The Adventures of Eric F. Magnuson

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Chateaux Frontenac


 This book chronicles the life of an eclectic freethinker and radical Libertarian. It may be of interest to those who are in basic agreement with the principles outlined in the author's other writings. The text began as a journal only for the author's use. Demand for biographical information, however, has made it viable to publish this material. The early years preceding the journal have been briefly reconstructed using the same format as the journal itself.

This is the story of an American adventurer who, even in childhood, is an eccentric unbridled libertine. Rejection of the aimless self-destructive lifestyle of musician friends sets him upon a quest for truth. The apprehension of a transcendental ideal ultimately leads him to a heroic spirituality by which he is slowly transformed into a Libertarian "Warrior of Light".

The book is filled with pleasant daily activities, punctuated at intervals with sexy Witches, secret societies, and arcane rituals set against the opulent backgrounds of New England, Florida, California, and the Golden West. It is clear, timely, and packed with beautiful photographs. There is supplementary material in the Appendix. These links were created originally for the author's personal enjoyment and should be appreciated as such.