The Adventures of Eric F. Magnuson

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Chapter 6


Chapter 6

Nov 20 1987 - Dec 11 1988

Nov 20 Finding Mount Washington Hotel closed, visit Crawford Notch in light rain. Stop at AMC Hostile. Strange bean stew simmers on stove. Visit Mount Washington Cog base lodge. Closed. Back to hostile. Meet sexy girl, her boyfriend, and a kitty with no tail, like in Upton Maine recently. Guy says he could hike from Mount Washington to Crawford in a day. Shrimp with bacon at Kwan's.

Nov 21 Realize that the reason Jesus didn't speak to Bill Winsor's father is that both men understandably became a little tongue tied being confronted with such an important man.

Nov 22 Chaulk back hall door.

Nov 23 Buy vitamins at Brooks. Visit Ames. Buy Lancer. Test Apollo and Chaps Musk. Buy compass and thermometer for car, two spear-back chairs, and Deco mirror for master bath. Aft. Mount gauges.

Nov 24 Visit Crawford Notch. Cascades are so frozen and look so drab in this state that I decide to postpone Aresthusa Falls till Spring. Visit Wildcat Gondola. Inspect base lodge. Stop at gift shop and flee-market in Gorham. Buy glass box and leather clad retort. Have Teriyaki Sirloin at Eastgate, where I am delighted by Deco mirrors and many-colored fountain. Talk with owner. Arrive early and enjoy delightful tour of Fairbanks Museum before seeing Planetarium show dealing with Norse mythology. Am delighted by lecturer's references to periods of Viking expansionism as heroic, in contrast to usual Jewish-inspired equally wrong view.

Nov 25 Eve. Place colognes in sequence I bought them.

Thanksgiving Day. In light rain head down Route 5. Am very impressed by brick Federal houses in several towns - Newbury, Bradford, Windsor. Now I think I know why some people prefer Vermont. Arrive at Olde Fort # 4. Talk with R. P. Hale who is playing harpsichord. Eat with George and family who are trustees. George tells me Maxfield Parrish Museum has burned. Stuffing is terrible. Marlboro Pie is excellent, despite nicotine content. Return via Clairemont and 91.

Nov 27 Hear on news that Witches in military have demanded holidays. Also hear recently that there is a big decline in Christian church attendance. The Wheel turns.

Nov 28 Return defective compass to Ames. Buy Apollo. Test Dallas and Musk For Men. Ham and cheese at Green Mountain Mall. See two nice brunettes.

Nov 29 Revise list of things desired. List colognes in sequence purchased.

Dec 1 Install cellar window.

Dec 2 Chaulk Apartment tub. List testers. Review "Liber Artis Magnae".

Dec 3 Stop at Lyndonville Drug. Tall blonde seems very glad to see me, and I, her. Egg Foo Yong at Golden City. Visit Maple Grove Museum. Am amazed by output - 4000 pounds per day. Enjoy free samples. Buy Auroshika Incense at Natural Provisions in 14 fragrance sampler.

Dec 4 Leave c 8 AM. Light rain. Bank and PO in Concord. See Dr. Fried 12 noon. Statler. Baked lamb at diner in Kenmore Square. Theosophical Society now keeping evening hours. In Dr. Weis's waiting room see beautiful little blue eyed platinum blonde girl with white dress and white Teddy Bear. Everybody is fussing over her. Her gray hat and coat are like Katy's. She looks a bit like Katy, but much like Diane Furlong and older. I say Hi. She stares at me. She clobbers her mother with the wet Teddy Bear. A very bad little girl. Too foggy for Hancock Tower. Park at Staler. Bring my luggage in. Dine at Kyoto. Okinawa Sunrise and Saki feel pretty good. Enjoy superb knife skills of chef as he cooks shrimp, onions + zucchini, sirloin + mushrooms, and bean sprouts. In Pussy Galore, barmaid tells me Katy has moved to Montreal and is living with a young male stripper. New blonde fixes my gaze throughout her performance. See Eva in her new status as a dancer, spiked hair looking mangy. Talk most of evening up front with new barmaid Paula, not to be confused with Paula-Katy. She tells me about bouncers picking fights with the customers. This recalls one time as Ed and I enter the club, the fat bouncer yells "Here come the tough guys".

Dec 5 Up at 5 AM. Bacon and eggs in the Tea Court at the elegant Copley Plaza. Visit New England Aquarium. See pretty red Starfish which reminds me of Katy in her red dress. Duke Ellington in background. See huge Jewfish. Enjoy sea-lion and dolphin show. Am amazed by sea-lion named Merlin standing on one front flipper. See lobster so big that one claw could feed thirty people. Only one shark in tank. Check out Sharper Image - too crowded again. Have "Poor Man's Roast Beef" and Indian Pudding at Durgin Park. Talk cats with two old ladies eating salmon. Return.

Dec 8 Rearrange herbs. 2:05 AM Mr. Reagan and Gorbachev sign arms reduction treaty. I celebrate with Almante. When the economies collapse and the blaming starts, they can always borrow more money to build new weapons. I'm sure the bankers are celebrating too. Package herbs for landscaping electric train layout.

Dec 9 + 10. Plan Montreal for three trips.

Dec 11 Visit Ruby on way to Barre. Notice again the golden eyelashes. Visit several furniture stores. Meet yet another Samoyed, Chia, in Montpelier. She barks when I go to leave. Ruby does this a little too.

Dec 16 Two colognes this season - Lancer (Polo) and Apollo (Aramis). Call tourist bureaus of all Maritime Provinces.

Dec 18 Visit antique shop on 302 in Littleton. See beautiful black and white cat with blue eyes. Looks like Katy. Everything beautiful taht I see reminds me of Katy. Meet sexy blonde Kim at Appalachian Supply. Enjoy Moo Shi Pork at Kwan's. Again food is too "hot'. Wrap food in pancakes like egg roll.

Dec 20 Begin study of French language, for Quebec. Begin ski studies.

Dec 24 c 10:30 AM Arrive at Bretton Woods. Secure a pair of ski gloves and purple stocking hat. Ski Rosebrook Meadow and Bretton's Wood. Cheeseburger and beef soup for lunch. Lesson with Jan on Meadow. Learn not to drag poles and about parallel skiing. Will be doing ballet in no time. All this $36.

Dec 25 Organize Skullery to accommodate old papers, ski material, etc.

Dec 28 Sand "Swedish" table. Fix side door lock broken in August 86.

Dec 29 Set up bed and a few things in Apartment. Stain table.

Dec 30 Visit Bretton Woods in profound cold for not so great lunch of chili.


Jan 2 Head to Rock Island in snow storm. Find banks will be closed all day.

Visit Lyndon Outing Club. Talk with ski bum from Colorado. Visit Village Sport Shop. Look at guns. Have nice long talk with Ma. Discuss WWII years and our travels in the 1950s.

Jan 3 Review data from Priscilla, Ethel, and Ma relative to my family history.

Jan 4 At 8:30 AM Leave for Montreal in snowstorm. Arrive in Granby at 10 AM. Sexy woman at tourist bureau advises that banks are closed. I press on. Snow has abated as I enter flat farm country with silos everywhere. Strange suspended above-ground lamp wiring nearing the city, then rows of identical houses. Pont Champlain, then the city. Ice in St. Lawrence along Bonaventure. Feeling on Maisonneuve of being in a large trading post - soon passes. Park near laundry vent behind Richelieu Towers. Have to take Metro to Currency Exchange. Train at Peale speeds to platform on many rubber tires. Take Green Line to Berry - De Montigny. Tan blonde. Orange to Victoria Square. Walk past huge bank on Rue St. Jaques to Currency Exchange. Talk to pretty blonde. Return to Towers. Visit very chic "Le Restaurant" for a club sandwich and Cappuccino. As I leave, snow has returned. Back to Towers for ski parka. Arrive to find McCord Museum closed. Back to Towers. Visit Place Ville Marie. Sheerling coats in a London Store are $1000 Canadian. The image of a Chinese girl counting "cinq dollar, six dollar, sept dollar" with an almost mechanical swagger will remain etched upon my brain for life. Find a nice ski sweater, but price is $70 Canadian. Cut through grocery store and see amazing number of strange foods. Have a lousy hotdog, then head for St. Catherine. Near wrong Ho Jo see two demure girls,- going out? At Ho Jo's have a weak Amaretto Colada, then a Miller. Visit super Sex. No Katy. Try another big club as it begins to snow. They suggest one on Stanley. Am driven by snow back to the Towers. Snow stops. Back out to club, then west on St. Catherine. See stuffed animals parading in window. It is very cold here. Pass grim stone church. See nice coats of arms patches in window. On way back, see downstairs bakery,- all stainless steel. While studying menu at Alpenhaus, the Winds of Thor convince me to enter and have cheese fondue. End up with sausage, ham, bacon, meatballs, and mushrooms which I cook on forks in pot of boiling oil. There are four sauces,- Mango, garlic, curry, and tartar. Superb atmosphere. Good Black Forest cake. Nice lady. Well fed and happy, I continue my quest for Katy. See interesting shop with neon circles in window. After having checked every club in area, 5 or 6, return to Towers, talk with night man about skiing in Switzerland, then retire.

Jan 5 Awaken at 4 AM. Breakfast at Ben's at 6:30 AM. This place hasn't changed at all in forty years, but the food isn't worth it. Back to Towers. Visit Christ Church, where they are excavating the Place de la Cathedrale out from underneath it. It is very strange to see a huge stone Gothic Cathedral sitting on top of a pillars. With hands freezing, pass through Phillips Square. See spray painted edict to avenge some guy allegedly murdered by the police. Enter Old St. Patrick's by side door. As my glasses steam, am impressed by the hugeness of the place. See giant pulpit. Groups of candles are along dark fancy wainscoting lining the walls. Sit until glasses warm up. Chuckle as I see the "Stations of the Cross". The stained glass is impressive, as is the echo. As I reach the front I notice the vastly greater size of the statues of saints relative to the tiny statue of Jesus. Exit. Next I see the Sun Life Building with Greek porch up about twenty stories. Enter Basilica of Mary Virgin Mother of the World. A colossal place especially considering it's a replica only one third the size of St. Paul's in Rome. Oh, to conduct the ritual cleansing and re-consecrations of these citadels of ignorance and fear. Finding my lens has jammed, enter the Sun Life Building. Woman directs me to Ville Marie Photo Store. Girl there sends me to Phototechnique De Montreal. Stop in figurine store. Look at sweater which has cotton, two synthetics, and silk. Stop at grim church, but find it closed. Visit store with patches. See Nazi stuff, new and old. Enter big bakery,- marketplace with eateries, plants, huge white paper clad ducts, oranges, and another demure whore? Enjoy Chicken Curry at an Indian restaurant. It starts to snow again so I decide to skip Mount Royale. Visit the strange shop - Picasso. Buy encens. As car warms up, exchange currency. Leave at 4PM. On way out, notice oceans of one story houses. Beyond this in the flat farmland I see small block mountains, escarpments almost. In the distance I see one lit up for skiing. Pass snow plow with sparks. Snow is fierce. Pass ski mountain c 5 PM. Make the border by 6PM. Customs think I'm Uri Unjiktachof and detain me 1+1/4 hours. Finally they apologize explaining that I fit the exact description of someone who robbed a bank in Montreal. See Lyndon Outing Club all lit up. Visit.

Jan 7 Trim wallet of all unnecessaries.

Jan 8 Visit Well's River. Meet Purdy.

Jan 10 Adjust radiators in main house down. Plan Montreal.

Jan 13 Visit Dartmouth. Talk to blonde in restaurant while enjoying Rueben and Frangelico Colada.

Jan 14 Talk skiing with nice girl at Optique.

Jan 22 After it being too cold last week and some days of rain this week, finally, after ruling out New Hampshire, decide to ski Burke Mountain. Ride J-Bar to view of Willoughby Notch. Surface is loose granular over a hard base. After warm-up tackle Dashney Mile. Conditions are difficult so I proceed carefully. After hearty Shepherd's Pie, take lesson with Karen who begins me on carved, less sharp turns. Am astounded by babies on tiny skis and by Burke Mountain Academy kids who whiz by at breakneck speeds.

Jan 23 Egg Foo Yong again at Golden City.

Jan 26 Eve. Finally finish reading Vril and begin re-reading the World Power Foundation books.

Jan 29 c 8:15 AM Leave for Boston. See strange yuppie with rosy cheeks, midriffy pants and suspenders at rest area. Visit Ramparts Hotel dining room which is now Dover Sea Grill. Attractive raven-haired girl reminding me of Gezelle seats me. Enjoy Amaretto Colada, a Muligatawny type soup, and a smoked salmon omelet tasting just like Finan Haddy. Gulp this and run to Dr. Wolff's office. He says my heart rate is up. Could it be the trace minerals? Pretty Chinese girl takes blood sample. Get chest X-ray. Visit bank and view the Dane Tapestries. Stop into funny little 1950s type shop. Look at blue mirrors and rings. Nice Jewish woman is glad to see me leave. Visit Antiquers III. Despite fire, place looks similar. Almost all new things. Magnificent shop with huge prices. Glad I took picture of Goldshirer statue of Katy. Red tells me Al and son buy a lot of this in South America. The Nazis stole much of it from France he says. Visit George's Folly where George himself sells me packs of incense at 25% off. Stop in lighting store where I learn about halogen. Check in at Statler. Listen for Sweepstakes results. Have a dark beer at Jake's while awaiting Ed. He arrives and I try a Samuel Adam's Beer. We head for Imperial Teahouse. I have a creamy Scorpion Bowl and Lemon Duck. Ed enjoys Cashew Chicken. We are served by a real classic dink and quite poorly. As we enter the Naked, I see Katy's picture and Cashmere is back on the bulletin board. Check marquee. Only Linda. See Rose looking good. Introduce Linda to Ed briefly. See Willy. Tell Ed all about her being the album cover girl for Blind Faith. He leaves early. Linda returns, informing me that Katy has disappeared. Linda is going to Europe this summer. c 2 AM Retire. c 2:30 Awakened by fire announcement to leave hotel. Open door naked. See girl in nightie across hall. Return to bed. Hear sirens. All clear.

Jan 30 At 7 AM Bacon and poached at Cafe Rouge. Talk modern art with young black guy at Hancock Tower. Visibility only twenty miles. Visit Boston Public Library. Am impressed by Arthurian murals, also by a rather strange portrait of the Virgin Mary. Pass Copley Square Hotel and Cafe Budapest. Arrive at Copley Place. Visit Tiffanys. Try on shades at Sunglass Hut. Visit almond store. See a Durgin Park Restaurant. Sit at desks in Scandinavian Gallery. Talk wit lady in Neimann Marcus. See many dark ski sweaters at American Eagle, where I talk music with nice girl from Orlando. In humidor room, talk wind-surfing with a kid. At Artful Hand, enjoy special kaleidoscopes. Get samples of cologne at Caswell-Massey from tiny cutie who I'd like to take home and pamper all day long. See Randall knives at Stoddard's. Clerk is very rude. Discover two more levels of Neimann Marcus before I realize I have not checked out of Statler. Rush back. c 3:15 PM Head home impressed by the opulence of Copley Place. Stop at Indian Head Resort for delicious pot roast dinner.

Feb 1 Arrange all my new incense in sideboard drawer. Try Caswell Massey No. 6 Cologne, favorite of George Washington, the Marquis de Laffayette Lafayette, and Buffalo Bill Coty. If itsa goodanuf for Georga Wash, itsa goodanuf for me. Meet very nice flamboyant Jewish girl from NY at Northern Lights. Interested in occult. Cobleigh librarian informs me that five or so years ago Burklyn Hall sold for a mere $150,000.

Feb 2 Check "Dog World" magazine for shows.

Feb 3 Make tape seals for many incense packets. Talk dogs on phone with local woman who shows Flat Coated Retrievers.

Feb 4 Snows all day. Notice accumulation on horse's back.

Feb 6 Talk with Ethel and Pill. Refresh family history.

Feb 7 They're getting after Waldheim again. Set out rat bait. Remove snow. Driveway shines. Try Greenbriar Cologne.

Feb 8 Over weekend I see working dogs at Westminster on TV. A nice Samoyed, Malamute, and Husky are in the finals. This morning I hear that Ch. Sherwood Elms Prince Charming won first place. A Pomeranian. I'll bet Katy is happy. c 9:30 AM Buy Norwegian Ice Bear sweater in Littleton. In light snow, stop for sweaters in Lincoln until 12:30 PM. Visit Loon Mountain. Decide not to ski. Have sirloin tips at mall. Continue shopping in North Woodstock.

Feb 9 Review NASDAP materials. Nice selection of flags and books.

Feb 10 Many calling for Waldheim's resignation. Majority support him. Decide to do OY flags in cut out material.

Feb 11 Try Jockey Club Cologne.

Feb 12 Blizzard keeps me from Winter Carnival in Quebec. Booze it and plan furniture.

Aethemera Day. Read NASDAP paper. Inspiration level is great, but the deeper intellectual comprehension is absent. Read more about America's Stonehenge. Eve. Read Boston Library material on Sir Galahad and Holy Grail.

Feb 14 Finish the above, realizing that during the Middle Ages the Arthurian tradition served almost as a separate religion for the aristocracy, with it's own heroes and ideals apart from, and yet technically enough connected to, the lower religion of the peasantry to minimize conflict on religious grounds. Aft. Remove porch snow.

Feb 13 Socialist chancellor of Austria is threatening to resign. Apparently he can't concentrate. Bad weather, wind and snow melting, have been spoiling Winter Olympics in Calgary. Revise Testers list.

Feb 16 Waldheim is standing fast. Resignation is generally interpreted as an admission of guilt. I wonder if, in this case, it would pave the way for prosecution. Aft. Study Lionel.

Feb 18 Remove snow. Blow transmission on Lyndon State campus. Visit Theodore Roosevelt Boera. Talk trains with Harold Clough over phone after he tows me in. He tells me that owner of Bethlehem Crossroads Museum accosts women naked as part of his tour. I'm going to hide long scissors in my boot when I visit there. If there are women present and he tries anything, I'll speak to him about his behavior. If he gets fresh with me I'll wrestle him to the floor and cut off his dickie.

Feb 19 Begin writing family history beginning with Eric Peterson.

Feb 20 Talk to Ma. Assure her that the cripple, Pat Robertson, will not be elected President and that even if he was he would be killed within six months. She tells me Cousin Erk is twice divorced.

Feb 21 Talk to Pill about family.

Feb 22 The swaggering braggart Jimmy Swaggart cries to Jesus today for his blood to wash away the stains of his sins with a whore with whom he was caught. One would think that a little spot remover would be more practical.

Feb 23 Church is going to let Swaggering Jim continue to preach. Pat Robertson in trying to blame his inevitable defeat on the Swaggart incident, claiming that it was planned to undermine him. How petty and comical are the clowns who herald their own downfall.

Feb 24 Visit the enchanting Fairbanks Museum prior to a show on Egyptian astronomy.

Feb 25 See smoldering ruins covered with icicles - of shoe store in St. Johnsbury. Have chicken fingers at Golden City. See the now unemployed Audry on Railroad Street.

Feb 26 Terrible stench and smoke from Berlin as I enter Gorham. Clears out nicely by the time I reach Wildcat. Pat nice cat while getting skis. Trip up reveals possibly best scenery I've seen since moving up here - soo pritee. Poor map study sees me on certain intermediate parts of the 2 3/4 mile Polecat. Steep, narrow, icy, and Spring Vacation, but awesomely beautiful. Go up again. Make same mistake again. Practice on Snowcat until past lunch time. Go to top of mountain. Find nothing but snacks. Decide to ski down to restaurant, but quickly find I haven't the strength. Also find unexpected moguls for first half mile or so. A long Hellish trip down with many stops to rest. My legs become rubber and simply will not obey me. c 3 PM Have double cheeseburger. With renewed strength, practice turns on Snowcat until closing.

Feb 28 Call Ma who tells me that Diantha's daughter is a district attorney in Poughkeepsie. Call Pill who is watching Olympic bobsledding.

March 1 Decide to sell Castle on the Green.

March 2 Pork and gravy at Golden City.

March 3 Sell silver. Secure loan of $1400 on phone so I can ship silver to LA.

Mar 4 In light snow, drive to Concord. Get money. Visit Yin who is absorbed in a book. Lunch at MacDonald's in Laconia. Petty, self-important Postmaster in Plymouth refuses to take responsibility to ship twenty fifty-pound cans of clad half dollars to California. I should have reported him to the Postmaster General. Nice lady in Canaan has the courage, but it's 4:50 PM. Head home.

Mar 5 Good postal workers help me in Lancaster. Drive through Whitefield area. This is where I want to live. Buy amber shades at LaHout's. I now look just like Enzo Ferrari. Paul at McGoon's tells me that Wildcat and Cannon are the two toughest mountains in NH. I believe it.

Mar 8 Clean house.

Mar 9 Meet Deanne Dumont on St. Jay Courthouse lawn - immediate strong attraction. Take her for nice Moo Goo Gai Pan at Golden City.

Mar 10 In lot at Cannon Mountain talk to man who just finished two runs from the top and is leaving. He usually does three or four every day. He is 79 years old, so maybe I'm not starting as late in life as I thought. As I ride up, I can hear how icy it is on Lower Cannon. When I try to ski this bullet proof surface, I am angry at the peril which claims of packed powder have put me in. I make it down and practice turns on the beginner's slope until lunch. I have chili, strudel, and Toblerone Chocolate. Guy in ticket office gives me a free pass. I practice turns all day stopping once for chocolate cake.

Mar 11 c 11 AM. As I come down into Keene I realize how much more mountainous it is in the North. Even Monadnock looks like a hill. I'm glad of where I live finally. Visit A+W, box without key, O. K. Fairbanks, and Idlenot now Friendly's, is too crowded. Get samples and yogurt at Sun Foods. Guerriero's is no longer.- Debbie not there. Corned beef sandwich at Colony Mill. Sniff many colognes in perfume store. Buy Tinker Farms incense. Get mushrooms at Foodstuffs. Renew PO. Visit Myrna who gives me an hourglass egg timer. Buy black currant juice and more yogurt at Edward's. Go 12, 113, 93 to Boston. On way from garage to hotel. see sushi-bar in Benishushi, a yuppie hangout. Wearing icebear sweater and Apollo, check out Legal Seafoods, a very crowded yuppie hangout. Forgetting about sushi-bar, head for Montien where I enjoy Duck Tamarind. Drink with a slightly hysterical, stoned-on-something, Ginger. She is nonetheless revolted by my accounts of what men are like in Northern Vermont. I tell her of the terrible fights and severe beatings between bearded and clean shaven men in the local bar rooms of the North. Of the loud comment which I overheard specially directed towards customers entering the Chez Moustache Restaurant by a clean shaven man that "the way things are going around here we're even going to have to slap down a few mustaches". Have run-in with new top dyke in Pussy Galore. Chat only briefly with Linda mho has very clownish makeup, purple lips edged with black. Give her large package of travel info and retire.

Mar 12 While waiting for elevator, talk to gentleman from Birmingham who tells me of a school there named after my relative-by-marriage, Erskine Ramsay. Cafe Rouge is too crowded, so I head for Copley Plaza. As I wait, two baldheaded Chinamen rush past me and form a new line ahead of me. I move up. They act as though I am invisible. Unable to catch the gaze of the one facing me I later catch him staring hatefully at me once we are seated. Meditation on this has taught me a point of etiquette. Will even Orientals become a problem here in the next century because of their numbers? Explore the place a bit more after poached eggs and bacon. Visit flower show at Bayside. Terribly crowded and a bit too warm. Cruise 3A past Newfound Lake and 3 from Plymouth to the Notch, getting some vermilion shades at Sporthoma. These make me a dead-ringer for Lorenzo Llamas.

Mar 15 Review work I have done since June of 1986. Very little wasted time,- just a few boozing days first winter.

Mar 16 Cologne this season is Giorgio. Write out ad to WSJ on house. Spend night with Deanne.

Mar 18 Return to Cannon. One warm up run on beginners' slope. Again on way up, one can hear that today is good. Lower Cannon seems slow compared to last time and is enjoyable. Try Gremlin next run. Bump into Paul Guerra on way to shop. Then to top of Lower Cannon. Very steep, but I make it and do Toss Up - wide and less crowded. Do this again, and the third time meet two girls who decide to walk down. Get off and do Gremlin with them next trip. At lunch again enjoy chili, and this time, carrot cake. After pow-wow at ski school, embark on long trip, cutting across Gary's the "easy" way from left. For me this is so steep and awesome a place that I have to stop and plan my strategy. I sit down in order to change direction so that I can make one turn and then cut across. I make it and follow the "work road" to tramway. As I stop to cross melted dirt road, a kid about nineteen comes skating along, leaps into the air, sails across, and skis uphill into the line. Windows are scratchy. I study trails on way up. Have milk and strudel at top where I see two young girls who are unbelievably beautiful - one a bit like Katy - soo pritee. Real pretty girls. Powder on Tramway slope bogs me down,- a new experience. On way to Lower Cannon, meet another chap from Birmingham who tells me Ramsay High School is now all black. Fall once on Lower Cannon - legs are getting gimpy. Have Tobblerone in lodge and do Toss Up once more before leaving.

Mar 21 Hebert hooks up new toilet outback. Begin family history outline.

Mar 22 Do B+W photos of house.

Mar 23 Poison gas being used in the Near East today. Many bodies.

Mar 24 Nuclear weapons being used in the Near East today. It is the Will of Allah. At Golden City enjoy pork with mushrooms and egg roll.

Mar 25 Two calls on house today. Photo Charly's whinnies.

March 26 Organize history of house. Third, but insubstantial, call on house. Booze it. Talk with DJs.

Mar 27 Read house history. Order books and flags from NASDAP.

Mar 29 Finish color photos of house.

Mar 31 At Hobbyland, need AAA start. In Lincoln, replace alternator. A Jehovah's Slave, resembling a dirty demented vagabond version of Liz, is around. Thumb to diner, where I have baked chicken and talk skiing with waitress. Shop in Lincoln a bit.

Apr 1 Visit Attitash for first time. Snow is like mashed potatoes, au juice in places. This is another first. It's difficult, but I like it. Ski Double Delight. Very taxing to legs. Ski Far Out. After six or seven runs, ski Lower Thad's Choice down to lodge. Enjoy bacon, tomatoe, and cheese with walnut chocolate chip cookie on terrace. Ski Councilor's Run. A bit steep for me. Meet girl who looks like Ann Jones. On her advice, ski Thad's from top. Also too steep. Keep to lower slopes. Downhill Racer. Young girl. Beer terrace. Notice the improved vision my shades give me as I pass Wildcat - quite devoid of snow. Have superb prime rib dinner at Old Susannah's in Lancaster.

Apr 2 Warm. Clean and vent Teahouse. Deanne visits.

Apr 5 Place ad in Globe. Booze it. Call Jehovah's Witnesses to complain about the encroachment they make upon myself and others.

Apr 6 Clean gutter. Bury pumpkins.

Apr 7 Visit Loon. Threat of rain keeps me from skiing.

Apr 9 Fix Hoover. Plan Garden.

Apr 10 Plant indoors.

Apr 12 Nice sunny day. Visit Sunday River, Maine. I like the vegetation or something over this way. Rent Nordica boots for first time. Ski Broadway all morning. Get into faster skiing. There is almost no one else here. Men are burning brush on southern slopes. Smoke smells good. It is very warm. Try jumps. Have excellent cheeseburger. Have a Brandy Alexander next-door. A mistake. Next run I finally take closed trail I have been eyeballing from lift. Fun, but narrow in places. Have almond candy bar. Ski Broadway for rest of day. Stop at Old Susannah's for sirloin and corn.

Apr 13 Test Classic Match Giorgio. Shine boots tan. Plan cologne ahead.

Apr 14 Shine boots oxblood. Buy Classic Match Giorgio, Aramis, and Polo. While car is with Harold Clough, study colognes in Landry's.

Apr 15 Find unusual Skivo shades in Littleton. Snow has stopped.

Apr 16 Spend day a'cleanin me leathers - All me dainty leathers.

Apr 17 Oil burner motor. Booze it.

Apr 18 Suffer a terrible Ho Yoo Gai Poo at Golden City.

Apr 19 Drop car at Waterbury. Hitch three rides to Sugarbush North, Mt Ellen. Girl says it's soft snow and sends me to summit. c 12:15 PM About 1/4 of the way up, clouds cover the sun. Lightly dressed, I begin to get cold. Ride up seems endless. Half way up second stage, see a kid who confirms my fear that all I'm seeing is not soft snow but ice. Head down Ridge Run and fall almost immediately on accumulation of powder over ice next to ledge. Skis won't cut this very well. Come down narrow place where both sides are so steep one cannot see over, but there are dead tree spikes sticking up. Reach especially steep place and stop. This is the most frightening place I've ever been on skis. Makes my worst fright at Cannon seem like sitting by the hearth. I'm at the top of the World on steep narrow ice. I can see the Atlantic Ocean 50 miles away. For the first time ever I remove my skis. Climb back to summit. Talk with ski patrol guy who describes terrain. I hike down to less steep place, put skis back on and proceed down. Pass the unbelievable Upper FIS which I have seen on way up. Ultra steep with four foot moguls, one skier is hopping down while two others study strategy. Finally hit soft snow on Which Way. Instructors experimenting with Telemark bindings are falling down in the slush. Enjoy last part on Straight Shot. Suffer arbitrary razzing from Bozo in gift shop, but discover some nice Skivo shades. Have cheeseburger. Ski the again unbearable Which Way. Leave. Hitch ride from hippie. See dog like Hector. Another ride from girl about 20, pretty. She tells me she doesn't ski because she once visited a hospital room full of young skiers paralyzed for life. Stop at PC in Waterbury. Talk with sexy girl at deli counter. Buy maple-horseradish mustard and chocolate yogurt. Overshoot exit on fast drive home.

Apr 21 Re-figure what I can ask for house, based upon what I need to continue.

Apr 22 Finish my second reading of the World Power Foundation books. I must admit that these books have me thinking like a slave master [but not for long].

Apr 24 Begin reading Cosmic Trigger.

Apr 25 News today that John Demjanjuk has been sentenced to life in prison. Reagan has given Navy more autonomy. Egg Foo Yong at Golden City.

Apr 27 Visit Lyndonville Airport. Further consider buying my own plane. Cut porch firewood.

Apr 28 Prune Alaskan Spruce. Cut branches for firewood. Pull cornstalks. Rake lawn. Booze it.

Apr 29 Begin reading With Hitler on the Road to Power.

May 1 Rake up sidewalk shoulder. Catch up on swingers letters.

May 3 Clean front walk of turf. Level next to Teahouse. Fence off Teahouse alley.

May 4 Take down swing and fix trees with tar. More tree pruning and firewood. Cut seed beds.

May 5 While talking to Paul at Magoon's, meet young Norwegian couple. Visit White Mountains which are covered with snow. Stop at AMC Lodge, talk with guy about hikes, pat eight month old shepherd.

Run into couple again in Crawford Notch. Go home via Pinkham Notch. Prime rib and bread pudding at Susannah's.

May 6 Seed grass. Do laundry.

May 7 Touch up blue suede shoes "which Elvis Prestly gave me for my birthday in 1957." I tell the ladies this. Use scarlet on uppers of the Joe Iorio boots.

May 9 Finish most of planning for upcoming trip while mechanic gives me a new suspension at Kelton's.

May 10 Leave Littleton c 11:30 AM. See snow on Killington. Stop for clams at Josie's in Vermont. Rain. Arrive in Albany c 5 PM. Eat at Jeremy's - pork and spinach quiche, cheesecake with cherries. Attractive waitress also impressed by St. Patrick's in Montreal.

May 11 c 6 AM Visit Empire State Plaza. Bacon and eggs in huge underground restaurant. Quite a layout. Rockefeller has his fun. Get ticket going 80 across NY State Thruway. Am amazed by all the electric power plants as I enter Niagara c 2:30 PM. Walk around on Goat Island.

Cross to Canada. Take elevator down, and walk along Great Gorge. Have Loganberry drink. Ride Spanish Aerocar across whirlpool. Visit Maple Leaf Village briefly. Check in at Oakes Inn. Cut down hill to Horseshoe Falls. Awesome power with a rainbow. Walk through Victoria Park to Oakes Garden Theater and through Rainbow Gardens again. Incredible view from Skylon Tower. Have prime rib and a strange sugar glazed custard dish resembling a scampi. See Falls change color under lights. Talk with Australian girl. Buy paperweight. Walk back, cut through woods again, soiling me' trouser legs with mud.

May 12 Sausage and poached at Oakes. Walk down to Incline RR. Talk with very enlightened old Norwegian chap who has a Scottish accent and is a Canadian citizen. Walk through Victoria Park. Go up Maple Leaf Tower. See Elvis Prestly's Cadillac, or one of them, since this one in purple metal flake, not pink. Visit Miniland, an HO layout of Europe. Hurry back to Oakes Inn via RR tracks. Hamburger at Minolta Tower. Nice looking redheaded waitress. Buy plate with Canadian Coat D'Arms. Buy figurine ducks. Visit Floral Clock. At Queenston Heights see strange ancient looking war memorial guarded by four helmeted Greek warriors each clutching two shields one with Medusa, one with Ulysses, I think. Talk with older English couple at the Horticultural Park. Stop at Helioport. Walk through Victoria Park. See chinless tough guy of extremely violent nature. Buy Cork Garden at Maple Leaf Village. Strawberry Colada, Beef Burgundy, and Lemon Mousse at Victoria Restaurant. Visit Dracula's Castle. Talk with ticket girl. Explore expensive gift shops. As I lie in bed, see Horseshoe Falls in mind's eye.

May 13 Proves unlucky for little yellow bird who flies into window at Oakes Inn. After viewing my first Killer Whale at Marineland, it begins to rain. Go to Maple Leaf Village. Barbecue beef for lunch. See Chinese pearl and Zodiac tables. Return to Marineland. See bison and deer, plus end of show with Killer Whales. Back to Victoria Gardens. Tulips won't open, even though sun is out. Buy incense and little skull flag. Visit Park Commission House. See nice late thirties woman. Seeing Lake Ontario for the first time, I can also see Toronto across the water the size of a pin head. Stop at Trivoli Miniatures, but must press on.


After terrible traffic jam, arrive in Toronto. See black fancy-man selling pretty white woman. Fag refuses to give me directions to restaurant which I find out has closed. Walk up Yonge Street. See Hard Rock Cafe. Eat Bratwurst at Lick's. Street is like drag strip for Firebirds. Hippies everywhere. Glam band looking rock musicians. Punkers. While sampling bitter and ale in an English pub, hear loud Australian boy extolling the virtues of the barmaid's "finest toe jam". Goes by later in rickshaw. Talk with radical punker in stroe - amazing rainbow Mohawk. Talk music with freak, street musician playing bottleneck style in open E tuning.

May 14 Poached eggs and ham at Golden Griddle. Notice number of black squirrels on grounds of Osgoode Hall. Realize that one I saw in Niagara was not a fluke. Run into a woman named Prior from Athol. Visit Parliament buildings. Enjoy a pre-WWII European atmosphere during lunch at the Royal Ontario Museum. Enjoy the Chinese stuff and dinosaurs. Head back down Yonge Street. Talk with two really likable young Chinese guys at Warriors. Oone demonstrates martial technique on me with Yawara stick. Visit Scottish store. Pretty young girl keeps staring at me. Visit shop where I find a new line of Gonesh Incense. Enjoy sumptuous buffet at Arcadian Dining Room. Have chicken and beef, smoked salmon, twenty other things, Black Forest Cake laced with raspberry liqueur. Talk to African guy who rubs Night Queen on one hand, Egyptian Musk on the other [Lasts for two weeks].

May 15 Eggs and bacon at GG. Go to flea-market. Peek inside big church. Walk around Old City Hall. During rain, talk with Polish woman with beautiful long blonde hair. Take Metro up to Casa Loma. Stop at Spadina. Get tour of McGill University campus with guide after we drop off Christina by way of a ride back. Walk down to CN Tower. Talk flags with guy on way. Have roast stuffed pork. Notice clusters of skyscrapers at great distances. As I try to figure out what these cities are, I begin to realize they are just different parts of Toronto. Wind is intense on lower deck. Walk by Famous Ed's Restaurant on way back.

May 16 More delicious ham at GG. After visiting white wolf at Toronto Zoo via monorail, fool Siberian Tiger momentarily by imitating call. Van tour at fairly high speed takes 45 minutes. Have interesting talk with chap in gift store on way up to Ottawa. Accidentally loose forty minutes doubling back in rain. Check in at Townhouse. Have excellent steak and cheese cake at Place Nextdoor. See Garson prepare Steak Tar Tar. Hear fancy black fellow from Africa pomposly proclaim "I am a politician by nature."


May 17 Lousy breakfast at Townhouse. See astounding holography exhibit at Museum of Science and Technology. Enjoy Kingfish from Florida and pecan pie, but not the ghetto music at the Olde Fish Market. Enjoy new Nazi displays at the National War Museum. Buy postcards. Convert currency. Visit war memorial and Parliament. Drive over to Hull, park, and take pictures. Enjoy Medallion of Veal, but not apple desert, at the Mill. Talk with sexy barmaid. See and hear Sights and Sounds Show at Parliament.

May 18 Eggs and sausage at deli. Walk around Parliament. Find Ski Museum. Cannot gain admittance to new National Gallery, not open yet [picture from later in Autumn]. Photograph Prime Minister's house through tress and fence. No tours at Rideau Hall yet. Visit Rockcliffe Park again. Beautiful view of Ottawa River. Make appointment to tour Mint. Visit Ski Museum. Enjoy Piņa Colada and Rueben at Earl of Sussex Pub. Visit Garden of the Provinces carefully avoiding two chaps in wheelchairs. Must run to keep appointment at Royal Canadian Mint. Have a Piņa Colada on some terrace somewhere. Arrive late for boat ride - just as well since cloudy. Walk around Parliament again, then down the locks of the Rideau Canal and up to the distant statue of Samuel De Champlain and his companion Tonto, founder of Toronto. Am awed by views of Parliament at La Ronde while enjoying venison with black currant sauce and Chocolate Tort Gran Marnier.

May 18 Bacon and eggs at deli. Returning via Montreal, end up on Sherbrooke East. Stop for lunch at little, all French place in Granby. Am dazzled by beauty of country to east of here. This is the first time I'm not coming through in fog or blizzard. Gently rolling farms with a mountain here and there, big mountains or Vermont to the southeast, and steely sky with fluffy clouds above.

May 22 Sort book matches into a collection and general supply.

May 24 Discuss bankers, economics, and the lower classes with David Drew, former owner of Burklyn Hall, now interested in Castle on the Green for offices. He offers $250,000 with me as banker. $50,000 down, the balance at 5% [If I had this to do over, I would take it to Roger Lussier, President of Lyndonville Savings. I think of this at the time, but conclude that to make the numbers work for David would leave me much too little cash. Brokers are saying I can get $350,000 from the "right buyer." All Summer, B&B phone calls show me I can get $500,000 with a zoning variance].

May 27 Big package of books and flags arrives from NASDAP/AO. Plant pumpkins, corn, and gourds.

May 28 Another visit from Jehovah's Unquestioning. Two women rap lightly on kitchen door then quickly try to sneak around back. I tell them to put my house on their list of places not to come back to and point the way out. Aft. Plant vegetables.

June 2 Visit Quichee Gorge. Things go smoothly at Enfield.

Visit New England Air Museum. See life size repro of red Fokker DR-3. Visit North Meadow. Enjoy Lazy Lobster and pastry layered with custard at Valee's.

June 3 Breakfast served by nasty obese woman at diner. Arrive 1 1/2 hours early in Framingham. Run down to Shopper's World, then stop by Purington Avenue. See Mrs. Tanner again for first time since Summer of 1953. We talk. I meet Marge Grady. Mrs. Webb is still there. Earl is a cop in Vermont. Bols is still there. Meet Mrs. Proctor's sister, who has the same face [In 1690 Protor was a Witch name in Salem. Maybe Mrs. Proctor disliked me so much when I was little because of my kinship to Nicholas Noyes]. Visit dentist, then buy Kouros at Jordan's and at Zodiac Store learn what I have feared - that Dr. Regardie died last year. I wanted him to write an introduction to Traditional Arcane Teachings [That he would have done this now seems like an extreme unlikelyhood]. Much confusion in Nashua. Stay at Quality Inn. Meet Ed at Jake's. Duck Tamarind again at Montien. He drives us over to Cambridge listening to Robin Trower. Drinks at Hyatt Regency. Graduation parties. See ridiculous stretch limousines.- one with eight wheels. Back to Naked Eye. See little pretty blonde dance. Ed talks with Lee Remick type barmaid, a very nice WWII type girl for romance.

June 4 Woman wino raises fuss over $1.50 for coffee at University Restaurant. Owner throws her out bellowing "You're filthy!" She sounds and looks like one possessed by a demon and storms up street with much pain in a reddened face. Have French toast. Get lost seeking Arboretum. Talk with nice panting girl at Babson, but Maparium is only open weekdays. Arrive at Ladies Dog Show. Brownie and lemonade. See Samoyeds. It starts to rain. Burned, but good, hotdog for lunch. See Huskies, especially reddish one with green eyes and two jackal ones, one with white face - soo pritee. Hang around Samoyed tent. Conversation makes me realize that many of these people show dogs all over the country all of the time. See puppy. Mindy seems to be having problems, snarling with another dog.

June 5 Begin watching live hearing as to charges against Kurt Waldheim. Fall asleep, but awaken just in time to hear statement of acquittal. Huzzah!

June 8 Ham and cheese on croissant at bar in Mt. Washington Hotel. Ice cream on deck. Talk with girl from Virginia. Have Piņa Colada on deck. Talk with recreation girl. c 6:20 Buy postcards. Buy trail map from girl at AMC House in Crawford Notch. Head home via Whitefield. Forget to turn in Cushman missing Gilman altogether.

June 9 Arrange postcards.

June 10 Gather hiking gear. Replant with vegetables from Eliot's Nursery.

June 13 Arrive as Cog Train is leaving. Buy collectors plates in gift shop. Eat sub outdoors at bench. Photograph women from Maine. Tour model condo with view of ski slopes at Bretton Woods. Ice cream on lower deck at Mt. Washington Hotel. At Crawford House meet knee-recovering Venus type girl from Rhode Island who likes to eat fish. Stop at lower Crawford gift shop tended by pain-in-the-ass Holly who I haven't seen since March. Buy quartz crystal. Visit with sexy blonde at shop just outside of park. Talk with girl at Attitash. Bypass Gorham on Dolly Cop Cutoff. "Hoagie" at Susannah's.

June 16 Cologne this season is Kouros. Find out NH is requiring SS# for driver's licenses.

June 18 Revise world travel plans so that I will tour Europe in four smaller trips.

June 20 Build brick window well.

June 21 c 10:30 AM Ride up Mt. Washington Stage. One hundred plus year old balsams would be eighty feet tall elsewhere. Here they only reach one or two feet. This is krummholtz or "twisted forest." Above timberline is exact equivalent of Arctic tundra in Northern Canada. There are shrews and our own variety of cinquefoil. Wind at top is 40-50 mph. I play on terrace cackling like a happy baby. Buy wind speed commemorative plate in museum shop. Driver lets me off at Cow Pasture. Hike down to Nelson Crag. Talk with sexy girl in Alpine Garden. Meet old guy with canes. He is very decrepit and can hardly walk. A very unusual experience. Hike down Tuckerman Ravine despite it being closed because of hazardous avalanche conditions. Accidentally start small rock slide that nearly gets young couple from Waltham. After I tell them what is further up, we head down together. They get ahead of me because I stop in bowl to talk with teenagers from Toronto. I catch up to couple. Kids catch up to us. Now we are an expedition. At Hermit Lake I meet family from Princeton NJ. We start down. I branch off to Raymond Path, get lost, and accidentally hike back up to base of Nelson Crag via Huntington Ravine. Last two miles coming back is like walking on broken legs. By the time I get to AMC Lodge at Pinkham Notch, having given up on finding the correct path via Auto Road down to Glen House, it is 7 PM. Run into NJ family. They give me a ride to Glen House. Stop in Gorham at Polynesian Village. Drink three glasses of water and a huge Scorpion Bowl as I wait for Steak Kew. Notice ultra-desirable blonde I see coming in, now checking me out. My strength is a bit renewed by this huge meal.

June 22 Lay lame in bed all day.

June 23 Wash car by 8 PM.

June 24 Kurt Waldheim meeting with the Pope. Police are carrying away angry Jews. Fix roof rack. Build brick box. Paint fuel cap door on car.

June 25 Sort and review NASDAP stuff.

June 26 Review Encyclopedia Britannica material on Hitler.

June 27 Jews today are enraged because the Pope hasn't chastised Waldheim. Show house to California ladies. We visit Darling Hill.

June 30 Number pages in journal.

Jul 2 Long talk with Ma.

Jul 3 Organize Skullery. Booze it. As I'm enjoying my first glass of butterscotch schnapps, Mr. Hain, of Lawrence and the Old Howard, arrives with his wife. I show them the house.

Independence Day. News today has US accidentally shooting down Iranian air bus with 290 dead.

July 5 The Iatola is calling for total war against US. Stake tomatoes. Procure picture of Hitler exactly like the one Borman had in his office.

July 6 Iranians are chanting "Death to America!" today. Transplant kohlrabi. Finish long list of work done on Castle - I've very been busy here.

Jul 8 Stop at flea market in Danville. Take wrong road and end up prematurely in Glover. Visit Bread and Puppet Theater where I talk with good looking French woman. Heat is unbelievable as I arrive at Craftsbury Common. Enjoy hotdog, lemonade, and Neapolitan wafer sitting under tree. Sun beats down as I cover this fairly large gathering. Buy some Rathdowny Mustard. Once home, get sequence on family history from Ma.

Jul 9 Show Burklyn Hall. Get a sunburn.

July 10 Robert Bonner and a band of vagabonds come visiting but for the last time. Bonner's little pee-wee cousin with baseball cap is very disrespectful in general [I wish I had been able to ring Hell's Bells for him].

Jul 13 Rebuild brick window well after cave in.

Jul 14 They are saying this morning on the news that drought will make food prices go way up later on. Also that Elvis is still alive. I wouldn't be surprised. Hill-up pumpkins and gourds in time for a deluge of rain.

Jul 15 Visit Littleton. c 2 PM Go to top of Killington Peak. Talk with couple, guy of whom knows all the mountains. Relationships of distance are surprising. Talk with nice couple from Kitchner. Visit Horse Show at base. See jumping and several sexy young girls in tight riding pants and carrying whips - I obey! As they walk by I ask them if this is "the horse show or a Miss Teen Vermont Beauty Pageant?" They seem to greatly appreciate the question, looking back and teasing with swishing behinds. Stop for groceries at Purity Supreme in Lebanon. Much like Edward's in Keene. Arrive home about 11 PM.

Jul 17 Trace down both phone numbers for my "chestnut mare" Kelly. Both are disconnected. I will miss her. Call Pill for sequence on family history.

Jul 19 Polyurethane that damned old closet rod finally.

Jul 20 Notice first foliage change on maple tree next-door. While pruning, make friends by feeding two barking mutts next door. Cut out all Elm suckers.

Jul 21 Cut down on my annual travel plan. Am astounded by the difference between German history in the Britannica and what the television documentaries lead us to believe.

Jul 23 Position my chair for the Stars and Stripes Parade behind Susan Winsor. I'll bet that little Joey will be wishy-washy politically and that Annie will grow up sullen and depressed. Is there a genetic effect from Bill's fifty LSD trips in the early 1970s? My happy children, Vesta and James, come running to greet me. Vesta and I watch parade together. We enjoy seeing pompous Legionnaire step in fresh horse shit. I roar at this, and he glowers at me most shamefully. I'm amused by Vesta's reference to a mid-60s Ford as "old fashioned". She ends up with chocolate all over her face. I feel better about moving away, because they're moving also. Booze it!

Jul 24 Have three helpings at brunch on Common. See ideal blonde with three pretty blonde daughters. Reminds me subtly of Kate Deagan. I am introduced to Congressman Jeffers to whom I recommend the omelet. Same menu as last year. See excellent Tai Quon Do exhibition with cement block breaking, etc.

Jul 25 Send house history off to Bonner - a relief.

Jul 26 Charley visits on bicycle to thank me for his copy of the house history. As we talk, discover wild Chamomile out front.

Jul 30 Unpack high party member flag and books from NASDAP. Enjoy especially The New Germany. Book is signed by authors. On last page I am shocked by reference to Jesus. It's astounding how these guys, so involved in all this, pictured with Albert Speer, can be so ignorant of the spiritual fundamentals of what the struggle really is about. I suppose it's less important what a person says, or even writes, than the overall effect of the causes to which he lends his support.

Lughnasadh. Have a pleasant talk with Ma.

Aug 1 Make sauerkraut and Rueben.

Aug 2 Realizing how my things will be enhanced in mind by being for awhile in this opulent place, I unpack a few things and hang a few pictures.

Aug 4 Rub old clerk desk and lowboy with mahogany stain. Move camera stuff. Wash glass in skullery and windows in museum room. Hang frames of arrowheads. Unpack Rototrays.

Aug 6 Glaze lamp and arrow frame. Sew on shirt buttons. Eat steak in Grand Dining Room for first time.

Aug 11 Presidential race will be close. Set up stereo in October 1940 Bavarian Castle Sitting Room after several days of unpacking. Arrange records in rough sequence.

Ne~ 0 CO

Aug 12 News is calling drought worst since "dustbowl" in 1930s. Nine billion in aid. 31% higher meat prices next year. 20,000 slaves protest showing of The Last Temptation of Christ. Show house to John Peterson and wife, whose wife bears an uncanny resemblance to my mother at the same age.

Aug 13 Enjoy spirited music with my booze for first time since 1985. First song I play is Hendrix "Stone Free".

Aug 14 Record breaking heat in 31 cities yesterday. Water 80 decrees I forget where. Fires everywhere out west. Harvest and enjoy first taste of Kohlrabi. I tell Charly Lang that in Judaism this vegetable is restricted to cold rabbis.

Aug 15 Day begins with deluge of rain. Enzo Ferrari has gone through transition. Jerry Falwell has tried to discredit Dukakis, known in some quarters as Do-Kaka, by saying that he supports Witchcraft. I'd like to support Falwell's testicles on the toe of my boot at 150 mph, 10 or 15 times. Crowds of people today claiming to see the Virgin Mary.

Aug 16 At noon Vesta and her brothers come to visit. I show them the garden, promising a pumpkin. They ask if they can see inside of house. I tell them they better ask their parents if it's all right. Vesta says she already asked. I give them tour of downstairs. They are terrified by my story of the Indian club. Give them each two dried gourds. After lunch, finally put away box files.

Aug 17 The Black Baron who has been scaring all of Paris at night for amusement will now desist or face jets. Read about Clan Johnstone. Motto is "Life After Life". Our branch must have come from Aberdeen near the sea and mountains.

Aug 21 Otis and Shelley come by to list house with ERA.

Aug 24 Refine sequence of rock albums.

Aug 26 Show house to BMW guys.

Aug 27 Show house to Vincent Di Checca. Sequence blues albums and intersperse with rock.

Aug 28 Refine sequence of records. Thunder storm with deluge during music sees me placing buckets in front hall and museum to catch water.

Aug 29 Unpack plates for Dining Room.

Aug 30 Chaulk back porch. Tar flat roofs.

Aug 31 Visit St. Jay. Arrive c 12:20 PM at Champlain Valley Expo. Have sausage, pepper. and onions immediately. Have strong Colombian coffee ice-cream. See little pigs who chase each other in a circle, kitties, bunnies, doggies, etc. especially Huskies. See nice little Gray Bantam rooster and chickens dyed green, pink, blue, and orange. Talk with two old guys, who have heard of Dan Patch, the famous horse Grandpa Ned used to race against. Find pins sorted by type. Get Killer Whale, Wolf, and Bull. Maple glaze and coffee. See 118 pound pumpkin,- first prize and only a little bigger than my largest, which was only a baby. Caramel apple. Taxidermist doesn't think a coyote would associate with dogs although he says, since there were fewer coyotes years ago, maybe they did then. Talk with trapper. Talk trains with a kid like Jeff Miller on the old "Lassie" TV show. Have Bratwurst and kraut. Visit carnival area. Get turquoise Cross Pate ring and Eagle pin. Have Indian curried chicken, rice, etc. from authentic Hindu vendors in full attire. Guy in turban bows. I return his bow, the Indian gesture of respectful salutation with hands together as in prayer. This makes me feel like a real live Swami. Go back for skull sticker and buy two tiny Dritte Reich battle flags and Fuehrerstandarte. Head home. Miss Rte 2 on way back as usual.

Sep 1 George tells me c 11 AM that deluge and wind on August 28 was a cyclone which uprooted trees and roofs in Lyndon Center. We make videotape of house. Re-stake blown over tomatoes.

Sep 2 Talk with W. C. Fields at Crossroads Museum in Bethlehem. Visit North Conway, a place of sumptuous shopping, all factory outlets. Get Monastery figurine. Finally buy huge bottle of Givenchy Gentleman at Prestige Fragrance. Buy red 1932 Ford Coupe at gift shop in Lancaster. Have nice rib at Susannah's.

Sep 3 Contemplate layout and use of Monastery on Cliff . Good real estate exercise.

Sep 5 Interesting reportage on planes. CBS says Soviets make a superior showing with their new Mig at air show. ABC says inferior. NBC is in the middle. Temperature in California yesterday 118 degrees. Over 1,000,000 acres in Yellowstone have burned.

Sep 6 Now 3,600,000 acres have burned totally this summer. Aft. Trim wood bin.

Sep 7 Barrett drops a huge load of wet firewood. It takes me two hours to stack it. 2:30 Vesta visits and I give her tour of garden. Re-chaulk porch.

Sep 8 Fires engulf seventeen buildings near Old Faithful but they save the Inn. Smoke from this is seen in Chicago. 9 AM LaRose checks chimney. I clean stove pipe. Touch up car. Aft. More tar on flat roofs.

Sep 9 Eat Egg Foo Yong at Golden City. c 5:30 Work until dark tarring upper roof.

Sep 12 Over weekend snow has come to Yellowstone cooling the fires a bit. Floods in Bangladesh with famine and disease. Harvest 28 Quasi-matoes.

Sep 13 Government says every basement should be checked for Radon. 37% of national corn crop lost to drought. Hurricane Gilbert, worst of century, will avoid Ma.

Sep 14 Hurricane is reaching 180 mph with gusts to 200. The temperature in NYC is ten degrees less because the smoke from the fires in the west are hiding the sun.

Sep 15 Read about Clan Johnstone. c 2:30 Vesta and James visit. We harvest the pumpkins and I drive them and an 85 pound pumpkin home. It is an Atlantic Giant, only a baby by Nova Scotia 600+ pound standards. Their mother has me carry it up three flight of stairs. Harvest most of rest of garden to avoid frost.

Sep 16 Cologne this season is Givenchy Gentleman. Frost has killed all squash and hurt eggplant. 28 degrees. After errands in St. Jay, arrive at Tunbridge World's Faire. Buy Skull and Eagle ring. Talk about green peppers with two Vermont troopers. Check out giant oxen. Have excellent barbecue ribs, and talk briefly with guy reminding me of Wilfred Hyde White. See giant 200 pound pumpkin. Look at all kinds of stuff. Have Oreo ice-cream. Buy collection of Presidential campaign buttons since 1896. Buy large rhodium ST pin. Return.

Sep 17 After errands in Littleton, take Shuttle from train depot to Highland Games. Visit with Harvey Johnston whose wife wants me to man the Clan tent next year. See Frazier Highlanders from Toronto. Music is complex, at times a bit like some rock music. Following this are massed bands. Nice blonde with straight hair sitting on my left. Have excellent barbecue chicken and beans. Seek scarves and maps. Run into my friend R. P. Hale. He really gets around. Talk Canadian Flags with a blonde lady. Go back to tent for genealogy. Visit Dunbar. Find out how to trace origins. Have Penuche. Talk with blonde lady from Nova Scotia again. Return again to tent. Harvey explains that DeJoinville left his chateau in France, and with William the Conqueror, came during the Norman conquest to Scotland. He was sent down near the Solway Firth to keep the native Scots in line. He Anglicized his name to Johnston and the Scots under him took the name, since surnames were not in use in Scotland prior to this. As I seek maps, the rain starts just before the finale. I leave and run into Cherylee in Littleton.

Sep 18 Unable to keep boiler going. I light wood fires and enjoy music.      

Sep 19 More snow in Yellowstone but fires are still burning. c 2:30 PM Vesta and James visit initially with three overbearing little boys who I get rid of. I show them garden and give them tour of upstairs and tower. During this I show them the Cane of the Werewolf, the Ring of Death, the Scrimshaw box with Siberian Husky dog, and my dazzling ability as a guitar player Vesta says I am "very good, but Elvis Prestly is better".

Sep 20 Show house to Frank Rosano.

Sep 22 Visit Lake Willoughby. The Sun does not appear on my way up, but there is wind and a circle of white foam on the lake. Enjoy a delicious turkey stew in Barton.

Stop at Crystal Lake on way back. c 2:35 PM Show Vesta my firewood and Charley's horses. I can see Charley loves Vesta too. Copy some good material from Encyclopedia of Religions at library. Rake lawn.

Sep 23 George tells me that Shelley fears Lake Willoughby and about Russ Bovitt who, his circle of drug people say, was murdered and thrown into the lake. His wealthy father has spent thousands having deep diving submarines and bells search for the body. Mark Derocher, a diver, spends a lot of time searching so he can get the bounty. He reports incredible landscapes below, great crevasses and such. George tells me how the wind suddenly died once when he was sail-boarding and how he feared a sea serpent. Another time, while fishing, suddenly three foot seas breaking over the bow. 4 1/2 foot waves biggest on Champlain. Read about amazing hoax by Jogund. Eve. As I read "Cosmic Trigger" begin to believe in "The 23 Enigma" and look for a sign. The page number is 93, then I realize the date today.

Sep 26 CBS says 42%, ABC says 36%, favor George Bush. Compare with airplane data mentioned recently. Drive up Burke Mountain. Meet two guys from Lexington Mass. c 2:40 PM Pack off Vesta and James with many tomatoes after showing them Eagle ring.

Sep 27 View video of Castle on the Green in East Burke with Shelley. George did a very professional job on this. c 2 PM Hebert and Son finally come to fix my boiler. Recently decide that coming Winter will be mild.

Sep 29 Arrive just after Noon at Cog Railway. Soonest train is 3 PM. Head out for Glen house with two fellow hikers, one from Missouri, who are stranded. We have lunch and take Stage up Mt. Washington. After walking on deck, I visit Tip Top House and get postcards. I take them back to Pinkham Lodge and head up to Gorham for Pork and Pineapple at Polynesian Village.

Sep 30 Re-arrange postcards.

Oct 2 Contemplate Monastery on Cliff, adding caretaker's apartment and barracks for 20 soldiers. Also add gas and wood heat wherever possible plus bedroom over living room. Finally begin to file travel literature. Aft. Harvest tomatoes, potatoes, lima beans, eggplant.

Oct 3 Visit Littleton, then Waterville Valley for first time. Talk with riding instructor at stable. Stop to check out real estate, $100,000 per acre. Pause further for hazelnut cream wafers and ginger beer. Pat a bleached-out brown St. Bernard.

Oct 6 Explain about the making of the Ring of Death to Vesta and James, and how it was "handed down to me by the Lords of the House of Frankenstein." Give Vesta a picture of Pharaoh Ramses and some lima beans.

Oct 7 Stop at Highland Sugar House outside of Keene. Get incense. Visit box and pay tax. Spend too much time at Foodstuffs. Register car. Have Pita Pie at Colony Mill. Stop for money orders. Renew box. Horatio Colony House and Museum both closed. Talk skiing and music with kid named John at Edward's. He looks like Keith Relf. Says that Dave "Snaker" Ray is back, playing around Northampton clubs. Shop both O. K. Fairbanks and Sun Foods. See Stouffer and Plant Lady at Winding Brook. Talk with Judy, sexy as ever. Have a not quite up-to-par dinner of roast duckling. I don't blame the duck for this. c 9:15 PM Head home.

Oct 9 Notice picture of George Bush next to my Cousin Rudolph's on 1971 UN brochure making Rudolph Man of the Day [At this time I didn't realize that Bush himself is a cousin through two different lines of decent].

Oct 10 Finally nail up 1/4 round on west porch.

Oct 14 While photographing myself and the house, I see big dumb boy watching me.

Oct 19 Visit Lake Willoughby. Decide not to climb Mt. Pisgah. Visit Otis. I have pneumonia.

Oct 20 Climb to Pulpit rock. Encounter stench of dead body, or legions thereof, on way up. Decide not to get involved. View Lake Willoughby. See small whitecaps here and there. Visit with George. Cut hand while doing dishes. Visit hospital for stitches.

Oct 22 Morning. Light snow on ground.

Oct 24 Full Moon Ritual in Teahouse cellar.

Oct 25 Revise world travels sequence

Oct 27 Walk down to River. Harvest spinach. Fix porch. Rake lawn.

Oct 29 At 8:30 AM Leave. C 11 AM Arrive at Day's Inn Danvers. Lunch at Wendy's. Take Endicott Street to 114. Retrace foliage route. Visit Old Towne Hall, Essex Institute Gift Shop, and Peabody Gift Shop. Caramel Praline Ice-cream at Putnam Pantry. Spend rest of day shopping at Pickering Wharf. Obtain a couple of Three Stooges post cards finally. Step on glasses near Customs House. Visit Sea Witch and Seven Gables. Borrow small screwdriver and fix glasses at jewelers on Essex. Have lobster pie at Shanty. Follow Trial Trail tour. Am amazed by the detail on the knowledge of this period. Back to Shanty. Have my first B-52. Head over to Church Street. Too cold for cruising Chestnut Street, to beat up any religious fanatics who might insult me. Next year. Spend night with Britt.

Oct 30 After poached and bacon at Denny's, leave for Plymouth. Arrive early at Sleepy Pilgrim. Climb up Burial Hill. Cannons have been removed to Pilgrim Hall. Drive to Pilgrim Monument. Park and walk down to Mayflower Society House. 9 AM Visit Plymouth Plantation. Talk with girl with tinsel hair and with another young fox. Have cookies and cocoa. Buy coins. Visit Mayflower II and Gift Shop. Talk with girl at Sparrow House. Arrive 11:45 at King Richard's Faire in E. Carver. See girl from Marlboro again. Visit Museum of Torture. Enjoy barbecued beef ribs. While eating strawberry shortcake see beggar chiding a man "You are so bald, so bald." Have Champagne. After checking last of merchandise, girl who sells kilbassa tells me she has put on a nice little kitten. More Champagne. It's too cold, because of huge cloud mass sitting over Faire, to stay for joust. Head back for leathery lamb at Mayflower Seafoods.

Samhain. Scrambled and ham at Mug and Muffin. Arrive at Copley Place at 10 AM. Buy Tricorn and Jockey Club at Caswell Massey. Order chimney fire extinguisher at Brookstone. At Sharper Image buy conventional, rather than ultrasonic, massager when I find what it can do for my hand. Cheese and raspberry croissant at Au Bon Pain. Call Nutrition Hotline. They recommend RDA only. Visit USA Theater. "Where's Boston?" is gone. After Prudential Skywalk, talk with ticket girl. Get down to Quinsy Market c 1 PM. Visit Geoclassics. Talk with girl. Visit Wizard's Workshop. Talk with girl for long time. c 3:15 PM Have pot-roast and Indian Pudding at Durgin Park. Talk with restaurant critic for Boston Globe as we eat. He is about to visit Vienna via London, all in the line of work. We discuss Montreal. Leave c 4 PM. Develop oil leak. Buy oil in Tilton after AAA call. See huge bonfire somewhere before Littleton.

Nov 1 Spend afternoon with car in shop. Enjoy pepper steak at Farm Boy's.

Nov 2 Belated Samhain Ritual in Chambre. In response to recent worries, check last batch of slides. About 50% radical overexposures. How far back this malfunction goes I do not knew.

Nov 3 Visit Littleton. Snow in the mountains prohibits my visit to Ripley Falls. Stop for lunch in Bartlett where everybody is enjoying a peculiar looking baby. I talk also to this baby. Drive through Intervale on 16 A. Buy two bottles of Monogram at Prestige Fragrances in North Conway. Find MacDale's at State Liquor Store. Buy some groceries at Shaw's. Stop at Scottish Lion on way back. New oil leak in Jefferson.

Nov 4 Back to MacCormick Oldsmobile c 8:30 AM. Buy second case of oil.

Nov 7 Inspect Enchanted World books.

Nov 8 Finish sorting over 1000 slides. Camera has been malfunctioning since April. Most of the ruined pictures can be easily redone. George, Washington by no means, wins the Presidency as expected. "Remember where you heard it."

Nov 9 Just as I finish raking lawn, two Jehovah's Slaves walk up. I chase them off.

Nov 11 Earlier in Germany, the President (Metzinger?) of the Parliament dared to relate that 50 years ago Germans considered Kristalnacht a glorious time when the subhuman Jews were finally being put in their place, indeed that Adolf Hitler represented a form of divine aid to the German people. Despite a major Jewish leader saying that this was simply an accurate account of history, over 50 reactionaries walked out of Parliament calling for the President's resignation. He resigned and I don't blame him. Whenever Kristalnacht is discussed nobody ever mentions that this was a patriotic reaction of Germans to the fact that the day previous a Jew named Hershel Greenspahn murdered an assistant of the German ambassador in Paris who was negotiating for peace. On the home front a neo-Nazi group, called the Portland Area Skinheads, beat up two faggots. If only all this zeal could be directed in Libertarian directions, but I suppose a rise in Fascism is better that no change at all. Aft. View 1000 slides from 1985 to date.

Nov 15 Explore Gilman and Whitefield. I think I would almost prefer a quiet back street to a solitary location. A private outdoor place for ritual is important. Hike into Ripley Falls. Trail is cut out of steep ridge and has snow all along it. Quite perilous in a minor way. Feel I an being watched when I stop to eat a candy bar near the Frankenstein Cliffs. There have been recent sightings I have been told. Lose lens cap. Pork Chow Mien, fried rice, and Teriyaki at New Dragon.

Nov 16 Visit Ruby. She tangled with a skunk. c 9:30 AM Visit Vermont Museum in Montpelier. See 189 pound Catamount. Get feeling for old Vermont from buildings, the Manure Kingdom. Steak and cheese with coconut pie at Red Kettle in Northfield. Visit Norwich Military College. Climb long staircase to parade ground. Hear Jethro Tull's "Mother Goose" coming from a dorm window. Heavy metal from another. Stand behind bugler and observe Grand Procession of cadets to lunch at noon. Drums are thrilling. Talk with blonde female phys-ed teacher who gives me many insights. Young cadet tells me of high expulsion rate. Teacher in Jackman Hall shows me yearbook. Have an O'Henry Bar in the canteen. Visit museum and see a piece of Adolf Hitler's granite desk from the Reichs Chancellery. Visit patch store. Most amazing was story of how 25 years ago a cadet decided to take a training tank to town, so he drove it ten miles to Montpelier. Visit T. W. Wood Gallery at Vermont College. Talk with nice high school girl. Tour Cabot Creamery on way back.

Nov 22 Too much snow in Witchinglands. Perform Moon Ritual in Chambre.

Thanksgiving Day. Leave late for Old Fort No. 4. Cloudy with poor visibility but enjoyable on way down. Arrive in time. Sun comes out once inside. A very social E. P. Hale is at the harpsichord, now in the center of the hall as I suggested last year. I am once again seated with the Howard Family who I met in 1986. Meal is superb: turkey pie, roast turkey, potato, squash, cream onions, fruit cake; Marlboro, mince, and pumpkin pie. Visit Dartmouth on way back. See Jolly Roger flying on dormitory.

Nov 25 Hike Witchinglands. In kitchen c 6:49 PM Hear creaking. Creaking plays around the room the way St. Elmo's Fire looks. I think "poltergeist". Then increase makes me realize I am experiencing my first earthquake. Run outside. Hear storm window above drop. Feel ground undulating. Get slight nausea like sea sick feeling. Quake stops after two or three minutes.

Nov 29 Read very biased Britannica account which actually contradicts the "Germany: History" entry by trying to suggest that it wasn't really Britain and France that started WWII.

Dec 9 On way south, stop for fuel and free eggs in Franconia. Arrive 11:10 AM at dentist. Says I need gold tooth. Cheeseburger at Chili's. Visit Tweeter, Superstore, Strawberry's, and Leechemere where I see a pulse globe for $79, but find no stylus. Check into Statler. See glimpse of lights on Common. As I enter Naked, am hassled by wino. See new skinny brunette and Roxanne looking better than ever. As I leave for a walk am hassled by lewd-mouth black. Later, head back to hotel via Common. The lights are one of the most glamorous things I have ever seen. Back at the Statler, Harvard Business School is having a big black tie affair, probably a fifth reunion. In the lobby, and on every floor are formal couples with cocktails. After my snack, realizing that all this will keep me awake, I head out to photograph the Yule lights. Before I finish, some fool turns them out on Charles and Boylston. On way back to room, check out the Harvard affair, on the mezzanine and filling both ballrooms. Rather archaic rock group is playing "Money", Never have I seen so many good looking women in one place. Some guy says to me in Louis Rukeiser fashion, "Where's your tux?" If I had one I'd don it in a flash [I have since considered that it would be wise to always carry evening clothes in a bag in my car. Since very many of the women here are floating around alone, I reckon that only a male baboon could rise to the sheer number of couplings that one in this situation might achieve].

Dec 10 At 7 AM poached, bacon, and pumpkin muffins at Copley Plaza. Check out and visit New England Historic Genealogical Society with the intention of leaving by Noon. End up staying till around 3:30 PM. After exchanging vibrator at Copley Place, arrive c 4 PM at Boston Public Library. At 5 PM return to Statler, shower, and enjoy Mixed Broiled at Legal Sea Foods before completing the photographing of the Common. c 8 PM Talk briefly with Linda at Naked. c 8:15 Meet Ed at Jake's. We visit Kappy's in Medford and then his house in Dorchesetr where I meet Maggie, their tenant Michael, a doggie, and two kitties. Ed shows me giant switchblades and strange desert pictures. He and I watch heavy metal program until 2:30 AM called Head Bangers' Ball. He drives me back.

Dec 11, 1988 Sleep late. c 9 AM Have scrambled eggs and ham at Cafe Rouge. Arrive at Filene's just as they open at 11 AM. Have long talk with pretty young girl representing Aramis. Visit Jordan's. Stop at joke shop for a Payday Bar and a can of tea. Head north after picking up luggage at Statler. c 1:40 PM. Most enjoyable trip.