The Adventures of Eric F. Magnuson

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Chapter 11


Chapter 11

Apr 13 1997 - May 28 1999

April 13, 1997 Finished 5:05 PM

A Requiem on "Liber Pantheonis"

There are extensive Pantheons attributable Qabalistically for at least 54 separate cultures. I actually did this awesome task back in 1979-82, but needed another ten months to complete explanatory text. Upon reflection, however, the question might well be asked by any member of any of these cultures as to why such attributions should be done. The same could be asked relative to the traditional European Zodiac. Many of these peoples likely had their own constellations based upon their own observations of the heavens. On March 31, 1997 I finally destroyed this material because I decided it was of no use to me and that there would likely never be any real demand for publication [even though one California publisher had expressed written interest]. The main impetus to get rid of it was that the work was very messy and disgraceful looking in it's unfinished form. If it had been organized neatly I would have kept it. The Pantheons attributed were for the following cultures:













Ang Saxon










































Apr 14 Write Millennium Letter.

Apr 16 Morn. Spray ants swarming on porch. They attack. Eve. Review Poison Pen Letters.

Apr 17 Eve. Begin reading Techniques of Harassment.

Apr 22 Achieve Judicial Equilibrium.

Ne~ 0 ST

Eve. Photo chambre preceding Moon Ritual.

Apr 27 Eve. Finish reading The Birthgrave.

Apr 28 Decide to make LA a CFA project. Eve. Begin reading The North and the South.

Apr 30 Decide to move to Wyoming immediately [idea soon changes].

May 5 c 3:30 PM Dougy Monroe returns my call. He is on an island in Lake Wissepasaukee. His third wife is a tall blonde lady named Claudia. He has done very well relative to money and travel. News from back East: Obie was killed in Viet Nam. John Wherty as of "about twelve years ago had been in and out of jail. A girl in Wayland named Sarah Prior was kidnapped and not heard from again. Wherty seen in the area on parole from Texas. Police couldn't link him with it. He was, however, convicted of raping a girl in Newton. A parole violation sent him back to Texas". Apparently Wherty is a serial killer they can't quite nail. In Spring 1984 David MacTavish had told me that Wherty was hung in Texas for rape. I suppose both these accounts could be true. Carl Priestly, it turns out, is still alive and in his 90s. He married a woman named Battelle when Loretta passed on. Chris Sullivan in 1968 had a motorcycle accident and was all busted up with brain damage. Dexter Andrews died of an overdose of heroin. This last item is to me like hearing that Beaver Cleaver has been arrested for pimping in the Barrio. I simply have no frame of reference for it. This is a strange world and people change.

May 8 Print first 115 pages of this document.

May 10 Study Sheridan Wyoming.

May 12 Visual Field test by Wendy at office of Dr. Lewis is Sacramento. Route 65 home.

May 14 Calls. Watch "Centennial" all day and evening.

May 18 Talk to Beverly Harrington, who may herself be moving to Wyoming.

May 21 Pack chambre.

May 27 Broker visits. Aft. Pack library.

May 30 Buffet at Nugget. Close out Reno PO Box. Enjoy National Auto Museum. Especially Duesenberg with 1930s backdrop, Cord, and polished metal Mercedes.

Jun 1 Write entry about WLO for Yearbook of International Organizations who wrote to us from Brussels in March requesting a listing.

Jun 5 Head over to Hilltop Road. Too washed out to enter.

Jun 6 Visit house on Golden Trout. One room short.

Jun 8 Visit house at Nutmeg Court. Noise from park.

Jun 10 Ervene returns my call.

Jun 11 Visit Kingbird. This house will do.

Jun 23 Cologne this season is Royal Lime. Create "Nom de Plume" file. Do a chart describing "Some Women" I have known. This gives me great pleasure.

Jul 1 Get truck. Chap from Kingston Mass helps me load.

Jul 2 Get to Butterfield 9:30 AM. Nervous girl, Boo, helps me unload. See very pretty redhead at Butterfield plus ultimate Witch at Ferry building. Even in my 210 pound obesity she seems flirty with me. Thank you Freya. Enjoy Amtrak train ride through low country along the edge of San Francisco Bay and beyond, where I see sunflower fields and farmland. C 6:10 PM Arrive in Grass valley. Hike all the way to Maltman stopping for a root beer float at the A&W place. Hamburger at Jack n Box.

Jul 3 Clean house.

Jul 5 Prune trees.

Jul 6 Make template for truck bed for all future moves.

Jul 8 Jim Howerton fixes beam ends on high latter. Visit Colfax PO. CFA letter to Nordic groups. Nice girl at drive-in. Grilled cheese and butercrunch malt.

Jul 10 Type out "Sell-Off Schedule".

Jul 11 Morn. Pick blackberries for first time this season.

Jul 21 Create "OY Information" file. Create indexes for ST and letters to go in ring binders.

Jul 29 Buy "wood" colognes at Fragrance Outlet in South Lake Tahoe. Buffet about to close at newly remolded Harrah's. Instead visit seven month old American River Restaurant downstairs for excellent prime rib with "smashed" potatoes. Has river running through, birch trees, etc.

Aug 6 Hot today, 102 degrees.

Aug 7 Again today, 102 degrees.

Aug 10 Have nice talk with Pill who seems to feel better. We discuss Deism.

Aug 12 Update journal.

Aug 14 Reorganize writings into many new colorful notebooks.

Aug 15 Finish reading The Runes.

Aug 18 Type up Liber Judici.

Aug 19 Thunder and rain.

Aug 20 Burn many bags of trash. Create "Index of Writings",

Aug 21 Become very horny while refining list of "Memorable Women".

Aug 22 Call Jean Fuller about book on ancient civilizations.

Aug 26 Add "Preface" from the CO Introduction to all the secular Libertarian writings.

Aug 27 Add quotations to "World Libertarian Revolution". Figure "Covens" based on especially sexy behavior.

Sep 1 Cologne this season is Por Luis.

Sep 3 c 11:30 AM Visit Miner's Clinic.

Sep 7 Combine files.

Sep 8 Gather Blackberries and pine cones. Visit unpaved Buttercup Lane and small yellow house on Kevin Road. See voluptuous redhead cutie who strikes very sexy postures when I look at her, plus the K Mart cutie, and one other tall brunette cutie meeting together for pie and coffee at Blueberry's.

Sep 10 Visit house on Nancy Court in Alta Sierra. See Jean Fuller type blonde at Raley's.

Sep 19 Explore woods along edge of golf course.

Sep 27 Woman calls me from Pocatello to warn me that Gordon Scallion is now designating December 29, 1997 as Doomsday. I doubt it.

Oct 1 Explore Wildwood Estates.

Oct 2 Mail WLO material to Libertarian Organizations.

Oct 4 Begin proofing of files I should have done before printing in March. It turns out not to really matter. Very few changes needed.

Oct 14 Have glasses welded at Utopian Stone. Visit Colfax PO. Excellent Buffet on eighteenth floor at Harrah's. View of Caesar's next door, across to Horizon with Lake Tahoe in background. Good roast beef and lamb. Potatoes-cabbage. Chef's omelet. Pecan Pie with vanilla yogurt. Blonde lady at Fragrance Outlet helps me find stuff.

Oct 18 Fifty one years old today. Begin looking at classifieds.

Oct 25 Visit little rat hole apartment on Rough and Ready Road.

Oct 27 Place antiques want-ad. Begin reading Leaves of Yggdrasil.

Oct 30 Study The Path of the Pole by Charles Hapgood. All part of my millenium madness to be looking at this, but Albert Einstein endorsed the work completely.

Nov 2 Skirt golf course to appraise ritual settings. Gather cones and sticks.

Nov 10 Begin skim of The Quickening.

Nov 14 c 12:30 PM visit Antique Show at Fairgrounds.

Nov 15 Study Plate Tectonics.

Nov 19 Find a new Judicial Balance - 100.

Nov 21 See big sexy young blonde girl at County Library with her hair frosted crimson.

Nov 22 Study Why the Earth Quakes. Call Linda.

Nov 25 Extremely sexy behavior by desirable young blonde at Taco Bell. I sure would love to be about nineteen years old again to help satisfy this new generation of horny beauties. I like the way they dress and groom themselves.

Dec 1 Cologne for this season is Jaguar.

Dec 5 Visit Paradise in the rain. Look at houses. MacD's. Look at vented kerosene heater and talk global cataclysm with guys in Auto Electric. They have a "new coastline" map on the wall as a "conversation piece".

Dec 20 Roast chicken breasts with bacon. Have squash and stuffing.

Dec 20 Lisa tells me she won $300 shooting craps in Las Vegas last year.

Dec 27 Charli Erickson calls.

Dec 30 Visit briefly with Carol Roth who apparently is pregnant.


Jan 1 Leave 10 AM with thin tires in rain for Washington State. Lunch at Arby's in Oroville. Many palm trees north of Chico. Awesome country north of Redding, but unable to see either Mt. Lassen or Shasta because of fog. Myrtle Creek. Grilled chicken dinner with stuffing at Denny's.

Jan 2 Continental breakfast. Leave 7:30 AM. Still raining. Nice farm country. See lighter sky ahead. Sun is out as I circle Portland. Thank you Thor. See Mt. Hood. Size is unbelievable. Enter the Columbia River Gorge. Beautiful groves of deciduous trees. Am convinced I want to live here. Huge awesome rock formations and islands sculpted by water when it was 800 feet higher than it is now.

Reach Hood River by 11 AM. Ham and eggs at Carolyn's. Drive east to Maryhill, across bridge, and up to Goldendale. Scarcely believe my eyes when I see Mt. Adams, the size. Follow Route 14 back west to Bingen. Explore White Salmon. Interesting Bavarian influence. See awesome view of the Columbia River. Check in at Le Vagabond where I have a nice picture window on the Columbia. Before dinner, when it's almost dark, I see Mt. Adams towering above everything, with full sun still on it, a light orange color, shining like the moon. One of the most impressive things I have ever seen. Prime beef sandwich and salad at Fisher's. Get lost in vinelands.

Jan 3 More rain. Bacon and scrambled at Carolyn's. 9:10 AM Visit Charli, who I like. She's pretty, but fat like a big mother Polar Bear. We visit Burdoin where the view of the Columbia is superb. Wishram is Hooverville.

Visit Stonehenge. Then Dallesport. As we part company, the snow has begun. Cross bridge at Dallesport. Lunch at MacDonald's in The Dalles. By dinner time there is a foot of snow on the car. French dip beef and cheese at Charburger.

Jan 4 Sunnyside eggs and sausage at Charburger. Clean off car. Visit WalMart for Lysol spray. Drive to The Dalles. Skor Bar. Cross at Maryhill again and re-visit Stonehenge. Cross back over at Dallesport. Visit Safeway where I talk with sexy blonde with intense blue eyes. Get Chinese lemon chicken for dinner.

Jan 5 Hood River Beachboy omelet, ham and pineapple, at Charburger. See honkers flying west down the Columbia. Have decided not to live here because of the bad weather. The Chamber of Commerce was not truthful with me about the amount of snow. Cancel flight back. Brook trout and potato salad at Carolyn's, but almost try the Emu Burger. Buy new Dunlop all weather radials. Potroast at Shari's. Marionberry pie.

Jan 6 Sunnyside eggs and ham at Charburger. Pack car. 9:30 AM Leave in rain. Rain lets up. Hot dog and maple walnut shake. Little rain through first mountain area. Snow. At Siskous they are turning even four wheel drive vehicles back to get chains. They let me and the Bullet Car through with no trouble. Very bad ten mile stretch. More rain. Lets up. See Lassen in cloud. Awesome. Heavier snow. Again they let me through. Grid of ridged ice. Car shakes like jackhammer for miles. Seems endless. Come to stop and go situation just as I am running out of gas. Turn the car off and restart eight times to save fuel. Finally get angry. Pull into two feet of slush in the breakdown lane and pass everybody for 3/4 mile down to Lakehhead exit. Get fuel, seek motel to no avail, have snack, and go back onto highway. Traffic has abated. End this Hellish journey at Vagabond Inn in Redding. Someone I talk with took five hours to go 17 miles, but not me. T-bone and stuffing at Denny's c 8:45 PM.

Jan 7 Continental breakfast. Leave 7:15 AM. French Toast Slam at Denny's in Marysville. Sexy girl resembling Joanne Woodward. WWC. Unpack. Print letter to First Call for Help, an organization responding to WLO listing in EA.

Jan 9 Re-establish PO Box and bank account. Excellent lunch at Taco Bell.

Jan 12 Aft. Bert calls to say good-bye before leaving for Sweden. When I begin to reminisce about Dirk and Heidi, he tells me that Dirk and his family didn't just disappear, they were murdered by radical Socialists. He refuses to give me details and says that he has been aware of this for a long time, but didn't tell me because he was afraid of what I would do. On the bright side, he also informs me that we now have a total of 392 WLO members in thirty two countries. Also we have 77 CO members, but all in the USA except for two in Sweden. He says that once he gets there he will not be able to recruit in the USA because of distance and that he will be working long hours managing an estate. I don't know what I'm going to do without his efforts.

Jan 13 Decide that unless I can somehow increase the WLO membership markedly on the Interne,t that I will declare and keep the official number at 418, Crowley's number for the New Aeon. I will figure the CO membership as 83, the number of consecration.

Jan 14 Update Journal.

Feb 5 Cook pork roast for the first time since the early 1970s.

Feb 9 Pan for gold in stream behind Duke's house.

Feb 12 Dell and I visit Duke's house to see awesome HO train layout.

Feb 16 Watch Peyton Place.

Feb 17 Watch Return to Peyton Place.

Feb 22 Eve. See fine TV program about Pagan spirituality in Nazi Germany.

Feb 23 Watch "Aspen Extreme" for the second time.

Feb 25 Sweet and sour shrimp at the Asian Gardens.

Feb 27 Gather many sticks and cones.

Mar 2 Cologne for this season is Pino Sylvester. Update Journal.

Mar 9 Write ad for caretaker position.

Mar 11 Write résume.

Mar 13 Girl At Denny's tells me about buffet at the El Dorado. Go on-line at the State Employment Agency.

Mar 17 Visit Reno. Enter the El Dorado. Big sexy blonde says hi to me. Sexy brunette comes over and starts talking to me. It must be the new cologne. 11 AM Buffet. Breakfast and lunch food very good. Clouds painted on ceiling. Same brunette comes over twice while I'm eating. What a place! If I lived here I'll bet I could have more nice dames than I could ever handle. Visit South Hills. Big nice houses now almost all the way up to the mountains. Head north. Go way out past Redrock and see forty acre lots with juniper trees. Good mountain views. A+W on way back. Talk with kid.

Mar 18 Talk with Duke who gives me some firewood.

March 22 Mail caretaker letters to C of Cs and Realtors in N California.

Mar 24 Finish reading The Power of Alpha Thinking.

Mar 25 Decide to insert otherwise throw-away book pages into various local publications for the small amount of good that this might do. Sort them out to this end.

Mar 29 Update Bibliography.

Apr 3 Enter résume online at Employment Agency.

Apr 8 Visit Hospital seeking photo of Sandy Furlich. At Walker's Lisa is pregnant and looks cute.

Apr 9 Write Ritual Founding the Order of Suna.

Apr 10 Spend afternoon on Internet at County Library.

Apr 13 Internet at GV Library. Krayen Auto Parts for another wiper blade. Auburn. CFA letter to Asatru groups. Mesquite Quesadilla at Chevy's. Bel Air.

Apr 21 Chinese buffet for lunch. Good vanilla pudding.

Apr 22 Finally defeat the great cohorts and legions of ants that have been arrayed against me this season.

Apr 25 Sort matte. Begin sorting stamp collection.

Apr 30 Visit Rudy finally. Decide to keep stamps, but upgrade USA and Canadian collections only.

May 2 Add many Swedish stamps.

May 6 Awaken at 3:45 AM to see "Little Witches".

May 13 India just set off five nuclear test bombs.

May 14 Frank Sinatra goes through transition.

May 21 Predictable events escalating. Last month two little kids in Jonesboro Arkansas gunned down several classmates. Recently both Ted Kaldinsky and Timothy MacVey were sentenced. This morning a fourteen year old gunman up north in Springfield Oregon killed his parents, went to school, then killed and wounded many students. Several were injured in the stampede to get away. The reactions to all these things are far more perplexing than the acts themselves, which are only symptoms. The cause is the normal despair and rage engendered by warfare-welfare economies and runaway overpopulation, with absolutely no recognition of this by anyone and no hope of remedy in sight. Whenever these things happen we are treated to several days of limp-wristed individuals parroting the apathetic slogans of institutionalized cowardice. Take away the guns, stop the violence on TV, reintroduce prayer into the schools, lobotomize everyone at birth, everything except what is called for. This is just the beginning. If people don't deal with the main causes, these kinds of things are going to happen at the rate of one per week. It is possible that the frequency might then level off because the uselessness of doing these things will become generally recognized, a fad simply going out of style. You can lead the public jackass to water, but you can't make it drink.

May 23 Eve. Finish reading The North and South.

May 24 Assembly of God church bombed in Illinois. Vileness reaping what it has sown. Eve. Begin reading King Solomon's Mines.

May 25 Hear something on the news about the President possibly being charged with treason for selling government secrets to finance his campaign. Should this surprise us?

May 26 Add the Ten Rayed Star material to Arcane Fraternal Orders.

May 27 Barry Goldwater goes through transition. Carl Hess wrote in the early 1980s that Goldwater was the closet to being a Libertarian of any Presidential candidate.

May 28 Visit little glen off Thoroughbred Loop.

Jun 1 Cologne for this season is Kenzo.

Jun 10 Eve. Finish reading Wonders of the World.

Jun 15 Create fine new résume as writer-editor at State Employment Agency.

Jun 17 Eve. 7 PM. Enjoy the ratio of females to males at a Century 21 seminar.

Jun 21 Visit Ringtale Road.

Jun 22 Get an interesting call from Nathan Crow at Liberty Magazine who thinks they may want to hire me as a writer. Send him a nice sample. They may be connected with Loompanics to whom, in 1994, I sent an early manuscript which had some material on racism, a subject which mainstream Libertarians carefully avoid. Some time ago I took this material out of my book because, although what I wrote is perfectly correct, racism is not an issue in America anymore. Some blacks like to say we have a racist society, but the number of true racists is minuscule. There are probably more Buddhists in America than pro-active racists, but we wouldn't call America a Buddhist society.

Jun 23 Have nice conversation with pretty blonde at Raley's about how Smartsville got it's name. I tell her that I heard there are in residence two rocket scientists, a neuro-surgeon, and several other very smart people. She is very delighted by this idea. How I love the sound of female laughter.

Jun 30 Nice turkey sandwich at IHOP.

Jul 4 Loud fireworks sound nearby enough to be in Wildwood.

Jul 19 Have just finished making a few changes in the tone of my writing so it will be more palatable for non-Libertarians. Seeing Harry Browne recently at the Convention on C-Span influenced me in this. I have now at last finally "finished" the Libertarian writings, a project begun 20 years ago if we count the early work during 1978. By finishing this project in spite of my real estate losses in the New England Depression I have essentially forfeited any chance I had for comfort and security in my old age, unless I can make good money in real estate here. I must be sure that posterity will benefit from this work, no matter how slightly. All the books of course, from here on will be in a continual process of upgrade.

Ne~ 1 WLO

Jul 20 Visit seedy little house on Quaker Hill. Southern Slam at Denny's. Visit Cement Hill.

Jul 23 Load Truck for Butterfield.

Jul 24 Leave at 6 AM. Unload with Meredith at Butterfield 9:30 AM. Feed pigeons and seagulls, who catch french-fries the way dogs do, while lunching at Pier 1. At 1:25 ride Amtrak back to Grass Valley.

Jul 26 Visit bilious old couple at Sky Pines. Visit Sky Oaks. Pat nice Rottweiler.

Jul 28 Dell and I hurt ourselves lifting heavy timber. Pick Blackberries.

Jul 30 Visit PV Mini Storage. Plastic sheild. Special lock.

Aug 3 Begin Hellish nine day moving job. Takes twice as long as it should because temperature is 103 degrees for the first few days. It then plummets to a nippy 98 degrees.

Aug 12 Move into little cottage at Sierra Motel.

Aug 13 Refine résum eat Employment Agency.

Aug 14 Visit Ryder in Auburn. Hot-dog and iced tea at Wienershnitzel. Pistachio-Almond cone at Baskin Robbins.

Aug 15 Begin 3 semester-hour Real Estate Principles course.

Aug 20 Get truck in Auburn. Load.

Aug 21 Repeat of last Butterfield trip, except truck is infested with tiny ants and this time Mike DeAngelis and a guy from North Attleboro MA help me unload. Many sexy women at Butterfield. One young platinum blonde in particular. So many of the men down here are obvious homosexuals, it makes me wonder about the women, especially those who act unusually cold or angry. See beautiful young girls on train.

Aug 22 GV Library. Apple pastie next-door. Cute girl with purple velvet shoes at kiosk. Stage to Auburn. Cherry drink in old fashioned drugstore.

Aug 23 Write to Pill.

Aug 28 Visit Redwing for plywood.

Aug 31 New dentist Dr. Emmerling fixes broken tooth at 10:15 AM. Hereabouts finish reading King Solomon's Mines.

Sep 1 Cologne for tis season is Royal Spice. Also hereabouts begin reading The Stand.

Sep 4 Visit County Assessor's office.

Sep 7 Finish Real Estate Principles Course.

Sep 12 Design 6 room house.

Sep 15 Visit Nevada City Airport for first time.

Sep 22 Visit Worknet, Adecco, and Rush where I have a nice talk in the parking lot with a lady from New Zealand, who at first sounds a little like a Bostonian. Southern Slam at Denny's.

Sep 27 Work out complex flight plan to assure Liberty under any circumstance.

Sep 30 Visit Blue Dolphin Books. Talk with editor Paul Clemens.

Oct 2 Egg Foo Yong at China House.

Oct 3 Taco Salad at K Mart.

Oct 5 Visit Crystal Bay on Lake Tahoe. Trip ruined by road construction after Truckee. Swordfish at dumpy little Biltmore Hotel and Casino. Pleasant visit with workers at at Alpine Meadows on way back.

Oct 8 Buy Levis from real Los Angeles style cutie. Tell her to see the movie "Romy and Michele's Class Reunion". She reminds me of them, precisely the type of girls I would like to cavort with if I were about 32 years old.

Oct 10 Take my real estate course exam at 11:00 AM. Very tricky.

Oct 12 Get Flu shot at Miners' Clinic c 10:20 AM. Visit Sierra College campus.

Oct 13 Visit Banner Lava Road. Get lost as usual on Red Dog Road. Triple Slam at Denny's. Get notebooks out of storage.

Oct 15 Have MRI at Sierra Memorial, 13 months overdue.

Oct 17 Good news for a change. Pick up radiologist's report and pictures. Tumor has not returned. Receive notice that I passed real estate course exam.

Oct 18 Age 52 today.

Oct 19 Clean me leathers today. All me dainty leathers.

Oct 21 c 9:40 AM Dr. Hanson informs me I have no macular degeneration, only optic nerve damage.

Oct 22 New calendar at Office Depot. 2:30 PM Enjoy duck and noodles at UC Davis. Talk about many things with good looking brunette receptionist. c 3:30 Dr. Boggan shows me before-and-after pictures. Tumor was the size of a golf ball. If only he had saved it, we could have tee'd-off at the Wildwood Invitational. He points to "what's left of the pituitary gland". Says the tumor "thinned it out".

Oct 26 At dusk, visit rotten little dump on Wolf Road.

Nov 4 Have long talk about cars with that sexy blonde lady at Raley's.

Nov 10 c 10:30 AM at Miner's Clinic, Steve Star tells me liver and cholesterol are normal.

Nov 12 Arrive early in Sacramento. Have a Big Burger and a strawberry shake at Carl's Junior. 12:10 to 3:20 PM take California Real Estate Salesman Exam. Score at least 92%.

Nov 13th Friday. c 8:30 AM leave for Reno. Stop to check out buffet at Boom Town. Not bad, but no breakfast food. Proceed to El Dorado for awesome buffet, 200 feet long. Everything excellent, except roast beef is overcooked and dry. c 12:00 head up to South Hills. See amazing houses as usual. Talk with Bob Ravera at Saddlehorn. Go way up north of Redrock and come to beautiful area with yellow deciduous trees at peak foliage. This is strange because it's way past peak everywhere else. Where this place is I don't know. Up to Bordertown. Explore Skyline Drive area. Leave 3:40.

Nov 16 Begin watching the "Omen" Trilogy.

Nov 17 Visit NC Board of Realtors. Talk with naturalist guys at laundromat in Sutton.

Nov 19 Nice policewoman named Debra fingerprints me for my Real Estate License.

Nov 20 After boring morning at Weaver's, have French Slam at Denny's. Purchase Tommy Hilfiger Cologne at Albertson's.

Nov 23 In torrential rain at Noon meet with Patty Lanser at Prudential. She has all the agents she needs, but writes down a few names. Finally try Monterey Gordita at Taco South. 1:30 PM Meet with Gene Lehman at Century 21 Davis. Gives me forms. Have nice talk with Murlene Hopkins.

Nov 25 Talk with Gerri Bennett at Bank of America. Drop forms off at Davis.

Thanksgiving Day. Drive Bitney Springs to Newtown Road. New houses in Discovery Road Area. Visit Banner Mountain Road and Morgan Ranch. Fry four little quail. Have three for dinner with cornbread stuffing and butternut squash.

Nov 30 Upgrade résume at Employment Agency.

Dec 1 Cologne for tis season is Tommy Hilfiger.

Dec 6 About 5 inches of snow this morning.

Dec 7 A date which will live in infamy. 4:30 AM Wake up with gas starvation problem. 5 cents short to use the pay phone. Drive to town. No emergency man on duty. Wake Ron & Chris. Drop forms at Davis. Consummate professionals from PG&E save the day.

Dec 9 Begin job of locating sale items in unit at Penn Valley Mini Storage.

Dec 12 Photograph root collection and Ma's graphic art. Take to Quality Photo.

Dec 14 Re-pack art glass.

Dec 16 Leave for San Anselmo at 7:30 AM. Arrive at 10:30, unpack art glass, Dinky Toys, and electric trains. Leave by 1:15. Two cheeseburgers at McDonald's. At 2:00 hear on radio that Clinton has bombed Iraq. Arrive home at 5:30 PM.

At SPD Market, exchange greetings with Sylvester Stallone who is on holiday.

Dec 25 Explore possible north view streets from Bitney Springs Road to Morgan Ranch.

Dec 30 Weed out old colognes.


Jan 2 Open account at Bank of America. Pack wall items for Creekside Antiques.

Jan 4 At 7:30 AM get Dodge van. 8-8:45 load furniture. 11:25 Big Mac and iced tea at MacD's. Creekside c 11:45 AM. Unload. Mail letter. Arrive back 5:30 PM.

Jan 7 PV Mini at 7:10 AM. Cut down boxes. Leave 7:45 AM. MacDouble. Mail letter. Creekside c 10:45 AM. Unload wall items for Pat. Oveda arrives. Sell prisms to lady with Pomeranian named Gwenie. Take roots to Oveda. Another MacDouble c 4 PM. Hear strange epic American Injun music much of way home. Arrive back c 6:30.

Jan 8 Meet Tony Morales at PV Mini c 8:30 AM. He buys only tools. Beef Bell Grande at PV Taco Bell. Sell fishing poles to Jeff Wibberly at 12:30. Beef Gordita Supreme at PV Taco Bell. Bring lamp parts and sell to Encore Furniture. Sell assorted items to "The Baron". Arrange for Hospice to take the rest.

Jan 10 Inflate soft tire with my new compressor.

Jan 12 During employment interview at Rolling Hills Realty, I make a mistake in talking too much about the big commercial-industrial deals I used to work on.

Jan 15 Rolling Hills shoots me down. Beth says that I will not fit into their "little family". Probably would if I were obese. My point in mentioning involvement in commercial-industrial deals was to illustrate readiness for anything. Their attitude is that I will probably not be satisfied to work on smaller deals. Beth also mentions that my shirt is too tight. I do need new ones.

Jan 19 Shirt shopping from Nevada City to Auburn. Order 5 at J C Penny in GV.

Jan 21 Pick up shirts. Talk with nice blonde girl c age 17.

Jan 25 Get accepted at Mackey Real Estate. Celebrate at Dragon Buffet. Visit Condon Park.

Jan 26 Begin training. Join Board of Realtors.

Jan 27 Send a postcard advising Dell Pharris that I am employed by Jim Mackey and that the rent money I owe will be forthcoming. Reflect at the time that he and Mackey probably know each other.

Jan 28 Get off to a AAA start. Visit town of Washington up in the snow country. A very skinny, warm, sexy girl from Citizens Bank, Toni Qualls, comes into the office. Visit Fidelity Title. Meet the beautiful young Vice President Michele E. Skupic who enslaves me with her smiling mouth and cold blue eyes. She makes me feel like an enthusiastic little boy.

Feb 2 For my first day of floor time at Mackey RE, as directed, I park at the First Baptist Church. As I enter, Jim tells me he thinks I "should work for an office with more activity". I have been thinking the same thing ever since I saw the MLS Hot Sheet. Many questions I have asked during the past week, e.g. about exclusives on subdivisions, may have suggested this. He also says that I do not fit into their "little family". Could Dell Pharis have told Jim about my preference for ancestral spirituality? When I inquire if there is any constructive wisdom I can take to the next situation, he says that I was "cussing in front of the women". Bullshit! In bragging to Virginia about kicking a Socialist campaign worker off my porch in Vermont, I mentioned saying "Get the Hell off my porch! I wouldn't vote for that Goddamned traitor!" Local people here apparently don't realize that this is the normal way that people talk in Northern Vermont. Of course, I was only quoting. I would never actually swear in Nevada City where people are so much more moral than everywhere else. A simple reprimand or even a disapproving look would have been enough. This unjust over-reaction is yet another example of redneck religious cowardice masquerading as higher morality. From here on I will live my Oath of Silence to the utmost degree. I will say nothing to anyone about anything unless I am asked. Even then I will be the artful dodger and say as little as possible. Not only my personal integrity, but my survival, depends on it. When a man's face and eyes are as damaged as mine, others will find any excuse they can to write him off.

Feb 6 I'm having trouble finding an employer. I guess I'm just no good for anything anymore. Because I'm unmarried, brokers around here act like they think I harbor some elaborate philosophy of militant antipathy to family values. I never tell them about my pituitary. I will not diminish myself apologizing to those who are so money hungry that they require a sales force of perfect clones. Have decided that when I get back in the money, I will make overnight trips to Reno and begin dating beautiful girls like Mickey Woods again.

Feb 14 Make Zatarain Jambalaya with pan grilled chicken for lunch.

Feb 17 Bail out car.

Feb 18 Have interesting talk with Larry Elliott, former Indian Chief.

Feb 20 Write long contrite letter to Ervene Salan. I never mail this, fortunately.

Feb 28 Make my hair back to it's normal color after 10 years as a bleach blonde.

Mar 2 Antique Emporium. Eve. Grilled Chicken Étoufe?

Mar 3 Seek BOD, IWS at GV Library. Then Sierra College Library.

Mar 4 Nevada West Realty. Owner is a tobacco hound. Miner's Clinic confirms liver is normal.

Mar 5 Talk to German guy in front of GV Lib. Search computer at County Library.

Mar 7 Newtown Road. North San Juan. Pizza and Vanilla Cappuccino. Sierra College.

Mar 10 Penn Valley Park.

Mar 12 Help-U-Sell, Recreation Realty, Lucky Land.

Mar 15 Auburn Chamber of Commerce. Coldwell Banker. See skinny brunette at Taco Bell off Elm Avenue. Huber Management. Black Walnut at Baskin Robbins.

Mar 17 Find employment at Gold Country Real Estate, GCRE, in Colfax. Roy Harrison, RH, and I go to secure a listing in Smartsville. Beautiful little Manchester Terrier and big fluffy black dog, Newfoundland-Shepherd, join us. Rollins Lake see us with a fat Golden Retriever. New office in Applegate. Visit apartment renovation.

Mar 19 Since we are both Roy, I am to be called "Pete". Chris Christman tells me that he believes in Armageddon. I reply that "time will tell". He also displays total ignorance of the true history of the Hebrews. RH and I visit Dickey and wife at house. Authentic Mexican tacos with silentro in Auburn. Placer Board. DRE in Sacramento. Back to Board. Sexy redhead. Errands in Auburn.

Mar 21 Talk with Beverly Harrington. No plans to invest because of Y2K fears.

Mar 22 RH has locked us out of the Dickey house. Then he leaves his telephone and we have to come back for it. Visit Sandy at Applegate Motel. Lunch at Ikeda's.

Mar 23 Show several mountain properties to Judy Corya. Property with huge trees and irrigation canal. Two black Chow dogs harass us. She buys me French fries at lunch. Back at the office RH presumes to give her a neck message and doesn't even notice that he suddenly goes from "Roy" back to being "Mr. Harrison".

Mar 25 Meet RH at Applegate Motel 7:45 AM. Go to computer seminar in Auburn. Live piano and food. Stop at Applegate Office. Taco Bell in Colfax. Explore Windows 98.

Mar 26 Visit strange junkyard-rental property in Gold Run. Huge trees and wood smoke give magickal atmosphere.

Mar 29 Tour listings all afternoon with Doug. We work East to West starting in Gold Run.

Mar 30 Explore along RR Tracks. Placer Board. Show land in North San Juan. RH is chauvinistic and foolish with this female customer to the point of completely enraging her. Have my first serious thoughts about finding a new broker.

Mar 31 Pick up lock box that RH left at a house. Meet Mickie at Fidelity in Auburn. Red Pepper Cafe. Placer Board. Staples. County Offices. Sunrise.

Apr 4 Snow. Four drop-ins.

Apr 5 More snow. Meet with James at Dickey house. NC Board. Office. Raley's Scanner. Run into Linda. Computer Frontiers. Staples. Avoid traffic jam caused by blizzard in mountains.

Apr 13 Have fingerprints for licence done over again by same cute young police woman.

Apr 15 Office telephones are shut off because RH has not paid the bill.

Apr 18 Doug tells me he doesn't like the way RH runs things and is planning to quit and form his own company, 4% Realty. Salesman will have to produce 50% more sales for the same money.

Apr 19 Begin my quest for new office. Seek Grubb & Ellis. Find Placer Land Company, which I find does not specialize in land as I had thought. Jack n Box. Christman tells me that the "Evolutionists" are getting desperate because they are loosing ground in the debate with Christians. He denies the validity of carbon dating. I tell him that I believe in freedom of religion and that I am interested only in facts, not beliefs or opinions. I also mention that I choose not to express my own opinions.

Apr 20 "Trench Coat Mafia" boys apparently take their own lives after murdering 13 classmates and a teacher in Littleton Colorado. Christman blames this on the teaching of Evolution. Pretty English girl stops by office for directions.

Apr 22 Dust Storm in Colfax. Christman raves on and on about Jesus, Satan, and the Second Coming, trying so hard as he always does, to draw me into his pathetic fantasy world. Says that the Pope will be the first Anti-Christ. Also claims I'm splashing the toiled seat, which I am not. Tells me that he sits down when he pees and thinks I should do the same. I tell him that only pantywaists do this, and that I prefer to stand. He replies "God help you". If I must endure ongoing insult from a screwball like this I should at least be making some money. The way RH runs things this doesn't seem likely.

Apr 23 Continue my quest. Locate Twin Realty. Visit Lyon & Associates.

Apr 24 See car show in Grass Valley. Read nice letter from my cousin Alan Curtis who I haven't seen or heard from in 38 years.

Apr 25 Write long letter to Alan.

Apr 30 Butterfield 9:10 AM. Cross Golden Gate Bridge for first time. Interesting hearty chicken taco with shredded red cabbage at the very opulent San Anselmo Mall. Mail letter of resignation to GCRE. Visit Creekside, Oveda, and Gwenie. Get to Pacific National just in time. The Bullet Car begins to misfire. Blow off thousands of cars for many miles in the breakdown lane.

May 1 RH drops by. When I mention sending a letter of resignation, he gives me a lot of advice centering around three recurring themes all of which would benefit him. I should work Nevada County, concentrate on getting listings rather than sales, and not mention having worked for him. He is moving to the coast. Doug is going to buy him out for $40,000. Until now I thought Doug was a smart guy, but nothing he will get at GCRE is worth more than $5000.

May 4 Late yesterday tornadoes ravage Oklahoma and Kansas. 47 dead, 1/2 trillion dollars damage. New suspect in Trench Coat Mafia investigation.

May 14 Balkan war drags on. At PV Mini Storage, finish hard 6 day job of thinning out stuff to sell.

May 17 Arrive at Creekside 10:45 AM. Pat rejects much of the stuff. Visit Oveda with clock parts.

May 20 The boys are shootin it up today in Conyers GA. A week or two ago there was a school killing planned which would have been bigger than Littleton CO, but it was stopped before it happened with arrests for conspiracy.

May 21 Reno C of C 9:30 AM. Saddlehorn has more new houses. El Dorado Buffet 11 AM as usual. Them sasage. Visit Circus Circus. Even after $85,000,000 renovation it looks the same to me. Silver Legacy. Talk with Realtor in Bordertown about employment. No California inventory until you get to Loyalton. Redrock is fragrant with wildflowers like last fall. Explore Skyline Drive area. Decide recently that I will buy house in Reno area at retirement instead of sooner. As of now Saddlehorn seems like best all around situation. I can always go shooting in the desert to the north.

May 24 Visit Placer Hills Realty in Meadow Vista. At gas station on Bowman Road two hot-dogs for 69 cents will help to win the Weenie War. Sterling Properties. Lyon & Associates. Auburn C of C. Lifestyle RE. Cherry Creek RE.

May 27 Visit Colfax Realty. Talk with owner, Elmer Kauk, on phone. Visit almost every small town from Colfax to Nyack. Conversation with girl about snow in Nyack confirms my new idea about eventually buying a small house somewhere near Gold Run. Burger King. Then up to Eagle Lakes. Stop at vista point on way back. Will work Placer County only from Yuba Gap down to Clipper Gap.

May 28 Meet with Elmer Kauk, EK, at Colfax Realty, CR. He hires me. Good feeling about this. He agrees about my listing territory. Decide that I should master full inventory in a much smaller area. Go to First American Title in Auburn. Katy, who I met recently at Lyon, takes my order for a Route 80 farm package.