poinciana Way. Pirate insults clergyman at next table. Polly and I split from them. See Trump's house. Fear for our lives in "Niggertown" West Palm. Blacks yell things at white people. Back to Polly's house. Very sexy girl. Almost makes me want to stay in Florida.

Jan 19 Check tires. Bacon and egg at Lighthouse. Shopping. Visit Nutrition World. Bury Ma's ashes at 12:10 PM. Pack kitchen, living room. Eve. Sirloin and shrimp at Pep's.

Jan 20 Bacon and egg at Lighthouse. Pack living room. Calls. Pack closets. Pack office, pack clothes.

Jan 21 Ham at Lighthouse. Boxes at liquor store, shopping. Pack bedroom, pack clothes, burn boxes, pack living room.

Jan 22 Clothes to Goodwill Industries. Bacon and egg at Lighthouse. Money order at Barnet. Pack garage. Pam and Lyman measure rooms.

Jan 23 Delicious sausage at Lighthouse. Pack living room. Zeaman c 2 PM for modern furniture and garage items.

Jan 24 Recycle, P O. Bacon and egg at Lighthouse. Secure big diesel truck at Ryder. Visit Laborforce. Pack furniture with Ed Clusla from NJ. Run into Howie Bates who looks good and I am very pleased to see again after 20 years. Pack boxes. Notice yellow ribbon on JT "Sold" sign.

Jan 25 Pick up revised agreement at JT. Sausage gravy again at Lighthouse. Calls. Lyman Coffey visits. Pack boxes and chairs. Eve. Maine lobster tails and dolphin at Pep's. I will miss this place very much.

Jan 26 Drop by JT. Bacon and egg at Lighthouse, which I will also miss. Photo area. Dr. Malley. Wrong turn in truck gets me to Blue Heron Blvd. Pass Jupiter heading North c 11 AM. Stop at two Stuckey's, where I stock up on pecan brittle and glaze which I eat all the way back. Through Jacksonville to Georgia 4:45 PM. Cute blonde at Econotel in Brunswick. Big leaf fires near truck. Nice girl, June, at Cracker Barrel, where I enjoy fried ochra. Sadam drops a giant oil slick.

Jan 27 Roaring fire again at Cracker Barrel. Apple butter. Amy. Leave 8:15 AM. Reach SC by 9:30 AM. Nice weather at Walterboro truck stop. NC by 1:15 PM. Lumberton. No parking at South of the Border. Virginia by 4:55. Econolodge.

Jan 28 Leave 8:15 AM. Richmond, which I remember vaguely. Washington 11:55 AM. Baltimore, Maryland House, Wilmington, Philadelphia c 2:30 PM. Trenton, then long stretch on Route 1. See young Frankensteins. Then Newark, New York City during rush hour, Bridgeport. Comfort Inn in Milford.

Jan 29 Leave c 9:30 AM Lunch in Whately Mass. Truck runs best in cold weather. Real beauty seems to begin when I see Mt. Ascutney. Arrive 1:15 PM. Visit Patty. Unpack chairs and boxes.

Jan 30 Unpack boxes. 12 Noon. Mark Young arrives. We unpack furniture. 4 PM Return truck.

Jan 31 Move stuff into place. Infantry moving into position overseas.

Feb 1 12:30 PM Cable is reconnected. 3 PM broker Vivian visits.

Feb 2 Fix hot water heater.

Feb 3 Realize that I will probably never have to move to Europe because of capital gains.

Feb 4 c 11:30 AM Hit shops at Bretton woods. Up Bethlehem Detachable, down Bigger Ben to Big Ben. Up Quad, down Sawyer's Swoop. Up Quad, Bigger Ben, down Fabyan's Express to Fabyan's Triple. Up to Outer bounds, down Rangeview. Up Mt. Oscar Double, down Granny's Grit. Cheeseburger for lunch. Quad, down to expert Deception Bowl. Quad, down to Fabyan's Triple to Two Miles Home, where I take an invisible mogul spill. Triple, down Upper Swoop, Bigger Ben, to Bretton's Wood.

Feb 6 12 Noon. Matt does second video of house.

Feb 7 Vivian brings Tip O'Neil look-alike buyer at 3 PM.

Feb 8 Write to June in Brunswick. Girls in Georgia are sexiest and most feminine that I have ever met.

Feb 9 Study maps of NC. Examine slides of Bretton Road house. Review Asheville material. Read car magazines.

Feb 11 Very good fried chicken at Golden City. Favorite hostess is also bartender.

Feb 12 Visit Shelley with floor mats.

Feb 14 Matt brings Jim Pap and wife. US bombs civilian targets and news try to claim Iraq set it up. Reminds me of program I saw recently explaining about how governments use "disinformation" lies to win wars followed by several examples of how our "enemies" in past wars have used this, but of course, the Allies hove not.

Feb 15 Visit Patty. She tells me Sadam is going to leave Kuwait. He won't. Eve. Bush calls it a "cruel hoax".

Feb 16 Finally figure out mystery of Ma's two unremembered dressers. Pa gave them to her when he closed the antique shop. Refigure cologne.

Feb 18 Have finished contemplation recently of hypothetical placement of my furniture at Bretten Road, here, and at Ravenhurst - all three are do-able. Hear that there have been 2400 air raids against Iraq in past day or two for a total of 80,000 to date. More already than Viet Nam, which itself exceeded total of all previous wars. Why can't we pay for all this with a lottery? - probably couldn't raise enough. Aft. review NC ski information. c 3:45 Find a picture of Ma in 1983. Test flashlight batteries.

Feb 19 Pam calls with encouragement from Florida.

Feb 21 Clean honey pine chest and dining room table. Eve. Phony peace proposals with impossible deadlines to make the slaves think that the over-masters really desire peace. Black clouds from burning oil-wells darken the earth.

Feb 22 Update desk diary. Eve. News tells us that Allied generals officially don't want to say that ground war will end soon but "unofficially" are very "optimistic".

Feb 23 Eve. Ground war begins. My, what a surprise!

Feb 24 6,500 Iraqis taken prisoner. Foot kissing.

Feb 25 At 5:39 PM Sadam begins his retreat. Bush says Allies will engage retreating Iraqis to "spur them along". Please, Sadam, attack Israel! Now is the hour.

Feb 28 War over.

Mar 6 Buy Andron at Landry's, then more delicious fried chicken at Golden City. Talk with little blonde woman at coffee-gift shop.

Mar 10 Chap named Hall looks at house with Nervous Narvey's sister. Begin reading 199 Things.

Mar 11 Simmons Cable adds five new channels.

Mar 12 Begin reading Did Six Million Really Die?

Mar 14 Shelley brings Gary Chaulkins at Noon.

Mar 15 c 10:15 AM Run car off road on way to Jay Peak. c 11:30 Glenn Mountain Chair. As I head down Goat Path, I realize I am doing Christies, same feeling as last time I was here. Hit ice area and have to take a fall to avoid trees. Rabbit Trail to new Bonaventure Chair. Angel's Wiggle has ice hiding under two inches of powder in many places. Then Taxi to Can Am Super to Queen's Highway. Green Mountain Chair. Down GM Boys to Racer which is so steep and icy that I end up walking down one place. This is unusually treacherous today. Down to Deer run. Cheeseburger and butterscotch pudding. Up tram for the first time ever. Pretty rime-frost on trees at summit and much colder. As I head down to Ullr's Dream, realize immediately that this is definitely my last run. Walk one steep portion. Very exhausted.

Mar 16 Cologne this season is Jovan Andron. Finish reading Why Civilizations Self-Destruct. Pendell's idea for dealing with declining human intelligence is better than my recent more simplistic thoughts.

Mar 19 Nurse little blue spruce tree in front yard.

Mar 20 c 11:50 AM Arrive at top of lift at Balsams Wilderness. Very high wind all day. Good packed powder. On Connecticut, hit powder that's a bit deep. Same on Trusenglazia near bottom. Magalloway. Very steep Cascade. As I start down Androscogin, wind really holds me back. Diamond Abenaki, Hereford steep at end. Bacon cheeseburger and pecan chocolate fudge tort. Wind helps on diamond Mohawk. Fine run on diamond Sanguinary. It seems whenever I get going well, even here, my friend Double Diamond Jim comes speeding up behind. Down Monadnock. Abenaki closed so Sanguinary and of course, Jim, actually Jane, again. Mohawk closed so Cascade again. Wind has helped me reduce my traverse. Perhaps finest day of skiing I have yet done. Too bad this place is so far away.

Mar 22 Realize that I must be strong and live a long time so that I can have more chance to help make the world the kind of place my mother would have been happier to live in. I owe that to her. I am her champion as well as Katy's, and Katy's babies, and puppies and kitties and bunnies, etc. Maria's daughter Emmy is walking now - very cute. New Grand Union in Littleton, former PC.

Mar 23 Finally resolve that North Carolina should wait until I'm about sixty. I will treat Philadelphia as a Northern city. Baltimore-Washington can wait until I move South. Am pleased that Ma's little car is now owned by a girl, Pam Johnson, from West Palm. It's still in the family, genealogically.

Mar 24 Snow almost all melted is replaced by new cover.

Mar 28 Gorby is now the bad guy in Russia. Tanks in the streets. Thousands demanding his resignation in favor of Yeltzen. Think of Ma as possibly being reincarnated as a blue heron. If so, heron I saw in tree at her house could be her new mother - quite a change from Effie.

Mar 29 Begin reading Bolshevism in Theory and Practice. Goebels aptly describes Communism as "the dictatorship of the inferior." This is an equally good definition of any Democracy not run according to Libertarian principles.

Mar 31 Index Journal. Call Pill.

Apr 2 Aft. Revise long plan so that my work will be finished in year 2012 during March. Just in time for the huge technology increase to be used wisely [ I later added "Will actually be finished by 1998" but just finishing now 9/29/12. This includes five additional books and three screenplays not anticipated in original prediction].

Apr 4 c 11 AM With better "sport" boots and skis, hit slopes at Sunday River. South Ridge Triple down Lower Lazy River to Detachable Quad. Apparently a mistake, Sluice, off of Three Mile Trail gets me on Lazy River to Risky Business. Spruce Peak Triple down American Express to Lazy River to Quad. Across Jungle Road to Upper Sunday Punch, where trough effect of trail on right is icy and I take dramatic spill. Leg breaking averted only by boot. Down to Cascade to Easy Street to Main Lodge where I enjoy chili and raspberry strudel. Guy from Tewksbury tells me about York Beach, Ogunquit, and Wells Beach and about the Paradise Club in Woburn - "Twelve pretty women for every man". South Ridge Triple to Spruce Peak Triple. At top of diamond Downdraft, hear a guy tell girl, with nice ass, that there will eventually be a snow bowl plus fifteen more lifts. Chicken out and take American Express to Lazy River to Escapade to North Peak Triple, down Dream Maker. Up North Peak Triple again down Grand Rapids to Broadway for last run of the day. Talk with lady in little grocery store in lodge. Lousy roast beef at Lancaster Diner.

Apr 6 c 9:15 AM Show house to Winkler from Chicago. We walk Witchinglands to Powers Park and across Common. Talk with Ethel and Ken who are moving to a retirement community.

Apr 9 Finish re-indexing the travelsome Winding Brook period.

Apr 12 c 12:15 PM Attitash. Up East Borvig, down Learning Slope. Then Thad's from mid-unload, then Far Out, Inside Out, Councilor's Run, and Thad's from top. Great pastrami and cheese plus cherry cheesecake. Up Top Notch. Washington is covered with new snow. Down a treacherous Saco to a bumpy Ammonusuc. Snow is very fast today,- wet granular. Northwest Passage proves to be much nicer with unusual scenery, big snow fields, awesome view of road below, ledges with overhanging tree roots. Come down to Far Out then up Borvig, down Thad's to Learning Slope. Then Inside Out and Thad's again.

Apr 14 Finish Ma's house plan. Not very different from her own plan. Al Levi, back from Australia, calls.

Apr 15 David Drew and I decide to ask for six month redemption. Pleasant new girl at Golden City. Hear the Queen arguing with Chinese host.

Apr 19 Explore Bethlehem to Crawford Notch. Home via Whitefield.

Apr 20 Seed grass across the street. Repair lawn.

Apr 24 Refine indexing of "Women".

Apr 25 Lyman Coffey calls while I am spliting burl.

Apr 27 Figure finances as mortgagee. Throw stars. Home show at Fenton Building.

Apr 28 Tar flashing on north chimney. Refine "Liber Judici".

Apr 29 Explore Monroe area. See nice dog at store, plus huge Malamute-Newfoundland cross later. Try Mclean Deluxe. Explore Western White Mountains. Visit Rumney and Ellsworth.

May 1 Explore the Grangelands. Wash muddy car in Lancaster. Western at diner. Explore Lost Nation to Groveton. Groceries in Lancaster.

May 2 Another meeting with David Drew over redemption problem.

May 3 Basic blonde Katy-person, Cathy Babcock, arrives from California. We tour village, then St. Johnsbury. I am delighted when she sees a woodchuck and thinks it's a beaver. Supper at Golden City. Then we visit new school and Darling Hill.

May 4 c 9 AM. Cathy and I visit Lyndon Outing. Big brush fire at base. We then head up to Island Pond, Lakes Seymour, Salem, and Willoughby. Lunch at Anthony's. Visit Littleton, Bethlehem, and Crawford Notch. Late dinner of salad and seafood at Pub Outback.

May 5 As Cathy leaves, John Tiffany and wife arrive for a tour.

May 9 Visit mansion in Whitefield with Kenata. Visit house on Congress Street in Bethlehem. Visit Sugar Hill. Visit Sunset Hill. Explore Blake Road.

May 13 Jenny Petoine sensuously caresses my woodwork and doorknobs.

May 14 Matt brings Benoit through.

May 15 David Lussier shows house to guy from Berlin NH. Delightful little daughter about 9 or 10.

May 16 Follow up in Sugar Hill. Visit cape in Easton with Ken. Check out house on Park Avenue in Bethlehem.

May 21 Am pleased by my new dentist Dr. Wagner. Visit brokers in Whitefield and Lancaster. Almost no brakes on way home.

May 23 Seek used car. Finish reading Doyle's "Disappearance of Mrs. Macrecham".

May 25 Study old family pictures. Find out that Pill's son Erk goes by name Rick and is mad at her for not co-signing on a loan. He has been through three inheritances. Pill has been known as Pat since she married Erskine Kelly.

May 26 Mulch five loads in east garden.

May 28 Spend thirty minutes walking around Park Avenue, Bethlehem house. Some golfers are seeking in the rough outside. I open the window and say, "Well now, seems like you boys lost your balls". We laugh. I will probably buy the place.

May 29 Have brakes fixed.

May 31 Matt brings Infante.

Jun 1 Harvest Dandelion.

Jun 5 Silly people from the college visit.

Jun 6 Visit 16 Visit Main Street, the home of my grandfather in St. Johnsbury. Test drive Mercury Tracer. Test flight in Eagle Talon Turbo with all wheel drive. Visit Park Avenue in Bethlehem. Rueben. Visit Twin Mountain, Scottish Lion in new location in North Conway. Buy Inisfree cologne. Look at first of Nissan 240 SXs in Gorham. Run out of gas near Littleton Reservoir. Robin Clough to the rescue.

Jun 7 Plan Park Ave, Bethlehem, outdoors.

Jun 10 Finish letters on Sugar Hill houses. I have written to the owner of every nice house from the Lakes Region to Canada proposing that if they ever decide to sell they can contact me directly.

Jun 13 Drive by two houses in Lisbon. Visit S&M Realty. Rib sandwich. Long talk with Martha Steenburg. Visit Easton.

See Lupines on Sunset Hill. Run into Brenda. Inspect Talon. See video.

Jun 17 Cologne this season is Inisfree. Find letter from Charlotte Fairbanks to Effie in 1919.

Jun 18 Talk to Claire Johnson, historian from St. Johnsbury. She is quite familiar with Ned. Learn on Larry King Live that Weisenthal Center has admitted there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz. About time.

Jun 23 Revise travel plan to a truly workable refined sequence.

Jun 24 Arrive at Park Plaza. c 1:15 PM Visit BPL. c 3:15 Dr. Weis. Visit Club 666.

Jun 25 Sausage and scrambled at Cafe Rouge. Delay of one year in completing Genealogy pays off. Gary Roberts has just finished writing a book on Presidential genealogies. After reviewing my charts, he informs me that I am cousin to four American Presidents, etc. Check into Lenox at 4 PM. Nice place. Eve. Visit awesome Wey Lus in Woburn with Ed. Ginger duck, pork strips, Teriyaki. Visit Maggie.

Jun 26 See nice Dixie Cooney type girl at Pussy Galore. Aft. Visit Park Ave, Bethlehem, with Paula and Jere.

Jun 27 Strangely begin to feel less critical of George Bush now that I knew he in twice my cousin. This is wrong, but also natural, I guess.

Jun 28 List my furniture.

Jun 29 Plan furniture placement, colors, and window shades at Park Ave, Bethlehem. c 4 PM Otis Goss visits.

Jun 30 Jack Guthro and cute girl.

Jul 3 Sweet and sour pork at Golden City. Actress Lee Remick has gone through transition. Too Young. Age 56. She has always struck me as very marriageable.

Independence Day. Finish "Automobiles" index.

July 5 Didn't know. Stars and Stripes Parade. c 2 PM Fay Young shows house to blonde woman.

Jul 7 Talk with Jim Barnet and wife at town brunch as I enjoy the usual superb meal. Finish "Races and Thrills" index.

July 8 Realize that the rise in land value is disproportionately high under a non-Libertarian system.

Jul 9 Visit Cooley Hill house with Ken Mosedale. Visit nicely kept house on Pearl Lake Road. Visit Park Ave, Bethlehem, police arrive. Visit peg and beam house in Twin Mountain. Run into Cherrylee at Butson's. How can a girl seem to age twenty-five years in two years? She looks as though possessed by an Evil entity. Maria wasn't exaggerating. I feel sorry, but am glad of my freedom from involvement. Other than Teresa she has been the only viable girl up here.

Jul 10 Pam calls with encouraging words. Ma's house now at $249,000.

Jul 12 Visit Shelley. She tells me about a most convincing book on reincarnation. Cruise by Burklyn Hall, being painted a strong yellow. Visit Debbie who just got married. She seems happy finally and I am relieved.

Jul 14 Jul 14 In my next incarnation people will be as follows: Ma and Katy - daughters, Cathy - mother, Pa - friend, Mickey [Maria even better] - wife, Karen - kid sister, Jeff - father. See Liber Artis Magnae. Aft. While reading about Presidents in The Illuminoids by Neal Wilgus I find out more about my genealogy. See appendices.

Jul 15 Figure many days of work at Ma's house.

Jul 16 Visit 18 Main Street (Ned's house) and 113 Eastern Avenue, a place Ned worked, in St. Johnsbury. c 12:30 PM Iris shows me splendid hidden place in Whitefield. Visit Pleasant Valley. Tour house on High Street with Kevin.

Jul 20 Finish reading last story in Wizards and Warlocks, "So Sweet Magic".

Jul 22 Visit Park Ave, Bethlehem, again with Jere. Visit "Off the Course" with Iris.

Jul 23 Blend coffees.

Jul 24 Blend herbs. Pick up firewood cut down by electric guys.

Jul 26 Contemplate beginning new life tomorrow where I simply avoid rather than contend with bad souls [The trick of course lies in recognition. This ability increases with one's own development and often involves merely learning not to rationalize about another simply because of mutual attraction].

Jul 27 Have nice talk with Lyman Coffey. Ed calls. I tell him about "Freddy Krueger: The Early Years". A segment of this conversation is overheard by a back door eavesdropper who I hear on the step and then see through the curtains skulking away. At crafts fair, the coward insults me and runs away. Is there a connection here? Possibly, because this individual from Quebec and his wife were sneaking around behind the house just a week earlier. Any further repetition of this vulgar display will no doubt prompt my henchmen do a little testicle slapping. I simply cannot restrain them boys. While working in back yard, realize that avoiding bad souls will probably eliminate them from future incarnations.

Jul 30 Good talk with Kennelley.

Aug 1 Visit nice little house on Merril Street. Finally tour house on Congress Street. Locate two houses in Benton.

Aug 6 Pam calls about offer in Florida.

Aug 17 Buy new Unitron watch $17. Explore Route 135 in North Littleton. Find the car I wanted at Crosstown Motors has sold, 1991 Talon.

Aug 9 Boneless sparerib and rice at Golden City. Have three premium channels shut off.

Aug 11 Begin reading The Charwoman's Shadow.

Aug 13 Visit state libraries in Montpelier pursuing genealogy. See my old friend Ruby, the Ice Bear, and her pupil, who exhibits coyote behavior - big white Samoyed and skinny, not full grown, tan female German Shepherd.

Aug 15 Finish reading Bolshevism in Theory and Practice.

Aug 16 See same Hassidic Jews from Cog Railway Trip at Globe Discount. Nasty Jew eyeballing me at Magoon's. Visit Cooley Hill for third time. See first of 1992 Talons - Yowsa!

Aug 18 Decide to write only novels and let the movie studio do the scripts subject to my final approval [naive, but this isn't just daydreaming. Last year I turned down an offer to write a script, because I didn't believe in the premise the producer suggested. Now, under a different name, I write my own scripts from the novels 9/30/12].

Aug 19 Well, the Commies are at it again. Tanks are rolling into Moscow and Leningrad is sealed off. Gorbachev is under arrest and has been replaced by a Genata Yansyer - all this allegedly triggered by Yeltsen's having said something about how they will have to remove him by force. Also there is a bad Hurricane Bob on the way. Have decided that the Banner of the North for myself personally will be the Eye of Odin. Banner of Wolfhaven can go in my mead hall on the North wall. Aft. Prune trees in rain, awaiting hurricane. I guess I better plan a fallout shelter for the next house after all. Now we will rearm as planned, then disarm, then rearm.

Aug 20 Tanks rolling to Leningrad. Air Corps siding with Yeltzen in Red Square. Yeltzen holed up with functionaries. Tanks and troops outside waiting to remove him as President. Aft. Contemplate designing a mailing piece to educate business people in Littleton about the "Holocaust" and another for politicians relating to evolution and economics. Eve. Column of tanks rolling on Federation Building in Moscow where Yeltzen and supporters reside. Sporadic gunfire.

Aug 21 Yeltzen's people have been joined by several personnel carriers of soldiers who have gone over to their side. It is the KBG behind the coup. Aft. Gorbachev is restored to power, the coup is over, and Yeltzen is a hero.

Aug 22 Third day of violence in Brooklyn since a Hassidic Jew killed a black kid while running a red light. A Rabbinical student has been stabbed to death. Blacks are yelling "Hitler didn't finish the job". He didn't start it either, for that matter. Jewish Madagascar, Black Africa, White America, all prospering and trading freely. I'm ready.

Aug 24 Hope I can buy the house on High Street. Eve. Novack announces that Gorbachev has resigned as Chairman of the Communist Party, which itself has been dissolved, ending 71 years of rule. Wall Street reacting with lows during coup, and sharp rise after. I think that wherever I live I will have just a fallout shelter plan until things get bad again. I will have emergency supplies, however. Various republics, Moldavia and the Baltics, have been proclaiming independence and toppling statues of Lenin. The Soviet Union is breaking up just as that smart Libertarian, Doug Casey, said it would ten years ago.

Aug 25 Contemplate three separate mailing pieces written mainly by selectively excerpting appropriate writings: one each for politicians, theologians, musicians. And later the Holocaust piece to Littleton. In the meantime the Hassidim will be migrating up from New York to escape blacks. We won't hurt them up here, but will confront them with their lies, greed, and bigotry.

Aug 26 Blend old grain beverages with leftover coffee.

Aug 27 Conceive idea for an anonymous body a[s a secular appendage of the CO] for educating the American people about ongoing threats to individual Liberty from collectivist government.

Aug 28 Jenny at Noon shows my house to an Allen Goldberg. Aft. Am plunged again into world of Ars Metallica. Talk to Ray Lizotte.

Sep 1 On CNN, see Andre Mareau who was nominated by Libertarian Party last night. The convention was interesting because of the sarcasm against statu- quo parasites. Andrea says he will repeal the Internal Revenue Act. Average brainwashed morons will all suddenly become psychiatrists and diagnose him as crazy. "Duh, how can we get the money without taxes?"

Sep 2 Cousin George recognizes the Baltics.

Sep 3 Communist Party officially dissolved in Russia. Soviet Union will now be Union of Sovereign States.

Sep 4 New studies shows homos have smaller cells in hypothalamus. No mention of data for lesbians.

Sep 5 Finish reading Last Train Out and Guerrilla Capitalism. Eve. Japs have invented washing machine using ultrasonics instead of soap. In terms of water table, this is like electric cars for the atmosphere.

Sep 7 At 9 AM show house to Soulier. 1 PM to Arab doctor.

Sep 8 Finish reading 199 Things.

Sep 9 Finish reading Privacy and Did 6,000,000 Really Die? Aft. Initiate search for a 1991 Eagle Talon.

Sep 11 Change tires in driveway.

Sep 12 Visit from Arthur Arnold.

Sep 15 Soulier visits house at 1 PM. Sexy young daughter teases unmercifully in kitchen.

Sep 16 At 8:45 AM David Drew. 9:15 AM Zack Rhodes. Charges today that Cousin George is anti-Semitic because he refuses influx of Soviet Jews.

Sep 21 Arab and pet sow return for second view of house. Turns out they have no money.

Sep 22 Sharron Louallen calls.

Autumn Sabbat. 11 AM Sell house to bank, the second mortgagee, for $165,000. This protects them from the first mortgagee, who will otherwise repossess the house in three days. Bank will auction house, and I will get any proceeds exceeding my total indebtedness - a good deal under these circumstances. Visit Lake Willoughby. Enjoy lamb stew at the Barton Diner.

Sep 26 At 3 PM, close on house.

Oct 1 Pack sitting room with wood stove roaring.

Oct 2 Visit East Lake Victorian with Iris. 4 PM Visit house with Sally. Nice garden.

Oct 7 Pack truck.

Oct 8 Visit little house with Paula c 1 PM.

Oct 9, 1991 Visit Covey's with Kenata 9:30 AM.

Oct 10 Stuart Ritter and two Babson women visit. They are of the Babson College family from Wellesley, MA. I earned my Junior Lifesaver's there in 1960. They are here to bury their mother's ashes in the Lyndonville Cemetery, because she used to live in my house. They now reside in "the beautiful Northwest".

Oct 11 Burlington Free Press does layout for a feature article on the house.

Oct 12 Mrs. Stone visits at 4 PM.

Oct 13, 1991 Visit Darling Hill. At 12:00 Noon found AMD in solitary ceremony on north shore of Lake Willoughby. Do this very quickly to avoid attracting onlookers. Aft: Study climatic data.

Oct 14 Auction Day. Photo house. Vacuum. Tell curious chap I am only "auctioneer's helper". Tour Charley Lang through house. This event sees many of the town trash brushing elbows with the real estate aristocracy, all decked out in their Sunday finery. Bums smoking cigars in the Dining Room. Auction begins at 11 AM. 100 people in the Ballroom alone. Vandal destroys lincrusta on third floor. Pee-wee news reporter hangs around bugging me afterwards.

Oct 15 Begin moving into house in Easton.

Oct 21 Return truck.

Oct 22 Return to mansion for paint mostly.

Oct 23 Hang chandelier in kitchen.

Oct 25 Explore Avenue du Pins.

Oct 26 Rake door yard. Aft. Rake loop. Explore orchard.

Oct 28 Set up bar and wines.

Oct 29 Buy Krizia Oumo in Conway. It's the cologne for this season.

Oct 30 Find cards thought stolen. Thank you Loki !

Nov 1 Visit art exhibition at Dartmouth and awesome Purity Supreme on way home.

Nov 2 Perform a belated Samhain Ritual at a far circular clearing in the woods.

Nov 3 Move stuff to shed. Hang tools. Aft. Hang bedroom fixture and shelves.

Nov 4 At last, unpack bedroom.

Nov 5 Fix case base drawers. Aft. Get locked out.

Nov 6 Fix Hoosier.

Nov 7 Fix roof.

Nov 10 Stain dish rack. Finish in garage. Mow lawn. Aft. Find a near place for ritual circle. Rake drive and loop.

Nov 11 Blizzard at night.

Nov 13 Dr. Wagner at 10:30 AM for first time. Lunch at Thayer's Inn, also a first.

Nov 14 Organize and clean office.

Nov 17 David Duke running for President.

Nov 18 Unpack sporting goods.

Nov 19 Hang music room shelves. Prune the half-circle terrace hedge.

Nov 20 Install garage lock. Aft. Rake off stones along loop. Decide on use of near circle. Hang shelves in auxiliary library.

Nov 21 Rake off back stone wall.

Nov 22 Hang Reich flags. Shelve books. Clean colored glass.

Nov 23 Find cute little mouse in Ma's hand vacuum cleaner.

Nov 26 Shelve books in living room.

Nov 27 Organize books in auxiliary library and upper hall.

Thanksgiving Day - Talk with independent filmmaker over dinner at Old Fort # 4.

Dec 1 Install colored spotlights.

Dec 3 Organize my dresser.

Dec 6 AAA start. Fifteen bags to dump.

Dec 8 Burn 38 bags of trash in LR fireplace.

Full Moon day. Hang chandelier in upper hall. Hang eagle.

Dec 15 Arrange chairs, bottles, plates. Aft. Unpack art glass.

Dec 16 Arrange cranberry glass.

Dec 18 Unpack chests from Florida. Find drawings my mother did c 1936. I knew she was talented artistically, but had no idea how much so until I see these.

Dec 20 At 10 AM visit Wagner. 2 PM Enjoy brook trout at Jake's. 3 PM Ed arrives. I buy ginger in Chinatown. 5:30 PM Beef at Wey Lu's in Saugus. The bok choy is rotten.

Dec 21 At 9 AM splendid scrambled eggs and ham at unattractively remodeled Copley Plaza. Pretty little red-headed girl like Katy with parents seems very happy to be here. 10 AM Copley Place. 10:30 Finally finish genealogical work at BPL. Clam chowder at Legal Seafoods. Visit Filene's and Jordan's, where I see nice repro Basalisk. Visit Naked. Shop every gift store in Chinatown. Demonstrate martial techniques to three pretty giggling teenage Chinese girls [probably giggling at my ineptness]. See wind chime, cloisonné vase of dragon, and ornately carved camphor-wood chest. Prime rib at Jake's.

Yule Sabbat. 7:30 AM. Poached and sausage at Cafe Rouge. Discuss coffee acidity with old Irish waitress. Visit Quincy Market. Talk skiing with security guard as I wait for Sharper Image to open. Wizard Store is gone. Talk Cape Cod real estate over lobster and Indian Pudding at Durgin Park. Visit Naked. Head back at 1:30 PM.

Dec 23 Fix brass smoking set. Order 1992 Talon.

Dec 25 Hang pictures.

Dec 26 Place lamps.  

Dec 27 Pick up Talon. Visit Sunset Hill.

Dec 31 Arrange glass in pantry.


Jan 2 Visit Conway. End up with Pierre Cardin Musk, the cologne for this season. Visit Gorham "in my Cadillac".

Jan 3 Recently vindicated plumber 12:30 PM works on furnace. We discuss radiant heat as I nest boxes.

Jan 6 Unpack Ma's stuff.

Jan 7 Set up bed.

Jan 8 Wash sweaters at Laundromat.

Jan 9 Fasten dining room mirrors.

Jan 13 Car in for service. Visit Bethlehem and Twin Mountain in rental.

Jan 15 Organize living room shelves.

Jan 16 Organize silverware.

Jan 17 Organize shelves in kitchen and pantry.

Jan 19 Unpack fluorescent stuff and razors. Place finials on bottles. Clean fluorescent bottles.

Jan 20 Place vases. I call Deanne. No date. She has decided to start seeing someone younger.

Jan 21 Organize playing cards. Set up fluorescent stuff.

Jan 22 Excellent day skiing at Bretton Woods. Do Deception Bowl twice.

Jan 26 Arrange stuff in Pa's desk. Aft. Assemble clothes rack.

Jan 29 Aft. Hang mirrors.

Imbolic. Sort model dinosaurs by scale. Organize ritual chambre. Aft. Mount shade.

Feb 2 Hook up broken glass fixture.

Feb 3 Organize Ma's jewelry. It's like a little boy's pirate treasure on velvet in top drawer of Ma's dresser [Give jewelry and music box to Aunt Pill and Linda eventually].

Feb 5 Sort pens.

Feb 8 Assemble Chinese roots. Aft. Glue other things.

Feb 9 Use super glue. Aft. Hook up stereo. Listen to Yardbirds.

Feb 10 Visit Mitersill. No changes since I was there with Ed in the early 1970s.

Feb 11 Unpack records. Place lamps.

Feb 12 Forgo Aethemera Ritual. Polish metal. Aft. Set up diorama.

Feb 13, 1992 Aft. Cement kitchen floor seam.