The Adventures of Eric F. Magnuson

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Chapter 13


Chapter 13

Dec 15 2000 - Feb 17 2001

Dec 15 Give Cindy a big hug. Bill makes us an item at the morning meeting. Cindy MacLain is her full name and she's pretty.

Hereabouts I compile a list of "Scary Ski Trails in NH + VT". Give a copy to Steve Hogan:




Rigor Mortis

Knee Cap

Spinal Tap

Suicide Six



Your Funeral

Lover's Leap



Sunday Mourning

Grim Reaper

Angel Street

Bone Breaker

Rue Morgue

Bone Daddy

Heaven's Gate

Splint Maker

Cemetery Ridge



Ambulance Alley

Cryptic Challenge

Death's Door

God's Throne








Upr + Lowr Lumbar

Red Snow


Gabriel's Horn


Blood n' Guts

Coffin Nail


Uller's Delight


Dec 18 Larry Graves and I attend deposition in Sacramento. Then we visit Pasquale.

Dec 19 Cindy comes in with one of her kids, a cute, shy little boy. Strangely Penny's little boy is also visiting at the same time.

Dec 22 Cindy is separated from her husband and when they divorse, she will have to remain in Reno so that he can have visitation rights. Not my cup of tea. I want Cindy, but do my best to ignore her. I worry lately that I have been encouraging her. It's hard not to be flattered by her interest. Penny Vasquez leaves us at the morning meeting. Many other friends here have come and gone since I've been here.

Dec 24 Compile list of friends at Quintus. There are probably some I will accidently leave out:

Cuties Gone

Others Gone

Cuties Remainng

Older Remainng

Young Remainng



Michele Forman


Ed Fransham


Computer Bob

Lori Furstnbrgr

Michele Bcknghm

Cliff Alexander

Penny Tucker


Rachel Oconnel

Ferrucio Frechet



Mike Muller


Don Galimore

Genica Silva


Ryan Cane


Alita Casteneda

Sean Carlson


Nick Huyen

Her Friend

Jim Kidney

Nancy Shaefer


Cathrn Beaston


Steve Squire

Zack Diamond

Kelly Murphy

Robert Miner

Her Sister

Don Lockery

Armand Martinis


Donna Gonterman

Christie Weckerly

Joey Bullard


Amber Briggs


Jan 6 Lori Furstenburger does a deal for me today. Collect a big sloppy kiss promissed by Cindy for giving her a deal.

Jan 8 Ferruchio Frechet leaves to sell golf clubs. Too good a man for tephone sales, a former school principle with a Ph.D. in education.

Jan 9 Steve Hogan finally corrects the numbers on a deal stolen from me by Chris Moran.

Jan 11 On recommendation from Jim Kidney, visit China Diner. Excellent roast duck.

Jan 12 As chairman of the WLO, receive mail invitation to be included in Strathmore's Who's Who.

Jan 13 Tell Cindy that she's fat as a big mother Polar Bear. She says "I'm not a Polar Bear".

Jan 15 Get Lemon Chicken and Szechuan Beef with Pork Chow Mein at China Diner.

Jan 20 Cindy gives me impersonal Cheshire Cat smile today. Go to Gia's Wok. Spicy Chicken and S+S Pork.

Jan 22 Get $20 spiff as second after Christie Weckerly as top producer.

Jan 23 Get superb Shrimp with Honey Walnuts at China Dinner.

Jan 25 Exchange for a "Paprika" colored Oxford shirt at J C Penny.

Jan 27 Melodramatically grasp Cindy's hand. Later, she runs to do a deal for me and then seems like she is having a stroke, because her speech becomes slurred. I tell her about Pa in 1973 and she leaves early. I'm worried about her.

Jan 29 Computers are down. We are doing day trips out of the phone book. Bill buys us Chinese food. I have Sesame and Lemon Chicken. Eve: Dean Miller calls from Arizona.

Feb 1 Hot turkey sandwich at Mollie's Garden.

Feb 3 Cindy not at work. Rachel tweaks my neck. Lori does another deal for me. Have a nice talk with Chris Moran and Ashley with the silky hair.

Feb 9 Meet with Larry Graves at 10:00. Visit Dr. Wolfson at 12:30. Tell the highway boys at Colfax that I have all-wheel-drive so they let me through the Sierra without chains. Long, terrible ride back in blizzard.

Feb 10 Cindy is back and allright. China Diner.

Feb 11 Finish all the Quintus material that I only started to read recently. Read ACN material.

Feb 13 A high-school age obvious homosexual starts work today. In the kitchen he gets in a verbal exchange with Don Lockery who gets very upset and fetches a baseball bat out of his truck. Michele tells Bill she will quit if he doesn't fire the kid. Bill spends about twenty minutes alone with the kid and then then terminates him. Later Ed tells me that this kid was just expelled from McQueen High School for threatening to blow it up. In the news that morning there was a big national story about a kid from the same school being arrested for planning a school shooting massacre for the upcoming anniversary of Columbine. Eve: I listen to the local news. That particular kid is currently in jail.

Feb 14 Alita brings us all free tacos for Valentines Day. Later she confirms my thought that these two McQueen School kids are probably friends. In fact, at one point the kid, named Jason, tells Alita that he and his friends will kill Lockery for his disrespectful behavior. Not a bad idea. I like Lockery, but he messes with people more than he should. Get appetizer assortment at the China Diner.

Feb 15 Should mention a number of other colorful people at Quintus:


Concurrent or Former Activity

Steve Hogan

Extreme Skier

Penny Vasquez

Concert Photographer for Neil Diamond and Office Manager for Dave Deldado


Champion Kickboxer

Don Galamre

Radio Broadcaster

Don Lokery

Radio News Anchor


Television Soap Actress

Jim Kidney

Rock Drummer

Steve Squire

Rock Singer

Zack Diamond

Champion Snowboarder in Movies

Night Crew Guy

Champion Skier in Movies

Ray LaBianca

Mayor of Reno

Patrick Williams

Factory Boss Over 7,000 People

Move to a new seat in a more quiet place.

Feb 16 Larry Graves calls to tell me tat we got the highest possible settlement for my automobile injuries in 1999. The policy total of $100,000. Of this, I will get only $55,000. This, however, will keep the wolverine from the door long enough for me to recoup my fortune.

Feb 17, 2001 My relationship with Cindy is finally as it should be, because today we mostly ignore each other.