The Adventures of Eric F. Magnuson

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Chapter 15


Chapter 15

Jun 27 2004 - Sep 4 2018

Jun 27 Write short essay on Noise Pollution for WLO site.

Jun 29 Start at Trendwest branch of Cendant Corporation. Old friend Carl Pendergraft from Quintus Marketing greets me as I enter. Rather plain boss-lady Phyllis Tabaca makes me horny without even trying. Behavior is very important in these matters.

Jul 13 Visit four resorts.

Jul 15 Create Adventures of EFM website.

Jul 18 Add photos to Adventures.

Jul 21 8:45 AM Effect transfer to Starpoint branch of Cendant.

Jul 26 Sell my first tour at Starpoint.

Jul 28 Leave Starpoint. Not enough tours. Reno isn't Las Vegas.

Jul 30 S+S Pork, Orange Chicken, Pork Chow Mein from HK Diner.

Aug 3 Submit three books to publishers.

Aug 6 Begin at TMCC Library.

Aug 10 Enjoy sauerkraut onBeet abd Cheese Chimachanga at 711.

Aug 21 Head south. Finally settle matters pertaining to Kenny at Lighthouse. Visit with host at Ramada in Tonopah.

Aug 22 Second breakfast in Beatty. Arrive in Las Vegas. Move back into the Paradise Hotel.

Aug 23 Getchel Library. Begin casting update.

Aug 25 Joy Sharp contacts me. Rush over to audition as news narrator for opening of the new Wynn Resort and find myself waiting with five really serious cuties ranging in age from eighteen to thirty eight. Feel like I'm at a beauty pageant. Step up on lighted platform wit eight production people watching like a panel of judges. Do very well as improv on-site television commentator. My arcane knowledge from Royal Vacation Suites, about Donald Trump's plans and other local mega-projects, helps me greatly. They say I'm too old, however. I tell them to think Walter Cronkite.

Aug 26 Sell Daewoo at Carmax.

Aug 27 Create my first eBay auction.

Aug 31 Visit Cancun Resort.

Sep 3 Create PayPal account.

Sep 6 Visit Grand Canal. Kiss hand of actress. Good to be home. Caesar's Forum Shops.

Sep 8 Talk to the Katy-Daughter and later Brian. They're roommates now.

Sep 9 Search for apartments in the rain. Von's.

Sep 12 Mike Rakvica hires me to work for Suntera Resorts at the Stardust Casino. Kim from Royal Vacation Suites works here too. Enjoy samples in the food court at Fashion Show Mall. Say hi to young soldier who thanks me for doing so. Talk with sexy Heather Locklear type girl wearing blue blazer doing OPC.

Sep 14 Get first paycheck loan. Move to Blue Harbor Club.

Sep 16 Manpower tests me from 9 AM till 2 PM. They designate me "proficient user of MS Word".

Sep 17 Create WLO Payment Page,

Sep 23 Arrive at Stardust. Mike tells me I'm actually to work at the Desert Paradise Resort. Take shuttle way out to south Decatur. Find more friends here from Royal Vacation Suites, Sam, Butick, Eric Jaker.

Sep 25 Suntera boss Dick Brady resents my talking with women. Besides, commute is too far at Suntera. Visit Jockey Club and Hilton. Forget the neckties. Too hot here for that.

Sep 27 Visit Fairfield Showroom at Harrah's.

Sep 28 Visit Summer Bay.

Sep 29 Enjoy special beef hotdog at South Terminal.

Oct 2 Apply to the Peace Corps online, becausr the French Foreign Legion won't have me.

Oct 8 Get hired at Everycontractor.

Oct 11 Begin training at Everycontactor. Find out from Erin that agents make $300 not $3000.

Oct 12 Register at Nevada Job Connect.

Oct 13 Work taking down huge tent at the NLV Airport. I'm too old for this. Oldest coworker is fifteen years my junior.

Oct 14 Run into Maverick on the bus. He's doing private Kung Fu training and matches again.

Oct 15 At bus stops on Pecos talk with Douglas, a young hepcat and disk jockey. We speak of many things, music, UFOs, government cover-ups, and assassinations.

Oct 16 See skinny blond with sexy legs on the LVB bus.

Oct 18 Renew drivers license.

Oct 20 Visit Periwinkle Publications in the rain.

Oct 26 Visit Westgate Showroom on the Strip. Run into Brian. He really likes it here. Get hired as staff writer by Periwinkle. Publisher developed the Magazine "S" which she sold to USA Today.

Oct 27 Talk with two beautiful English girls on the Maryland bus and later a cute redhead in the real estate business.

Oct 28 See Erica Caine looking woman on Swenson bus. Boner City.

Nov 1 Sell the Timothy McVeigh correspondence to K. Lofton, well-known baseball player from Florida.

Nov 2 Defrost refrigerator. Go up to Peerless to do the paperwork. Publisher tells me I am to be the editor-in-cheif, not just a reporter. It's my writing sample that did it. Celebrate with prime rib at the California Buffet downtown.

Nov 5 Decide that directories and links will replace message board submissions from here on.

Nov 8 Begin as editor of LVLS Magazine. I will edit eleven frelance writers who live all over the US. I'm already scheduled to interwiew Steve Wynn and wife at home in N Las Vegas. I will also do all visiting rock musician and actor interviews with follow-up feature articles. Work is pleasant. Do my first weeks assignment in less than two days. We are joined by C, the art director, who until recently worked for Stephan Speilburg in Hollywood.

Nov 10 Meet the financier of LVLS at business meeting.

Nov 11 Publisher has figured out that she can save $30,000 a year by having C do my job as well as the art layout. Not surprising considering that recently she asked if I would learn MacIntosh, so I could do both jobs. She pays me for four days and I leave. Castles made of sand.

Gap in entries here until December 4. During this period I do several days of link submissions. Get SS short novel linked with two of the top European WWII sites. Cannot find LVLS Magazine on the Web. No website. No autoresponse.

Dec 4 Pack everything at Blue Harbor Club. Move it to storage room. Visit Flamingo Library. Stay out all night. Food-4-Less. Caesar's to eat. Forum Shops. NY. MGM.

Dec 5 Find shelter at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission. Attractive woman singing Christmas songs. Meet two real hobos who ride freight trains. One is Nathan Knowles who I come to regard as a good friend. He is a person of heroic spirituality trapped in the intellectual quicksand of societal deception. He is only 26 so I call him "Puppy Dog". He was an ordained minister who was defrocked for womanizing. Another friend is Raymond from LA, an airforce career man and alcoholic with one tooth. Another is JD from Texas, a male prostitute, who drinks, beats up Mexicans, and gambles his money away. The third night here the guys in charge carry out a dead body in the middle of the night.

Dec 9 Get good haircut outdoors from nice lady at Salvation Army.

Dec 11 Try the North Las Vegas Library.

Dec 12 Next the West Las Vegas Library. Get online for four hours.

Dec 13 Stay out again. Take the Max "future bus" to Food-4-Less. Caesar's. Bellagio. Luxor. Desert Passage.

Dec 14 First night at St. Vincent's. One friend I meet here is Joe from Kentucky, a very smart, but burned out, timeshare OPC. Another is Mike Cheney from Cape Cod who misses his wife. Another is Oscar Gianonne, a production assistant from Hollywood who helps me with my sales pitch for screenplays.

Dec 15 Delighted by my first lunch at Salvation Army, fried fish with potato and peas. Get on a wrong bus. Meet Kimberly Mann, who jerks me around. Too late for St, Vincent intake tonight, Will not sleep at Salvation Army. Stay out again. Ride Max to Food-4-Less. Caesar's. Bellagio. Squirt at Bellagio. Venetian Convention Center.

Dec 16 Another night out. Caesar's. Bellagio. Paris. Venetian. Mirage.

Dec 19 Salvation Army for lunch most days from here on. Become friends with good humored, well educated chap named David.

Dec 21. Lied Library. Begin Hollywood casting files.

Dec 22 On the town again. Forum Shops. Caesar's. Paris. Meet two blond whores, Courtnay and Kiley.

Dec 24 Coffee with Marcus. Nice chicken dinner across from Sally's.

Dec 25 Explore NW corner of city by bus. Turkey dinner at St. Vincent's.

Dec 26 Fashion Show Food Court for early breakfast.

Dec 30 Lunch with Doc Springer at Stratosphere.


Jan 3 Return Blue Harbor Club three days before the deadline. All the possessions I put in storage have been stolen.

Jan 7 Lied library. Begin screenplay sample scene.

Jan 8 Out again. Forum. Paris.

Jan 16 Nathan Knowles leaves for Alabama to find his true love.

Jan 18 Run into JD at the Mission.

Jan 19 Dry my laundry on a sidestreet fence.

Jan 29 Am attacked as I sleep by a schizophrenic Pedro Vargas. Draws blood , but no permanent damage.

Feb 2 Run into Joe at Sally's.

Feb 7 First breakfast at St. Vincent's. Very good sausage.

Feb 8 Chinese food across from Sally's.

Feb 9 Vinnie's security carry dead guy out in the middle of the night.

Feb 10 Guy hit by car at Sally's. Heart attack victim at Vinnie's.

Feb 13 Doc and I go over sale. Back too late. Caesar's. Forum Shops. Paris. Meet cute blond whore.

Feb 16 Visit Courthouse. Out again. Forum Shops. Paris. Many cuties.

Feb 18 Clinic. Have lost 50 pounds in two months. Blood pressure has normalized. Being itinerant agrees with me.

Should mention other friends during this period: Brian Myrich, who spends a lot of time in jail for open container and trespass when he falls asleep at the bus station. Noel, who was a tenis pro in Connecticutt and later a CEO at a local plastics factory until his eyes gave out. Jerry from Poland. Johann, a mathematician from Switzerland. Frenchie from Morocco, via France, also a biker who twice made the cover of "Easy Rider" magazine. Jerry a machinist from the Great Lakes, who likes his beer.

Feb 22 Excellent breakfast at El Cortez.

Feb 27 Visit futuristic library at Community College of Southern Nevada. Like entering a starship.

Mar 6 El Cortez.

Mar 9 Visit Doolittle Senior Center where the loud members do very little indeed except cribage.

Mar 10 Visit East Las Vegas Senior Center (ELVSC), large and beautiful with good lunches. I call it the "Hacienda del Magnifico". Begin profile submissions to dating websites. One day Oscar visits. I teach him a few computer basics and we go over the screenplay promotional pages with a fine tooth comb.

Mar 13 Breakfast with Oscar at the Opera House. Best hash browns in Las Vegas.

Mar 15 Mikie is back. Was in jail for beating up his ex-wife's new boyfriend.

Mar 17 Splendid corned beef dinner at ELVSC.

Mar 18 Another friend, Charles, a Karate Brown Belt, in the middle of the night has an epileptic seizure and they take him to the hospital.

Mar 27 Visit the Franciscans with Oscar. Good food [return intermittently hereafter].

Apr 1 Visit Walnut Community Center. Nice, but noisy.

Apr 6 Chicken Chow Mein at Peking Express. Make it to St. Vincent's too late. Food-4-Less. Dula. Caesar's. Paris.

Apr 15 Run into Frenchie and Bob at DTC Terminal. We go to MacDonald's and then the Stardust where they play the Sports Book every morning. Frenchie and I go to Wells Fargo and then DTC where he gets me a discount bus pass.

Apr 16 Ham and eggs at Binion's Horseshoe. Take half the ham in a doggy bag. At DTC run into Brian Myrich who hasn't eaten for four days, so I give him the ham.

Apr 17 8:30 AM. Warner Brothers shooting "Lucky You" at the Horseshoe. Do background in scene with Robert Duvall and Eric Bana. Exchange smiles with Drew Barrymore's pretty young understudy at lunch. Finish at 10:00 PM.

April 19 Breakfast at the Trade Route Café. Try the Chile at Wendy's. Mm Mm Good.

Apr 21 Jack n Box. Potatoes with melted cheddar and bacon. Mm Mm Good. At St Vincent's, Brian Myrich tells me that he knew both Charlie Manson and Serhan Serhan in prison. I told him that the later listenens to a good many Deran Deran records.

May 2 Can't get into paid shelter until tomorrow night. Pay for six days. Prime Rib at the Trade Route Café. Eat four times more than I'm used to, with the sushi and salad items. Forum Shops. Caesar's. Bellagio. Paris.  

May 9 Recrive a special invitation to visit the new Wynn Resortm which I do. Forum Shops. Caesar's. Bellagio. Paris

May 11 Visit Atorney Barry Levinson. Bigelow sent him a letter in March denying everything. He wants $3000 up front to sue. Says we can win. Can't afford it.

May 13 Finally see the Ferarris and Masaratis at Wynn. More at Caesar's Rotunda plus a Saran, a Lamborghini, and a new Aston Martin.

May 17 Visit Brian Holder in Summerlin. Set up Reality TV segments for CBS on his computer.

Jun 5 Visit Poker Palace for eggs and bacon. Cute little blond waitress.

Jun 6 6:30 AM. Arrive at Santa Fe Station where we are shooting "Siren". Talk with actors Derek Eustice, Brian Burke, plus Ozzy up from Hollywood to introduce the bands. Play rock fan in crowd scene only. Erin Gray is the main star. Hear some good music. Get back too late. Forum Shops. Caesar's. Bellagio. Paris.

Jun 7 Poker Palace for breakfast.

Jun 15 Register SS short novel as a screenplay treatment with the WGA.

Jun 16 Poker Palace.

Jun 26 Poker Palace.

Jun 28 Visit Coleman Senior Center.

Jun 30 Visit ELVSC. Chicken sandwich for lunch.

Jul 1 Back to noisy Doolittle.

Jul 4 Veteran's Barbecue with Oscar. Good live music.

Jul 6 Get Bigelow legal process going at Court and Constable's Office.

Jul 7 Poker Palace.

Jul 12 Meet with David Scholler at UNLV to discuss SS screenplay project. He says networking is the answer.

Jul 13 Open PO Box downtown.

Jul 14 Visit NW Las Vegas Senior Center. Suggest necktie party at St. Vincent's.

Jul 26 Guy named Brian in the next bunk has a seizure so intense that it looks like an invisible entity is dribbling him as a basketball. Abulance people take him.

Jul 27 Reprimand a yelling dirty-mouth displaced African man on the Rancho bus after he curses and insults the lady bus driver for no reason. I tell him to stop or I'll put him off the bus. He calls me names, but stops.

Jul 28 Loud displaced African man just released from prison, drunk on the 113 bus, nearly sits in a girl's lap because he "doesn't see" her. He grabs my arm for no reason. I shake him loose, tell him not to touch me, and he stops.

Jul 29 Because of bus problems, Jill, a charming blonde lady from London, and I spend the entire afternoon together waiting in 114 degree heat.

Jul 30 Crazy displaced African man in the St. Vincent donut line tries to start problem with me, and then with a big fat guy who comes along. The fat guy adds to my warning. Finally the raging troublemaker chickens out and leaves.  

Attend Hard Rock Hotel audition for America's Best Talent Awards. Perform Shakespeare type monologue. Lynn, the casting director, seems very surprised that I've had no training. She says "You're good, not great yet, but you will be if you take lessons". She gives me a script for a short scene, and twenty minutes later, I deliver it. Says I need coaching, but that it would be a real mistake not to pursue acting as a career. I proceed forthwith.

Aug 3 Insane displaced African man comes into the St. Vincent breakfast line loudly cursing and hugging people who don't want it. Security escorts him out. Later the police arrest him out front.

Aug 11 Raymond is back from LA looking very tanned.

Aug 12 Enjoy fine breakfast buffet at Terrible's with Larry Metheney, investment banker from Atlanta. David Aubrey rides there with us, but goes off to play slot machines. Starting with fresh strawberries, Larry and I eat like pigs and discuss my SS screenplay project. He hopes to hook me up with production people in Hollywood and possibly help with funding.

Aug 13 Police pick up some guy at Sally's for pulling a knife.

Aug 14 Splendid roast pork at the Franciscans.

Aug 16 Hear that a friend of mine, Mark, died of pnuemonia in the hospital about three weeks ago. In memoriam: He was tall and wore a jaunty looking Australian hat. He looked just like what he was, an adventurer involved in smuggling operations all over Cenral and South America. I admired his detailed knowlege of classic American films.

Aug 18 Enjoy good breakfast at Sally's. Will eat here from now on.

Aug 23 Good roast pork at Sally's. My friend Chris, who eats like an Alisaurus, enjoys this very much too.

Aug 24 Finally connect with Roman at Creative Image Casting.

Sep 16 Lose my lawsuit against Bigelow Properties, but in the process of hearing defense testimony, find out that former manager, Joeseph Vargas, stole my things, because he commited prgury in denying that there had ever been items in storage.

Sep 17 Begin film acting preliminaries with the Actor's Gym at Sandy Hackett's Comedy Club. Solemn skull decor for Halloween. Classmates are Nicole, Scott, and Chris. Teacher is a very smart man and I expect to learn a great deal from him.

Sep 19 Attend special invitation premiere of Siren. Run into fellow actor, Randall Robinson, on the bus. The film is good, but too short. Most of the music wasn't used. Length 1 hr 45 minutes. Get back too late. Visit Strip.

Sep 23 Pleasant visit up to Hollywood Avenue. Finally meet casting director, Marilee Lear, and grandson Damien. She gives good advice about sequencing in my acting resume.

Sep 26 Visit Big Picture Studios to find nobody home.

Oct 8 Tubercular chap spits on floor all night. The ocean of saliva uns under my bed and soaks my coat, which I throw away. Security says they will "86" him.

Oct 9 Bald well-dressed displaced African man insanely roaring insults at Caucasian passers-by. Police cars converge on area, but I'm around the corner and don't get to see the arrest.

Oct 10 Move into a small private room. Quiet. Sleep well.

Oct 25 Audition as bartender for "America's Most Wanted" with Marilee Lear. Ask if I should use appropriate accent. She says no. I do poorly. Realize that using my own voice without putting on an accent is actually harder for me.

Nov 17 Give business card to cute young girl, Jesse, on the Civic Center bus, hoping to have her in a project eventually.

Dec 8 Pop into Mandalay Bay Events Center where they're shooting "Rocky Balboa". Not for me. Stay only a short time.

Dec 17 Go to an audition on Alta. Turns out to be a donut commercial for no pay. Give them my card and leave promptly.

Dec 20 Visit Linda for open casting call. Very beautiful young blonde Ashton helps me quickly. See young chap there who looks like Leonardo DiCaprio. Saw him also at the premiere of "Siren" and last time I visited Marilee.

Dec 22 Interviewer at Nevada Job Connect says that with my eyesight I should forget employment and just live on SSI. Ironical that I can edit a magazine, but not work for one at entry level.

Dec 24 Walk down to the Mission for dinner. Run into my friend Joe who is wearing a handsome business suit, doing timeshare at Lady Luck resort.


Jan 3 Get stomach pills from Isaac at UMC Pharmacy.

Jan 4 Magickal early morning atmosphere on Freemont. Enjoy breakfast at McD.

Jan 6 Run into chap I knew at Royal Vacation Suites.

Jan 9 Young production lady, Becky, allows me onto the set as impromtu background for "CSI" episode called "Killer" right across from the Plaza. We never end up on camera, however. Fun watching the staged car crash.

Jan 27 Strange breakfast at Cambridge Center. Run into my favorite Tally Ban, Marcus.

Jan 31 Have medical exam in connection with SSI application.

Feb 18 There will be no further compromise at the Dula Gymnasium. Write introduction for paranormal stories.

Feb Oscar and I visit Wynn Resort and Forum Shops.

Feb 22 Visit West Flamingo Club for first time.

Feb 24 Another first at Parkdale Avenue Club.

Mar 1 Do very well on psych exam for SSI.

Mar 5 Visit Venetian

Mar 8 First visit to Paradise Club on McCleod.

Mar 12 Fashion Show Mall

Mar 25 Oscar and I audition for "The Sopranos". I only go because I think it's for TV, but turns out to be dinner theater. I go on second and do very well, but am amazed by Oscar's acting ability. Others, however, do even better and look more the part. Even though I wouldn't do the gig, it was good practice and I enjoyed it immensely.

Apr 9 Fashion Show Mall. See many paintings by Ron Wood. Proprietor met him recently. Invites me to a special gallery opening two weeks hence. Says it will be a good occasion to promote screenplay.

May 7 At Dula Gymnasium displaced African rudely asks me for tobacco. When I don't help him with this, he calls me filthy names which I reflect right back on him. This infuriates him. Later I see him raging around shouting insults at me from across the street.

May 8 On the bus, yesterday's tobacco seeker, starts a fight with a young displaced African man who seems to be winning when a big oriental guy breaks them up.

May 16 Sunnyside and bacon at El Cortez.

May 18 Everything omelet at Terrible's buffet.

May 28 Explore Freemont and Neonopolis.

Jun 7 At Paradise Community Center, a young displaced African man starts clobbering piano keys in a full computer lab. Supervisor asks him to stop. He refuses and keeps on. I suggest she call the police. She says she will if he doesn't stop. He stops.

Jun 10 Conversation with Ron. First tale. Displaced African named Demetrius complains that Grant "that damned white man" is on the computer again when he wants to use it. Situation escalates. Violent struggle ensues. Demetrius throws Grant to the ground and gives him a black eye. Second tale: Husband of Korean woman catches his wife in kinky scenario with blonde woman who has declared that she is "really a man inside" and loves the Korean woman. Ron has a tape about it all which he sends to city officials on the pretext that their concern about customer relations will make this relevant information.

Jun 11 Visit Pooveraita where Brian Myrich cuts my hair. John gives me some snazzy Oscar De La Renta socks.

Jun 14 Visit Vitamin World for DNA and SOD. Eve: Drunken displaced African continues to threaten me as I wait for the bus. He's twice my size. Finally I warn him that if he attacks me, he'll be dead in three seconds.(Good bluff. It would take longer). The bus comes. I tell the bus driver and she phones the County Marshall.

Jun 16 SSI goes through.

Jun 21 On Sahara at Paradise an insane, displaced African woman approaches the bus stop yelling at me and a Mexican guy not to disregard her special dispensation as God and her very special privileges. She speaks bitterly and viciously against "the white people". She points to the gutter and tells me I must go there. I inform her that eventually she will have to go to a concentration camp, be hung, and then her body thrown into a pit of quick lime. A Mexican man sitting there seems to concur with my rhetoric. All this calms the woman down and gives her a thoughtful demeanor. Once again saved by the bus.

Jun 22 Three sunnyside with cheese at Terrible's. Buy new Starfleet Academy ring at the Hilton. At Las Vegas Library, an albino African with African accent refuses to get off computer reserved by a cute little white woman. Calls her "Idiot Bitch". She complains to Security. They ask him to leave. African denies it all very forcefully. Looks like the security guys believe him, so I tell them that I witnessed the entire matter and that the woman is not lying. They put him on another computer. Later I meet the cute lady outside and we have a very pleasant few minutes together. She is an astrologer from San Francisco. Wish she were staying.

Jun 23 Sit talking with a Jewish doctor As I enjoy a very good hamburger at the UMC cafeteria.

Jun 26 6:00 AM Two sunnyside and very tender ham at Binion's.

Jun 27 Move into nice little SRO apartment without bedbugs. My legs will heal eventually. With the novels I am about to write my situation has never been better. Must find some way to get a car.

Jun 28 Food-4-Less. First normal grocery shopping since 2004.

Jul 12 Visit Gothic store. Talk with cute girl named Candy.

Jul 22 Monte Carlo. Register with More Casting from Hawaii. They want to sign me exclusively, but I say no. We settle that they will have me exclusively only in Hawaii.

Aug 1 Interesting thirteen hours shooting "Knocked Up" in the Mystere Theater at Treasure Island. Spend the whole day with a cute blonde, Amy, who was asked to be a Drew Barrymore stand-in recently. She refused because she had to take care of her kid. Awesome elfish looking acrobats from Russia. We do background in a scene with Paul Rudd. Funny scene with giant baby.

Aug 3 Register for "Introduction to Acting" at CSN.

Aug 4 Get desk lamp for studies.

Aug 15 Excellent lunch on Hamburger Tuesday at Dula.

Aug 29 Register at Vegas Casting.

Sep 16 Do Elof II Monologue in Little Theater. Do well but very nervous.

Sep 23 Do it again in Horn Theater. Less nervous

Sep 14 Flooding makes it impossible to cross Las Vegas Boulevard. No electricity in Little Theater. Do "Wall Street" monologue in the Common Room. Need to learn coordination of body movements with lines.

Nov 4 Do "Wall Street" again in the Little Theater. Play director, Ed Gryska, also our teacher, says this time he would cast me without looking further. Now if I can just get him on the phone with agencies all over town...

Nov 14 Negro hitting child on bus. Old white woman speaks up to him about it. He threatens to beat her instead, then tells the kid that the woman's behavior is "white supremacy". See neurologist about getting MRI.

Nov 26 Insane negro comes bellowing out of Las Vegas Library shouting that all white men are fagots. This is a common theme with negro males in America who seem to be one of the most self-deluding groups of people on Earth.

Dec 2 In the Little Theater, I play Vandergelder in a a scene from "Hello Dolly" with Amanda Blake, one of Las Vegas' dearest little sveethearts. Later I rename Panda Express to Amanda Express in her honor.

Dec 7 Finally get rid of sore toe problem at special foot clinic.  

Dec 17 Arrive just in time for early morning shoot at Piero's as dinner guest for Azurelite Pictures in "Player 5150". Syrupy singer playing piano. Staring Kelly Carlson, Kathleen Robertson, and Elaine Hendrix. Really serious blonde production cutie present on this one.


Jan 6 Visit Marilee Lear at her new mountain location. At her direction visit Belagio to check out proper costume.

Jan 13 Audition for small speaking role in "21" the true story about M.I.T. students who practiced card counting to twelve decks and took Las Vegas for millions. Marilee schedules me for the production callback. [The first weekend of shooting, too many of Marilee's background people cancel. Production is angry and gives the gig to Wildstreak. Later I find out the role was to be the guy in a tuxedo who walks Kevin Spacey into the casino explaining the operation. See Stu Chaiken as a pit boss in this, but even he has no dialog].

Feb 12 Do "Elof II" monologue at CSN. Doug Baker says I'm powerful.

Feb 24 Go to audition for "Identity" but lack needed information to complete the forms.

Feb 26 Kim at Cool Blue Talent calls saying that Marriott Hotels wants to use me for a magazine ad. Am very flattered, but decline. Only dramatic movies and TV.

Mar 2 Write introduction for my novel about a young cocksman living with two women.

Mar 3 Audition for reality TV show about decaying marriages. I ask why they use actors and they say  because they can't find real couples who will do the show. Can't remember what it's called.

Mar 5 Do "Elof II again. At one point I do really well when character gets mad because this immerses me in the character.

Mar 13 Write story about a masacre at Mt. Charleston.

Mar 14 Negro at bus stop starts calling me dirty names when I won't give him fifty cents. Threatens to have me killed. Starts throwing stones. Finally he throws drink with ice and showers not just me, but bus driver too. Hope I can catch him alone someday.

Mar 26 Do "Wall Street" sitting down as before. Fairly well recieved.

Mar 29 After MRI go to Paris for lunch. At La Creperie meet girl from Michigan who looks like Sandra Bullock, mut says she is not. Give her a business card just in case. Crepe Forestiere for the first time, made with spinach, mushrooms, Boursin, etc. Very good.

Go to V Theater at Planet Hollywood as per invitation to enjoy show and help out as background for Nathan Burton's sitcom pilot. Get into the VIP line with production reference, but enter instead as guest of entertainment critic Judy Thorburn, a very fetching woman who I at first naturally assume is an actress. We have seats with a good view. Nathan does amazing feats of magic which I find impossible to explain.

Mar 31 Eve: Indie producer calls wanting me for a role as a pilot who crashes his plane in the desert. This is for a science-fiction movie to be shot near Redrock Canyon. Sounds very interesting. Special effects. Giant spiders. Reluctantly decline because of recent knee injury. Recommend Oscar.

Apr 2 Run into Oscar who I haven't seen for months and tell him.

Apr 15 Very proud of my friend Adam Shaefer as George Raft in play at the Horn Theater directed by my teacher Doug Baker. All about Ben Seagal and the Flamingo.

Apr 16 Perform "Wall Street" again. Doug and I disagree about the nature of the character, but I tell him that I'll use it as a constructive challange to my acting ability, because in the field a director might also ask me to do it his way.

Apr 18 Do scene from "Hello Dolly" with Phylis. Doug spends a lot of time with us on it.

Apr 22 See "It's Only Business" again. I like it even better this time.

Mar 30 Do very well at audition for a role in "The Forbidden".

May 2 Do "Hello Dolly" again with Phylis. After class, run my gangster lines with Phylis, then run across town to a call-back for "The Forbidden". Read with the producer. Much better than last time.

May 15 Sign up for IMDb Pro.

Jun 6 Arrive about 6:00 AM outdoors for "Yonkers Joe". Finally meet Julie Goldman after three years. I never knew she's such a dear little cutie. Excellent breakfast buffet. Begin shooting about 9:00. It's all guys today unfortunately because we're playing a bachelor party. Make many new friends: Will Roya, Joe Alexander, Eliot London, Ben Watts, and Stu Chaiken to name a few. Chaz Palmanteri arrives. His car stops right in front of me. As he gets out we say howdy. Facing camera, do five takes of scene with two stand-is as background for Palmanteri. Fine lunch of Talapia fillet, baked Acorn Squash, and tomato with Monterrey Jack and basil. Late in afternoon on camera again with Palmanteri again crossing park. Hope to see it all. Beautiful day. 85 degrees. Slight sunburn. Finish at 8:15 PM.

Jun 13 Write "The Disgrace of Ling Fong".

Jun 19 Write "The Kitten".

Jun 23 Write "The Story of Ham".

June 25 Write "Top Sow".

June 26 Write "The Torso".

Jun 27 Ad lib at audition for "Stripper" at Rainbow Bar and Grill.

Jun 30 Finally meet producer Christopher Hood at casting for his new movie "Falling Angels".

Jul 2 Strange Day. Arrive early at Howard Hughes Center to perform monologue as per casting for "Stripper". Elevators don't work. Front doors lock down. Little blond cutie named Mismo comes downstairs. She talks like Eva Gabor and calls me "Darling". They have moved the audition to Arvil Street. She and I hitch a ride with big sexy blond actress named Lisa. She studied with Doug Baker, and tells me he's now doing a show on the Strip with Pam Anderson. Many friends at the audition. Unbearable pain from too many pushups as I wait in line. Do lousy job on monologue and get home just in time for dinner.

Jul 8 Muscle pain doesn't cease. Check into UMC hospital. As I tell them, it turns out to be damage to rarely used muscles caused by too many push-ups. Remedy: Ibuprophin. The bastards keep me for three days of tests to cover their asses in case it turns out to be my heart.

Aug 8 Negro bull-dyke on bus calls me "white trash" and then raves on about it for half an hour, because I try to protect my hearing by blocking my ears when she yells past me to the driver. Threatens me with violence and says I'm a "white instigator". There will be a reckoning.

Aug 20 Tell Jennifer Campbell about her options with me.

Aug 30 First class in Independent Filmmaking. See "American Movie".

Sep 6 Run into Stu Chaiken at the Las Vegas 48 Hour Film Project Awards. Also Ben Watts who plays a demon in one of the thirteen films that we see.

Sep 30 Morning. Finish main MySpace friend requests with several top fashion models.

Oct 4 See "Stranger Than Paradise" in Indie Film class.

Oct 11 Look for Reno landmarks in "Hard 8".

Nov 1 Enjoy Steve Buscemi in "Living in Oblivion".

Nov 20 Excalibur puts on Thanksgiving dinner at St. Vincents. Talk with archetypal pretty daughter.

Dec 1 Enlist four helpers with truck and get moved easily into new apartment.

Dec 3 Big grocery bill at F4L.

Dec 5 Get giant Toaster Oven.

Dec 18 Have Crepe Du Soleil at Paris. Visit Mandalay Bay. At Luxor am told they are going to tear down the Sphinx as part of the program of de-Egyptianizing Luxor. Visit MGM Grand.

Dec 19 Buy furniture on Cheyenne.

Dec 21 Shepherd EC. Barbequed chicken wrapped in seaweed at Hawaiian Barbecue. TV pricing.

Dec 22 Buy lamps finally.

Dec 24 Chicken Chow Mein and Barbecue Pork at Amanda Express.

Dec 26 Prime rib and world's largest potato at Poker Palace.

Dec 28 Visit CSN Charleston Campus for first time.

Dec 30 Furniture arrives.


Jan 19 Get Tolkein's "Unfinished Tales" and "The Gormenghast Trilogy" at Barnes and Noble.

In Film Director Styles class see:

Jan 22 "Hearts of Darkness"

Jan 29 "Lost in LaMancha"

Feb 5 "Jacob's Ladder"

Feb 12 "Raging Bull"

Feb 19 Shorts on production of "Raging Bull". See "King of Comedy".

Feb 26 "Children of Men"

Mar 5 Visit Venetian and explore the new Palazo resort. Nothing but top designer stores upstairs. Nice waterfall inside.

Mar 9 Begin reading "Unfinished Tales".

Mar 11 Midterm then "No Country for Old Men" in class.

Mar 12 Get new class ring at Starfleet.

Mar 25 "Stranger Than Paradise" again.

Apr 1 "To Die For" in class.

Frenchy Angelique

Apr 3 Go to "Billionaire Mafia" audition. Sit talking with production people. Turns out this is comedy gig. One chap tells me amazing stories about Frank Dux being able to function blindfolded just as though he were not. This show stars serious cutie named FiFi, who I meet before the shoot. She is actually Frenchy Angelique of VH1. As I watch I realize the concept is really not right for me. Get hungry and leave, but I'm thinking maybe I should get back to this for a supporting role in one or two episodes.

Apr 15 Visit new dentist Dr Benny. See "Amelie" in French.

Apr 22 See "Pan's Labyrinth" in Spanish.

Apr 29 "The Descent" in class.

May 6 "Evil Dead II" in class.

May 13 Film festival in class. Enjoy claymation of inch-worms and Sandy's French New Wave style film shot in French at Wetlands Park. She is very talented and I'd love to work with her in future.

May 19 Long hike to PO to retrieve Gemstone Globe.

Jun 8 Attend first Film, Television, and Theater Artists of Nevada Meetup. Talk with Scott Anderson, one of the Xanadu Film Festival people, and with Stage Left producer Gene Kelly. I'm going to start doing principle roles in small indie films just until I build a good reel ot two.

Jul 6 Finish "Unfinished Tales" through Aldarion and Erendis.

Jul 8 Visit La Creperie. Enjoy hearty Crepe Bayonne. Luxor. Get last of the Lapis obelisks at the Pyramid Store.

Aug 25 First Movies and Media class. See "4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days" in Romanian.

Sep 29 See movie "Unusual Suspects" in class.

Oct 2 Visit pool area at Caesar's Palace to be considered as stand-in for one of the principals in "The Hangover". This intrigues me because it will require a beard and wig. My youthful physique keeps me from getting the role. Beautiful women in bikinis, however, make it worth the trip.

Oct 3 "The Hangover" my first comedy. Start shooting 5:50 PM Friday and finish 7:00 AM Saturday. Then David Anthony calls me at 1:00 PM Saturday. I'm fast asleep. Car hits my bus on the way. Find new bus via downtown but still arrive on time. We shoot from 6:00 PM to 8:00 AM Sunday. Meet interesting people: Little brunette who looks like Finola Hughes. Singer / Guitar Player Jamie Valle who knows most famous metal musicians from when he was DJ in Salt Lake, also played professional hockey for Winnepeg. Actor Mark Polo from LA who was body-double for Rutger Hauer in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". His wife is tall, cute, and writes songs. Meet beautiful tall young redhead who seems to like me, but loose track of her when a shouting pig invades the desert line. While doing background as Three Card Player, on break, Ed Helms, sits next to me on available bar stool. Tell him about the Frank Dux thing with the coins.

Oct 6 See strange movie "He Loves Me. He Loves Me Not" in class.

Nov 5 TRip to Penn Valley. 9:00 AM Leave. 12:15 Beatty. Death Valley. 4:00 Big Pine.

Nov 6 8:30 Leave. 2:00 Colfax. Braunsweiger and Monterrey Jack as usual. 3:00 PVMS. 5:00 Grass Valley.

Nov 7 8:30 Leave. 12:30 World's Finest Pastrami and Cheese. 3:30 Big Pine.

Nov 8 8:45 Leave. 12:30 Beatty. 2:30 Home. Unpack.

Nov 19 Visit Headquarters for the Las Vegas International Film Festival, LVIFF, to pick up assigned films for review as a judge.

Nov 29 Sort Old papers

Dec 3 Return films to LVIFF Headquarters

Dec 26 Remount ski patches in album.

Dec 27 Put commemorative quarters into 50 state album.


On winter break, talk to Campus Police about computer policy and find out that CSN doesn't mind kids spending eight hours a day killing people in virtual reality. However, If a grown man looks at pictures of women for thirty seconds, they will initiate strong punitive action. Are the school officials perverts? Just what are they promoting? Why are we always expected to attribute rightious motivation to those who behave wrongly?

In the 1960s we explained the "Make Love, Not War" philosophy to these idiots, but they still haven't figured it out yet. All this reflects the proliferation of morally inferior people on the campuses because of Socialist Affirmative Action programs. Wake up America! Socialism doesn't work. Don't subsidize inferiority, destroy it!

The sickness pervades not just the schools. At both city and county community centers it's common to find bull-dyke supervisors who routinely persecute men for looking at pictures of women. They want public funding, but give back parochial lesbian viewing policy in their never ending battle against human normalcy. God-damn them all to their graves! I'm proud of our public libraries, however, who base their viewing policy on the Bill of Rights.

Jan 24 Prime rib at Trade Route Café on the way to Frank Sinatra Avenue nightclub where producer is screening Detective Douchey, Episodes 3 and 4. When I asked NFA about audition they forwarded letter to my friend Stu Chaiken. He wrote and told me I should come to see this. When I arrive I find out that he is the star, and I must say he sure looks happy. Talk with Sean Webb, but these are mostly TV people, so I see very few others who I know. When they start the film, the volume is too loud, so I leave.

Feb 17 Run into Stu again as I enter Silverton Casino for the premiere of "The Casino Job". Chris Hood, the producer, sent me a invitation and a large portion of the Las Vegas Film industry is present. Talk with Stu, Joe Alexander, and Phil Valentine, who I haven't seen since 2005. Recognize Dean Mauro from link he sent regarding my film projects and we talk briefly. When the movie runs I see that Dean is the main star and a very good actor besides. Curtis Joe Walker, another project respondee, is in this and is also very good.

Mar 17 St Patrick Day Dinner at the East Club. Talk with Trina. Mike Smith works here now, and I'm happy to see him. When the dinner is served, there is cabbage in great abundance and potatoes as far as the eye can see but... the tiny little piece of corned beef given is fit only for the Wee Folk you know. Never again I tell Ye. Elsewhere next year.

Apr 9 Greaser cop gives me a 190 dollar ticket for crossing the street with nobody coming in either direction. The CSN Campus Police didn't have time to investigate the theft of my wallet at school, but this joker has plenty of time to harass and rob older people for common-sense pedestrian behavior where it will save walking an uneccesary quarter mile. The cop could see that I was limping from a knee injury. What goes around will come around... Gas Chambers. Ovens. Ash for our fields.

Hereabouts finish my fil review site. There are now 168 all linked in the IMDb. Will add more as I see new movies.

May 6. Breakfast. Eggs Benedict at the Trade Route Café.

May 19 4:30 PM Arrive at Casting Entertainment to audition for movie "Swallow the Sun". Run into Phil Valentine. Dean Mauro tells me that he quotes my review of "The Casino Job" in his MySpace. I'm thinking I should write a part into the "Of Heroic Destiny" screenplay for Benvenuto Mussolini. Perfect for Dean. He says he could do it. Stop for prime rib at Trade Route Café on the way home.

May is old home month. Run into Oscar Gianonne after three years. He now looks like a retired rock star. A few days later I receive call from old girlfriend Karen after 26 years. We talk for nine hours.

Jul 10. Breakfast. Eggs Benedict at Trade Route Café

Jul. Visit Poker Palace. Pulled pork sandwich. No more prime rib. Many loudmouth negroes. Never again. Make up for this with prime rib at the Trade Route Café.

Aug 27. Finish first feature-length screenplay about a Libertarian future. Going to write a second one, then get an agent.

Sep 25. 3:45 Mack Casting. Two monologues. Robert Radin wants me to join SAG. Says he can get me speaking roles. 6:45 Staryeyed Films shoot. Should have worn a suit. Meet the producer / director.

Oct 2. Balermo, celophane noodles with fish sayse, hard boiled ess, and challots for lunch at Phillipine Restaurant on Maryland. Tour Boulevard Mall. Terriaki Chicken at foodcourt.

Oct 13 Ham and Swiss Omelet at MS Cafe.

Oct 17. Update introduction for the novel liertarian novel. Oct 23 Audition for "The Deceased". The casting lady is a twit. Hot Turkey and Hot Fudge Sunday at MS Cafe.

Oct 27 Trigger Finger. Eggs Benedict, rice with chicken gravy at MS Cafe.

Nov 3 Buy phosphorescent balls at a Halloween store.

Nov 11 Galleria Mall. Chinese dumplings. Beef and Chicken Terriaki at MS Cafe.

Nov 13 Bogus audition for Mark Walberg's new movie at Mack Entertainment, which agency is now in my archival file.

Nov 26 Thanksgiving Day. Fine turkey dinner at MS Cafe.

Dec 8 Chicken quesedilla in pyramid at City Center. LV Outlet Mall.

Dec 25 Prime Rib and pea soup at MS Cafe.


Following are some should-have-been journal entries that I instead put into a file without dates for a realistic novel called the "The Hobos" set in a different time period than the actual events. Finally decided not to write the book, but hate to waste the entries so I present them here. Most occurred 2005-2010. They are a small sample of the race problems we live with in Las Vegas.

At the Dula Gymnasium, displaced African, Jerry, comes into the Cribbage Room very drunk and accuses Oscar and I of reporting him to the manager, who has just asked him to leave. He becomes very insulting. I tell him to leave or I'll call Metro, He leaves. Three times in future I see him shouting insults at me from a safe distance.

At St. Vincent’s, a displaced African man in line behind me comes up close and starts to sing effeminately into my ear. I tell him not to do this, and he says I have insulted his singing and threatens me. I simply look at him and he lets the matter drop.

On the Owens bus, three displaced African men taunt and insult a white European woman. Driver tells them he will put them off the bus if they don't stop. They continue. At the next stop, the driver gets up and starts to walk briskly back. The three jump up and run off the bus.

On the N LV Blvd bus, a young displaced African man with short dreadlocks wipes his forehead, then slings the sweat onto my arm. I tell him not to do this, He threatens to kick my ass. I say "I hope you try".

Young displaced African man with long dreadlocks comes out of the Public Library on NLV Blvd yelling back at whoever asked him to leave, "Faggot! All white men are faggots!". I ask him "If you are so unhappy here, why don't you go back home to Africa?" No answer.

At bus stop on Boulder Highway a bare-chested bald displaced African man comes yelling and rampaging down the sidewalk like a mad dog. He sees me, and starts throwing stones. I duck behind the kiosk. He walks across the street and opens a big water main, which begins to flood the area.

At a bus stop on Owens, I hear a displaced African man bragging how he "carry Brown Recluse Spider in saltshaker and put in Motherfucker's bed."

At my downtown club, a Caucasian friend tells me about how his daughter died at age sixteen after two displaced African men slit her throat in an alley behind a restaurant. They were sent to prison.

Dinner at St. Vincents. As I take my tray up, displaced African man grabs my arm and calls me "Motherfucker." I jerk my arm from his grasp and say "Don't call me that. I wouldn't fuck your mother with a ten foot pole." He looks at the floor, ashamed.

Displaced African man on the 115 morning bus puts his dirty shoes on a Mexican man's man's trouser leg. When the man objects, the African calls him filthy names. There are women present, I tell him to watch his language, and he tells me "I'll knock you out".

On the N LV Blvd., bus a displaced African woman yells into my ear, nearly breaking my eardrum, but to a friend up front of the bus. When I object to this, she insults and threatens me. I move up front. Now the displaced African lady bus driver tells that me what I did in objecting to the encroachment with my ear drum is illegal. I tell her, “Fine, you get the army, navy, air force and marines down here right now and I’ll fight them all to preserve my natural right not to have my eardrum assaulted.”

At CSN computer lab three displaced Africans are playing loud music on their computers, I ask the lab tech to have them disable sound. He says that last time they said they will beat him up in the parking lot. I say "Call Security!" He says "Then they really will beat me up in the parking lot."

In the computer lab at CSN, a displaced African boy about nineteen, walks in slowly bouncing a basketball, with a sullen defiant expression, looking around to challenge anybody who might object.

At Charleston and LV Blvd, displaced African man, just released from prison, asks me for money. When I say no, he insults and threatens me.

At CSN computer lab a displaced African girl sitting in the lap of a second such girl, is wearing headphones, singing at the top of her lungs. I walk over and suggest that perhaps there is a more proper venue for this in the music building. She gives me the "Excuse me?" routine as though I did something wrong. I ask the lab tech to speak to her. He does and she stops. In the ensuing weeks, there are two similar instances of savage serenade.

In a totally empty computer lab at CSN, young displaced African man who once harassed me in the men's room at St Vincents, comes to my kiosk and throws down his backpack to call attention to himself. I politely suggest that there is no need to crowd up. He goes crazy, calling me endless names. Ten minutes later he is still raving and muttering. Finally I say "I think I've had just about enough from you!" He stops.

On the Bonanza bus, a displaced African man brags loudly about having fathered seventeen illegitimate children.

In the computer lab at CSN a displaced African girl makes loud outbursts of yelling at intervals. The lab tech asks her to stop. She will not and finally calls security. They talk to her. After they leave she reverts to her yelling. She does this on several subsequent days and on one occasion, picks up the keyboard and starts smashing the computer with it. She stops after a few seconds.

At CSN a large displaced African is talking loudly in the computer lab. I say "Quiet, please!" Later he comes over and threatens several times to kill me. I tell him to leave immediately, or I'll call the police and have him arrested and prosecuted. He leaves.  

These events happen about three times daily in Las Vegas. They are the rule, not the exception. Integration has failed. Africans and Europeans are simply not compatible, and there's no reason why they should be. No amount of Socialist propaganda will ever make a lie into the truth.

Jan Complete second feature length screenplay based on my novel about the chap living with two women.

Jan 6 Chicken Katsu tastes like kat food at MS Cafe.

Jan 30 Full Moon 11:50 PM

Liber 83

"Hail unto thee from the longhouses of Evening!
Thou who befriendeth Odin in thy concealment!"


"I Ne~, in the Great Name of Yggdrasil, do reconsecrate ye, magickal implements no longer in possession, as talismans, and do consecrate thee Wand of Fenris Lignum Vitae, all in my service to the end of days."

Consummation of Oath to Kelly the Chestnut Haired

"In Furtherance of the New Aeon
Love is the Law, Love under Will.
Hail unto the Aesir and Vanir!
Hail unto the Alfar!
Hail Yggdrasil !"

Commencement of Service

Jan 31 Superb Teriyaki Short Ribs at MSC.

Feb 30 Call Marilyn.

Mar 4 Scrumptious Trout Almondine at MSC.

Mar 6 Write to Aly.

Mar 9 Frame California Zephyr Poster.

Mar 12 Prime Rib at MSC.

Mar 15 Hard to eat Oxtail Stew at MSC.

Mar 18 Buy strange veined marble squares on Charleston.

April 23 Tyler says hotel rooms only.

Apr 28 Audition to be werewolf for Comedy Central, but that twit again, never again.

May 13 MSC Prime Rib with Butternut Squash Soup

May 27 Freemont Experience Car Show. Outdoor charbroiled cheeseburger

Jun. Complete twenty-four semester hours of acting, film studies, and fiction workshops at CSN with a 3.57 GPA.

Jun 4 MSC. Prime Rib with Sushi.

Jun 9 Superb breakfast. Bacon, scrambled egg, and rye toast at City Center in the Pyramid.

Jul 12 MS Cafe. Hawaiian Stuffed Chicken, a bit dry.

Jul 17 MS Cafe. Three little mackerels with their heads intact make me feel sorry, but I eat them anyway.

Aug 5 MS Cafe. Waitress gives me Butterfish by accident.

Aug 17. CC Snack Bar. Teriaki Plate.

Aug 18. Get Fenugreek Seeds from a Russian girl.

Aug 20 Log in at UNLV.

Aug 24 Start "Acting: Camera" at UNLV with Clarence Gilyard. Serious cuties enhance this considerably.

Sep 16 Finally try the Hermann Goering Special at the Hofbrauhaus. Good, but overcooked to dryness.

Sep 23 Strange buffet at China Star.

Oct 13 Thai Barbeque. Crispy Orange Duck.

Oct 17 See Hot L Baltimore at theater on campus. Leave at intermission.

Oct 31 See Count Dracula, a silly play on campus. Fall asleep.

Nov 2 Make two short movies with students from the UNLV film department. Play barman in Ernest Hemingway's "Hills Like White Elephants". Results are very good.

Nov 4 Repeat performance. From the review: "The look was very good except for that awful barman. He spoke Spanish impeccably and his swashbuckling demeanor was extremely impressive, but what’s a fatso Swede like him doing in Spain in the 1920s?" I look so bad on camera that I'll be ephasizing film studies from here on. I'm good at acting, but one has to have the right look, after all. I will try to pursuade production to let me do quick cameos in my own projects.

Nov 7 First day operation of new BTC Bus Terminal. Supper at Applebee's. Grilled Chicken Sandwich. Very good, but not worth the retarded sports-bar atmosphere.

Nov 11 Explore City Center first time. In gallery admire huge chair cut from one piece of burl. Not for sale at any price. Paris. Le Creperie. Excellent hearty Crepe Foristiere. Venetian Canal Shops. Magnolia's for lemon marionated chicken breast.

Nov 13. First ride on Centennial Express. Goes on highway to Fashion Show Mall, then through Howard Hughes Park to UNLV.

Nov 14 Fall Evening One Acts. Tennessee Williams etc. Leave early.

Nov 19. Buy ground lamb for breakfast patties.

Nov 20. Buy greese-ball specialty items. Beef intestine and bone marrow.

Nov 25 Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner at MS Cafe. Not so good this year.

Dec 7 MS Cafe. Chinese Fried Chicken.

Dec 9 Center City Cafe. Sunny Side Up with Bacon. Rye toast.

Dec 10 Thai Barbeque. Exquisite Cornish Hen with homemade fruit sauce.

Dec 24 Talk with cutie named Claudette. Seek Ginger Beer at LV Outlet Mall. Enjoy Bourbon Chicken. See David, the head Coordinator, heading into the Belagio. Visit Caesar's Palace Forum Shops. Ferraris are gone. Magnolia's for NY Steak Sandwich.

Dec 30. Town Square Mall. Food Court at Showcase. Noodle Chow Mien, Mandarin Chicken, Walnut Shrimp. Visit City Center again. See tall blonde girl of super-human beauty. Hot Beef Sandwich at Magnolia's.


Jan 11 Magnolia's for Phily Steak. Buy four glass jewels

C Jan 12 Register two feature length screenplays with the WGA. It's hard to get read by agents, so I'm contacting stars and directors. May have to go under contract for a development deal.

Jan 14 Breakfast at Magnolia's, Chicken fried steak and eggs.

Jan 16 Visit Excalibur, Mandalay Place, Luxor. MGM. Magnolia's for Hot Turkey Sandwich.

Start "Language of Film".

Sometime hereaboits run into Maria from Poland again.

Mar 3 MSC for Curry Stew.

Apr 1 Thai Barbecue. Rainbow Trout with Wine Sauce.

Apr 19 Sonic Drive-In for Two Breakfast Burritos and Hazelnut Latte.  

Apr 30 1:30 PM Do background for Bruce Willis and Rebeca Hall in "Lay the Favorite" at the Rio. Off camera, she and I say hello. Meet many charming women. Pair up with different girls for various scenes. As MiMi and I talk, an unstable gay audio technician becomes enraged and insults me for looking at his Che Guevara sweat shirt. Huge feast in employee's cafeteria. Production transports us over to Caesar's for the final shoot. Pair up with actress I've seen in one or two movies, but can't place her name. Finish 1:30 AM.

May 1 Get home 5:30 AM. Stay home and sleep.

May 2 Thai Barbecue forGinger Pork.

May 18 Lobster at home.

Jul 14 Magnolia's for Spaghetti + Meat Balls.

Aug 7 Magnolia's for Chicken Melt.

Aug 30 First Class "Historical Approach to Screen Acting" with Michael Tylo.

Oct 3 Eye Doctor. Sonic for Sausage Breakfast Burito and Hazelnut Latte.

Oct 15 Letter from Hollywood Agent. Will read first screenplay after consultant.

Nov 2 My latest honors fraternity:

Nov 24 Magnolia's for Turkey Special. Not bad.

Dec 1 Magnolia's for Prime Rib.

On Fourth Street, give directions to Bolo Yeung and wife.

Dec 23 Magnolia's for French Dip.

Dec 29 City Center. Paris. BK at Harrah's. Venetian.


Jan 3 Send script to consultant in Hollywood.

Jan. Start "Genre Studies: Film Noir" with Dr. Hart Wegner.

May 7 Send books to reviewers in Chicago, New York, and London.

Jun 11 Do big upgrade in FaceBook profile. Search for Bob Dowling to send a friend request, but find instead an obituary that he passed on in 2003 at age 55. He had a very good life in Maine, but much too short. Had always hoped to see him again. He was one of the only true gentlemen I've ever known, and I never had a better friend.

Aug 29 First Class in Genre Studies: Westerns

Oct 16 UMC Bistro. Superb sausage, eggs, bisquit, and gravy.

Nov 11 2012 Move to Montreal. Colder than a teacher's wit, but the food... Will still spend much of my time in NV.

Nov 21 Magnolia's - Hot Turkey

Dec 17 Magnolia's - Prime Rib

Dec 22 First day off in a year. On the Deuce three drunk displaced Africans talk loud with foul language. A few normal people look at them. Finally the leader declares that if anybody says even one word they will be beaten. Then he swaggers around policing the back portion of the bus repeating this threat. Finally they get off. Luxor food court downgraded from Egyptian to Coney Island style. MGM Grand domed chamber redone again. Delicious sausage at nearby eatery. Poor menu changes at La Creperie. Talk with nice girl, Zina, from Armenia. Look for Orfeo at Venetian.


Jan 22 Back to TB Lab after most of vacation at Lied Library.

Hereabouts a young displaced African is showing off for six of his friends by yelling at old white people as they walk past. When he does it to me I tell him to go fuck himself and he stops,

Jan 25 First class in Cinematic Structure.

Hereabouts find that my old friend Frank Addrisi followed through at the University of Chicago, got his PHD, and has been working with delinquent kids in Alaska, then Alabama. as a clinical psychologist.

Feb 7 CC Snack Bar: Teriyaki Bowl

Feb 21 Edited down by me from news online:
"Early this morning, bullets fired from a speeding Range Rover into a Maserati caused a multi-car accident and car explosion. A group of men in the SUV pulled alongside the sports car at around 4:20 a.m. and shot the driver and passenger. The impact of the shots caused the Maserati to swerve through the intersection and hit four other cars including a taxi that then burst into flames, trapping the driver and his client, while the SUV sped away from the mayhem that its occupants had caused.
The driver of the Maserati later died in the hospital, in addition to those who perished in the taxi fire, while three other victims including the passenger of the Maserati are being treated at University Medical Center. “We’re currently looking for a black Range Rover Sport, with large black rims and some sort of dealership advertising or advertisement plates, Officer Hernandez said. 'This is an armed and dangerous vehicle.' The motive is not yet known, but police are currently scouring surveillance video from casinos on the section of the infamous Strip near Flamingo Road."
Apr. While enjoying a hot turkey sandwich at Magnolia's, I notice an obese man glaring angrily at me. After a while, I realize It's Ricky Bates, who I haven't seen since 1974. Never have I seen such unwarranted animosity in a human face. When old friends no longer have anything in common, moving on is the rule, not the exception. Besides, we will see each other at Trina Petite's birthday party in the sky.
June 13 Too much voice over as a screnplay, but the novel "With Two Girlfriends" receives a very good review in Hollywood.

July 4 Finish reading "Wicked Deeds on a Winters Night".

July 7 Begin reading "Fear Nothing".

July 19 Magnolia's - Fisrt Muffeletta Sandwich. Mmm mmm good.

Oct 4 Begin reading "A Great and Terrible Beauty".

Samhain. Magnolia's - Prime Rib.

Dec 12 Begin reading "Inside the Third Reich Part II".

Dec 29 Finally at 8:31 AM, after thirty years of interrupted study, Ne~ 10 = 1 R+C.


Jan 3 Magnolia's - Prime Rib

Feb 28 After a bus-stop conversation with a virulent non-achiever I think to myself "You are the sum total of what you produce. If you produce nothing, you are nothing, except perhaps a poignant bundle of excuses."

On Freemont, exchange greetings with Sharron Stone.

Mar 22 Luxor. McD. Paris. La Creperie for a ham + cheese crepe. Venetian.

Jun 21 11:58 AM Stansbury Bay, Great Salt Lake, Utah. As Ne~ 2 OYN, with eagle head pommel Grand Athame, perform founding for TRS 4, Order of Suna. This marks the first activity in my plan to quickly finish up the formal order foundings now that all related writings are complete and published, the fun part.

Jul 15 Insane displaced African on bus loudly rages against white people and threatens to kill anyone who disagrees with him, using a .38. He does this nonstop all the way in to BTC, where I point him out to one of the security officers. Go check up on route. When I return a few minutes later I see them conversing.

Jul. Receive invitation from the Union of International Associations to participate in a roundtable group in Dublin, Ireland. Write to see if I can send them a proxy essay instead, but director says they have no topics set in advance. Suggests I join them in Brussels next year. Yes, of course, if I find a suitcase of money on campus.  

Aug 2 11:58 AM. Hood River Oregon. Somehow find the vinelands again. With Mt. Hood in full view, and Sword Wartooth, from here on replacing Flame Tree Sword, perform founding for TRS 5, Legion of Ragnorok.  

Sep 21 11:58 AM. Glacier National Park Montana. With Skull Pommel ST Dagger as Athame, perform founding for TRS 6, Sentinnels of Thor.

Mid Oct c 3:00 PM. Hereabouts, a displaced African man walks up and down the isle on the Maryland bus shouting out an evangelical message that we must all dig in the dirt for gold (in a spiritual sense). Everyone, especially other Africans, look embarrassed for him.  

Oct 31 11:58 AM. Crater Lake Oregon. With good view of Wizard Island and Grand Athame, perform founding for Order of the Ten Rayed Star.

Nov 23 Drunk displaced African man brags for fifteen minutes to all women who pass on the sidewalk about the colossal size of his penis. He seems to concur when I point out the non viability of this approach.

Dec 21 11:58 AM. America's Stonehenge Washington. With Odin Dagger as athame, perform founding for TRS 9, Order of the Runemasters.


Jan 8 In the SU Lab at UNLV, a vicious young displaced African girl verbally attacks myself and a woman student, with cocaine / amphetamine type bravado.

Feb 12 Liberty Day 11:58 AM. Mt. Lassen California. With sword Wartooth, perform founding for TRS 10, Order of Yggdrasil in the East.

May 15  Magnolia's - Chicken Parmesan Dinner

May 27 Synchronicitous Day
German ally writes through Twitter.
Discuss sub-humanity with German ally on bus.
Wartooth arrives from Poland.

Jul UIA Invitation to Bankok this time.

Aug 11 Finally move WLO Headquarters to Seattle.

Oct Las Vegas. Same old stuff. Male negro transvestite begins yelling foul insults at people on the bus. It takes the police twenty minutes to arrive and arrest him.

Nov Islamic State bombs nightclub in Paris

Dec Islamic State highway massacre in California.

Dec See Cousin Alan's house on Facebook.


Jan Films of the 1950s

Nov 9 Surprised and delighted by election. Spend entire day watching InfoWars, Roger Stone is Alex's co-host.

10:08 A.N. Tweet
Eve: Magnolia's - Celebrate election with prime rib.

Nov 10 InfoWars a second day. Violent election protests by paid Communist students in Oregon, California. Boston, and New York.

Nov 15 InfoWars again today. Protests still gong on. They are being bussed in, and paid fifty dollars per hour. Obama urges violence.

Nov 17 Huge new oil reserve discovered in Texas will end U.S. dependence on OPEC. Watch video on George Soros. Join waiting list for GAB.

Nov 26 Check into hospital with bad foot wound. Healing Witches visit me twice weekly. Reorganize closets and cupboards.

Dec 23 Discharge from Healing Witch care.


Obama has been trying to start a war with Russia.  The Chinese Communists now own Hollywood. The Libertarian media consensus seems to be that the new allegiances are the Globalists, China, and Radical Islam verses everybody else, We will kick their asses. An army friend tells me a novel he read fifty years ago had this exact configuration.

Jan 19  Alex Jones says that thirty congressmen will not be at the inauguration tomorrow, and that Obama already has the new government waiting in bunkers for appointment.
Feb 12 Liberty Day
c. Solar Noon perform Ritual LNR  N` OYE 4.
Later, four new Nationalist Revolution Series novels go into print.
Jun 24  c. 6:48 A.M. While waiting for the bus, a 6'2" tall Mexican kid c. twenty, comes down the street. He acts very disoriented and starts to jive talk me.  When I display normal disinterest, he gets nutty and threatens to beat me up. I say, "Go ahead, cocksucker. I can take you with one hand behind my back." I, however, decide to use both hands, and we square off. A girl behind me yells at him, "You better get out of here." I turn to see who she is, and he throws an unopened can of tonic at my face very hard. I block it partially, so it hits wrist and forehead. I tell her to call the police. He runs up the street, and cuts through private property to get away unseen.


Aug 20 Professor Ricardo DuChesne writes to me from the University of New Brunswick about his best selling book Canada in Decay. I link it in my sites.


Sep. Letter to a prominent Libertarian:

Re: Private. Not for public view


Sep 29  ANTIFA has announced plan to kill people all over the USA starting November 4, in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution. Alex says this is probably a diversion, and that it is likely to start in October. Police, controlled by Obama and Soros, are expected to stand down. Treason is getting to be the rule today.


Oct 2 Shooter from Mesquite Nevada kills 59 and wounds 500 concert goers at Mandalay Bay. FBI rescue team says they killed him and found ANTIFA literature in his room.  Isis takes credit. Subverted media expresses joy. Hilary calls for gun control.


Nov 15 Staring back one year ago, but more so lately, I've been seeing the fallout of all this transgender nonsense the Globalists have been teaching in the schools. On campus, a man, c 25 ,in a dress with a woman's hairdo, jewelry, and makeup, talking with confidence and intelligence. Possibly a young professor? More recently, three different individuals, each with a voluptuous woman's body sporting the bearded head of a man. Frightening to see. What is their biological gender? These three monstrosities would have been circus sideshow freaks when I was a kid, or even two years ago.


Nov 20 c 4:40 As I get off the bus at home, young Negro transient rises from the bench and starts to walk east up the street. He looks disoriented, so I stop to give him a small lead in order to avoid engagement. Then he stops, so I resume my walk. He says, either to me or to a guy who just crossed the street, or both,

“No matter how much you hate me, you can never beat me!”

I keep walking. Halfway through the crosswalk, he yells,

“Hey, you!”

Then again, louder. I keep walking. The further away I get, the louder and more threatening he becomes. All the usual stuff. As I approach the front door, a big Negro fellow waiting for a ride home, probably a visiting physical therapist, yells at the guy to shut up, then again. The transient is now yelling at both of us as he walks east. I say to the therapist, who has a phone in hand,

“Call the police. The guy’s crazy. He’s threatening people.”

I go in and start to prepare dinner. Within five minutes, I first hear a little dog bark, then a woman screams as if in fear of harm, then two minutes later a police siren that seems to stop out front. Whether all this is connected, I have no idea. Even my neighborhood is no longer safe, it seems.




Jan 1 Feels good to say that I wrote seven short novels in 2007, despite endless problems resulting from ongoing Internet avarice, and the mainstream and social media censorship of any and all factual data that does not support the IMF Globalist narrative.


Jan 29 Begin Film Noir with Jason Edmiston and Michael Tylo. I'll be getting my money's worth this semester.


Jun 26 Nearly fall for a male and female grafter jealous boyfriend scam, until I remember seeing them set up someone else the exact same way a few months earlier. Same script too. Not sure how they figured to get money out of it, except by goading me into hitting the man and then suing for damages. My rational nature foils their plan, and somehow I'd like to see them both in prison.



Very hot this summer. One day recently, 119 degrees.

Jul 21

Young South American thug threatens me on the bus. Soon, I realize he’s the same fellow who threatened me on campus for not answering fast enough when he asked for directions. My pausing to think of the best way to direct him was seen by him as my trying to “fuck” with him. Only amphetamine could make someone so impatient. Last time I told him he’s crazy. This time I told him to get out my country.

Jul 24

Harvest more sticks for blue vase. Cut thorn branches for Nancy.

Aug 11   c 8:45 P.M.

Terrible windstorm leaves large areas of Las Vegas without electric power. We lose two trees. Power doesn’t come back on for 34 hours. Heat is unbearable. This is a sample of the first one and a half days after an electromagnetic pulse, but with no water, and the power coming back two years later.

Aug 16

Morning. At bus stop, Negro man muttering insanely to himself, threatens to cut my face. I tell him. “I’m not afraid of crazy people. We just put them in jail. Tend to your own business, and you’ll be alright.” He calms down immediately. When the bus comes he cordially ushers me to go ahead of him, and does not attack from behind.

Sep 1

Morning: Cologne this season is Pumpkin Spice.

Afternoon: Negro, c 18, sits next to me on the bus. Immediately he starts interrogating me about the contents of my briefcase. Then he asks me to open the case. I refuse, and explain to him how inappropriate his behavior is, but he goes on, and on, and on, for several minutes. That “monkey’s itch” just won’t let him stop. Finally, he relocates to another seat with a look of total rage.

Sep 3

Going home, petit Negro transgender man in women’s clothes, three pigtails, and a French musketeer moustache, cuts the line. When I sit down, five Negro children scramble for seats, and two of them step on my shoes. I tell them not to do this. Their mother starts ragging on me about it. I can only answer this moral inversion with a Bronx cheer. She tells the kids to come sit with her, “man is a racist motherfucker.” At my stop, the transgender chap yells to the driver in basso profundo, “Back door!” As I enter my apartment house, the transgender is just ahead of me being buzzed in. He walks briskly to John’s apartment, and is admitted stealthily through the slightly opened door. I hear John whisper, “Come in quick.” I feel very sorry for John.

Sep 4

On the way to the college, Negro man about twenty, asks me for fifty cents. I say no. As he walks away, he insults me. I return the insult. He comes back, threatens me, then kicks my briefcase. I yell for security. He runs away, shouting “motherfucker.”




Mid Dec

Cassie movies to Ohio today. John, on amphetamine enters the Common room raging crazily about imaginary social issues. Tom and I say nothing.


Early Jan

John knocks on my door, and apologizes for saying things he doesn't remember, but which Tom informs him that he did say. I encourage him to get off drugs, and enroll at CSN. He seems enthusiastic, and says he will.


Jan 19

As I return from school, John is talking and gesturing excitedly, sitting out with Rick. I say hello to them. John ignores me. Back to square one apparently. I'll believe the CSN enrollment plan when I see it.


Jan 23

Visit Natural History Museum, first time since 2006. The Deinonychus has grown feathers and there is a recreation of Tutankhamun's tomb, which resembles a storage unit.