The Adventures of Eric F. Magnuson

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Chapter 9


Chapter 9

Feb 15 1992 - Aug 11 1994

Feb 15 Listen to music for first time at Elphenhaus.

Feb 17 Begin return to normal lifestyle with consecration of new chambre at Solar Noon. Aft. Watch skiers with telescopes from Library. Eve. First regular ritual since 1985 for Full Moon.

Feb 18 Wor Shi Duck at Dragon. Talk with owner recently from Hong Kong.

Feb 19 Polish fireplace fender. Review "Electrical Prelude".

Feb 26 Figure out correct sequence of Ma's 1983 pictures.

Feb 28 Place Chinese root carvings. Find and polish silver chalice.

Mar 2 Ski most expert trails at Black Mountain.

Mar 3 Buy nylon shell and sweaters at LaHout's.

Mar 5 Take lesson at Cannon Mountain. Ski Vista Trail, Black sky, White Mount Lafayette. Windy. Solid ice moguls. Like a scene from Hell.

Mar 6 Wash Green Foo Dog. Glue melon mirror.

Mar 7 Begin reading Computer Buyer's Guide by Wayne Parker.

Mar 12 Assemble glass broken by the Tanner boys on Samhain Eve 1951.

Mar 13 Keene. Visit Imports Plus. Run to see Claudette at 11 AM. Foodstuffs. Lunch at Colony Mill, sausage, pepper and onions, mulled cider. See nice raven-haired girl at Face Place. Check out factory outlets. Shop at Edward's, Superplace, and Sun Foods. Find myself wishing to live near all this again. Am dazzled by selection of coffee at Purity Supreme. Buy patees of goose and truffles plus strange frozen greens.

Mar 14 Mount ski patches in album.

Mar 15 Sort magazines. Eve. Program heralding recent heroic rise of white power organizations on TV. Tonight a very good hour on David Duke. A far better position than that of Bush.

Mar 16 Cologne this season is Calvin Cline. Encounter diamond trail labeled intermediate at Cranmore. Have to do a partial walk-down.

Mar 17 Calls relating to shrunken head. Eve. Moon Ritual.

Spring Sabbat. c 11 AM Ritual. Aft. Music.

Mar 25 On way to Mt. Abram, play tape given me by Lady Linda Lamia. Am delighted by this at many levels. She has been a good friend to me. Like a kid sister who I grill about the women who interest me romantically. Mt. Abram is wide and beautifully groomed, like super highways of snow through the wilderness. Have memorable cheeseburger with onions. Talk with young girl who recommends York Beach for pussy.

Mar 27 Explore side streets in Easton. Apparently mine is the best house in town.

Mar 28 Eve. Blizzard, most snow of season.

Mar 30 Come up with idea for story about a soldier (Novel 2), as a way of teaching the truth about WWII [Sometime later: I now feel that most people are adamant, almost militant, in their preference for lies. I have completely abandoned the idea of writing fiction. It's too hard to get it published. Any one submission to any one publisher has an average chance of one in 66,000 of being accepted. Lots of writers but few readers].

Mar 31 Idea about story for Libertarian Presidential candidate utilizing Fenris as an advisor (Novel 1). He will be more the Wizard in Novel 2. All this leads to new Grand Plan.

Apr 3 Talk to Claudette and receive the only good news in my life for some years: I will cease to defer gain into new property because of loss on Castle. Loss in Florida can be carried forward and will wipe out my tax bill for many years to came, expenses incurred in connection with Ravenhurst Company are deductible, because sale of inventory will be capital gains.

Apr 4 Read Stoeger's Catalogue.

Apr 6 Do some fast skiing at Waterville Valley, first time. Poor woman trapped in moguls declares "I'm a no like!"

Apr 10 Awesome day of skiing at Attitash. Too frozen in morning, but later is best I've seen it. Chap who has toured Russia recently agrees with me that perhaps Communism was a natural prerequisite there for Capitalism. Because there is no capital base, Medieval Feudalism can't go directly to Capitalism without much outside ownership and influence.

Apr 13 Visit Presidential Computers.

Apr 15 Ski Wildcat too soon after last day of skiing. Snow is much too hard in morning. Knees take beating. Becomes good later. Scenery is awesome. Lady tells me top of Mt. Washington is far, actually six miles.

Apr 16 Eve. Moon Ritual.

Apr 17 Buy American Arms P-98. Barbecue sandwich in Woodsville.

Apr 18 Re-pack electric stuff.

Apr 20 Ski in a Turkish Bath of soup at Sunday River, most unpleasant. Patriot's Day and 80 degrees on the slopes.

Apr 21 Britt visits for three days.

Apr 24 Encouraging program about rise of "racism".

Apr 25 Verbalize my desire that California have their earthquakes now.

Apr 26 News of terrible earthquakes in California. Some animals can feel seismic activity sooner than people. Was I tapping into my primal nature or is this just a coincidence? Walk front land.

Apr 27 Peabody Slopes at Cannon are visibly melted, so return to Sunday River. Conditions better than ever, good grooming, three cold nights, and one inch of new powder. Notice my tremendous improvement on Right Stuff. After lunch, go down a narrow diamond Cascades then up White Heat Chair then down a rocky diamond Obsession.

Apr 29 Rodney King assault by police verdict "not guilty". Blacks riot in Los Angeles. More than fifty dead. Worst riots in "modern history".

Beltane. After my talk with the Principal of Littleton High School yesterday, begin to study data on Washington State again. c 4 PM Ritual.

May 1 Call Timberline Lodge at Mt. Hood and find out about nearly year-round glacier skiing. Aft. Music.

May 2 Revise long plan to accommodate moving to Washington State.

May 5 Visit Popham beach, Boothbay Harbor, and Ocean Point. Lobster dinner. Seacoast is beautiful, but too far from mountains and too built up.

May 6 Rebuild stone staircase.

May 7 Put up clothes line hooks. Clear brush.

May 8 Call Tahoe Basin. Talk to Betty at Mt. Shasta.

May 9 Talk with Rene at the Olympic camp on Mt. Hood. She tells me Jack Nicholson filmed part of "The Shining" there at Timberline Lodge. She says I can ski the Glacier if I can ski Right Stuff at Sunday River. Revise long plan to maximize travel in Spring and to eliminate living in California after Washington.

May 10 Remove planters and reposition slate in front of porch.

May 11 Visit Wendy, David and Claire. Research Amazon Explorers at LSC, bacon cheeseburger at cantina. Visit Patty. She wins a $10 prize over the radio as we talk. Visit Charley. Give him ride in Talon. Visit new Butson's in St. Jay.

May 12 Harvest edible fiddlehead ferns.

May 13 Talk to girl in Adirondacks who convinces me with bad news about hot summers further south and in Pennsylvania.

May 15 Visit Antiquers III, Dr. Wolff at 1:30 PM. Lunch at Lynches, where bartender tells me about skiing in New York State. Buy $60 worth of incense from George at the Folley. Visit Jordan's and Filene's where I test colognes Cleiborne and New West. Prime rib at Jake's. Fight off girls at Club 666.

May 16 After giant buffet at Cafe Rouge, take train out to Ashmont. Ed takes me for wild ride in the Lotus Elan to an auto auction preview at the Lars Anderson Museum. See Toyota GT, Fiat Dino, 1958 Fiat Sedan, all red. Meet friends of Ed, one of whom owns the Esprit Turbo on display. See 1968 Ferrari in metallic deep sea green, a 1972 metallic-blue Maserrati roadster, a black Lancia, a red Berlinetta Lusso, two Bugattis, and more. Superb braised duck and sea cucumber at Golden Palace. We are the only Occidentals in this large bustling place with good Chinese family atmosphere. Then a fine evening at the 666. "If you're buying, I'm flying".

May 17 Poached and ham at Cafe Rouge. 666. Shop at Vihn Kan. Pigs bag me with radar in Northfield NH.

May 18 Reorganize herbs and tea.

May 20 Revise plan to accommodate moving to NY.

May 26 Abduction by extra-terrestrials on rise. Finally finish organizing files.

May 27 Order computer.

May 29 Remove items to be dyed from linen closet. Eve. Hear much about murders in Yugoslavia. Ross Perot is interviewed and mentions town meeting approach, aid to Russia, and taxes. All that Poland Springs Maine reports about Perot is that he doesn't want gays on his staff. I guess the cocksuckers are running Channel 8.

May 30 Establish "Judici" file. Much ado about Cousin George turning back the Haitian boat people. Clinton did grass at Yale This I overhear as part of a phone conversation at a local Perot headquarters. Guy on other end of line claims that he was at Yale when Clinton was doing graduate studies and that Bill smoked boo quite regularly.

Jun 2 Should mention business on news in early March about coming of Jewish Messiah. Rabbi in New York denies that he is this, but won't stop others from saying that he is. A familiar story "Who do they say that I am?" The "Son of Man" would not specify himself this way unless he is trying to suggest that he is something more. Israel says that once Messiah comes, any nation attacking Israel will be destroyed by God. This, they claim is why Sadam's missals couldn't work on Tel Aviv.

Jun 3 Dr. Rose and I dispose of trees fallen by storm in spring.

Jun 4 White power advocates on Montel Williams Show. Usual approach of trying to understate their numbers and trying to distort all they say, but a definite look of worry from Montel and audience. One observes how this host avoids any honest discussion of what caused Persian Gulf War, and effectively abets treason in so doing.

Jun 5 Various Pagans on Hiraldo Rivera Show. Many bigoted attacks from recently arrived greaseball Christians, who don't believe in freedom of religion. World Summit on pollution to be biggest conference in human history. Bush stops in Panama on way, where freedom fighters shoot at him. Eve. Very objective program about Witches in New Hampshire. Interview with evil Christian ministers oozing slander and hate. One openly admits that he would like to see government enforce his religion with the death penalty for non-compliance.

Jun 7 Organize Ma's files.

Jun 8 Raccoon electrocuted outside on pole. Chap on Montel Williams talking about mass quarantine of AIDS victims. Everyone in audience opposed. UN forces intervening in Yugoslavia.

Jun 10 Repair lawn mower. Aft. Label rolled up paper items.

Jun 11 Crab Rangoon at Dragon.

Jun 12 White Power people on Heraldo Rivera. Usual inability of host and bigots in audience to answer why they object so strenuously in white's taking pride in their own heritage and culture.

Jun 13 Place hay on shooting area, to suppress weeds. Shine boots. Thin kitchen shelves.

Jun 14 Notice how so many "experts" are relentlessly telling us how Ross Perot will not be elected.

Jun 15 Sheriff stops by after supper. I walk him down to site of tractor theft. Eve. Full Moon Ritual one day late.

Jun 16 Organize business cards.

Jun 21 Study diagrams Ma made of house she wanted to build. Slight Bretton Road influence.

Jun 22 Clean garage roof.

Jun 23 After talking with Egyptian Consulate and playing with numbers, decide against marketing my pyramid paperweights in Egypt.

Jun 24 Read "A Revisionist View of the Declaration of Independence". Pick up computer.

Jun 25 Set up computer. Play with screensaver program "After Dark".

Jun 26 See two Satanists on Montel Williams. It's interesting that many in the military and police are Satanists. It seems that no matter how many times they point out that there is no devil worship, no one seems to hear it. Credulous religioners cannot conceive of anything as abstract as a philosophical orientation augmented by archetypal imagery. Pick up new boots and glasses.

Jun 29 Eve. See part of interview with Ross Perot. A very sharp mind.

Jun 30 Prune roses and hedge.

Jul 3 Clean out bar. Dr. Rose surprises me in the kitchen verbalizing material for my first book. Embarrassing for both.

Jul 4 Devise Swastika on computer. Eve. Up to Sunset Hill to look for view of fireworks. End up seeing them from library balcony when I get home.

Jul 5 Thin books.

Jul 6 Thin out attic. In past week have learned that 8,000 women in our armed forces are raped annually and that the Catholic Church has spent $450,000,000 buying off parents of children victimized by pedophile priests. Now we begin to see at last. On TV recently Andea Mareau was well received by audience when he declared that we will repeal income tax and abolish the IRS.

Jul 8 Run into Cherrylee who I feel so sorry for, wasting away with bulimia, so cute just a few years ago.

Jul 12 Bill Clinton will give us a new generation of change and plenty of change for a new generation, of Socialist welfare bums. Have decided against moving to NY State.

Jul 13 There has just been a conference of world leaders about the increasing awareness of the white race relative to what is being done to us by the traitors in our midst, especially those who govern us. c 9:15 PM Full Moon Ritual.

Jul 14 On Montell Williams a Dr. Levin explains vast accumulated data proving that the average IQ of Asians is 5% higher than Caucasians which is 30% higher than Negroes.

Jul 16 On Montel Williams, a judge from Orange County California is continually applauded down by the enemies of truth while attempting to explain why drugs should be legal because illegality increased use. Fix ironing board. Aft. Find out about Polaroid vs. Kodak. Eve. Ross Perot quit today "for the good of the country". This I interpret that he would divide the Clinton vote and possibly re-elect Bush.

Jul 17 Refine long plan so that flags and consecration rituals will occur out West.

Jul 19 Sort out Whitall Tatums for clothesline. Revise Grand Plan to inform 500 World leaders, with a mailing piece about the superior workability of Anarcho-Capitalist principles, shortly after elections [this based on the naive idea that the material would ever reach them personally]. I think Ross Perot's courage and integrity have inspired me to this.

July 21 Draw house plan.

Jul 30 Visit Edge Company in Brattleboro. Lunch at diner in Keene. Shop at Peir 1 Imports, Foodstuffs, Sun, Edward's, and in West Lebanon at Purity.

Lughnasadh. c 11:45 Perform long overdue rituals in composite:

A. General Purge of Universe of of malignancy unto me.

B. Consecrations of Liberator and Silver Chalice

C. Liber Montanorum for Monyains Pitcher, Washington, Cannon, Burke, Killington

D. Transiti for ~

1. Ralph Van Waters, Sam Kimani, Candy Higgins, William Young, George Lindsay, Mel Horowitz, Charlene Bates, Joe Wagner, John Gurdak, Georgiana Berry, and Clyde Oates.

2. Horn to Four Quarters

3. Uncle John, Aunt Arlene

4. "...the victorious Nicholas, son of wolves, and of my mother Norma, model daughter of Anglo-Saxon and Celtic Deists..."

E. Lughnasadh Ritual

Aug 4 Conclude that CD rollover is preferable to mutual funds at this time.

Aug 7 See big Hassidic chap in same maroon Ford wagon in which I've seen two others. This must be what I have heard referred to as "the Jew Wagon".

Aug 8 Finish computing the normal net worth from work I "would have done" in an Anarcho-Capitalist society [Later a more satisfying 1997 figure is derived from figuring only on the basis of work actually done]. List things to sell before moving.

Aug 9 Revise plan so as to get all my books published before money runs out.

Aug 10 Come to deeper level of acceptance relative to self-blame via the notion that more than five years between vacations in itself should have been unacceptable regardless of finances [easy to say].

Aug 12 Consecrate Palantir " bath thee in Moonbeams" prior to Moon Ritual c 9 PM.

Aug 15 Plan last of New England tours.

Aug 21 Visit Plymouth NH. No Faire. Barbecue sirloin at Longhorn.

Aug 23 Whitefield Airs Show crawling with Hassidim. Gentiles giving each other furtive glances.

Aug 24 Hurricane Andrew hits Homestead Florida area. Greatest natural disaster in US history.

Aug 25 Weed out jars in garage. Just before midnight hurricane hits Louisiana coast.

Aug 27 People starving in Florida. Federal government four days late. Military field kitchens. In Louisiana half of the sugar cane crop lost.

Aug 29 Wind up garage work by sorting lamp hardware and by pairing nuts and bolts.

Aug 30 New damage estimate for Florida is $30,000,000,000. One person said "It's like a nuclear war with Mother Nature as the enemy". The pictures bear this out.

Sep 1 Prune everything.

Sep 2 Visit Santa's Village. See the disgraceful robotic Elfus.

Sep 3 In Florida, where mile after mile is totally flattened, they are setting up tent cities. Many good tourist attractions must have been clobbered. For over a week Nazis have been fighting valiantly against government slaves to try to purge Germany of divergent racial elements so their country won't become like the US. Maybe if we fight back too we can keep the US from becoming like India.

Sep 5 Sort out wine and hard liquor to use up as a cholesterol cutter at lunch. Eve Finish reading Ghengis Khan.

Sep 6 Eve. Begin reading Elric of Melnibone.

Sep 7 Do air freshener chart.

Sep 10 Day peddling in Bethlehem.

Sep 12 Sort Windingbrook stuff. Revise plan for Hong Kong in 1996.

Sep 13 The market people visit.

Sep 14 See interesting footage of the Socialist abettor Hiraldo Rivera being arrested at KKK rally. White Supremacist groups are merging. Pacific Northwest awaits. Organize book jackets. Fall colognes.

Sep 15 Organize match collection. Purge kitchen of flee market stuff.

Sep 16 Visit Shelley in Littleton. Give carload of stuff to Methodist Charity for their Food Shelf.

Sep 20 Finish organizing labels.

Sep 21 Reorganize Trilogy for publication in a specially sequenced strictly Libertarian format.

Autumn Sabbat. c 4:10 PM Ritual.

Sep 23 Have car reconditioned for free. Visit Landry's for Adolpho, the cologne this season, and New West.

Sep 25 Ross Perot seems to be ready to jump back in.

Sep 26 Visit Sunset Hill, Sampler, and Quilt Show. Cut chives.

Sep 27 Hang Indian Corn. Harvest twigs and grasses for vases. Paint gourds.

Sep 28 Check sequence of old B+W photos of unknown origin. Glue gourd stems. Gather colorful maple leaves.

Oct 1 Visit Mittersill. Eat rose hips with couple from Isle of Jersey as we observe snow while standing on shore of Echo Lake. Hike the bike trail at Lafayette Place.

Oct 2 Ross Perot will debate the others.

Oct 3 Completely reorganize kitchen cupboards to enhance safety from mice.

Oct 4 Visit Sugar Hill Museum.

Oct 5 Attempt visit to Fryeburg Maine Faire. Turn back. Hoagie in Conway. Buy Francesco Smalto and Ferre at Prestige Fragrance. Orange Creamsickle in North Conway. Eisenhower State Park on way home. Good picture of Ike.

Oct 6 Visit Castle in the Clouds and Castle Springs.

Oct 7 See foxes at Holderness Science Center. These are the slyest I've ever seen. Stop by Winnepesaukie RR and get delicious pumpkin fudge and fruit slices at Mills Falls Marketplace in Meredith. Hoagie for lunch. Andover Historical Society closed. Superb view from Kearsage in Winslow State Park. Get a feeling of the West at Ruggles Mine. Canaan historic district would be nice for a couple with kids, except for the traffic. Forgo the hike after driving up Mt. Cardigan. Find the strange and unaccountable Plumber's Ledge well hidden in the woods. Pot holes were once ocean floor. Barbecue chicken at Longhorn.

Oct 9 Visit Rocks Estate in Bethlehem as rain starts.

Oct 11 Read "Libertarian News". Eve. Stop reading Elric. Ross Perot excels in debate.

Oct 12 Decide to resume readings during 5-6 PM each day. Eve. Begin reading Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Oct 13 Begin reading Legend of Aleister Crowley. Eve. Dan Quail excels in debate. Perot's running mate, General Stockdale, is lovable but out of his element.

Oct 14 Resume reading The Rockefeller File.

Oct 15 Eve. Clinton excels in debate.

Oct 18 Forty sixth birthday. Begin first Her-Bak book.

Oct 20 Finish long process of reloading computer. Aft. Begin reading Nightside of Eden. Resume reading Gems from the Equinox and Teachings of the Golden Dawn.

Oct 23 Chili at Cannon Base Lodge. Buy John Jake's Bicentennial Series and handle Merlin Dagger in Plymouth NH. Talk with bookstore owner at Mill's Falls Marketplace and owner of Lee's Candy Kitchen, who knew Tom Barron and learned candy making from Jerry Hebert's son. Buy more pumpkin fudge. Race dodge Stealth on way back. Hit 130 mph over hill in Plymouth. Stop and talk cars with guys while Rottweiler and Spaniel run rings around my car.

Oct 24 Resume reading Vitamins in Your Life and History of the Devil. Retake "Witch Exam". Resume reading The Runes.

Oct 25 Create seasonal color schemes on computer based on four Sabbats. Review Ninth Degree Rosicrucian monographs. Resume reading Deceptions and Myths of the Bible. Begin reading Life in a Medieval Castle.

Oct 26 Talk with Perot Headquarters. Appeal to volunteer with my idea of getting Andrea Mareau and Ross Perot together for a day of fishing. Guy I speak with is a Libertarian. He agrees with me and says he will do it.

Oct 27 See Heraldo Rivera program about pedophilia among clergy. The world is a toilet. How can I flush it? Use Grayscale Scanner for first time. Aft. Paint dry flowers.

Oct 28 Hook up Laserjet. Aft. Call Colorado. At last I'm getting back to a normal reading schedule finally since 1983.

GD 0 = 0

Eve. Begin reading Lost Cities and Forgotten Continents.

Oct 30 Visit Olde Towne Hall in Salem wearing pumpkin shirt. Cheeseburger at Lobster Shanty. See Liz for first time since 1985, the archetypal beautiful Witch. I will remain her obedient servant all my life. Visit O'Flaherty's. Talk with horror artist Charles Lang, a talented young genius who will become quite famous no-doubt. Visit stores at Pickering Wharf. See Colleen Shumann type girl at Pyramid Books, also new Golden Dawn books. Cruise the stores on Essex Street. Find ruby goblet at Daniel Lowe's, like one in Connecticut restaurant on way back from Florida in 1959. Lobster pie at Shanty. See pumpkins on Chestnut Street. See costumed people arriving at Witches Ball. Insane Christian degenerates on Essex Street [See Nov 14]. Visit Britt.

Samhain. Ham and fried eggs at Denny's. Talk Colorado skiing with girl at Salem Witch Museum. Visit Jo Ann Fabric and Yin and Yang Shop in Concord NH. Girl with long black nails at Plymouth Diner, shy but sexy, where I have meat loaf.

Nov 1 Revise long plan for living in Colorado. Eve. Belated Samhain Ritual.

Nov 2 Use Polaroid Sun Camera. Mow lawn.

Nov 4 Load screensaver program "Intermission" into computer.

Nov 5 Talk with Colorado Real Estate Commission. Rake drive and front lawn. Eve. Begin reading the "Kent Family Chronicles" first volume The Bastard.

Nov 6 Decide to incorporate the first two novels into a six volume historical series. Wizard series will extend to four volumes and beyond.

Nov 10 Read instructions for "After Dark". Begin reading The Practice of Ritual Magic.

Nov 11 Eve. Resume reading Sexual Key to the Tarot.

Nov 12 Finish raking lawn.

Nov 13 Climb Cannon Mountain to Lost Lake. Carry NA P-98 pistol on my belt. On the way up, realize that I should stop climbing mountains and find other ways to attain the summits. I need to save my knee joints for skiing. Much snow and ice the last three hundred feet vertically. Lake frozen. All is very still. Slip and fall twice on way down. Last of steep climbs. Atrium 2 OWW. Superb roast beef at Chalet. Pecan pie. Begin reading Ancient Secrets of Witchcraft.

Nov 14 Should elaborate a bit regarding evening of October 30 in Salem. As I return to Lowe's for red goblet I encounter a large group of Fundamentalist Christians insulting everyone passing down Essex Street. One, about thirty eight years old with long gray-white hair is screaming about how he used to stick needles in himself. His disciples are infiltrating the crowd with leaflets insulting everyone by telling them "Jesus died for your sins". Further down the street I encounter three local Satanists in formal attire with capes, all drunk as English lords. First a man with a woman in black evening gown, followed by a third man yelling "She is totally obedient to me. I have trained her to do exactly as I say". As I draw near to Lowe's, I hear a confrontation wherein the drunken lords are shouting "Who the Hell needs Christianity?" I have an impulse to hasten back up the street to observe, but do not. My instinct regarding the Christians is understandably a violent one, but I think of what the un-libertarian, but sometimes insightful, Bill Clinton said recently about my Cousin George "When your opponent is making a fool of himself don't interrupt." Hike land behind house.

Nov 15 Configure screen savers.

Nov 17 Study first in sequence of Pa's Indian books.

Nov 20 Newly elected Chief of Police drops by to introduce himself at lunch time.

Nov 21 Do "Words" tutorials. Configure "Multi Mode".

Thanksgiving. Arrange paperback novels. Cornish hen and squash for dinner.

Nov 27 Gather up soaps for dish washing. Make list of books sought.

Nov 28 Add to index cards. Begin clarifications of same.

Dec 1 Read US Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

Dec 2 German government today bans music of German patriots. The days of the white race are nearly over. The long term tragedy will not be merely one of aesthetic preference or the loss of racial variety, because Evolutionary principles are everywhere being undermined in every other way as well.

Dec 4 America is going back to war again, this time to increase the number of professional starvers in Somaliland. At 5:20 PM

GD 1 = 10

Dec 6 Although Germany has made Nazi groups illegal, they have also decided to tighten immigration quotas. Stop reading Vitamins in Your Life. Notice that copyright is 1973.

Dec 7 Have decided not to compile Liber Pantheonis. This will enable me to publish the arcane material sooner. Aft. Reorganize Trilogy on basis that division will separate the general Libertarian material from the arcane and activist material.

Dec 8 Decorate for Yule. I can always do Liber Pantheonis later in a different format.

Dec 9 Eve. Blood around the Moon eclipse.

Dec 13 Decide for salability to call the Revolution book The Way to World Peace and Economic Harmony [Later becomes World Libertarian Revolution].

Dec 16 North Conway. Cologne this season is R. De Capucci. Visit Montshire Museum. See ant city. Lunch at Panda House. Shop at big Grand Union. Get red silk at World of Fabrics. Purity Supreme. Eve. Jar coffees.

Dec 17 Score Encyclopedia of Gardening at library book sale for $9 [donated by Ervene Salan].

Dec 18 Organize "Scroll A".

Dec 19 Copy "Scroll E."

Dec 20 Read "The Divine Afflatus of the Illuminati".

Yule Sabbat. Winter decorations. Arrange ritual incense. 12:30 PM Ritual. Aft Copy "Scroll T".

Dec 23 Shelley at Crosstown Motors likes my Yule shirt with foxes.

Dec 26 Organize wizard's "cabinet". Aft. Begin reading Book of Thoth.

Dec 27 Eve. Finish reading The Bastard. Begin reading A Wizard of Earthsea.

Dec 28 Decide to do an educational piece on the international bankers. Also to do Liber Pantheonis later in life.


Jan 1 Decide to put off writing "Liber Solaris". This should be done after Liber Pantheonis. The existing "On Victory" can take the place of "Diatribe of Doom".

Jan 3 Finish information on the crystalization of gems.

Jan 4 Conceive idea for consolidation of patriotic activity via the Order of the White Wolf [part of the Ten Rayed Star not to be confuseed with any other order of the same name].

Jan 5 Conceive the Children of Odin and the Yggdrasil Alliance. Will found at Echo Lake on Spring Sabbat.

Jan 6 Place ash from the Ten Rayed Star on altar. Aft. Fix clapboard from roof.

Jan 7 At 7:30 PM Full Moon Ritual in newly constituted chambre.

Jan 9 Clean wax off of Egyptian Torchbearer. Work on update of "Liber Consecratorum".

Jan 10 Aft. Do part of Liber Pantheonis pertaining to my own heritage.

Jan 11 At 11:06 AM

GD 2 = 9

Jan 13 Skip Littleton because of snow, shop at Kelley's. 1:15 PM war against Arabs begins again.

Jan 14 Good accumulation of snow overnight, revise ski plan. Research divinations.

Jan 15 Annotate "Scroll T". This marks the actual completion of the Trilogy begun that snowy February in 1978. "Love is the Law. Love is the Bond. Deus est Omnia, Amen".

Jan 17 Begin reading Witchcraft at Salem.

Jan 18 Based on Crowley's "Essay On Number": Magic 8 Ball redeems with revelations, my number is 11, also emballed. "Liber Consecratorum" is "Liber 83". Upon my Lamen will appear 418 denoting the Work of World Liberty. 441 upon the Sigil of Irols denotes the method, Truth.

Jan 19 Read Journal 1982 and 1987.

Jan 21 Stop at Trapper Jon's Knife Shop. As I approach the Wiers, two pee-wees hiding in a cruiser give me a $158 speeding ticket for going twenty miles over the limit passing a slowpoke truck in perfect safety. Ski Gunstock. Easy mountain. Opulent view. The hardest diamond open is like an intermediate trail at Attitash. Take small spill [causes partial paralysis of the right leg and lower back pain moch of Winter]. Visit Mill's Falls. Fudge and fruit slices at Lee's. Talk with gem lady.

Jan 24 Finish reading Wizard of Earthsea.

Jan 25 Begin reading The Worm Ourobouros.

Jan 26 Begin reading Gods and Myths of Northern Europe.

Jan 29 Draw formal versions of the Lamen of Ne~

and then of the Sigil of Irols.

Jan 30 Organize five art drawers.

Imbolic c2:15 Finish normal consecration ritual for several items. Realize here that I have not performed a Grand Ritual of Purpose for any personal reason since Samhain 1982, only foundings. Write "Zabeth Doctrine" (discarded later).

Feb 2 Finish "Liber Ordorum".

Feb 3 Index "Friends".

Feb 5 Decide to purge myself of my feelings for Ervene, the "Princess of All Vileness" [this is easily said. If only she would quit using drugs, I would be her slave for life].

Feb 10 Finish four days sorting old photos.

Feb 11 Sexy young blonde teases with protruding buttocks near yogurt cooler at Butson's.

Liberty Day 12:45 PM Finish writing Ritual 418. The OWW is described only as "a special order of decoration denoting extreme valor among the Children of Odin".

Feb 13 Morn. Hang pictures of Mary Noyes and Ned in lower hall. Belated performance of "Liber Diei Aethemerae".

Feb 17 c 4:30 PM Have fifty foot road grader move driveway snow from huge storm.

Feb 21 Hang four pictures by Ma in auxiliary library.

Feb 22 Hang pictures in library.

Feb 26 Frozen pipes, then repairs and cleanup. Aft. Refine the poorly cast Thor's Hammer Pendant. Examine arrows.

Feb 28 Stain Ned's carved picture frames. Have decided definitely to move to California because I don't like the long cold winters here. Revise plan.  

Mar 1 Ski Ragged mountain. Especially enjoy mogul trail with trees, my first glade.

Mar 4 Blend herbs. Aft. Organize office.

Mar 10 Frame Johnstone Coat of Arms.

Mar 13 At 4:30 AM with Great Blizzard on way, frozen heat pipes again. Go under crawl space, insulate, and thaw pipe. c 11 AM Snow begins. Aft. High wind and terrible fear of power outage. Deep snow and forecast of twenty below zero tonight.

Mar 15 Photo weapons. Snow off porches. Photo library. Revise plan. Will move to California this Summer.

Mar 17 Cologne this season is Ferre. At 6:30 AM shovel out path for oil man. After breakfast, pain in right leg so I am unable to walk. This lasts just a little while. Grader clears driveway again. More snow on way. Run to Kelley's market in rain. Aft. Glaze Ned's mirror.

Mar 18 Photo inside and out of house.  

Mar 19 c 11:30 AM Hit the slopes at King Pine. Ski all the diamond slopes, two of which I am told are as steep as any terrain in Mt. Washington Valley. Icy too. I need to stop after about every forth traverse. When I stand perpendicular to the fall line, the uphill ski is about two feet higher than the downhill ski, and they won't bite into the ice, so I have to move on quickly. Fortunately these are short trails. Find I am beginning to be able to skate on flat areas. Do all trails within ninety minutes of my arrival. Leave c 2 PM. Get Halston Limited and more Z-14 at Prestige Fragrance. Notice snow plowed back like white boulders up twelve feet above the road in the High Kancamagus.

Mar 20 Spring Sabbat c Noon. On the north shore of Echo Lake, Franconia Notch, NH with all 15 OY Knights and Ladies of Norse ancestry, in a stiff breeze, I perform ritual founding the Children of Odin, Order of the White Wolf, and CFA "in furtherance of the New Aeon". Bert Valdison as CO Grandmaster. c 1:30 PM Celebration at Canon Mountain Base Lodge. Enjoy usual over-priced delicious chili with saltines, apple-cinnamon coffee cake. Many head to Sunday River-Sugarloaf Maine area or Montreal afterwards.

Ne~ 1 CO

Aft. Long telephone talks with Mike and Ed.

Mar 24 Sort postcards as photos.

Mar 26 Buy Halston 101 at Prestige. 11 AM Ski Shawnee Peak. Get into trouble on Upper Kancamagus, a steep narrow mogul trail. Other diamond trails no problem. Superb view of lakes and Presidentials, also hills far to east near seacoast.

Mar 27 Begin skim of The Vikings until the 7th.

Mar 29 Learn alphabet typing on computer.

Apr 2 Organize Genealogy.

Apr 3 Charts for Garfield and Vassal.

Apr 5 Superb day at Bretton Woods. Snow is like Winter. Ski long distances at very high speeds for small skis, 65 mph.

Apr 6 Talk to Gary Roberts, one of the foremost genealogists in the US and also a Spooner descendent. Do charts for Wheeler, Peck, and famous cousins.

Apr 8 Intersperse index cards.

Apr 9 Visit Ames and the new Rich's in St. Jay.

Apr 11 Write small essays on Mary Noyes and Daniel Young.

Apr 12 Write same on Effie Johnston, Appendices, Introduction.

Apr 14 Meet nice wife-type woman at Attitash with her hubby. They are from Carmel and are thinking about moving here. I actually do a double diamond trail, which I think is really only a single diamond when the snow is this soft, steep, narrow, outcroppings of ledge, but no moguls. At lunch I see nice woman again and she is for today crippled from a previous spine injury. She tells me about California. Improving my left turns.

Apr 17 Finish reading three of Ned's one year diaries.

Apr 18 Talk to Pill.

Apr 19 Re-label early slides.

Apr 20 Finish Genealogy begun in 1984.

Apr 23 Begin mounting photos.

Apr 24 Talk to Pill. Eve. View slides with new projector.

Apr 27 Ribbons of snow among the mud flats at Sunday River. Right Stuff is frozen and difficult. Monday Mourning is easier. Thirty mph fall on Lazy River. Hamburger with raw onions. Muddy slow snow tires me early. Atrium 3 OWW.

Apr 28 Pick up 200 photos in St. Jay. Egg Fu Yong at Golden City.

Apr 29 Cut contact prints.

Beltane. Read about Sciatica.

May 3 Begin labeling slides.

May 4 Leg bothering me so I chicken out after starting hike up to Artists' Bluff. Explore Mittersill Inn.

May 7 Crippled by severe pain, feels like muscles being ripped out of right leg, I enjoy scenery in ambulance ride to emergency room in Littleton. Sexy ambulance girl says she is nt really from the hospital and is abducting me. I wish. X Ray shows herniated disk. Lower lumbar vertebra pinching sciatic nerve to right leg. No more skiing.

May 8-12 Read in bed. Will move to California Coast.

May 15 Finish dating color slides.

May 16 Eliminate skiing from long plan. This enables Autumn visits to Southern Hemisphere. Put archival photo pages into binders.

May 17 Visit Dr. Howard and find out I need no surgery for spine or hip injured at Gunstock in 1984. Visit physical therapy place near Globe Discount.

May 18 Burn trash and recap living room.

May 19 Begin exercise therapy. General recap. List items for sale.

May 20 Clean out old "TV Guide" issues.

May 21 Begin proofreading of World Libertarian Revolution.

May 22 Gather brass pipes.

May 23 Since it will probably aggravate my spinal injury, my days as a high karate kicker are also over. I probably should carry a pistol when visiting cities now. The loss of my right leg as a weapon will render me vulnerable to the predatory elements.

May 26 Do "Life Index".

May 28 Britt visits for three days. She has to sit on me and contol the action.

Jun 1 Type and print first document, a letter to a certain Witch in Salem.

Jun 2 Finally take old "TV Guide"s to the dump. Read The Californias.

Jun 7 Perfect Children of Odin letter introducing us and explaining the OWW to other Nordic groups, and complete merge field.

Jun 8 Do Polaroids for Skinner.

Jun 10 Aft. Bert Valdison calls. He approves my CO letter.

Jun 11 Finally begin typing the Trilogy.

Jun 13 Update "Book of Things Past". 4:38 PM Finish reduction in size of editorial notes on Trilogy to executor of my estate. Render first draft to ash.

Jun 17 Cologne this season is Bay Rum. Photo Lupines in yard. Print CO letter.

Jun 19 Up 3:30 AM. Leave for Concord c 5:45 AM. Cheeseburger at Logan. Leave Logan 12:30 PM. Leave O'Hare 3 PM. Rockies covered with snow. Arrive 5:24 in San Francisco. Fog on Coastal Range. Visit Sneath Lane, nice trees, barbecue at Arby's. Cold strong wind outside.

Jun 20 Huge sausage, biscuit, egg, gravy pie at Lyons's. Arrive in Carmel. Visit Big Sur in fog. Explore Carmel. Visit pub in Monterey. Explore Carmel Valley. Fog like curtain at mouth of valley looks like the parted sea in The Ten Commandments. Visit Carmel. Avocado and sprouts burger at Baker's Square.

Midsummer. Unlimited orange juice, poached, and bacon at Baker's. Talk with cute girl who sings to herself. Nice produce and date-walnut yogurt at Safeway. Look at house in Carmel Valley. Burger at Burger Station in mall. Visit "antiques" places.

Visit Big Sur again without the fog. Talk to old timer with coyote-wolf-dog. Visit Pacific Grove, Prestige Fragrance in Monterey. Sexy girl running store is from Greenfield Mass, Carmel. Have orange duck in empty supper club talking with blonde waitress.

Jun 22 Fried eggs at Baker's. Cute girl brings me endless orange juice. Safeway has kiwi yogurt. Cross the Sacramento Valley. Lunch in Merced. Talk skiing with with teenage girls in Mariposa. Visit El Portal, but not Yosemite. Roast turkey at new Shasta Restaurant in Jackson. Placerville is the beginning of nice green country.

Jun 23 Talk with waitress Evone as I enjoy fried eggs, ham, biscuit and gravy at Country Waffles. Visit Lake Tahoe. Buy tiger-eye from vile angry woman. Barbecue at Incline Village Nevada. Talk with unusual woman at gift shop in Nevada City.

Visit Grass Valley and go through Auburn on way back to Placerville. Fruit salad at Lyon's.

Jun 24 Pecan waffle and bacon. Go through Sacramento. Going north am delighted by flowering scrubs [Oleander] dividing highway and by the nut groves. Feeling of great prosperity like agricultural kingdom. Climb into cooler hills to Clear Lake. Melted chicken and Swiss in Lucerne. See vineyards in Mendocino County. Am delighted upon at last sighting the famous Horn of Zeiss Diner in Boonville. Ride the Devil's Switchback to Point Arena. Beautiful rocky coast down to Bodega Bay like in James Bond movie. Pretty farm country over to Santa Rosa. Blonde with long fingernails at motel. Sexy redhead in restaurant.

Jun 25 More sexy girls at breakfast, one from Montana. Awesome trees in Valejo lining road at farm, bigger than I've seen them elsewhere. 106 degrees as I cross Sacramento. Visit Old Auburn. Have shrimp in Colfax, visit Lake Rollins, and meet J. R. Herzog at real estate office. Visit Applegate. Nice steak at Sizzler in Grass Valley.

Jun 26 Apple hotcakes, eggs, bacon and sausage at Denny's. Meet Ralph Venus and wife at Union Office. Visit their house in Alta Sierra. Burger King in Auburn. Get lost at edge of valley. End up in Lincoln. Meet Wendy. Go back to Auburn and Caldwell Banker. Chicken Sandwich at Lyon's.

Jun 27 Almond waffle with strawberry. Sexy girl. Visit house on nine acres in "labyrinth" of Alta Sierra. Steak for lunch at Country Waffles. Explore Cool. Visit Georgetown and Volcanoville. Explore Pilot Hill. See rattlesnake on deadend road. Chicken, Swiss, and avocado sandwich at Baker's.

Jun 28 Breakfast at Baker's. Go to South San Francisco. Take bus to town. Hispanic driver is very impolite. Beef and spuds au jus at Lefty O'Dooles. Visit many fancy stores. Nice conversations with two Chinese women. Black driver won't let me off bus at my stop on way back. Three cheese sandwich at Baker's.

Jun 29 Talk with nice lady on Hertz shuttle on way to her fifieth highschool reunion. Leave San Francisco 6:30 AM. Grand Tetons still a bit snowy. Leave O'Hare 1:40 PM. Home by about 9 PM.

Jul 6 Draw house plans for Pilot Hill and Tahoe.

Jul 9 Realize four way choice about happiness. Aft. Study trees.

Jul 16 Doug, Debbie, and I load furniture for consignment.

Jul 17 Sort stuff into coffee cans. Organize stuff on porches.

Jul 21 Should mention delight at tremendous rise in Nazi and recent "anarchist" activity. California pictures are perfect.

Jul 22 Update "Liber Judici". Conceive form letter idea.

Jul 23 Measure furniture. Figure load. Is do-able [but actually ends up requiring a second smaller truckload].

July 25 Lyndonville Brunch. Visit with Patty, Bob, Matt, Charley.

Jul 27 Appointment with Dr. Kathleen Smith, a woman with a beautiful soul who actually makes me smile like I haven't done since around age sixteen. I could tell by the way it felt from memory. Buy pocket gun.

Jul 28 Shoot pocket gun.


Draw template of truck bed.

Jul 30 Thunder, rain, hail, and wind like world ending.

Aug 4 Visit Bethlehem. Curran Antiques. The woman owner looks like Farah Fawcett.

Aug 8 Sell all utility stuff.

Aug 10 Cut plywood.

Aug 12 finish reading Worm Ourobouros.

Aug 13 Begin reading Wandor's Ride. Pack Pantry.

Aug 16 c 8 AM Leave for Salem to visit my favorite Witches once more since none of them have any intention of traveling to California. Because of finances, I have little expectation of returning to New England even though I would like to. Visit Beth and Rachel first. They say they will miss me, but only a little. Lobster pie with Gretchen at the Shanty. She says with a very teasing smile, "Even if I were to visit California, I would have much more exciting things to do than to spend three days in bed with you." We spend the night with Britt who seems a little disappointed that I'm leaving.

Aug 19 Shoot new Ruger 22 pistol and P-98.

Aug 20 Leave c 11 AM to take Eagle Talon to the West. Through fog, clams at Josie's, then rain in New York. Reach De Pew c 8 PM. First chicken fried steak.

Aug 21 Leave 8:30 AM. See many grape vineyards. Pennsylvania by 9:30 AM.

Size of Lake Erie is awesome. Looks like an ocean but less turbulent. Dark blue rather than green. 11:30 AM Cleveland. 1:30 PM Toledo. 2:30 PM Indiana. 3:30 PM CST Chicago. Get lost. 8 PM Geneseo.

Aug 22 Leave 8:10 AM. Cross Mississippi. Trees on banks have trunks under water. See flooding in Davenport Iowa [at peak of famous flood]. Des Moines by 11:30 AM. Omaha 2:30 PM.

Flatlands by 3:30 PM. Windshield becomes impossible to see through because of bugs. Stuckey's. Clean windshield and load-up with Pecan delicacies. 7:30 PM MST reach Ogalalla Nebraska.

Aug 23 At 8 AM leave. 10:15 AM See Colorado Rockies. 10:25 AM Cheyenne. 11 AM Nearly run out of gas in No Man's Land. 1:40 PM Continental Divide. Talk with young, pretty redhead at Evanston. 4:40 PM Utah. Sudden increase in beauty. 

5:15 Rockies from Salt Lake City are awesome to behold as I first see them in my rear-view mirror. Smell of Lake is strong as I enter witchy looking area with pointed mountain covered with golen grass. Hit 120 listening to Kiss on salt flats. Lincoln NB and Salt Lake have best heavy metal stations on entire trip West. 7:30 Wendover NV.

Aug 24 Small faraway mountain, long and rounded with golden grass, looks very solemn in the morning light. Leave 7:30 AM PST. By 9 AM Elko. 11 AM Winnemucca. Nevada reminds me very much of Northern New Hampshire around Lancaster. 1:15 PM Reno is like coming into NYC, until I see it. Explore industrial area. Have California Burger and banana shake at MacDonald's. 3:30 PM Colfax. Country Squire in Auburn.

Aug 21 Errands. Buy shoes.

Aug 26 McLaughlin. Furniture stores. Car wash.

Aug 27 Smog test.

Aug 29 Antiques in Auburn.

Aug 30 Visit house in Lake Wildwood. Antiques in Grass Valley. Visit house out Dog Bar Road, visit Meadow Vista, Colfax.

Sep 2 Have routine car service done at McLaughlin.

Sep 3 Visit Cool, Georgetown, and Forest Hill.

Sep 4 Visit Colfax, Weimar, Cool.

Sep 5 Visit house on Indian Rock Road.

Sep 7 Sign lease at Lake Wildwood. Landlord is Dell Pharis.

Sep 8 At 4:10 AM Shuttle to Sacramento. 7 AM Leave for Dallas. Arrive Boston. Shuttle to Revere.

Sep 9 At 3 PM Bus to Littleton.

Sep 10 Decide to do physical therapy everyday. Visit Bethlehem.

Sep 11 Shoot Ruger Carbine and Winchester Magnum.

Sep 13 Pack pictures.

Sep 14 Get big Ryder diesel truck. Load.

Sep 20 Cologne this season is Francesco Smalto. Load to storage facility.

Sep 22 c 3:15 PM Leave. Truck sways above 65 mph. 7 PM Greeenfield. Candlelight Inn. Good ground beef dinner.

Sep 23 At 8:15 AM leave. 7 PM Astabula Ohio. Spaghetti dinner. Pike on menu.

Sep 24 At 8:30 AM leave. 11:30 AM Toledo. c 3 PM CST Chicago. 7 PM Iowa City. Good grilled chicken breast with cheese.

Sep 25 At 10 AM leave in rain, deluge is more accurate. Omaha by 4 PM. Lexington NE by 8 PM.

Sep 26 Leave 8:30 AM. Wyoming c 1 PM MST. c 3 PM Avoid trouble with a quick kick to assailant groin in men's room at truck stop in Laramee. Clear out fast. Rock Springs by 7 PM.

Sep 7 Leave 8:15 AM. Utah by 11 AM. Beautiful reds, like chalk colors, of mountain foliage seen from Echo area. Salt Lake 12:30 PM. Wendover by 2 PM PST. Elko 4:15. Winnemucca 7:15. Red Lion Casino.

Sep 28 At 8:45 AM leave. 12:15 Sparks. Steak at Western Village Casino. Nice blonde. Brakes fail at top of Sierra. Pump to keep them operable all the way down to Penn Valley. They only become truly inoperable as I enter the driveway in Wildwood c 3:30 PM. Thank you, Odin.

[During this period am delighted by endless flights of large honking Canadian geese flying over house. They go south in the morning. North at night. They live here and comute daily for food].

Sep 30 Make calls from house of neighbors Duke and Bess Mitchell. Unload truck. Three and a half days in 95 degree heat with big guy who looks like Tiny in Pale Rider.

Oct 3 Organize upstairs.

Oct 4 Return truck. Get drivers license. Becomes foggy.

Oct 5 Shuttle 5 AM. Sacramento 7:05 AM. Dallas 1:30 PM CST. Boston 6:05 EST. Revere. Usual fancy knife play by chef cutting beef at Japanese restaurant.

Oct 6 Field Marshal Von Zubermeister and I visit Salem c 12 Noon. See Rick Bjerrum in a parking lot. Witch Dungeon Museum. Say Hi to Laurie Cabot as we leave Crowhaven Corner. Sit in park at Pioneer Village. Bus 4:15 PM. Thayer's Inn.

Oct 7 Ryder 8:25 AM. Truck is just a little 16 ffot pee-wee. Load by 3:50 PM. Talk with Cherrylee as I leave. Snack at Butson's. 6 PM Greenfield. Exotic Jewish Woman in Turnbull's.

Oct 8 At 8:30 AM leave. Construction stops me at Erie 6:15.

Oct 9 Leave 7:45 AM. Indiana by 1 PM. Chicago 3 PM CST. Iowa City 6:45 PM.

Oct 10 At 9 AM leave. 11 AM Des Moines. 1 PM Omaha. Ogalalla 6:45 PM MST. See trailer full of gutted antelope.

Oct 11 At 7:30 AM leave. 9 AM See a very important hunter at the awesome Cabela's. Stuffed Elks heads as far as the eye can see. Huge paper-mache mountain with all major fauna stratling sides. 11 AM Wyoming. 3:30 Continental Divide. Rain. 5:30 PM Rock Springs.

Oct 12 At 8:30 leave. Utah 10:30 AM. Rain and fog in Echo. Salt Lake 12 Noon. Peach Cobbler at Peppermill Casino in Wendover 1:30 PST. Elko 4 PM. Chinese buffet and chocolate mouse at Red Lion casino.

Oct 13 At 8 AM leave. Breakfast in Winnemucca 10:30. Lovelock 12 Noon. Spaghetti in Sparks 2 PM. Talk with blonde cutie who has two kids. c 4 PM Wildwood.

Oct 16 After two days of rain, unload truck.

Oct 19 Organize upstairs.

Oct 20 Visit Grass Valley C of C and Penn Valley.

Oct 21 Open account at El Dorado Savings.

Oct 23 Carry in 13 bookcases.

Oct 26 Lake Tahoe. Harrah's. Carson City. In Daton awesome park with orange foliage. Stark blue gray mountains behind. Virginia City is the most western place I have ever seen. Yahoo with handlebar mustache running speed trap. Not a good American. Reno.

Oct 27 Marysville. Impressive orchards with Sutter Buttes near in background. Silver fields. Oroville. Ravines. Quincy. Desert. New Englandy Sierreville. Crags of Doom. Switchback.

Oct 28 Visit nice lady in Marysville for popcorn again. Orchards. Oroville Dam. Yankee Hill. Cherokee.

Oct 29 Unpack much of chambre. Organize cologne.

Oct 30 c 11 AM Apple Hill. 2 PM All Hallows Celtic Faire in Sonora.

Nov 1 Seem to have everything I need here in the Golden West and have truly decided to leave absolutely every aspect of my former life behind, with the exception of Ed and Maggie because of his desire to travel out this way again eventually. I will try to attend class reunions as well. WLO and CO members back East and elsewhere can manage on their own, and I will be solitary in all my Libertarian and mystical activities from now on.

Nov 2 Flock of 14 turkeys visit [and later: one year I have ten that live in the yard all Summer. Another time I see 24 together].

Nov 5 Visit Paradise. Go down Skyway to Chico. Stop at strange Pumpkin ranch. Visit Loma Rica and moist verdant Oregon House.

Nov 6 In my yard see fawns taking milk.

Nov 7 See deer sprinting like antelope.

Nov 10 Set up wine and booze [a pity I didn't sell all this back East, since I haven't used alcohol since Summer 1990].

Nov 15 Finish six days in cellar.

Nov 19 Drive through bird refuge areas in Yuba, Columa, and Willows. Visit Paradise and Country Club Drive. Explore Cherokee, then Gulch Road.

Nov 20 Oak Liquidator brings bookcases.

Nov 21 Set up bed.

Nov 22 Set up much of chambre.

Nov 23 Mount bedroom fixture and shelves.

Nov 26 Bring defective shelves back to Oak Liquidator. Lunch at Sizzler in Auburn with million dollar view of the Tahoe Sierra. Dessert at Baker's Square. Talk about kerosene heaters with lady at antique shop in Cedar Ridge.

Dec 2 Mount shelves in dining room and lab.

Dec 3 A&A boys install heating duct in library.

Dec 7 and 8 Set up balcony.

Dec 11 Finish most of chambre.

Dec 15 Cologne this season is New West. Visit dam recreation area. Find out that about two years ago a man was attacked by a lion nearby.

Dec 16 Drive in fog to Sacramento. Decide to skip tourist stuff. Visit Macy's and Office Max in Citrus Heights.

Dec 19 Place books in balcony.

Dec 24 Set up guns in new case.

Dec 27 Finish three days setting up den.


Jan 2 Finish four and a half days organizing books.

Jan 6 Drive down to Sacramento via Route 99. See mountains in 500 mile span. Visit excellent California RR Museum. Pepper Burger at the Prime Rib. Towe Ford Museum.

Nice hens, women and girls fussing and cooking, plus displays at Sutter's Fort. Heath Bar Pie at Baker's Square in Auburn.

Jan 7 Bone up on typing.

Jan 8 Talk with Dave MacTavish.

Jan 9 Set up dishes and glassware.

Jan 11 Visit dump for first time.

Jan 12 Set up Chinese stuff.

Jan 15 Arrange dinosaurs in library.

Jan 17 Buy incense in Auburn.

Jan 18 Set up fossils.

Jan 19 Clean gutters and roof.

Jan 20 Rake yard.

Jan 22 Arrange shells. 5 PM Receive sixteenth bookcase from Oak Liquidator.

Jan 25 Finish Qabalistic arrangement of minerals.

Jan 26 Sort "Life" magazines.

Jan 27 Visit Paradise Pines. Hoagie at Golf Course. Explore most streets on east side of Pentz Road. See some nice large houses. Much greening up along Cherokee Road, plus impressive views.

Feb 1 Buy new Sharps microwave.

Feb 3 and 4 Hang paintings.

Feb 5 Set up Tatums and fluorescent art.

Feb 6 Set up model cars.

Feb 9 Talk John Birch with lady in Colfax. See skiers at Boreal. No snow in Reno. Visit casinos on strip. See cherry Deuce coupe. Prime rib at El Dorado. Explore beautiful estate section on hill with mountain views. Skyline Drive has trees like Brookline Mass.

Feb 15 See posters and buy incense at Ben Franklin. Eve. Scan driveway for fluorescent minerals.

Feb 16 Talk with nice blonde girl at Jack n' Box.

Feb 17 Set up fluorescent minerals. Eve. Finish reading Wandor's Ride.

Feb 19 Hang sconces. Sort candles.

Feb 20 Assemble Qabalistic stones for drawer.

Mar 2 Hit snow line at Maghalia. Visit Inskip, where I see world's oldest dog. Sirloin at Calico Kitchen. See awesome houses in Paradise Estates.

Mar 3 Frame three pastels by Ma.

Mar 6 Cut red berries.

Mar 7 Photo house.

Mar 10 Do laundry. Mount clothes line hooks.

Mar 15 Visit Grass Valley Library first time.

Mar 19 Cologne this season is Prince: Giorgio Clone. Perform ritual c 11:45. Consecrate chambre. As Priest of Odin consecrate Odin Dagger and War Dagger Liberator. Do general purge.

Ne~ 2 CO

Mar 21 Finish proofing Trilogy.

Mar 24 Type introduction World Libertarian Revolution.

Mar 26 Print letter to Witches' League.

Mar 27 Photo new chambre as part of Full Moon Ritual c 7:40 PM.

March 28 Print first seven pages of World Libertarian Revolution.

Mar 30 Make first floppy backup copy.

Mar 21 Begin typing content from index cards.

Apr 2 Boston has had eighteen snow storms this season. Got out just in time.

Apr 4 Awesome trees surrounding State Capital in Sacramento. Visit Zoo. Park area here resembles Boston very closely. Get wood incense from Injun gal in Auburn. Mandarin Duck at Great Wall.

Apr 6 Study earthquake maps. Will move near Spokane [a short-lived idea].

Apr 8 Kurt Cobain found suicided in Seattle. Will miss his strange music.

Apr 21 Look at Toyota Supras in Auburn.

Apr 23 Begin revisions concerning OY.

Apr 28 Ant problem on balcony. Add to index cards, sections 5, 6, 7.

May 5 Go to new dentist Diane Schill.

May 12 Tai Chi Sword arrives.

May 14 Talk to Pill about photos.

May 16 Photo old pictures of Ned for Pill. Tree man visits.

May 19 Talk with little Tonya Harding type girl at Denny's.

May 20 Hike Lake Wildwood Golf Course. Visit Toys and Nature in Auburn.

May 21 Decide sword will be reserved for military ritual. Eve. Finish reading The Rebels.

May 28 Frame Gordan Michael Scallion's "Earth Changes Map". Consider Arizona briefly [At some point later in discussing impending global cataclysm with Dell Pharis, he becomes angry and insulting because I don't blindly accept Biblical prophecy about Armageddon. I diplomatically end the conversation and get off the phone].

May 21 Rewrite World Libertarian Revolution introduction.

Jun 1 Lunch at Butte College. Visit Paradise Estates. Dell mowing lawn on return.

Jun 2 Prune outside.

Jun 10 Baby turkeys visit while I talk with A&A guy.

Jun 11 Type part two of World Libertarian Revolution and "Chart of Power".

Jun 13 Write to John Birch Society seeking CFR-TC list..

Jun 14 Hear song "Black Hole" Sun for first time.

Jun 15 Visit Ame's Bookstore.

Jun 16 Cologne this season is Everlasting. Get cardboard at Gra-Neva.

Jun 21 At 10:30 AM Ritual. Full Moon and Midsummer. Consecration of the Sword Wartooth.

Ne~ 2 OYE

Jun 23 Customize Toolbar on computer.

Jun 27 Make new color schemes on computer.

Jun 28 Visit new optometrist Dr. Anthenill.

Jun 29 Visit Incline Village at Lake Tahoe.

Jul 1 Virginia Black returns my call from Pace University.

Jul 2 Update CO Letter.

Jul 13 Begin footnoting.

July Hereabouts see brown fox outside .

Jul 28 Three bucks come through yard in procession. Eight point in prime, then old ten point, then velvet antlered six point, about 100 feet apart. Hereabouts finish reading Witchworld.

Jul 30 Pick blackberries. Begin reading Centennial.

Aug 1 Finalize decision about the title World Libertarian Revolution.

Aug 7 Talk to Pill.

Aug 11, 1994 Re-figure lotto numbers.